Never Too Young, Never Too Old

It’s time for another round of Primal Blueprint real life stories. Many thanks to Michael and Chuck for sharing their experiences and pictures, and congratulations to both of them for taking control of their health.

If you have your own Primal Blueprint success story and you’d like to share it with me and the community please contact me here. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone, and thanks for reading!

Hi Mark,

My Primal journey began in the spring of this year when I found MDA and got my copy of the Primal Blueprint, and continues to this day. I had been following Movnat for over a year and I understood the concept of dieting, and exercising, in a way that mimics our hunter-gatherer ancestors, but had not found any tools to point me in the right direction towards a lifestyle that made such perfect sense to me. The Primal Blueprint gave me what I was looking for and so much more. I am happy to have lost weight and gained strength and endurance, but what I was not expecting was the all-encompassing lifestyle that the book laid out for me. I am healthier than ever. I can interpret the signals that my body is sending me appropriately, and as a result, I continue to do what is right for my body. The aspects of Primal living that defy modern conventional wisdom are the things that come naturally to me! I love getting plenty of sunlight and feeling good about it! I have been shocked at how mild seasonal allergies have disappeared. My whole life I have always thought: “At some point in our history, we didn’t wear shoes, and were just fine. We didn’t take anti-histamines… because we shouldn’t be allergic to the world that we live in. You don’t see a whole lot of tigers with the sniffles…” and other things of that nature.

I truly feel like I was destined to find this lifestyle (not a word I typically use, or take lightly). I understand now that to be healthy, and happy like this has been hiding right below the surface my whole life. I just didn’t have the knowledge of what was wrong, in the first place; and what was missing to fix it. Now I do!

The Primal Blueprint has helped me with another unexpected concern in my life… profession. I am 23 and have never been able to decide on what to do with my life. I always was fond of “working out” and long considered that to be an option, but then changed my mind a lot… not unlike most teens/young adults these days. Now I know without a doubt that I want to help others find their true nature, and true health, through evolution. I plan on returning to school for dietary, exercise, physiological, and psychological courses (and perhaps some business) to become very well versed in human health and fitness. I of course will gobble up any evolution classes that I find; a topic that I have always enjoyed. I also plan on becoming a certified Movnat instructor when the opportunity becomes available, and hopefully, open a gym (or something close to a gym!) that can encompass both physical activity, and diet. The Primal Blueprint has opened up more doors for me than I could see down a hallway, and I am very excited to see just where the journey takes me! I have even started my own blog that I expect to see grow as a resource within this community, as well as locally, to get like-minded people together in the midwest United States.

The personal benefits I have gained since going Primal are fantastic! However I don’t want to leave out the physical stuff. I have lost a little over 30 lbs since going Primal! I am 5′ 6″ (7″ on a good day) and weighed in at 185 lbs back in January. After just a couple of months I was weighing anywhere from 152-155 on any given day! I remember sending in a quick thank you to Mark after six weeks when I had stepped on a scale for the first time since going Primal (basically just because I happened to notice a scale in front of me). I had already lost 22 lbs(!) as well as gained some muscle back. I was so excited I had to say my thanks, and what was even better: I received a congratulatory response from Mark Sisson himself! I am so glad that Mark takes his readers health and happiness so seriously. What a great encouragement. Perhaps I place too much weight on this, but when someone who helps thousands of people with their health, updates a daily blog, runs a nutrition company, and keeps himself in good shape is able to get back to his readers within hours!!…. You know you are in great hands then! I have even been fortunate enough to have had my submission for the Workout of the Week be accepted (the Sweatstone)! I was extremely honored. As I said, if someone who has thousands of people trusting them for their health and fitness advice, then it truly means something if they are willing to put your words out there for those people to use.

To further my list of benefits: I have gotten rid of minor (but nagging) lower back pain, forgotten what heartburn feels like, my stomach seldom gets upset (not to mention less gas… but I am a guy, so it’s gonna happen!) and have had so much more steady energy every day. I used to always feel like I wasted perfectly good days, but now, I do something almost every day, and have a feeling of accomplishment to accompany that. That right there is a wonderful feeling! The only thing going Primal hasn’t done is reverse my sad, sad, little male pattern baldness that is creeping in all too soon. But that’s okay, I’m not expecting miracles!

30 Day Challenge or no, I have been wanting to write this letter for some time. Thank you Mark, and to the entire community, for so much more than there are words for. I look forward to seeing this movement grow rapidly stronger! I have no doubt that Marks goal of helping one million people take control of there health will become a reality before we can all say Grok on!

