My Primal Transformation: Discovering the Art of Fit

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

Hi, my name is Frank Sabia Jr.. My story starts out like most in that for my whole entire life I have struggled with my weight. I ate well as a child and never developed weight issues until my late teens when my eating outpaced my activity. From there it was a slow and steady increase in weight gain. Like a lot of people, I have a desk job and sit all day long. Sometimes my work requires me to put in long hours, frequently sitting for up to 16 hours a day in front of a computer. This only helped to make my problems worse. My sedentary job along with my eating put me on a path to poor health and uncontrollable weight gain.

At my worst, I exploded to a whopping 255 lbs and over 40% body fat with a waist at 44 inches. The shocking thing about this time in my life is that I still worked out 3 times a week yet saw no change.

My diet was a SAD (Standard American Diet) one which was typically high carb, low fat, moderate protein, filled with fast food and processed foods. I felt depressed and ashamed of how bad I allowed myself to become in terms of health. I had trouble breathing, aching joints, acid reflux, high blood pressure and was constantly tired just to name a few health issues. I was morbidly obese and knew I had to do something about it.

That all changed the day I stumbled upon Mark Sisson’s Mark’s Daily Apple. I had decided to commit myself in not only exercise but also diet. Having to travel frequently for my job I decided to do an at home exercise program that would incorporate body weight movements for both strength training and cardio fitness. During this time I slowly transitioned from my SAD diet to a full Primal Blueprint diet removing all grains, gluten, legumes and dairy. For the first time in my life I was eating whole unprocessed foods and was no longer afraid of fat. This is when I not only started feeling better but looking better. Over a 13 week period I managed to lose 43 lbs of fat, going from a little over 30% body fat to 12%.

Not satisfied with my results, I decided to see how far I could get with this new Primal way of life. I decided to use weights for the first time and mixed in some IF (Intermittent Fasting). Still keeping to a strict Primal Blueprint diet, I was able to enjoy foods I thought were previously unhealthy like bacon, butter and eggs. For the first time I tried coconut and loved it. I became a master Primal chef creating things like gluten free Mexican buffalo pizza. Never having cooked for myself before, I quickly become a whiz in the kitchen converting all my mom’s home cooked meals and recipes to Primal friendly versions.

All my illnesses quickly disappeared, the high blood pressure went from stage 1 hypertension to that of an athlete level. Gone was the depression, acid reflux, joint pain, energy crashes, and mood swings. I pushed myself to limits I never imagined possible. I now weigh 167 lbs with a 29 inch waist at 8% body fat while packing on extra muscle in the process. This all took place in a 6 month period. My final numbers were shocking to my doctors and loved ones, 48 lbs of fat lost, 4 lbs of muscle gained, from 30% to 8% body fat and all improved markers of health. My health and fitness-age, previously tested by a sports physician, went from one of a 42 yr old to that of a 28 yr old.

Over a short 6 month period, with the help of Mark’s Daily Apple and the Primal Blueprint, I finally discovered the art of fit.

I continue on my path to Primal living having completed my first race, through the mud! Grok would be proud!

Thanks for your help, support and continued inspiration.

Yours truly,

Frank Sabia Jr.

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  1. Wow. This has to be one of the most dramatic success stories that’s been posted. And he looks a lot lower than 8% bodyfat. Amazing. Congratulations, dude.

    1. Holy smokes, Frank – your story is one of the most incredible I’ve seen. I’d agree with Jim about your having even lower bodyfat; you’ve got some serious bodybuilder-esque vascularity! Well done!

      1. Ditto. I think you’re well under 8%. Closer to 4-5%. Very impressive. I was definitely not expecting THAT after picture.

        1. When I saw the transformation picture, a loud “Whoa!” came out of my mouth. 🙂 I definitely agree.. kudos to anyone who transforms themselves, but this is definitely one of the most dramatic transformations I’ve read. And in only 6 months!

        2. @ Art

          That was my reaction also, and I’ve been reading these success stories for a while.

        3. I completely agree! Frank- your story is absolutely amazing, I did not even think it was possible to have a such a huge transformation in only 6 months! I was shocked when I saw the after picture!

      2. Hey guys thanks again! Just to update. I finally got my blog site up off the ground as long as a transformation video!
        Please check it out and let me know what you think!

        www .ArtofFit .com

    2. Thanks everyone! It was scary to put my results out there like that. Not sure what kind of reaction I would get. I believe in this style of eating so much I finally had to just go for it. Its truely been a total life changer and introduced me to so many new things like IF. Its opened my world to all new foods and taught me how to cook. This is all in addition to all the symptoms of disease that I had literally disappeared. I just hope to inspire others to be brave and take bake there lives and there health.

      As for the 8%…yeah its hard to know what I really was at….but I had calipers done by the same person both times. I would love if it were less : )

      1. Frank, we’re so glad you put your story out there. It takes guts, but it will inspire many.

        As for the caliper measurements – at some point the hard numbers don’t matter… I think you’re at that point!!

        1. Thanks Abel. I tried not to get caught up in the numbers. I didn’t want some kind of flame war about not really being that % of bodyfat. I was just happy to reduce my health and fitness age from a 42yr old down to a 28yr old. Not to mention getting rid of a life long battle with high blood pressure.

          I’m just trying to focus now on maintaining my health and fitness and trying to make it as effortless as possible and its going really well.

          Thanks for such positive feedback on my results. It inspires and motivates me to keep going!

      2. We got bodyfat measurements via a Bodpod at a local university. They’re supposedly a very consistent method and more accurate than calipers, while less accurate than a dunk tank. But it takes seconds without the numerous dunkings!

    3. Thanks I really appreciate the reaction to my story. Ever since my transformation I have so many friends and co workers now ask me how I can get lean and ripped eating so much food. I’ve been able to have quite a few go primal/paleo. Its been such a fun ride I hope it continues. The primal/paleo community is such a great one I hope I can contribute in some way. Thanks guys!!

      1. Ditto! WOW!! That looks like two different people!! Way to go, man!

    1. When I got to the pictures, I gave out such a yelp that my husband came running!!!!!

  2. Wow amazing!! I have to figure that the muscle must have been under there all the time waiting to be revealed!!

  3. Frank – what I want to know is HOW did you achieve that level of DEFINITION?! I’ve managed to lean out pretty well on Primal but would love to achieve the magnitude of change that you’ve accomplished. It’s really, really incredible!

    1. I second that. HOW!?!?!

      When you IF do you do 24 hr fasts or not so much. Please do tell, we all wanna know!!

      1. Hey there! Wow…thanks everybody for the kind words. Im currently on the other side of the globe for a job and woke up with my inbox flooded and saw this. Glad I could be an inspiration to everyone. It was a hard journey but well worth it!

        Ok now to some IF stuff. My main IF protocol is LeanGains where I fast 14-16 hrs and train in a fasted state with only amino acids pre workout. So I have a feeding window of about 8 hrs in which I eat two massive meals. These meals are over 1,000 calories each. With such big meals I never get hungry or need to snack!

        Ive also tried and can recommend ESE or Eat Stop Eat protocol with fasting from dinner to dinner. And Ive also tried PSMF ( Protein Sparing Modified Fast) in which I just eat protein all day and some fish oil.

        Feel free to ask questions guys…I would love to help everyone ” Reveal the Masterpiece Within”

        1. OMG WOW, thank you for responding, I feel like I’m conversing with a celebrity! To say you’re an inspiration is a gross understatement!!!

          So you eat 2 meals ever day and fast 16 hours? Is that your routine every day?

          Do you mind sharing a snapshot of what you eat in those massive meals???

          Thank you again for sharing your story! And I second the suggestions for you to start a blog/write a book!

        2. Frank, Absolutely amazing. You must tell all how it was done and in detail for us who need picture painting details. I have been Primal for a year and a half and I have lost 20lbs, and thats it! I have lots more to go but im hitting a real plateau. So some real inspiration like this may help.
          Carry on and all the best for xmas and the new year

        3. Hi Frank! Awesome success! I’m curious of your IF. What amino acids do you use for you pre workout? Do you IF everyday? Thank you for your time! been doing paleo but having little results and need some guidance.

      2. He Shema…thanks for the remaks. Just to update you. I finally finished my website and have a Transformation Video up there as well. I hope to get others shredded like me for 2012!

        www. ArtofFit .com

    2. I third this! Congrats on your new health, amazing job outside and inside!

      1. @ Shema

        Yes thats correct! I eat two massive meals both over 1,000 calories from approx 2/3pm till 10/11 pm at nite. If I get a little hungry in the AM before I train I have a double shot of espresso with some coconut milk in there. I try to keep that low cal as to not break my fast. I train at lunch fasted with only amino acids pre workout. Then smash 50% or more of my daily calories in that epic post workout meal which is primarly protein and carbs. Carbs come as sweet potato and berries.

        I have a twitter page and a facebook page. Im uploading more pics now and since so many ask about what food I eat…Ill up load some pics of that as well!

        Thanks for all the feedback!

      2. @ Stacy Thanks for the kind words. Yes I do IF everyday. I actually would like to take Sundays off and eat when I wake up but I usually sleep in and end up eating after lunch time anyways. IF has enabled me to get alot of work done. I don’t have to constantly worry about eating every 2-3hrs and prepping meals all day. I just have 2 massive meals that fill me all day long. I rarely ever snack. The aminos I take are called Scivation Xtend. I take one scoop an hour before the workout and another during the workout. Other then that all I have before I train is a double shot of coffee…mmmm …with a splash of coconut milk!

  4. Wow great story. You made an unbelievable transformation. Congrats.

  5. it is time to interview the doctors of these success stories. i would like to hear their reactions.

      1. More like, “Well, I don’t believe cutting carbs out is healthy for you.. but it seems to be working. Just try to get some whole grains in there, they’ll do you good, trust me. Trust me.”

      2. Actually my doctors response was quite funny. He pulled me aside, with no one around and asked me exactly I did and could I help him as he was struggling to lose some weight! PRICELESS!!

        1. If you can get one doctor to learn something his/her peers would never even open their minds to, you will have done heathcare a huge benefit.

          Congratulations! You are really inspiring. I shared your story on fb. And so sexy too, I bet the girls are not leaving you you still sit in front of the computer for hours?

  6. DANG! What a transformation, you look amazing. Congrats on your success!

    Oh and that Primal Mexican Buffalo Pizza sounds delicious!

    1. Thanks!

      The Mexican Buffalo Pizza is amazing. I think Mark published it in his latest e-book for his 21 Day Transformation. Its Primal as the crust is made from cheese but its the best pizza Ive ever eaten!

      2 slices fill me up unlike the gluten filled regular pizza I used to eat…I used to be able to smash a whole large pizza…and it showed!

      1. Frank,

        Great story! Say, I’ve been looking all over for this Primal Mexican Buffalo Pizza and can’t find the recipie on this site, or in any of my primal cookbooks (I have all of Mark’s). Can you tell me where to find the recipie?

        1. Ill have to post it online but the crust recipe I stole from some other paleo/primal site. The rest I made up myself as I love mexican food and I love buffalo meat!!

    1. Exactly my reaction. What an amazing transformation!! Best I’ve seen. Frank- All that in 6 months? I’ve never felt so compelled to share a success story, but yours will be sent to all those that have questioned my efforts. I’m so happy for you!! Congratulations doesn’t even cover it!

      1. That’s EXACTLY what I said! Was not expecting that kind of after pic! Way to go…you are an inspiration 😀

  7. I never comment on these, because everyone else usually has it covered, but… HOLY CRAP. You look incredible!

  8. Frank, your story and photos are truly amazing and inspirational. Still trying to get my jaw off the ground! Your story was just what I needed because as the days have gotten shorter, the weather colder, and the primal food choices sparce (holiday parties, ugh!), my motivation has been slipping lately. Congrats on your incredible progress man. Grok on brother!

    1. Thanks Chase. Glad I was able to help and inspire. Just stay the course because it does work. I just did a whole primal/paleo Thanksgiving and I plan the same for Xmas. The holidays don’t have to derail your progress and goals.

  9. Wow, you sure did reprogram those genes! Congratulations Frank. Yes, please post what your workout regimen is, I want some of those abs!

  10. That’s just the kind of motivation I need after seeing the results of my slow slide back into Korg practices.


    1. I know exactly what you mean! I’ve been slacking lately and really feel it, then I see what this amazing guy did in only 6 months. It reminds me of just what this way of life can do if you are honest about your eating habits and stay on track.

      Congrats Frank!!!

