New and Noteworthy: What I Read This Week—Edition 154

Research of the Week

After a heart attack, taking erectile dysfunction drugs reduces the risk of another one.

Virgin coconut oil lowers C-reactive protein (inflammatory marker) in suspected/probable COVID patients.

Severe COVID infections can impair adaptive immunity, an effect likely mediated by spike protein inhibition of DNA repair.

Rice starch is highly digestible, regardless of whether you cool it or cook it or both.

Molecular and physiological differences in how the sexes respond to exercise.

New Primal Kitchen Podcasts

Episode 6: Exporing Your Own Potential with Dr. Michael Gervais: Morgan chats with Dr. Michael Gervais.

Media, Schmedia

What happens when a company tries to make a new infant formula that doesn’t involve soybean oil and corn syrup? The FDA happens.

A Spanish preserve saved a rare Saharan gazelle from extinction, and now it’s back home and thriving.

Interesting Blog Posts

How does this end?

How rooftop gardens can fight the urban heat island effect.

Social Notes

Japanese versus American school lunches.

Always look at all-cause mortality.

Everything Else

“‘The Sun is not always shining, water is drying up, fossil fuels are not always going to be used, but people are always moving,’ says Thoronka.”

Try this walking meditation.

Things I’m Up to and Interested In

Great piece: On berserker rage.

Finally: Man cooks perfect steak in dishwasher.

Sometimes we forget: Exercise is really good for you.

Interesting article: Is “long COVID” mostly in your head?

Didn’t someone say this back in the day?: Floor sitting is good for your health.

Question I’m Asking

What are you doing for Thanksgiving?

Recipe Corner

Time Capsule

One year ago (Nov 6 – Nov 12)

Comment of the Week

“I had the opportunity to go to Mongolia with my family in 2019. We have friends in Mongolia we visited and we went out on the Steppe and visited people in their Gers literally in the middle of nowhere. Average family has about 300 animals the manage. Some much more. The preferred meat is sheep for breakfast lunch and dinner with goat and sheep cheese and yogurt and salty milky tea. No vegetables minimal to no spices salt meat is usually boiled. Also had sheep knee soup once.Also one time they prepared sheep the same way Genghis Khan and his army did they take the sheep and remove the organs and place hot stones from the fire in the cavity and sew it up and let it cook from the inside out. Then serve in bowls that you eat out of while sitting on your horse. They are a very strong resilient people who are very proud of their heritage. They are looking forward to their future since they are no longer under the Control of Russia. However the younger generation is moving away from the nomadic life and to the big city. Using motorcycles to herd the animals instead of horses. It was a great experience we plan on going back in the future next time in July when they have Naadam festival. Also try Airag fermented horse milk they love it.
Also look up The Hu band fusion of traditional Mongolian music ie horse fiddle and throat singing with rock.”

-What a fantastic trip that must have been.

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