**Attached are 2 before pics (may ’09), and three afters. A nice picture of my beautiful girlfriend, Jessie, and I. A super-fun knee-boarding shot, and my submission from the Grokpose, cuz I don’t do a whole lot of picture taking, but I thought that this showed how good of shape I am in now!!

Thanks again for everything Mark!

Michael Krone


I was always slender and never had to worry about what I ate. That all changed after I passed the age of forty. At that time I was trying hard to eat healthy but unfortunately I was following the advice of the US Department of Agriculture and the conventional wisdom. I tried to limit my meat consumption and ate lots of rice, cereal, and pasta. My weight increased steadily and it was not from muscle.

I wasn?t obese but I was carrying too much fat for my 5?11? medium frame. Using the Atkins diet my wife and I both lost significant weight. I went from 188 to 170 pounds in six weeks and kept it off for over two years. Over subsequent years however, I drifted slowly back into the standard American diet. I still thought of myself as a low carb eater but was going out for Philly cheesesteak sandwiches and eating breakfast burritos regularly. In October of 2009 I found I could barely button my pants. Only jeans, with their brass riveted button, were strong enough to contain my expanding belly. My weight had reached 202 pounds and I realized I would have to lose it or buy a whole new wardrobe. I did in fact buy a pair ?fat? jeans, something I used to think only women did. My wife experienced a similar relapse.

In November of 2009 we again turned to Atkins. The weight didn?t drop off as quickly as it had previously but it did come off. After three or four months I was down to 183 but seemed to be stuck there. At that point I would have been satisfied to reach 180, happy to reach 175, and absolutely ecstatic to reach 170 which I considered to be merely a fantasy goal.  It was my wife who found Mark Sisson?s site and bought The Primal Blueprint. I didn?t pay much attention at first, but as she shared information from the book, I began to read it and it made a lot of sense.

Soon Primal had replaced Atkins in my life, but I want to express my respect to Robert Atkins for what he accomplished. Like Henry Ford who didn?t invent the automobile but perfected its manufacture, Atkins didn?t invent low carb eating but he made it respectable and popular enough to gain a foothold. I?ve moved on from the Atkins diet but I believe all of us in the low carb community owe him a debt of gratitude for paving the way.

With Atkins it was all about the carbs. As long as you keep them low you can eat pretty much all you want, but it had stopped working for me. Primal helped me rid my diet of things that Atkins allowed but that were harming me, seed oils for example. I began monitoring my food intake with Fitday and found that I was over reliant on almonds, macadamias, and cheese, all of which I cut back on. Following the Primal Blueprint I began to lose weight again at a slow but steady pace.

We know how important exercise is for fitness and health. I have always exercised, walking, running (when my knee has allowed), hiking, bicycling, a bit of weightlifting, and calisthenics have all been part of my life at one time or another.  The Primal approach to exercise has made a big difference to me. The variety makes it more interesting and more fun, enabling me to exercise more often and more effectively without it becoming a tedious grind. But exercise alone is not enough to get rid of excess body fat. It will only take you ten to twenty percent of the way. The rest depends on diet. I average about 50 grams a day of carbohydrates, fewer than 10 grams of sugar, and no grains except for the occasional beer (probably the hardest thing has been cutting back on the beer). I do eat butter, cream, and cheese (trying to cut back) and I occasionally treat myself to tacos from my favorite restaurant or a green chili Slopper from my favorite tavern. I guess I am one of the 80/20 crowd. It works for me.

At 57 years old I now weigh 163 pounds, well below even my fantasy goal. After only six months on the Primal Blueprint I no longer have to take Tums every night when I go to bed. The heartburn is gone and so are the colds. My wife is off her blood pressure medication and the daily dose of Pepcid she use to need. I am leaner, fitter, and healthier. I only wish I had found this all years ago. Thanks Mark.


Chuck – Pueblo, Colorado

Pictures are of me and my fabulous pull up bar from Trapeze Rigging.

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  1. I should probably add that the word “Old” in the title should probably be dressed in quotation marks. Chuck is only 57 years old. But “Never Too Young, Never Too Middle-Aged” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. (What? 57 isn’t middle-aged? I don’t know about you, but I’m shooting for 114. 😉 )

  2. Love these stories! I’m so happy for these guys–its amazing how resilient the human body is, that you can eat the SAD into middle age and still come out alive, thriving, and with a six-pack, just by making a few simple changes. Its inspiring to me, and I only wish I’d been closer to Michael’s age than Chucks when I discoverd PB.
    I’d love a MDA post on why everyone who does PB looks so much younger and attractive in their ‘after’ pix. Its been remarked on a lot in the forums, and its amazing!
    Congratulations, guys!