      1. Thanks Kaylee! Appreciate it. Glad my story was able to help and inspire you. I know the end of the year people like to make new starts for the new year. If I could help that in anyway then I’m very happy for that. Just stay the course, believe and be steadfast because it does work. Let me know if I can help at all.

  11. Amazing, the definition you’ve obtained in your muscles is nothing short of beautiful!! Congratulations!!

  12. OH man I need these posts. I’m on week two and I have a feeling rapid amazing weight loss is not in my future. My goal is to be one of these amazing success stories by next October. Y’all just wait. You’ll hear from me I swear it!

    1. You’ll do it, (wo)man! Just be true to yourself. A smart human doesn’t eat poison. I’m excited to read your story. 🙂

    2. Keep going! You’ll find momentum as you stick with it. Fat comes off slowly at first but then starts dripping off the longer you stay with it.

  13. You go, boy! This is by the far the best story I’ve seen here to date!

  14. Oh my gosh! You look amazing!

    I cannot believe your transformation took only 6 months – that’s crazy!

    Great job sticking with it. I’m happy for you!

  15. Wow what a story. Thanks for sharing. In most before and after stories I don’t see the 2nd picture as being something that’s all that impressive.

    Dude you’re ripped. Great job!

  16. This is crazy ridiculous in an AWESOME way! You really transformed like that in 6 months?

    Damn dude! You are a massive inspiration – teach the rest of the world! Start a blog! For real!

    1. Hey man thanks! Appreciate it. Sometimes its hard to see how far Ive come in a short time being I see myself in the mirror every day. So its great to hear such positive feedback like this.

      I hope to start some kind of blog to help motivate and inspire people and keep them on there paleo/primal path. Its truely been a life changer. I really love the paleo/primal community and hope to help out and give back in any way I can!

      1. You need to start a blog as soon as you can. You’ll get lots of traffic right away and I’ll do anything I can to help you out my friend!

        email… todd @ primal toad . com

  17. I can’t help but think of Danny Devito as before and Arnold Schwartenegger as after from their role in Twins.

  18. O. M. G. I can’t stop looking at your before and after. You don’t look like the same person! What an amazing transformation. Way to go! Clearly you are on top of the world, looking great and feeling great. That’s just awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Jessica. Its weird to look at myself. I almost don’t recognize myself anymore. I do look like a different person for sure, but I wouldn’t want to go back to the old unhealthy version of myself for sure. Ive uploaded a few more pics online if your interested in see any other afters.

      1. Hey Frank… did you do P90X as excercise rutine? By the way, congratulations on your perseverance!! 🙂

        1. Hey Daniel..thanks for the kind remarks!
          Yes, you are correct. The reason I made that choice was mainly due to the fact that my job required me to travel overseas and I wouldn’t always have access to gyms or personal trainers. I needed something portable I could do anywhere with limited equipment. I followed the program as it was laid out my first 90 days, then modified it during my LeanGains phase.

  19. Well apparently I am doing something wrong. LOL.
    Great job dude.

  20. Awesome I still have a long ways to go way to modivate me thanks for sharing

  21. I’ll ditto some of the above comments and say I’d definitely be interested in a more detailed account of your transformation. You look great!

  22. Holy Smokes! That definitely perked me up! Strict primal eating has been a massive challenge these past few months, but this is completely inspirational! Great transformation!

  23. To quote Kang and Kronos from the Simpsons:


  24. My response when I scrolled down to the before and after pictures:


    Damn but I wish girls could get so outstandingly ripped so easily ;p ;D

  25. The transformation is ridiculous and the fact that it was done is six months is mind boggling. You’ve got it dialed in for sure… great work!

    1. Dialed in is the key phrase there. I think one key for me was not being afraid to fail. I am constantly experimenting with different foods, supplements and workout routines to see what my body reacts to. I would say I definitely have a personalized primal plan and encourage everyone to experiment. Don’t fear the word fail, as its a great way to learn what doesn’t work.

      1. that is what I named my progress up til now , the FAIL routine! I am going bacj=kwards, congrats!

  26. wow, i hadnt even read any of th words yet and jumped straight to the pics…

    uhmm, HOLY SH!#?

    Grats dude, you look awesome.

  27. Wow…you know I was reading and scrolling through the first pics I was expecting to see a leaned out, fit guy with a healthy average physique…maybe some definition and muscularity…and that would have been impressive!! But when I reached you’re after picture I almost sh%t myself. That is crazy. You are a Primal God, my friend. Grok salutes you!!

    1. Thanks Grog! Great to hear such reactions to my transformation. Glad you liked it. Funny reaction indeed!

  28. Whilst the ripped (or even significantly toned) bodies in the success stories looks great, it’s the smile on the faces of the success stories that does it for me. Look at the difference in how happy they are – all of them. That’s the real success to me.

    1. I totally agree! I enjoy the stories and like looking at the before and after pictures, but I love seeing how absolutely happy and healthy people have become from their primal experience. That’s what really makes them successful =)

    2. Good point. Those smiles are what really count. (Don’t mind staring at the awesome body though!)

  29. FFS that’s massively impressive.

    Holy cat’s as robb would say.

    1. Thanks Onge…Holy Cats INDEED! I’m a huge fan of Robb’s work and his book and podcasts were definitely key to my results. Mad respect for him and everything he does.

  30. Holy Crap! I LOOK like the before picture now. I can’t see it taking 6 months to get me to where you are now…
    One thing I was thinking is that since you were already working out 3 days a week, it was like your real body wanted to come out. I am guessing that is why you got such great results so fast. In essence, you found that sweet spot that Mark talks about in his book. Congrats man! You are an inspiration!

    1. Yeah I worked out 3 times a week with a personal trainer but never saw results. He kept yelling at me to go stricter on my diet. I actually had a worse diet when I worked out then because I thought …hey..Im working out hard here so I can be a little lax in my diet. It wasnt until I changed my diet that I finally saw the results I have now!

      1. It’s like Mark says, it’s 80% diet and 20% exercise. If you don’t have the diet dialed in you’re just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

  31. Kudos for your fearless “before” pics. Usually these stories are filled with waay too much detail, but in this case I’d love a little more: how often and how do you exercise? How often and duration of IF?
    Thanks for an incredible post.

    1. Thanks pmpincali. Looking back on my before photos, I literally can’t believe that’s what I looked like. I also can’t believe friends of family didn’t say something about how big I became. I hope I can be held more accountable now by this great community so I can stay on my current path. During the first 3 months of my transformation I exercised 6 days a week and then during the last 3 months I cut that back to 4 or 5 times a week. I got smarter about working out and learned some valuable lessons the first 3 months. My IF changes from time to time but during my transformation I would IF 7 days a week during the last 3 months. During this period, I found it easier to lose weight and gain muscle with this method. One of the main reason was a compressed eating window allowed me massive meals that kept me full the rest of the day. I would have people always comment at work how could I eat such big meals and actually get lean!

      1. Quote: “One of the main reason was a compressed eating window allowed me massive meals that kept me full the rest of the day. I would have people always comment at work how could I eat such big meals and actually get lean!

        Maybe that’s what I’ve been missing…guess I’ll try the big feed window along with IF. Been really strict with diet (Paleo) for 3 years and not much changed.

  32. That was the sound of me picking my jaw up off the ground- holy cow! What a transformation, I’ve never seen anything like it, you look awesome!!

  33. That’s awesome!!! Congrats, did you practice low carb cycling or anything to that nature?

    1. Yes I did carb cycle. Some call it backloading as well. I had what some primal people might call high carb days around 3 times a week. Only after my workouts.

  34. Wow! Thanksgiving, followed immediately by intense studying for law school finals, has derailed by primal attempt, but this is definitely inspiring me to get back on track. Good job.

  35. WOW. I’m so happy to hear of your mental health transformation as well as the physical!

    1. Those 42 – 28 was a health and fitness test I did. It said I had the health and fitness of someone aged 42 then when I was retested I got that down to 28!

  36. +1000 about the holy crap.
    what IS Mexican buffalo pizza?
    and what kind of IF did you do?

  37. Amazing dude….I’d love to hear the details of what you do. You are the textbook example that I would like to duplicate!

  38. Holy Crap!!!
    Your smile in the ‘after’ picture says it all and more.
    That is super inspirational.
    I’ve been at this for over a year now. Why oh why can I not get these kinds of results?

  39. Wow. You should pat yourself on the back. And an admirable back it is.

    1. That’s what I thought. I asked a friend at our PD if he thought it was the same guy. He says there is software that can do a ratio of the distances between the 2 eyes, eye line to nose, and eye line to mouth, but we don’t have it.
      We’re both thinking the ear is wrong, and so is the nose width/shape and the distance from the top of the ear to the eye line.
      I’m also looking at the wrist on the after picture, and the dude appears to me to be and ectomorph. The before is clearly an endomorph. Has anyone ever seen that sort of transformation (except in a Muscle & Fiction mag)?
      Suspicious, sorry.

      1. No, I think you’re wrong. The ears look the same — look at the pics from the back, they’re both slightly out of line. Look at his hairline. And I know this is weird, but look at his nipples! It is totally the same guy. Losing that much weight really changes a face — suddenly you can see the bone structure. Don’t undermine his amazing work by doubting. Just because it’s awesome doesn’t mean it isn’t true!

        1. You beat me to it, obviously we both noticed the same thing about the ears from the back, LOL!

          Agree 100% Doubting doesn’t make it not true.

      2. I think it definitely looks like the same person. Look at the side by sides from the back, look at the ear heights/shapes. Plus the eyes in the front pics. I think it’s completely possible when eating properly and doing heavy lifting. I know that I’ve kept down the pudge easily by eating this way as well as moderate amounts and am positive that I’d really improve my results if I just kicked up the heavy lifting. I’ve done so with good results in the past, but got injured awhile back and never got back into it for fear of reinjury. Time to start. This story was one of the most inspirational I’ve read. I’d also love to hear more about what, how much, and when you eat as well as your exercise routine. Why not start with a program that’s obviously successful!

      3. Couple things:

        1st pic lit from left side, 2nd from right.
        Camera angle in 2nd is higher and more straight-on
        2nd pic he is twisted at waist and looking straight at camera; this emphasizes the waistline and the arms. Whereas w/ first pic, we focused on his waist and expression.

        These things all lead to subtle interpretations and may have led you to believe it was “suspicious”.

      4. i’m the mom; it’s him! He’s done a fantastic job; wish i had his willpower.

        1. lol! Well good on you for giving him such awesome genes which he has now activated to explosive potential ;D

      5. No worries. It was 6 months of hard work and I didn’t exactly shock the world with some massive mass gain. All I did was diet and exercise for 6 months trying to lose as much fat as possible. I only gained 4lbs of muscle in the process and definitely made mistakes along the way.

        I lost approx 8 lbs a month which is like 2lbs a week which is about the amount you want to lose. In the beginning it was much easier to lose the weight then at the end. But managing my calories and doing LeanGains helped me the last 3 months for sure!

        1. Sorry for my skepticism, Frank, it’s just I’ve never seen such a dramatic transformation except next to a Hydroxycut ad. It’s like you’ve changed body somatypes from one end of the spectrum to the other, which is rare. And to do it in six months is just extraordinary.
          So you’re six feet tall, right? Is your before picture at 255 or 215?

        2. @ Jeff
          No worries about the skepticism.
          Yeah before picture is 215lbs. I was at one point 255lbs at my worst. I yo-yo dieted down to 215 and could never get any lower then that. Yes, I’m 6 feet tall.

      6. No worries. It was 6 months of hard work and I didn’t exactly shock the world with some massive mass gain. All I did was diet and exercise for 6 months trying to lose as much fat as possible. I only gained 4lbs of muscle in the process and definitely made mistakes along the way.

        I lost approx 8 lbs a month which is like 2lbs a week which is about the amount you want to lose. In the beginning it was much easier to lose the weight then at the end. But managing my calories and doing LeanGains helped me the last 3 months for sure!

        1. I noticed your Lean gains comment and wondered if you have Martin Berkhan as your personal trainer? That may help me with my suspcison you used the transfomration machine from Captain America?
          I hope your in the process of writing a book!

        2. I wasn’t doubting on you: I was rather expressing my abrupt state of awe.

          You have a marvellous boby and an even more marvellous spirit.

        3. As for Martin Berhkan being a trainer to me. After my first 3 months I wanted to try LeanGains but had no idea how to do it so I sent Martin an email. However I never heard back and figured he was already too busy with other clients and I was probably just sitting in his que. So I found some examples of people doing his LG IF protocol off bodybuilding .com and tried it for myself using that and his articles on his site. I had to tweak as I went but found great success with it.

