New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 172

Research of the Week

MCT oil helps seniors with Alzheimer’s disease.

Chocolate also helps seniors with memory.

The smell of putrescine (smell of death) may confer greater life satisfaction (makes you love life) on those smelling it.

Oxidized linoleic acid promotes colorectal cancer.

Wearing many common types of face masks causes you to breathe in microplastics.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Primal Kitchen Podcast, Episode 25: Pasturebird Founder Paul Greive Talks the Future of Farming and Regenerative Practices

Media, Schmedia

Frame healthy eating as rebellion to get teens off junk. Could it work?

The carpet cleaner who speaks 24 languages.

Interesting Blog Posts

A panel on linoleic acid and obesity.

An easy way to consume liver.

Social Notes

Man live tweeting his participation in a dysentery vaccine challenge study.

Make the online real.

Everything Else

Pfizer and me — Best buddies

Irrespective of source…”

Big brains win.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Interesting: Sleeping more causes overweight adults to eat less.

I’m not surprised: Everyone in the world seems to enjoy the smell of vanilla.

Fascinating study: “What would you do if you were me, doctor?”

What can’t it do?: Keto helps with binge eating.

Interesting video: Peter Thiel on Bitcoin.

Question I’m Asking

What should you be doing but aren’t?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Apr 2 – Apr 8)

Comment of the Week

“I had lion meat once at a fancy wild game dinner event. It is… not good…. It had the texture and color of a pork chop, but the flavor was just… weird. I can’t imagine anyone buying lab grown lion more than once, and if it’s the first lab grown meat they ever try, they might blame the process and not the “animal,” and never buy lab grown meat again. You decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

-Lion meat sounds terrible.

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