  3. WOW, WOW, WOW! THRILLING! I don’t ever get over how people look like a completely different person on the Primal Blueprint …. not just a smaller version of themselves, like on any myriad of weight loss before-and-afters.

  4. Wow, what an inspiration! I love the Trapeze bar, do you think it would be available in Canada? It looks like just the thing I need to solve my pull up problem!

  5. My mouth dropped open when I saw Michael’s after picture! Wow, what a healthy looking handsome young man, and a beautiful girlfriend too! It makes me so hopeful for the future to know young people like you Michael, will be helping spread the primal word.

    And Chuck, you and your wife’s story really resonates with me. I didn’t find Atkins until this March, but it lead me here in September and I am starting to see results. Speaking of results, you do “57” very, very well!

    I see my goal of 105 years is just too low and needs adjusting because at 51, I feel like I am still several years from the half-way point. 🙂

  6. These stories are my favorite part of the site. I started the PB just over a month ago and I’ve already lost about 10 pounds. While I’ve only lost 10 pounds or so I have gone from comfortoably fitting in my size 38 pants down to my “skinny” 34-inch pants. I haven’t progressed as fast on the five essential movements as I would like (doing more reps within the set) but it’s only been three weeks. Overall I feel great.

    Five years ago my wife was diagnosed with my breast cancer and we went on a raw food/vegan diet. While we felt great (I lost 30-35 lbs) and sustained it for a year I couldn’t sustain it once I started traveling for work again. I find the PB very easy to maintain. I don’t miss the grains at all but my one exception is sushi, which I love. I have stopped drinking everything but water and I don’t mind drinking water now.

    This lifestyle is fantastic.

  7. You guys look great – it’s a big change at first, but you put in the effort and it shows!If I could just get my husband to come around….maybe someday.

  8. To Mike and Chuck,

    Being nearly the same age as Mike, I know its pretty damn hard to know what you want out of life, but its awesome his story. What a massive difference!

    Chuck, if I can look like you when I’m 57 I will be very proud.

    Keep it up!

  9. awesome !!! great job and congrats to both of you !!! gotta love it !!!

  10. I agree with Steve above, these stories are the best! Fantastic job to everyone!

    (And this isn’t at all PC, but I’m the mother of twin boys so I’m giving myself a break – I always say a fit guy will catch a fit girl. And Michael proves my point 😉

  11. I so love these success stories! Keep them comming Mark as they are always an inspiration to all especially us new commers.

  12. Absolutely love the success stories.

    I think Allison’s onto something: there’s a market there somewhere for the primal lifestyle in the young male demographic (having once been one myself) and I think you’ve just found your poster boy (and girl)!

    Nice to know looking forward that age is no barrier to this either – go Chuck!

  13. Michael — Don’t worry about the male pattern baldness. Leave it be – you’re hot! Very 🙂 And Chuck – you are an inspiration to us all, to keep Grok-ing on.

    Thanks for the motivation boost at the most tempting time of year (Quiche and Sweet potato casserole for lunch today? Moi? Surely not 😉 ).

  14. I’m with Lekki, Michael, you are totally hot, especially rocking the shaved head! (lucky and GORGEOUS girlfriend :-)) Woo-hoo!

    And Chuck, you look awesome too. Way to go with the trapeze bar! I am in the middle of you both, agewise, so it’s always great to see the two spectrums!

  15. Wooohooo! You both look amazing, Micheal and Chuck…

    @Michael I totally love the shaved head… but then again I’m biased!

    @mark I think you may need to make a book for just the success stories alone. I’m just saying 😉

  16. Thanks for two great stories, guys. I’d love to hear more from the over-50 Primals.

  17. I think it’s exceptional when people who are older in years change their lives for the better. It shows there really are no limitations and it’s never too late to start.

    Good job, both of you.

  18. Chuck, I love your story, I agree about atkins. From what I’ve read he was a very good person with great ambitions but I guess now the ‘Atkins’ company has changed that a bit. We definitely had some same experiences, i.e. heartburn relief and fat pants!! (can’t believe I just said that)My vice was cashews, but I’ve cut back. Great story man, keep it up!

  19. Oh and thanks everyone for the kind words! the problem with the shaved head is I have to do it every week or to… not a way I enjoy spending my time, but I haven’t paid for a haircut in almost a year and a half!! guess it’s worth the hassle:)

  20. Two great stories. Just a word to Mike on the hair loss issue. Eating high protein/fat diet definitely helped my hair loss and my hair is now a lot thicker than it was two years ago. Many people have commented on this so stick with Primal Mike and good luck with your career.