      7. hmm wonder if someone who works on visual effects in the movie industry would ahve access to such software ie, frank sabia jr? w w w. imdb. com/name/nm1455737/

        i’m not saying he didnt acheive this but in 6 months with 3 months of body weight excercises? The guy needs to write a book. ive been on primal for 4 months with 6 months of body weight excercises and started from a much better condition and my results are no where near this and ive worked my ass off. i dont want to be cynical but something has been left out here. i wouldnt expect to see results like this after 6 months of hard core steroid abuse.

        1. i want to add that i really hope this is real and I WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU GOT THERE. PLEEEEEASE!!!! i’m thinking as you work in the movies you borrowed that machine from the recent Captain America movie?????

  40. OK.. Now I first saw the pictures up top and thought the ones where he is shirtless holding the camera were the “After” shots..LOL. I was thinking this way of eating does not produce any good THEN I saw the real “After” shots and I must say I am AMAZED. I don’t usually comment, but I am officially SUPER inspired. My wife sent me the link to this story, and I think this is the point we turn it around and eat for good health. Frank, bro if you read this I wanted you to know I am inspired by your story. I dont even mind that the Wifey probably stared at your picture for an hour before sending me the Great Job!

    1. Good on you, man. Spread the knowledge. Turn the pyramid upside down.

    2. Thanks man. I was hoping to inspire people. Before this transformation I thought it was 80% exercise and then a little diet. But during my journey, I discovered it is mostly diet. As the saying goes, you make your abs in the kitchen.

  41. Great story. What a transformation in such a short period of time. Care to share some of those at home exercise routines?

  42. Wow, Wow, Wow…what an amazing change. The hard work certainly paid off for you. I would love to hear what kind of work out regimine you used and obviously are still using. I would also love to hear how you would eat in typical day. Truly an inspiring story.

  43. Holy crapola and DANG!!! You rock! Way to go! One of the best things is how happy you look. But most of us primals do! 🙂

  44. The human body is SO beautiful! Everyone’s body deserves to reach its own full potential, and yours certainly has! Your transformation is downright gorgeous!

  45. Mark, would you be able to have Frank tell us in detail, what his workout routine consisted of ?
    His results are truly amazing.

  46. hmmm call me cynical (because believe me i really am) but my suspicion has only been heightened by this truly amazing metamorphosis when i discover mr sabia apparently works on visual effects for movies!! say it so!

    1. Yep–I was thinking photo shop!!! Not sure this passes the smell test.

    2. Dude, he’s works on lighting on movies. Those pics aren’t a result of lighting.

      Leave it alone, already.

  47. Way to go, Frank! I think we’d all love a bit more information about your workout and IF routines. Have a great weekend, everyone.

  48. WHOA…that was it…I’m going PRIMAL…

    (terrific job, Frank!)

  49. Awesome story. I didn’t read all the comments so if someone already asked I apologize. Can we please get some recipes. That pizza sounds really good.

  50. great transformation man. so quick too. awesome. i’m interested in knowing what type of fitness regime and diet looked like?

  51. Duuuuuuuuuuuuude… wow! You’ve shocked more than your doctors and loved ones. I second the pizza and fitness program… omg.

  52. Are you freakin kidding me??!! I’m sitting here trying to pick my jaw up off the floor, without much success. AMAZING!

  53. I’ve seen tons of dramatic success stories, but HOLY SH**! nuff said.

    you need to share details! food diary, exercise diary, etc. PLEASE!!

  54. WOW Frank! Congrates you look awesome! I’m just beginning my journey with my oldest son. You are an inspiration! Thaks for sharing your story and your pictures!!!!!! 😉

  55. 1001+ on the Holy S#*t

    I like to scroll really slow on these to see how *surprising* the after-pic looks. And you are rockin’ some serious happiness! I just luv the grin.

    Totally needed your brand of inspiration today.

  56. What a transformation and an inspiration you are. Truly a form for all us to follow.

  57. Holy smokes dude! I want to know everything you’re doing. What workouts do you do, what meals are you eating, how long are your fasts, etc?

  58. Not only did you change your body (and, man, what a change!) but you vastly improved your health as well. The bod change is always good but, in the long run, I think you’ll eventually welcome the perks with the health changes as well especially in a few years. You’ve proven what the human body and dedication can accomplish when we put our minds (and bods) to the test.

    Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing. If I wasn’t a proper old lady I’d say something like “Holy efn $#it” at this transformation, but right now I’m too busy trying to keep my eyeballs in place!

    +1 on wanting that buffalo pizza recipe–

  59. Congratulations Frank, very impressive. I’ve been living primal for the past 6 months, my results aren’t even close to yours

  60. “I became a master Primal chef creating things like gluten free Mexican buffalo pizza. Never having cooked for myself before, I quickly become a whiz in the kitchen converting all my mom’s home cooked meals and recipes to Primal friendly versions.”

    Someone get this man a paleo cookbook deal, maybe its part of the secret to his success! 😮 (And who DOESN’T want to try Mexican Buffalo Pizza?!?!)

    Congrats Frank, you are an inspiration to so many of us still on our way 😀

  61. DUDE! CHEESE GRATING BACK MUSCLES! Too cool, man. Such a transformation, I love it! The numbers are shocking, I can’t believe you lost over 20% body fat that quickly (OK, I guess I can). Way to go. So inspiring!!!

  62. Does anyone know where the heck I can find out what he is eating/doing to get down to that weight? He must be doing something more than primal or working out a crap ton . Carb cycling or something.

    1. Yeah I followed Martin’s LG protocol. So I was eating from 2pm till 10pm anywhere from 1800 – 2800 calories. 2800 on strength training days and 1800 on rest/recover/off days.

      On high calorie days I upped my carbs post workout and ate my fats in the evening before bed. On low cal days it was mainly protein and fat. So you could call it calorie cycling along with carb cycling or carb back loading.

  63. you big Stud from LA!!! i remember seeing you last time in Australia and now WOW… really impressed and congrats on this great success!

  64. Amazing! I dropped an “F” bomb when I saw that last photo. Thanks for sharing your story! I love when someone sets a goal and reaches way beyond it.

  65. CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is honestly amazing. I love your story and all it does it fuel my desire to reach my goals and stay primal!!!!

  66. Amazing work man! To all the doubters – I don’t see what the problem is? The guy said he was working out before going Primal so he probably had plenty of muscle underneath already. All he’s done is shed the fat and bulk up even more, what’s unbelievable about that? I say “all he’s done” like its a small achievement, of course to get those results he’s had to show the kind of willpower and dedication that 99.9% of people just couldn’t manage, and trained like a BEAST! Respect is due, great job!

    1. Thanks! Appreciate it. I dont think my story is anything that unbelievable. Its not like I put on 20lbs of muscle in 6 months. I think I only put on 4lbs of muscle the whole time. I was more interested in getting lean. At the end I only weighed around 170lbs and Im 6 feet tall. That seems pretty lean and light to me. Since then I’ve slowly tried to pack on some more muscle.

  67. holy crap!
    there are not enough words.

  68. Great work mate. Leangains is the best protocol I’ve ever tried. Martin Berkhan is a genius and his site and MDA are my two sites of choice for food/training advice.

    1. I 100% agree. WHen I first read Martin’s site it was the opposite of everything I was taught and read. I didnt believe any of it….but I tried GOMAD for a few weeks and destoyed my health. So I decided to give Martin’s Lean Gains a try and needless to say everything he has ever said or suggested has worked 100%!!

      I credit him with my new lifestyle as well. I love LG fasting!

  69. Wow, if it weren’t for the hair, I’m not sure I would have thought it was the same person! Aside from the remarkable transformation, I noticed the disappearance of those undereye circles too. Not only do you look younger and fitter, but more rested too.

    1. Thanks for the kind words.
      Alot of health problems disappeared along the way.
      I had acid reflux so bad I would wake up at nite with my throat burning and unable to sleep. I had really high blood pressure and was always fatigued. I noticed when I switched my diet, my symptoms of disease disappeared quickly then my body changed after that. A great read in addition to primal blueprint was Protein Power Life Plan and Lights Out.

  70. Haha! I’ve just read through all the comments and you’ve inspired a lot of cussing Frank!

  71. Amazing Frank, this is the most striking success story I have seen here, and we have seen many! Thanks for sharing it with us

  72. Frank, I think you could give Sisson a real run for his money. Great job! You may have set a new standard at MDA.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I appreciate it. Its definitely been a challenge and have failed along the way. I found when I made mistakes, I tried not to get too down about it and just use them as a learning experience. Learn and grow from it, and move on.

      My biggest mistakes was going to low calorie when I first went primal I was so full and satiated that I would only eat 1700 calories but after a few days of this I totally crashed. That failure allowed to me find a healthy level of calories now where I can have energy for workouts and get ripped at the same time.

  73. I slapped my mouth in shock! Wow, what a transformation. Simply amazing. Congratulations!

  74. Frank, you really need to update your photo on IMDB with the mud run photo.

  75. Wow, Frank, you are simply incredible. I’m extremely impressed! And I would also like more details as to what exactly you’ve been doing!

  76. Now that’s the way to do a mud bath 🙂 Seriously, You look awesome, as someone else said….droool

  77. From the Bulk to the Hulk! Six months, that’s remarkable. Well done.

    I’m at three months myself… I’d better get a move on!

  78. Sorry I ain’t buying this one. I’ve lost 100lbs eating right and guess what…I have hanging skin and always will have. I think this is a con.

    1. I have to admit I have a little skepticism too. I don’t disbelieve the transformtion, but six months? And to be honest, that looks like more than 46 pounds. I know someone (~300 lbs) who lost 40 pounds and nobody noticed! Just going from reasonably lean to cut is 20 pounds right there. As for hanging skin, I’ve read that it can spring back and or/shrink. But I would imagine it takes longer than six months.

      1. I started this in 1/10 and now on 12/11 I still have hanging skin. I’m 55 years old and went from 324 to 218lbs. I walk 3 to 6 days a week, sprint once a week and due to a bad neck, can’t lift heavy things. Even if I could lift heavy things I’d still have hanging skin.

    2. Yeah, that’s what I was wondering about. Seems like there should be some hanging skin.

      1. That depends on age and genes. some of us are blessed with good skin and some of us are not. This guy is young so I’m sure that is most of it. Perhaps eating fat has something to do with it. I noticed my skin improved when I added coconut milk to my diet.

  79. Whoaaaaa! Incredible. Jaw dropping. I am so inspired again to lose this baby weight I have and get back in shape….Keep up the healthy lifestyle! Thank you for sharing!

  80. Wow!!! That is nothing short of amazing!

    2 questions, do you have any pics of you before you started IF?

    Did you track cals at all during those 6 months?

    Again totally AWESOME!

    1. Yeah I tracked all my calories for the 6 months on

      It was the best way I could find out what foods did and didnt work for me and in what ratios. I found if I didnt measure my food I would over eat fats especially nuts and under eat protein. By tracking all my food I found the exact ratios that worked and the exact foods. To the point now where I wouldnt need to track anything…since I know what works and what doesnt and I can visually eye the correct carbs/fats/proteins.

      1. Sorry. Forgot to address your other question. Yes I do have pics before I started IF. I didnt start IF till midway thru my transformation. If you goto my twitter page or my facebook page, Ill be uploading pics of my transition and foods I ate there till I get a blog up. I hope to write a few articles on food. I actually wrote daily logs with calories and food I also hope to get up there for people to see!

  81. Well if that is you in the ‘after’ pic and I hope and think it is… Awesome! one of the most dramatic changes I have ever seen here…:)

  82. Ditto everyone else. Unbelievable. What workout program did you use? P90X? Insanity?

    1. Yeah Im not really trying to promote any program …but yes its a common at home program you can do without a gym. Which just goes to show you dont need some fancy equipment or gym to get results.

      All you need is pushups, pullups, squats and a smart diet.

  83. One has to be doubtful – it is such a remarkable transformation (to use Mark’s term). but the truth is in that snile – the one in the mud matches the first one serving himself cake. he seems to have found a truer bliss. Congrats – everything in your world must have changed – for the better! cool, very, very cool!

  84. As a lady, I would just like to say one thing. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. This guy needs to get a book to the press immediately. It would sell out the first priniting in the first month!!This has me wanting to find out every detail of how he did this. This is THE MOST FREAKIN AMAZING transformation I have EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER Seen!!!! Grok On MR!!!

    1. Haha. Thanks for the kind words but if I wrote a book it would be…. how I read marks’ daily apple and paleo solution and followed what they said. Im apparently good at using other peoples advise. I just try to constantly experiment with anything I read or hear on a podcast.

