The Primal Eating Plan for Cats

If we subscribe to the idea that our bodies are hardwired to thrive on the food consumed by our ancestors, it should follow that the same is true for domesticated animals. After all, we are little more than domesticated hunter-gatherers. A few months back, we discussed the Primal eating plan for dogs. Using the same principles that guide the Primal Blueprint, it makes sense that the descendants of wolves would thrive on raw meaty bones. This prompted a few readers to ask about cats. Can cats thrive on a Primal eating plan? The answer is unequivocally yes. For anyone who?s ever owned a cat, this should come as no surprise. They?re natural hunters, always stalking something, whether it be your toes moving underneath a blanket or bugs of all kinds. They even have the same gait of the big predatory cats, skulking around like they own the place. Whereas dogs are happy getting their food from the pack leader (you), cats have an undeniable individual streak. Let them outside and they?re liable to get in a turf war with the tabby down the street, or plunk a bird carcass on your doorstep. Getting more technical, cats are outfitted with all the accoutrements of your classic obligate (as in ?must eat meat to survive?) carnivore: sharp teeth perfect for ripping and tearing; and a short intestine designed for meat digestion but ill-suited for vegetation. They can handle vegetables, and even eat the stuff to throw up sometimes, but they?re certainly not required for optimum feline health. As you may have already guessed, commercial cat food simply doesn?t cut it. We liken it to shopping on the inside aisles of the grocery store ? buying canned soups, potted meat, and frozen dinners ? and shunning the perimeter. That wouldn?t be feasible for a person trying to eat right, and it?s the same situation for a domestic cat. It?ll certainly survive on kibble, but it won?t thrive. And isn?t that what the Primal Blueprint?s all about? Thriving, rather than merely surviving; optimizing one?s health, instead of just getting by; and living a full, energetic, active life well into old age. If all that stuff matters to you, it may be a good idea to try out a Primal cat diet (or just for the reduced vet bills, if it?s a financial issue). We won?t lie ? converting a cat to a Primal eating strategy can be tricky. Cats are notoriously finicky eaters, and they have no qualms looking at you like a crazy person if you offer them something unpalatable. They also have more specialized nutritional requirements, especially compared to dogs. ?Throw a dog a bone? doesn?t exactly apply to cats here. ?Throw a cat a meaty bone that?s pliable and small enough for them to break up, with plenty of meat for a good phosphorus-calcium ratio, along with some beef liver for taurine content and powdered bone meal if the little guy won?t eat actual bones? is more accurate. Sound confusing? At … Continue reading The Primal Eating Plan for Cats