      And believe me, Ive tried every supplement there is and nothing beats diet and exercise. There is no miracle pill for that and dedication.

  86. can you share what the typical day was in your diet to get down to that body weight and how often you fasted.

    1. Sure! This is pretty much my weekly routine.

      food goal – low calorie 2000 cals
      workout goal – fun cardio
      50% protein 40% fat 10% carbs

      food goal – high calorie 2800 cals
      workout goal: strength training
      40% protein 30% carbs 40% fats

      same as sunday

      same as sunday but no workouts / rest

      same as Monday

      same as Sunday

      same as Monday

      so what it boils down to is 3 days of strength training with hi cals…3 days of cardio or conditioniing with low cals and one or two days of rest / recover at low cals.

      All my meals are primal/paleo and I do LG IF …which means I train in a fasted state at lunch time and start my feeding window at 2pm and eat till 10pm. 50% of my calories come post workout in a 1500 calorie or so epic feast high in protein and carbs. Dinners are always meat/veggies and fat with some cottage cheese.

      1. I started the LeanGains approach two weeks ago. When you are doing the intermittent fasting, are you doing that 7 days a week?

        1. Good for you! Lean Gains is pretty good if you have your diet dialed in and can go without breakfast. I know in the mornings Im not hungry at all. For years I would force myself to eat because I thought that was the best way to stoke my metabolism. But I pretty much do IF 6 days a week taking only Sunday off. My feeding window is from 2 or 3pm till about 10 – 11pm.

          Some days I do ESE or Eat Stop Eat where Ill eat a bigger dinner then fast till the next day at dinner.

          Ive also played around with PSMF ( Protein Sparing Modified Fast ) which is just eating protein all day and some fish oil. So I try to mix it up depending on my goals. But 90% of the time I do LeanGains.

          I prefer 2 epic sized meals over 6-8 small meals a day.

      2. I’m impressed that you were able to eat 250-280 grams of protein every day, especially often during a 8 hour window. What’s a typical day of nutrition look like?

        1. Yeah I tried to eat at least 225g of protein per day. And the higher calorie I went the more that number went upto around 300 grams. Here is a typical high calorie day for me. This is what I ate on Wednesday.

          fasted training at 1pm
          post workout epic meal:
          coconut water with one scoop whey/casein
          500 grams of buffalo burgers
          300 grams sweet potato
          300 grams of natural no sugar greek yoghurt
          200 grams of blueberries
          1 serving of roasted coconut chips

          that meal came in at 1800 calories

          12oz beef filet mignon
          baby broccoli
          tablespoon fish oil
          and copious amounts of butter

          Evening Snack:
          Protein fluff

          that day came in around 3000 calories with little over 300 grams of protein

      3. you Monday is adding up to 110%. But yeah, Amazing work man! Thanks for sharing all of this info.

      4. Frank,

        How did you logistically eat such big meals and perform such intense workouts? Am I correct in thinking you performed your primary work outs over your lunch break at work, and if so, did you eat your first massive meal at your desk? I have a desk job and am curious as to how this could be best implemented in an office environment.

        Thanks for the feedback!


        1. Hey Paul,

          I was wondering the same thing, but it seems to me that Frank has a pretty open schedule. My GF and I are trying this Lean Gains IF of 14 to 16 hours per day. She works nights, so it’s perfect for her. We just do Breakfast at lunch time every day.

          Since I want to eat on the same schedule as her, I work out in the morning, go to work, then come home and eat Breakfast/lunch for lunch. It’s no ideal, but Frank also says he uses Xtend Amino Acids powder, so I’ll be looking into that. From what I’ve learned, the Xtend is perfect because it’s 0 carb/0 sugar/0 calorie, so you can take it while you’re fasting without interruption. This may also go some distance in keeping Frank energized.

          Frank – you’re the man. I refer to you as “The Superman” when I talk about you to my girlfriend. I’m subscribed to this post so I get all of your responses, which is great. You’re a wealth of knowledge and an absolute model for what (I think) all of us aspire to be.

          Thank you for giving me so much motivation!

        2. Oh yeah. What I was trying to get at is that it may be worthwhile to change your eating schedule around a bit. I considered this, but I don’t want to eat on a different schedule than my girlfriend.

          But, consider that this is just basically skipping a meal and eating your 2 other meals in an 8 hour window. So you can shuffle it around.

          For example, you can skip dinner. Start by eating breakfast, and then have lunch within those 8 hours, then fast after Lunch. Work out before breakfast on an empty stomach, then have a giant meal for breakfast.

          Just an idea.

        3. Yes, you are correct. My work has a small kitchen because of the kinds of hours we do. So I usually work out at lunch, come back and heat up my post workout meal. I already have all my food cooked at home and just bring in containers of meat. I make a massive plate of food and take it back to my desk to eat. Maybe its the kind of work environment I am in, where they don’t frown upon eating at your desk. I try not to eat anything that smells or offends anyone like cooked fish. That’s pretty much the only thing off limits.

          Hope that helps!

        4. @ Bruno
          Superman…haha, don’t know about that but thanks for the compliment. As for the Xtend, I love the stuff. It’s probably the biggest factor in me leaning out while not sacrificing muscle in the process and it is 0 calories. The new formula has added electrolytes now too. As for energy while fasted, I did alot of double shot espressos with a splash of coconut milk. I always experimented with some pre workout supplements. But I didn’t find any lack of energy due to fasting, as long as I didn’t exceed 12-14 hr fast before working out.

          As for fasting windows, one of the major advantages of it is that you make your schedule work for you. You don’t have to eat every 2-3 hrs which is harder to maintain during work. I change my fast depending on my schedule, so feel free to put that 8 hr feeding window anywhere you want or wherever its easier based off your schedule. Here are a few examples…

          11.30-12 AM or 5-15 minutes pre-workout: 10 g BCAA
          12-1 PM: Training
          1 PM: Post-workout meal (largest meal of the day).
          4 PM: Second meal.
          9 PM: Last meal before the fast.

          Calories and carbs are tapered down throughout the day in the example above.

          6 AM: 5-15 minutes pre-workout: 10 g BCAA.
          6-7 AM: Training.
          8 AM: 10 g BCAA.
          10 AM: 10 g BCAA
          12-1 PM: The “real” post-workout meal (largest meal of the day). Start of the 8 hour feeding-window.
          8-9 PM: Last meal before the fast.

          12-1 PM or around lunch/noon: Pre-workout meal. Approximately 20-25% of daily total calorie intake.
          3-4 PM: Training should happen a few hours after the pre-workout meal.
          4-5 PM: Post-workout meal (largest meal).
          8-9 PM: Last meal before the fast.

          12-1 PM or around lunch/noon: Meal one. Approximately 20-25% of daily total calorie intake.
          4-5 PM: Pre-workout meal. Roughly equal to the first meal.
          8-9 PM: Post-workout meal (largest meal).

        5. Thanks a ton, Superman.

          I think I’m gonna try this:

          6 AM: 5-15 minutes pre-workout: 10 g BCAA.
          6-7 AM: Training.
          8 AM: 10 g BCAA.
          10 AM: 10 g BCAA
          12-1 PM: The “real” post-workout meal (largest meal of the day). Start of the 8 hour feeding-window.
          8-9 PM: Last meal before the fast.

          I just need to pick up some BCAA. Thanks for writing back. You can now go back to fighting crime. 🙂

  87. I am so serious! You have produced the results in 6 months that often takes people 10 years to accomplish.

  88. the words — holy cow— is what came out of my mouth. amazing!!! what an inspiration

  89. Holy moly!!! I nearly fell out of my chair! I had my husband come rushing over to see the pictures! Wowza! Way to go on your insane success! You are an inspiration!!!!

  90. Mexican buffalo pizza!!?? why isn’t that in the Primal Cookbook i just purchased. sure as hell would rather have that than chopped liver! where can i find this recipe?

  91. Amazing! Well done! Have only ever seen such definition once b4 in a 50 year old photo of a man who never “worked out”. He was 80 when he showed me the photo. Just worked at an iron foundry, if he ever fasted it would have been through no choice of his own in the 1930’s. Mutton & potatoes were mostly on the menu & the fabled “bread & dripping” of the depression years.

  92. people say your an inspiration but to me it’s more like, well, i’ll say it like this…there is a scene in the Clint Eastwood movie “Bird” about Charlie Parker. In one scene a rival sax player walks into a bar with his sax around his neck. He looks to the stage and sees and hears Bird playing. it’s clear to him that Bird’s taken the music to a place he himself will never go. he immediately leaves the bar, finds the closest thrash can and promptly tosses his sax away.

    when i saw your picture i threw away my copy of the Primal Blueprint (then went out and had a burrito, a pizza and a beer to cry in.)

  93. Wow, this story is so very inspiring. I am very happy to always read about how primal eating reverses health issues. Stay strong and PAF!

    PS. What kind of workouts do you incorporate in your schedule along with eating?

  94. It’s such a stunning change — I too have lost all control of my mandible and am forced to comment on the inspiration that comes from this. Thank you for sharing! It’s a… whole… nothah… level! 🙂

  95. I am usually just a lurker on MDA but Frank, your story has inspired me to post. Truly amazing and wonderful to see how happy you look. One question: did you incorporate any sprinting into your workouts?

    1. No I didnt do any sprinting during this transformation. However, Im currently trying to incorporate more of what mark calls PLAY into my workouts. I just try at least once a week to do something fun to burn calories…go for a swim…go for a long walk, sprints on the beach, or some kickboxing. Just have fun with it!

  96. Holy cow Frank incredible I have had good results but L need to start more of the IF!
    Thanks for sharing!

  97. Wow your a monster frank! U must be a beast at pullups, I struggle to complete more than 2-3 proper pullups without a band. With your extreme levels of vascularity you must be able do like 30. That photo of your lat spread made me shed a tear of joy

    1. Haha great post Sherman. I can actually do quite a few pull ups without a band. When I first started out I had to have 2 feet on a chair…then one foot….now I can do them unassisted and a few one arm!

  98. Frank, you’re a ROCK STAR!!! You look amazing–and that is an unbelievable transformation!!! Love it!

  99. Wow – you look amazing! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m always amazed how different folks look in the face after losing weight. Again, you look amazing!P.S: You’ve just motivated my husband to continue on his journey. Maybe one day you’ll be reading his 🙂

    1. Thanks Lucy! This is the kind of response I was hoping for. Its always scary when you put yourself out there. But if my transformation can inspire and motivate others, then it was well worth it. All I can say is that if you eat paleo/primal and exercise and are smart about it….first you will change on the inside then you will start to see the changes on the outside. And yes, I would love to be reading your husbands story on here one day!

  100. Are we being punk’d? You did that in 6 months? Awesome man!

    1. Hehe…yeah me too. In the past I have just gained all the weight back but Im pretty confident with my now permanent changes in my diet I will be able to at least maintain what I have if not improve. My goal is to be able to scale back my exercise and replace it with more fun types of activities. Thanks for the kind words!

  101. i’ve trained Frank and never met a more dedicated individual. If you stick to the program (primal bleprint, MDA or IF by Martin) you will see reults.

    Just realise that the power to change yourself can only come from within. Use Frank’s examplke and decide for your self to see these prohgrams through.. you will see results!!

    1. Thanks Ian…your a big stud dude and thanks for all your help during my journey. Looking forward to that turducken for Xmas!!

  102. I actually got teary-eyed reading this. After working on going gluten-free, I stumbled on Mark’s first book (on Flylady, of all places!). I have now been Primal for a mere two weeks. The immediate result was being able to get up and walk like normal person after sitting so long at work. I looked like a 90-year old trying to walk with extreme pain in the hips – ALL GONE! Your pictures and story are the motivational force periodically needed to keep from sliding. Thank you for sharing!

  103. Seriously, wow and congratulations! What type of training (or body weight) exercises did you do on your strength days? How hard did you push yourself? and how long were those workouts? Were your cardio days 50% to 75% max HR? I’ve trained fasted and enjoyed it & have done some IF. I feel great when I do, but have worried about doing it *too* regularly. This it truly inspirational. I’m checking out LeanGains for sure!

    1. Thanks man. Typical bodyweight exercises were things such as pushups, pullups, squats. For the first 3 months I only used one resistance band at home and a pull up bar. The last 3 months I introduced those adjustable dumbells and tried to go heavy on weight. I typically went for an hour. First 3 month I did a pretty quick pace as I wanted to burn fat. Last 3 months I slowed that pace down and lowered the reps to try to build muscle while losing some fat. For cardio I would go for 45mins to an hour and my hr was around 130-160 bpm. I tracked all my calories burned as well as my calories online at livestrong. I wore a HR monitor during every workout to see what my net calories were per day. This was I was able to keep myself out of that starvation mode while running a caloric deficit. As for IF, yes some people say you shouldnt do it so often. But from experience it just works for me doing it everyday. I sometimes take Sundays off and just eat when I wake up but alot of times I just sleep in and end up eating at lunch time anyways!

      1. Frank, thanks for the honest and quick replies to the questions that people are posting. It’s refreshing to not only see a success story as significant as yours but to have it involve a person who is so willing to answer questions and provide more detail.

        I noticed that your cardio sessions are a higher duration and longer intensity than Mark recommends. Did you perform these higher-intensity sessions to lose the weight faster (and will thus be switching your cardio sessions to a lower intensity now to maintain) or do you plan on keeping your cardio intensity the same as you mention above?

        Thanks again, Frank.

        1. Hey Paul. Thanks for the kind words. I hope to give as much information as possible so other people can avoid the mistakes I made and so they everyone can achieve even greater results then mine.

          As for the cardio. Yes early on I was following a specific program that had about 45 mins or so of cardio. To be honest I really hate cardio. So in the beginning at 30% bodyfat I was just trying to shed as much weight as possible as quickly as possible. Looking back it wasnt a bad decision because I did see immediate results. I lost 12lbs the first week but Im sure alot of that was water weight. Over time I slowly reduced my cardio. Im now at a point where I try to make my cardio or conditioning fun such as boxing or surfing. I love hiking and camping since it gets me outdoors.

          In the end though, its about work vrs food. The more cardio you do the more you will probably have to eat to avoid crashing or being in too high of a caloric deficit. Gary Taubes talks alot about this. But good question!

  104. That is so rad! Love it! Definitely wasn’t expecting that complete of a transformation. I’m just about down to 15% from 30% myself but now I want to keep going to 8%.

  105. Hey Frank, I just returned to say that after months of disinterest, my husband has spent all morning reading this site after I showed him your story, and is finally ready to commit to this lifestyle so thank you! You made this lady very happy. 🙂

    1. I also showed my husband – I’m encouraging him to do more weight-bearing exercises as we’re middle aged and losing our muscle mass. He was impressed.

    2. Hi Alison, that is great news indeed. To be honest I heard of caveman diet years ago but blew it off as another fad diet. It was until recently after discovering Mark Sisson and his site did I start to understand it better. This is not a fad diet and its definately a way of life. Its truely a life changer. I wish you and your husband all the best and let me know if you have any questions. Be glad to help!

  106. Amazing progress over such a short time. Incredible what the body can do. And surely this should put paid that the CW that losing weight leaves loose skin.

    1. Thanks! At the start the weight came off pretty fast. With my diet changes and me burning so many calories while working out ( upto 1200 cals ). The first week alone I dropped 12lbs and it slowed way down after that. The last few months the scale barely moved but I could tell from photos and measurements I was swapping muscle for fat. Don’t become too afriad of the scale. Sometimes when its not moving its a GOOD thing!

      And I was also paranoid about loose skin. I used to think I had some around my navel but I think its just still fat that is still lingering.

  107. Nice work Frank, you look great!

    On a side note, is that last photo from Valley Stampede in Sydney?

    1. Thanks. I too love these stories and have been reading them for quite a while. Its a great feeling for finally be one of them : )

  108. This is truly inspirational to me, as I am currently at your exact starting weight, 255 with a 44″ waist. You are the first story I’ve seen that closely resembles where I am starting. And to see the after shots…WOW! Amazing work.

    1. Yeah when I was at that weight it took me 3 years to lose some of it…It wasnt until I discovered primal/paleo eating that I made those drastic changes in as little as 6 months. Stick to it and if your patient you will see results. Learn from all my years of mistakes : )

  109. I have been slammed with final exams and projects this week, so I actually forgot to check the Friday success stories. Today (Sunday)I casually sipped my tea and scrolled down and read. When you said you were at 8% I was thinking you were delusional and/or a liar…then I saw your after picture. Wow. You just changed your life. You put yourself in a whole different league. Well done!

  110. Awesome job!! Was wondering how often do you workout and what do your workouts generally consist of?

  111. Thanks so much for sharing, Frank. I too am hooked on LeanGains, and I’ve been getting a lot stronger, but losing fat slowly. Reading your posts, it’s clear to me that I’ve been WAY overdoing the carbs in my PWO meal.

    I’m changing tomorrow! Sweet potatoes and berries for me. Thank you!!!

    If you have any other PWO favorites, please let me know!

    1. Hey sundog! My post workout meals vary from time to time. Im always trying to expriment to see whats best for my body and I encourage you to do the same. I try my best to stay paleo/primal in my post workout window. I usually have between 150-225 grams of carbs post workout on strength training days. My carbs are ONLY postworkout. I dont have anything in the evening other then veggies and cottage cheese which has trace carbs.

      My post workout favorites are:
      chicken, turkey, buffalo….any lean meat
      sweet potato, yams, berries, coconut water

      my meals are typically over 1000 calories post workout and take about an hour to eat : )

      1. Thanks!!! My post workout meal has been macaroni and tuna lol – today I’m trying out a pile of chicken and yams. I’m so excited 😀 Thank you!

  112. Hi Frank,

    I am getting obsessed with this post, in fact. I adore your willpower and determination. Can you answer a few questions of mine, please?

    1-What mistakes have you done during the transformation and how did you correct them ASAP?
    2-How did you motivate yourself for the start-up?
    3-How did you keep yourself motivated while having hard times, or having no progress sometimes?
    4-How did you ensure the variability of meals/take care of the ‘boredom’ from having the same foods?
    5-What is your plan to stay like this/not to gain the fat back?
    6-Regarding the resistance band, what were your exercises?

    Thanks, dude! And congratulations, again! You rock…

    1. Hey Mart. Wow, quite the post…that’s alot of questions! Sorry for the delay in responding, but I wanted to give you though out answers.

      1. Mistakes – going too low on calories, especially on carbs ( mainly since I was doing strength training )….fasting for too long and then exercising. I fixed the first just by upping my calories and make sure I get a reasonable amount of carbs postworkout. And if I cant train till dinner time I have a small meal before I train but after my normal fast. I also forgot to count the calories in the fish oil I was taking which turned out to be literally an extra 300-400 calories I didn’t account for. There were quite alot of mistakes actually, but those are some off the top of my head that stand out. I documented every week in an email blog type format that if people are interested, I could get online.

      2. Motivation – That’s a hard one…when I started I wasn’t that motivated actually. I gave it two weeks to see how well I would do…well after the first week I lost 12lbs. That was enough motivation to get me thru the first 3 months. After that it was about experimenting to figure out ways to make it long-term.

      3. I have a few people I counted on to keep me accountable…an accountability crew you could call them. When I felt down or like I was making no progress I would talk to them. Most of the time the scale was just lying! I also used photos to track my progress. Its hard to notice subtle weight loss unless you can compare photos week to week. I also measured my waist as my navel area which is the hardest place to lose fat. If that shrank week to week but the scale didn’t move…I didn’t care because I knew I was losing weight.

      4. Boredom was alleviated by sites like foodee, mark’s daily apple, everyday paleo, and just any recipe you can primalize. You also get out of boredom by making good tasty food. I became a really good chef since going primal! I took all my mom’s childhood recipes and made them all paleo/primal!

      5. My plan is to always experiment and try new things. Figure out ways to make staying lean as easy as possible so its just effortless. I know how to get cut now so that if I make mistakes, I’m confident I can quickly get back to my shredded look. Also by putting my results out there online, Im hoping to have the fellow paleo/primal community hold me accountable and keep me on the right path. To inspire and motivate me.

      6. Lots of pushups, pullups and squat variations. I did all of my workouts at home.

      Does that help?

  113. This is just the kick in the pants that I needed. You’ve inspired me man. Those are my love handles in the first picture. In six months I’ll be right behind you with my own primal success story. You’re before and afters are now on my door so it’s the last thing that I see before I leave my apartment.

    1. Hey Carlos…thanks for such kind words. I appreciate it. Thats a great idea and I did the same exact thing. I created whats called a “vision board”. I found pics of what I wanted to eventually look like. Not only ripped pics but healthy ones as well. It was the first and last thing I would look at everyday. It was a constant reminder what I was working towards and I think it definitely helps! Im honored to be on your vision board!!

  114. That is truly mindblowing! You’ve really inspired me to stick with this. I think I’ll even start working out a bit. I’ll be 50 in a year and I think my goal will be to be in the best shape ever in my life, with upper body muscle definition. I have a super long way to go because of the amount of fat on my body but your story has inspired me.

    1. Hey man thanks! It’s never to late to start. I had set a age goal as well and failed by ONLY 5 years!! But I was finally able to achieve it. This time its going to last and thats the important part. Find something that lasts and it will serve you the rest of your life!

  115. Frank, having known you since we were five, I feel unabashed joy to read these kind words and epic compliments heaped upon you. For those who do not know Frank personally, he has always been a gregarious, candid, talented friend who would go out of his way to make others laugh or smile while keeping you in awe of his artistic gifts and dogged loyalties to those things he holds dear (drawing, the Chicago Bulls, Weird Al, Transformers, his family, Sherm, etc.). Since life took us to different parts of the globe, I did not know the health issues that burdened you–especially the depression, you hid it well–and our meetings at home were always filled with the triumphant air of the local boy done good (Over the Hedge, The day After Tomorrow, etc.). Frank, you deserve any and all success that comes your way; you are the most motivated person I have ever met–you do not seem capable of halfing anything. Many have remarked of the “wow! your after photo elicits, and rightfully so concerning you physique, but I am more happy that the confident, playfully cocky gleam is (still) back in your eyes The first time you came over my house–can you remember it?–we left cookie crumbs all over the Atari 2600 and demolished two bottles of Coke; your mom, picking you up, told us of how you could eat a whole plate of mashed potatos. The SAD diet you speak of still has a grip on most of us–what strength you possess to get out from underneath it, expose it for what it is, and teach us. I am proud to call you a friend, prouder that you consider me yours. Many blessings…

    1. CHRIS!! Hey man…thanks for posting. You have known my my whole life so you have seen first hand my struggles with controlling my weight. Glad someone could finally vouch for how fat I was : )

      Thanks for the kind words man, I really appreciate it. I didn’t have your superior genetics to stay skinny my whole life. Growing up in north east PA with all the tasty carb laden foods we had sure didn’t make it easy one me and I still struggle when I go home to visit. All the tasty cakes, pizza, pierogies, ice cream we have!

      You were an inspiration to me as a little kid. From art to creative writing. I just want to thank you for fueling my competitive fire as a youth because it has finally served me well. I’ve come along way and have changed alot but you continue to be the same great friend you always have been. THANKS!!

  116. I’d like to follow the Frank’s LG plan but work early in the morning and use lots of energy. If I don’t eat then I body feels weak. Don’t have the same zip. I eat Paleo every day too. Crossfit 3-4 times a week in the evenings. I would like reduce the BF around my belly and sides.

    Anyone good suggestions to eat to reduce BF?

    1. Hey David. I understand your concern with working out late at nite. If you goto the leangains site you can see he has different protocols for fasting and working out.
      So say you work out late and have no energy if you fasted, as long as most of your calories come post workout then I think you might benefit. If my schedule dictates that type of training, I usually have between 500-700 calories before working out after my 12-16 hr fast and then all the rest of my calories for the day in a giant post workout meal. Just dont fast till the evening and then train. I did that once and almost passed out. Learn from my mistake.

  117. For everyone hoping to reproduce this: I think Frank is is genetically predisposed to this level of muscle definition and low body fat, something quite rare if the other pictures of Primal people I’ve seen is anything to go by.

    Anyway, congratulations Frank on your transformation, definitely a stunning change!

    1. Thanks for the congrats. I have been overweight and obese most of my life. I’ve always struggled with achieving a lean and defined body. However, I do believe that one of the greatest things about Mark’s site is that he gives you ways to reprogram your genes. By doing so you can express them properly allowing anyone to achieve a lean healthy physique!

      1. Thanks Frank for taking the time to give me advice.
        I am going to take your lead and eat the amount of calories before and after my workouts that you suggested. I will try this for a month. Keeping my fingers crossed. I really don’t need to lose weight, believe it or not. Just want to lose the flabby areas around the waist. It increased when I switched from Crossit workouts to Olympic weightlifting for 4-5 weeks that included a couple short metcons per week. Did get stronger!

        1. Hey David, no problem. Let me know how it goes. It always depends on your goals. Also, constantly re-evaluate how your feeling and performing at those new calorie levels. Sometimes Ill readjust on the fly depending on how Im feeling and my energy/strength levels. So dont be afraid to change it here or there. I set a 2 week goal then see how it worked and re adjust. It was a great way to slowly lean out while not losing muscle.

        2. Frank,

          I just completed 1 week of IF (16 hours). I am following your work out plan and eating what you have suggested and eating foods at the prescribed times. Lost 4 lbs. but it appears that I have the same BF. Some of the weight loss may be H2O, and/or muscle loss. I am the same height as you and weigh 171 lbs. Don’t want to lose weight.Is it too soon to change something to reduce the BF? Obviously I’m not eating as many calories following IF and eating two meals. Someone told me that with my crossfit workouts (4x a week) and reducing the cals, I will lose muscle and keep the fat because I’m stressing the body or raising the cortisol levels.

          Appreciate your thoughts, Frank!

        3. @ David
          Yeah the 2 meals a day is my personal preference. You still need to get in enough calories. I still eat around 2800 calories with those 2 meals. You have to make sure your not in too much of a deficit to lose bodyfat. I typically only run a 500-800 calorie deficit and lose bodyfat while maintaining or increasing strength. Crossfit can be glycogen depleting so you might need to adjust calories and carbs to compensate. How is your strength? If your bonking in workouts and not as strong, then calories might be too low. The fasting window can be 14-16 hrs. Make sure an hour before workout you get aminos whether it be from something like Xtend which is zero calorie or if you don’t have that a scoop or so of protein powder will do. If you keep protein high ( personally I run 40-50%) then you should preserve your muscle in a slight deficit. There are other things like how is your sleep?
          That can affect cortisol. Also if you haven’t done IF before you might be better served trying it out 2 or 3 days a week before going the full 6 or 7 days. When I first started I did one day a week, then two, and as I got better at manipulating calories and macros I felt “safe” and “confident” enough to go 7 days a week. That enough information to tinker with?

    2. @Wout

      I think anyone can do this – if they would put the same energy in it as Frank. If you keep on working out – eat Primal – and check your calories (which can be a hassle – but gives a pretty good overview and even chance for success) – then you WILL lean out..

      The combination of Leangains and MDA is for me a very effective and smart one. Martin for Leangains seems a little more into being able to eat whatever and staying lean – which is not my game, but still a noble art 🙂 But he knows his stuff and for results it would be hard to find something better IMO. Mark on the other hand is much more “rounded” – he’s a guy that already did all the “I’ll show you stuff” and now is more interested in general health for everyone – and (seems to me) wants people to have a good time WHILE they’re doing what they’re are doing – not after 🙂

      Anyway, I think Leangians and Mark is a very effective combination and to find something better would be hard work..

      And congrats to you Frank, so cool!! Now your physique is impeccable – so now it’s time for the “perfect” mind? 🙂 You could probably reach Rigpa in 10 years with your determination 😉 Anyway glad to hear you’re gonna go for more Play – obsessing about 7/8/9% BF can be fun – but rollerskating maybe even funnier 😉

  118. I’ve lost 60 lbs, but it has taken a while. This inspires me to buckle down–maybe I can lose the remaining 50 in 6 months if I get strict!
    I am going to bookmark this, what great inspiration!

    1. Yes… he looks WOW…. sure wish he were a she…. since I am a woman I can only really relate to weighloss in women. Genetically it is still easier for a man than a woman…

      1. Thanks Viki….I understand what you mean. However, I have alot of female paleo friends that are ripped eating the same way. More ripped then me! I hope to have a few interviews and articles up by them. They agreed to help me out spread the primal word!

    2. Hi Louise. Thanks!
      I was hoping to show people that yes it can be done and quickly if you stick to it. There were days I felt frustrated like my progress was lacking but I just believed in it so much that results eventually came over time. There were days the scale didn’t seem to move and those days were hard. I just tried to keep my eyes on a bigger picture of long-term health and change. I’m glad sharing my story could be an inspiration to you. Good luck!

  119. I can only say “WOW” you so do not look like the same guy….. you are now a real “HOT DUDE”….. 😉

    1. Hey Ben. There are a quite a few of fun mud runs all over the globe. I have been in Warrior Dash and The Mud Run. Others are Tough Mudder and Spartan Race. I highly recommend them, its a fun time espeically if you do it with a group of friends and help and encourage each other. And its a great reason for training, a great goal. Not to mention you get to play in mud!

  120. @Frank : what happened to your previous office lifestyle?
    how did you manage to change that, if you did?

    I am positively impressed by so quick a journey towards that kind of fitness.

    You must feel so proud and happy with the transformation – if you’ve actually realized that 😀

    Congrats and thumbs up are in order. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Furan. Thanks for the kind words. I do feel quite happy. I have been far more impressed with how I now feel. Before I was so tired and lethargic and has so many diseases that it became normal and ok for me to feel that way. I didn’t know any different. But having had such dramatic changes in health, I just regret not trying it sooner.

      As for my lifestyle. I try to chose jobs now that are not as demanding in terms of hours. I also am pretty adamant about taking at least an hour a day to workout and preparing my own meals rather then getting the free overtime pizza or pasta meals that work usually offers. That has been the most challenging part for sure.

      Glad that you liked my story.

  121. @Frank : thanks for the time you’re taking in the aftermath 😀 your article is a total blast – many of us are yet trying to understand. It’s kind of you to reply to everyone 🙂

    Be good!

  122. After a couple of days of thinking about it, here’s what I take from Frank’s inspiring post. The Primal Blueprint and MDA are meant to be effective for the most number of people possible, and they are. EVERYONE who follows the Primal Blueprint will see incredible results whether their goals are weight loss related, strength related or general health related. However, what I like most about your post Frank is that you reevaluated after a few months and decided that you wanted to get into single digit BF% and you started incorporating some of the leangains program. I just see the end result and my impulse it to say. “Whoa man, tell me EXACTLY what you did”, but it’s a very individual journey. Primal is the foundation and the bedrock, and then we go from there. You really are inspiring man. I’ve eaten up these comments and checked out your twitter and facebook page. It’s great to see a bigger guy have such a dramatic change. Reminds me that we’re not at all destined to be overweight all of our lives.

    1. Thanks Carlos and that’s a great summary. I never intended to start my journey to get ripped or enter a bodybuilding comp. I just wanted to get to a “healthy” weight and see if I could just feel better. I’ve always worked out, I just was never able to stick to a “diet” or able to see changes in my body from it. I even spent thousands of dollars on supplements and personal trainers and saw NO RESULTS. After 3 months of changing my diet and exercise, I saw my abs for the first time ever. I re-evaluated as you said and thought how far can I take this. And you see the result of that today. But no matter your goal, being primal is my foundation. Its not a diet, its become my lifestyle which I hope means long term life changing results. And I hope people can see change is possible no matter how many years and failed attempts one makes.

  123. Frank, seriously this is amazing! You literally melted your body fat and reshaped yourself! It is veeery inspiring. I always thought that I’d have to have surgery to get rid of excess body fat or “hanging skin” after the weight loss. But I’m not seeing you state you had any kind of surgery to tighten up. Seriously!?! Primal eating, IFing and weight training made this transformation???!! And in SIX MONTHS? lool… This is frakkin’ inspiring! I’m finishing Mark’s 21-day book and making my own miracle transformation happen! Thank you so much for sharing this with us and letting us know it really can happen as long as you go after in 100%!

  124. Hi Penny. Thanks for your excitement! really appreciate it. Yeah it was just a paleo/primal diet, some hard workouts of strength training and conditioning 6 days a week then tapering down to 4-5 days a week at the end, and IF’ing. I did use some supplements along the way but don’t think those had a major factor in my end result. It wasn’t easy and there were some mistakes I made along the way but have since corrected them. I can lose weight now pretty easily with the way I doing IF’ing and with how I have my diet dialed in. So it can happen and its possible for anyone. After over 30 years of failing and bad habits, I have finally figured it out and so can you. Let me know if you have any questions!

  125. Oh. My. God.
    Clearly the result of a lot of hard work and discipline. I am amazed and inspired by you! Gonna rock out some kettlebell swings now 😛

    I understand your changes in eating habits – IF, Eat Stop Eat, Primal etc but I am sure that it’s not really possible to achieve the results of your magnitude without adding in exercise. Perhaps I missed it in the sea of comments but I would love to know what kind of training you did.

    Congratulations, I hope to one day be as proud of myself as you must be!

  126. Optimus Prime called… he says you are now worthy to receive the Matrix.

  127. Frank,

    Not to objectify you – but I would seriously do you now!! LOL! no, seriously!! You look gorgeous now and the picture of you in the mud run is amazing for all of the joy expressed in your face!! Way happier than the happy guy with the birthday hat on!

    I can’t believe you were worried about any sort of negative feedback to your total transformation!

    I’d love to hear details about how often you were doing the IF and anything else that you might think was extra helpful to you.

    Huge congratulations to you on completely changing your life!!!!!!!!!!

    So impressive and inspirational!!


    1. Hey Pamela, objectify complaints on this end. Yes, that birthday hat photo is just the epitome of how I used to live my life. Glad, I can look back on it now as how I used to be. Thanks for the kind words. I’ve experimented with a bunch of different fasting protocols. I plan to write up a few articles on each with the pros and cons of each. But its not for everyone. I never liked eating breakfast and used to feel bad when I skipped it, but now I have discovered that my body prefers I skip breakfast. Time to listen to my body!

  128. Your story is sooooo inspiring. It’s elevating. On your blog it would be nice if you wrote what you eat everyday. That has been my difficulty in fully transitionning to Primal – getting daily menu ideas. Thanks.

    1. Hi Debra…Thanks for your comments. Yes, I have hundreds of photos of all my meals. Good thing I’m a bit of a photog as I always take pics of all my food! Primal food just looks so good. A 500gram fillet covered in butter, looks so good in a photo! On my blog I’m going to link up my flickr account so that as Im eating a meal, it will instantly be uploaded to my blog site. I’m currently assembling all my hundreds of meal photos and documenting them now…so stay tuned!

  129. Can I ask for some more information on IF? Any books or websites you would recommend?

    And…wow. I am in awe.


    1. Thanks so much!
      Yes, I have quite a few articles, books and sites I can point you to on IF.
      1.LeanGains (website)
      2. ESE or Eat Stop Eat (book)
      3. PSMF or Protein Sparing Modified Fast
      search for Lyle McDonald as he writes about it often

      see how you go with those…I’ve tried them all

  130. The first words out of my mouth were, “Holy Shit!” I’m just freakin’ amazed at this transformation. Wow, just wow!

      1. Hey thanks guys. It’s always good to hear such positive feedback on my transformation. It helps motivate and encourage me to keep it rolling!

  131. Absolutely awesome my man. You are an inspiration! I can relate to your story, as it is not much different than mine. I ballooned to 291 about two years ago. Through primal eating and boot camp style workouts, I am now down to 180 lbs.

    I know you can relate, and attest to how rewarding it is! Seriously, you are amazing bud.

    1. Thanks… It is always good to hear people that can relate. It is shocking how you dont even notice becoming so unhealthy and overweight, but when you do really hits you. I thought I was invincible in my 20’s. But I did mature and figure out I literally could die early if I stayed on the same path. After years of yo-yo dieting, I found the key to unlocking permanent change and it started on this website. I’m just happy to give back and share my experience with it. Congrats on your transformation, I’m sure you feel great. Just keep it going and if you need any help let me know.

  132. Good Lord! What a difference!
    I’ve got to ask: had any plastic surgery? I’ve lost quite a bit of weight myself – thanks, Mark! – but, since I carried most of my weight around the mid-section, I have quite a bit of loose skin. You look as tight as a freakin’ teenager! Surgery or just luck?

    1. Thanks Kathy. I think I was quite lucky that I don’t have loose skin. The first week I lost 12lbs and the first month I had a big loss in weight. But after that it did slow done considerably. Over the 6 month period I think I averaged around 2lbs of fat loss per week which I believe to be safe. I still have some navel fat that I used to think was loose skin. I did measure my waist every week and on average the first 3 months lost about .5 to 1 inch. But the last 3 months the weight and inches came off at a snails pace. But at that point, I was more interested in swapping muscle for fat rather then any extreme weight loss.

  133. Wow! Is this for REALS???? I keep switching from one diet to another, but seeing these pics and hearing how you sustained the primal way of eating is pointing me towards the Blueprint!

    1. Yes for real. Go for the blueprint and let me know if you have any questions along the way. A few good books other then Primal Blueprint and 21 Day Transformation are: Protein Power Lifeplan, The Paleo Solution, and Lights Out.

  134. Great job!
    Like many others, I’m very curious what that pizza recipe is, and waiting for your post… Thanks!

  135. Frank:

    This is the most extraordinary story I’ve seen on Mark’s site. Well done. You look GREAT, and so happy!

    I have 2 questions:

    1) At the outset, before and up to the time you decided to give Primal a try, what were your thoughts on change? Did you believe you could change your behavior, and yourself?

    2) What is it that kept you persevering through the process?

    Thanks, and grok on! (Love the mud photo.) 🙂

    1. Hi Susan. Thanks for such kind words. I appreciate it. Yes, the thing people most comment on is how happy I look in all the after photos. I have had a permanent smile on my face since my transformation.

      1. I hate to say it, but I had failed so many times in the past I really didn’t believe I would be able to change and even after 3 months, I wasn’t sure the changes would stick.

      2. What kept my going was seeing continual gradual change. Most importantly was the change in how I was now feeling. All my diease symptoms has disappeard. I felt so good health wise, I really had no choice but to stick to it. I would also go back and cheat from time to time. Doing this destroyed my health instantly. I felt ill, depressed and lethargic after cheating. So much so, I literally ran back to primal/paleo and quickly recovered. It was amazing to test different foods and see how I reacted. While at the time, it could be viewed as a small failure, the lesson I learned was worth it longterm. You only learn by failing.

      Yes, mud runs are really fun, you should try one! They are very primal and a good time for everyone. And its really cute when a girl isn’t afraid to get a little dirt on them : )

      1. Thanks so much for writing back, Frank. All so interesting.

        My experience with cheating was similar to yours in that I just felt gross afterwards and wanted to get back to Primal as soon as possible to feel better.

        Now I don’t even use the word anymore (“cheating”) because I don’t do it (because I don’t want to).

        I’m pretty metric and organized in my approach, as you seem to be. The only thing I do from time to time is take a break from that and just eat whatever Primal food I want, in whatever quantity. Overeating doesn’t enter into it, and I don’t consider it cheating. It’s just a break from the usual plan. And then I get back to the plan which I like.

        Really great of you to share your story and answer everyone’s questions. You totally grok!


        1. Yes, EXACTLY Susan. You nailed it there. I agree. I don’t call it cheating anymore either or feel as though I slip up. I use it as a way to enjoy life and get a reminder of how much better I feel when NOT eating those foods. I do occasional refeeds to make sure I’m not dieting for too long and I don’t get consumed with a little weight gain during that time. It is about balance and enjoying life. Thanks again for the feedback!

  136. Frank the inspiration you are providing is amazing. Do you think you have to stick to that rigorous schedule always? how did you work past the holidays? Did you not eat when everyone else was? I have so many holiday obligations I hope I can stay true to my commitment. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Happy holidays your results are a great present to all!!!

    1. Thanks Amy. Yes, the holidays can be challenging. What I usually do is tell people I have food allergies and can’t eat certain foods as I will become ill. I always bring food that I can eat and have everyone try it as well. It usually wins everyone over and they ask me how I made it without added sugar or gluten. I just made a pumpkin pie for this past Thanksgiving and everyone raved about it. No sugar, no gluten crust and everyone loved the taste of the grass fed butter in it. I also tried some paleo pumpkin chocolate cookies and they got eaten first!!

      1. Frank!! I make pumpkin chocolate cookies every year and would love to see the paleo recipe and try it out. Where can I find it?

        Also, congrats on your “new” life. I love feeling strong and am looking forward to getting there again soon.

        1. Hi Meesha. Thanks!
          You can find the cookies on Paleo Digest.
          Just search for Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies!! There amazing!!

    1. Thanks Lynn, I’m happy you found it inspiring. We could all do with some motivation around the holidays and going into New Years.

  137. wow, can you say “ripped”? Amazing what eating the way we were intended to eat can do for you.
    I am so happy for you

  138. Great transformation! Pretty incredible. I’m just starting a similar plan and was wondering how you achieved intense leg workouts at home. I’m doing bodyweight exercises and find them challenging for all muscle groups except for my legs. Do you use weighted vests when you squat?…or what? It takes me too long to lift to failure if just doing squats with no weights.

      1. I’ve tried, but I can’t do them very well. I usually end up losing my balance…which probably just means I’m not strong enough to do a bunch of them yet.

    1. At the start I only used my body-weight. But the last 3 months, I used adjustable dumbbells. So I would do squats or lunges with them as heavy as I could stand with strict form. My legs could probably do with heavier weights now, but I was pretty limited with what I could use as I didn’t have full access to a gym at the time.

  139. Would you be willing to share more about your home workout program? It sounds (and looks) like it must be very effective!

    1. Sure…I did the standard P90X route due to the fact I was traveling overseas and needed something easy to follow and portable. I didn’t have access to a gym…so I did it in my hotel/temp living.
      I did first 3months standard and then modified it the last 3 months cutting back on days I trained as I got smarter about my diet and food.

  140. Frank,
    Awesome success story. Thanks so much for sharing! I read all the comments, but do not see an explanation of specifically what your workout routine was to achieve your results. Can you please share specifically what you did exercise wise and when/how often you did it in order to achieve your results? I’m curious.
    Thanks in advance.

  141. wow! i sent the pic to my husband who is at 15 percent body fat and feeling chubby. he has been trying to lose the paunch and refuses to dive right in and go primal with me. he also loves to run everyday like a little hamster poor man.

    he has finally started weight lifting but i like to do tabata style stuff and body weight and he is reluctant to try my routines. even though i have gone from 26 percent to 20 percent bodyfat in 2.5 months, he is still reluctant and skeptical. do you know what he said about your picture? Is that even the same person?! ridiculous. i hope it sinks in, if not at least I’ll be healthy.

    1. Thanks for the kind words…I can relate to your story. I didn’t plan on switching to a primal life…I just did over time as I felt better and better as I removed things like bread, then dairy, then gluten till I went 100%. I still go back to SAD foods as a cheat, but mainly to remind myself of how ill I feel when I eat them. I instantly run back to a primal/paleo diet and recover pretty quickly from my cheat. I hope he gets the chance to try it. Let me know if you need anymore help convincing him.

  142. OMG!!! Are you single??? LOL

    Well done mate, so encouraging and so proud of people like you!

      1. Well, not for long 😉 one more time, well done! Incredible results.

  143. Nice articles there Primal guy!
    Question: I’m almost 80 years old and have done weight training (off and on) for more than 1/2 my life. I did Atkins so it wasn’t too hard picking up the Primal way of eating. I’ve gone from 242 to 212 in about 8 months, mostly from trashing the carbs and sugar. Biggest problem is doing the movement and exercise stuff. But, like a lot of seniors, everything goes to gut and butt.
    Ok, OK, do you have any testimony from run of the mill ol’ farts like me? Not the 1 in 100,000 that runs the 100 yard dash in 10 flat. That’s not an example, it’s an anomaly.

  144. Wow! I see my New Year’s Resolution staring me in the face! Congrats, man. Incredible!

  145. Love it!!!! I know all of the comments above have said this already but what an AMAZING story! So awesome. Congratulations and thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

    1. Yeah right who knew. I should have done this YEARS AGO!! I didn’t know what was buried under all that flab and goo.

  146. Holy shit, man! That’s amazing. I had to hold my hair down so you didn’t blow it back with that awesomeness!

    Congratulations, sir!

  147. Wow, is that head superimposed on that body? Lol just joking. Amazing work, you look incredible!

    1. Hehe thanks! I guess I do look a little different. I wish it was as easy as that!
      @ Kane…hold that hair!

  148. Wow. Can’t not comment. Obviously you are an amazing inspiration. I want you to know, too, that in your “before” picture with a birthday hat, you are cute as a button, fat and all. And now you are a hot motivator. Thank you for sticking to it and holding the space for all of us. I’m assuming that you, unlike me, are not as addicted to nuts. 😉 How different do you feel inside now that your outsides are so changed? Amazing story.

    1. Hi Daryl. Thanks! Well my mom still loved me and thought I was a cute even as a overweight cake eating son. So I appreciate that. And YES, I have developed quite an addiction to macadamia nuts thanks to Mark Sisson’s many articles how they are the best nuts for maintaining a healthy Omega 3:6 ratio. Most of the times I have them in moderation like a handful a day. All the pies I make are with nuts as the crust, but thats only around the holidays. But yes NUTS are quite easy to overeat. Thanks again for your kind remarks.

  149. uh, not be the only Debbie Downer here as I congratulate you on your success but amino acids and stuff? doesn’t sound too “primal” to me.

  150. I have a hard time that this was all done in 6 months! WOW! I’ve been eating Primal and doing Cross Fit 3 times a week and walking almost daily for 5 months and no where near that!!! I’ve gone from a size 14 to a size 6 but only 17 pounds lost and I still need to lose more to get the belly gone. I’m starting to see some muscles in the arms but not even close to what you experienced. Even the guys that started with me and are eating primal and doing CF five times a week plus extra weights are not that cut.

    1. Hi there. Thanks for the kind words. I know alot of CrossFitters and some of the mistakes I see them make is that they love it so much, they sometimes overtrain. For instance, a few will do a WOD per day ontop of other training and will eat less calories then me. And some eat primal 5 days a week then go crazy on the weekends. I think if your careful about your training and are strict primal eater and make sure you not running too much of a deficit, you can see results….especially with Crossfit. Most of the crosffiters I know are far strong and more ripped then me.

  151. Brilliant Frank!
    I’m 243lbs and 35%BF. I look very similar to your opening photos and I’m in my very first week of going Primal (i haven’t even got the book yet – should be here tomorrow. Your story is another massive inspiration one for me to really give this a go. If I can get within 10% of your final body fat score I’ll be a happy man.
    Well done

    1. Thanks Mick. Glad you can relate, It always makes attaining a goal more believable when you can find someone similar to you who has done it. If your smart and disciplined I’m sure you can achieve similar if not better results then me. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions.

  152. ok…thats your twin cause the after shot guy is like 20 years younger and 20 years hotter!!! i wish ihad someone to do primal with seeing my husband thinks he knows it all and hes 40 and looks 50..uuurrggg..congs though

  153. Hey Frank, I echo everyone’s sentiments. Your transformation is really impressive/awesome/inspiring/unbelievable. It seems like you’ve kept very good records. Did you find at times that your weight went up and down? Were you able to pinpoint any reasons why that was so? How often do you weigh in?

    1. Hi Solie. Thanks and yes I kept extremely detailed records of everything I ate, supplemented with and how many calories I would burn each workout. I basically wrote an email blog every week stating what I did and what affect it had. Lets say I would experiment with calories one week or the amount of carbs. I have detailed logs of everything. I plan to get them up on my site as soon as I can for people to read if they like. It’s probably a good way for people to see what worked and what didn’t. I weighed myself once a week and measured my waist at navel when I weighed to measure fat loss progress. The biggest factor I found was not going too far into a caloric deficit. If I kept a modest 500-800 per day deficit, the fat came off easy. If I went too low for too long then my fat loss would plateau.

  154. Hi Frank… when you have a second… good work, first of all!! I’ve been primal for six months and gained almost 25 pounds and lost body fat… so pretty happy… am interested in the two meal a day. Do you eat any snacks at all inbetween? What do you do for any fruits – eat them with the meal? Almond butter with the meal? I’d still like to gain weight, but not fat, and am feeling too full all the time!! Thanks so much… very inspiring!

    1. Hi David. Thanks! Way to go on the primal life. Are you feeling better too?
      As for my two meals a day…I had such a compacted eating schedule that I was never really hungry for snacks, but if I was they were mainly things like roasted peppers, handful of nuts, celery with almond butter, Portuguese salad, or berries in yoghurt, or protein fluff. As for fruits, I restricted them to mainly berries and had them at the end of my meals. So that would be after protein and sweet potato carbs.

      1. Hey Frank – thanks for answering… I’m feeling much much stronger (I am stronger!) and my workouts are better… I don’t get nauseous anymore from them… although I have IBS and can’t seem to get a handle on it no matter what I do… but don’t eat much fruit, no dairy, processed foods, of course. I’ve started now, trying to just eat breakfast at about 10:00 a.m. and dinner around 9:00 p.m. Still don’t know what is bloating me though!

        1. Hey david, no worries. Have you heard of nightshades? I know sometimes when I have too many of them I get stomach discomfort and bloating. Same thing happens if I overeat broccoli. You might need to log what your eating for a week, then remove something and see how you feel. Like an elimination diet. I usually do that every couple weeks. I take a food out or introduce a new one and see how I do with it.

  155. WOW!!! Frank – you are the man!!! That is amazing. You are a true inspiration. Frank, to summarise, your diet is Primal/Paleo, you use IF, and you mentioned P90X and 3 times a week bodyweight training with the later addition of weights, and walks for cardio (which you now reduced, yep I read all comments:). To complete my puzzle, could you please advise on the specifics of your training now, i.e., the full weight training (sets,reps, etc.)?

    1. HI Dave. Wow, thanks for pouring over my many comments on here. I documented all my food, supplements and workouts in a email/blog to myself. I hope to load it online for people to read on my site soon. But the basics of it were….FIrst 3 months were standard P90X routine with only using a resistance band. This was mainly due to traveling. Second 3 months I did kind of a hybrid program focusing on strength and reducing the cardio. I was trying to swap muscle for fat rather then just get cut. In the beginning since I only had that resistance band my reps were 12-16. But last 3 months when I introduced the adjustable dumbbells I was doing more like 8-12 reps.

      1. Oh yeah one last thing is that I do walk about an hour a day. I have a dog, so walking him gave me a small bit of extra cardio : )

      2. Thanks for sharing everything Frank. And sorry but I have to say it just one more time, WOW!

  156. Wow Frank, that is quite the transformation.


    Is there any chance you could share your fat, protein and carb #’s after your workouts and for your evening meals?

    1. Sure. I have started uploading photos of all my meals on my facebook TheArtofFIt site. But here is one day as an example. This is a strength training day.
      3000 calories
      350 grams of protein ( 50% )
      210 grams of carbs ( 30% )
      75 grams of fat ( 20 % )

      After workout was buffalo roast beef, big sweet potato, blueberries in natural youghurt

      Dinner was a huge piece of filet mignon, broccoli and a tablespoon of fish oil followed by dessert of protein fluff.

  157. This got me so psyched to get at it in 2012. I just got the P90X2 workout DVD set this week. Thanks for the motivation.

    1. Hey man no worries. Let me know if you need any help with P90X2. Ill be starting off the new year using that to train me for a Tough Mudder mud race in march and to get me in shape for the Anrold Classic!

  158. Congratulations on your success!! If you still need to sit a lot at work, try sitting on a yoga ball. Makes a huge difference to be able to roll around on it while you work, helps eliminate fatigue.

    1. I used to have a Yoga Ball rolling chair and that worked great but since switching companies, I lost it. I need to get a yoga ball…good idea! Thanks!!

    1. Thanks and for the first time in forever, I’m not afraid to take my shirt off at the beach!

  159. Frank
    I loveall this and have become quite a star
    I am curiuos about your ratios and how you developed them
    350 grams of protien?
    200 grams of carbs on strength days
    This is quite adeparture from what Mark recommended in the daily apple?

    Thanks your fan Mike W

    1. Hey Mike! Thanks for being a fan, I appreciate it tremendously. To answer your great question, my ratios and calories were developed over time by self experimentation. By no means are they FINAL numbers I always live by, but they are the numbers I used for my transformation in the article. Im constantly trying new things and tinkering with my diet. I just completed a cycle where I ate a more traditional primal diet of hi fat and moderate protein and super low carb with regular carb refeeds. I hope to write up an article soon about my experience with that. I am a huge believe that Mark’s articles and recommendations are proven to work for everyone coming from a SAD (Standard American Diet) to reprogramming there genes for optimal health. HIs process for this is an extremely easy one anyone can do. It requires no weighing or measuring food, no scales and no obsessing over calories or macros. This will provide everyone with great health and stable bodyweight. I am merely presenting a different alternative for those looking to achieve a sub 10% bodyfat goal. What I wanted to do is figure out how I could get there as easily and quickly as possible so that I could help others achieve that. I took it upon myself to weigh, measure, and experiment sometimes failing so that others could see that it is possible and that they could achieve the same if not better results. Its not for everyone, but it is possible and it is PRIMAL : )

  160. Hi Frank,first of all thats an awesome transformation,you ‘ve been a real inspiration for us.
    Thanks to you i startet finally taking the right direction towards beeing lean and already lost 1 kg in 1 week.
    Could you share with us a bit your weight lifting regime nowadays?

    1. Hey Basti. Thanks man. Appreciate it. Good to hear your on your way. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
      My lifting around this time of year is a bit scattered due to some fitness comps I entered myself in. I did a Mud Run few weeks back. So I had to tailor my programming around that. So it was 5k run with a break at every 1k doing some body movement exercises. I just finished that, but then had a all day fitness competition which was bodyweight stuff, cardio like running with a sandbag, and some weight lifting. I have been experimenting with some more fun stuff too like swimming and boxing! Stay in touch or connected to see what Ill be upto. Ill post blogs about all my training and what I liked or didnt like about each. Thanks for following : )

      1. Frank,

        What’s your blog’s address? Do you post your updates anywhere else?

    2. Hey Basti! How are things going for you in the New Year. Any updates on progress?
      How is Grok treating you in 2012?

  161. That is one amazing transformation,respect.
    Would you be kind enough to answer me with which weight and bodyfat you startet your recomp 3 month ago and what was your macros/calories back then?
    Since you include Protein Fluff,do you consume dairy on a daily basis?
    Thx in advance for answering

    1. Thanks Tom!
      My weight at the start was 215lbs and around 30% bodyfat. My calories macros back then were 2400 calories at start down to 1900 calories at the end. My macros were 50% protein and 25% fat and 25% carbs. The fat/carbs ratios bounced around but protein was always at 50%. I am constantly modifying my calories and macros since, but those are the numbers that worked for me in the first 3 months. I consume some dairy on daily basis. I have issues with Lactose but not with full fat dairy or casein. So I do have butter, cottage cheese, and natural yoghurt with no sugar. I seem to be OK with that kind of dairy but get sick from milk sugar/lactose. I have protein fluff 3x a week.

      1. Thank you so much for your answer.Lately your story have been a great inspiration for me.
        So when you startet the 3 month ago you startet with 2400 on Rest Days and 2800 of Weight Lifting days?Then you went down to 1900 on Rest Days?

        About dairy,same goes for me.Low Fat Dairy makes me feel bad for ours so lately i switched to full fat dairy.

        1. Yeah the full fat dairy has less of the sugar that disagrees with me. No problems there so far.

          Well no, the first 3 months I ate 2400 calories everyday, then tapered that down by 200 calories every couple weeks till I ended up at 1900. After those 3 months I switched to where I ate more calories on lifting days like 2800 then lower on off days like 2000 calories. I used to eat MORE on my rest days the first 3 months. But I learned from my mistakes and adjusted the last 3 months.

        2. Thx for answering so kindly all the questions of ours.
          Will follow your progress on Facebook and your site and hope i can achieve in the next 3 month simmiliar results after struggeling for few years now.

  162. How much fat in terms of grams would you eat after the fasted training in your epic post workout meal while staying primal?

    and I know Mark says that 50 % or more of calories should come from fat which is what I’m doing now which for me is anywhere from 150-180 grams of fat a day but it looks like on “IF” you lower the fat grams to around 100 grams a day, is that correct frank ?

    1. Yes, on fasted strength training days I lower the fat and up the carbs to refill glycogen to facilitate recovery post workout. On strength training days, I have very little fat immediately post workout in that epic meal. Just trace amounts from whatever meat I am eating. I don’t add fat until dinner that evening. At dinner, I usually have meat, veggies and fat and that meal is low carb. I eat higher fat ratios on off days or non strength training days. That make sense?

  163. yes it does thanks. I also want to know how many fat grams per day you did with leangains with strength and rest days to get an idea.

    1. Sure no problem. On a 2800 calorie day for strength training…looking at my food logs, its around 75-100 grams of fat or about 25% ish of calories for that day.

  164. frank would you say besides eating primal and the exercising that leangains with the calorie cycling was the thing that got you that lean/ripped in the final 3 months?

    1. Just being consistent and not freaking out about slow progress. Not trying to change things like diet or exercise to much. Not over training. Not cutting calories too low. Just that urge to make things go faster and force results. If your consistant, and faithful you have to trust that the results will come.

  165. would you mind telling the calories you used to cycle through the 3 training days and 3-4 rest days through this transformation when you did martins LG ?

    1. Well its always evolving. What worked for me might not work for everyone. I took my bodyfat, height, weight and age into account when figuring out my calorie goals and would modify them every 2 weeks based how I was looking, feeling and performing. I would eat higher calories on 3 training days and lower on rest days. I let my workload dictate the amount of calories especially carbs I would eat.

  166. If I do a 7 am training wouldn’t it be more beneficial to follow up with eating a lot of good carbs to resupply energy levels rather than wait until noon? It seems to me that you are waiting too long to resupply with carbs if this is done hours later. What’s your opinion on this Frank?

    1. Good question and not one I have experimented with too much. I have done early training on Saturdays like at 8 or 9am and have only had BCAA’s until the end of my normal 14-16 hour fast and suffered no ill affects from it. I guess it would depend on your goal. If its to lose bodyfat as long as your getting those bcaa’s I would say you should be fine. But if your goal is something else, a immediate supply of protein and carbs might be the way to go. Then having your bigger post workout meal later. Depends on how your feeling and performing.

  167. Just wanted to thank everyone again for such kind comments about my transformation. To celebrate and give back, I am going to give away a free copy of Mark Sisson’s new book 21 Day Total Transformation autographed by Mark himself! Just signup on my website and you could be the lucky Grok to win it. Free to enter. Thanks again!

  168. Wow, you are bloody hot! (Especially when covered in mud hahaha 🙂

    1. Hey thanks Courtney! I hate running but I do love the mud. Its a love/hate relationship but keeps me feeling Grok like!

  169. It’s great to see more P90x excellent results. I like your blog. It all comes down to diet but to get the great results you have there had to be something else and there was p90x. My question is how does Shakeology and the recovery drink fit in to PB? I am a big P90x fan but now doing PB also and wanted more info on using the two above products with PB. Great job!

    1. I don’t think any recovery drink necessarily does. My advise is food first. However, as I have done IF and LeanGains…that post workout window of overeating is pretty important. So depending on how busy you are and what food you have prepared. If you need something to get into you quickly, then it will do the job. I believe it is gluten free though, so thats a plus : )

  170. Hey Frank,

    Tried LG and IF with changing the amount of fat and carbs eaten on a workout day and a non workout day to lose last of stubborn BF in the belly and handles areas. No change whatsoever. Rats, wonder what I need to do to have the fat reduced?! Any ideas? I’ve mentioned before that I eat Paleo and use crossfit 4x a week.

    1. Would need too look at your workout and calories and need information about you to sort it out. There is no formula for everyone that works. I have been tweaking it per person so far. For instance, I am 6 feet tall weigh 183 lbs and work out 6x a week. Someone emailed me saying they tried my number for them and it wasn’t working but they were 5’5 and weighed 150lbs! You can try to send me your info and I can take a look if you want.

      1. I am 6′, 174lbs. Crossfit 3-4x a week plus do one or two Olympic weight lifting sessions.
        I am eating anywhere from 1600 to 2400 cals a day.

        I am following your eating plan for workout and non workout days. Eating Paleo. Increase carbs with a sweet potato on workout day. Do eat the sweet potato in the evening about 1.5 hours after workout. Have been IF 14 to 17 hours. Eat 500 to 600 cals at noon. Eat a large meal at night. I do gain weight if I exceed 2100 cals. If I am down to 1600 cals on a workout day, the weight decreases. My BF stays the same whether I eat straight protein (which I did for a month), or get most cals from fat followed by protein and 35 to 70 carbs a day routine.

        1. Diet sounds inline. My guess is that your eating is spot on except I wouldn’t wait to eat the large meal at nite if you have already broken the fast. I would have the sweet potato or any carbs immediately post workout and then last meal before fast is protein/fat only. So post workout is carbs/protein only. Days off is protein/fat only. Your calories sound correct but I have tested this with Crossfit and while its a great workout…they usually are too brief to get up the calorie burn necessary. To compare…when I do a Crossfit workout I only burn on average between 400-600 calories for the hour. When I did a p90X workout I would burn almost double that because its moderate to high intensity for 60 mins compared to a 10-20 min Crossfit WOD. Im just talking in terms of total calories burned, Im not trying to compare Crossfit vrs P90x. So….If that is the case for you…You might want to add 2 cardio sessions a week that burn more calories…or do what I do and take a day off and mix in ESE ( Eat Stop Eat ) fasting where I skip two meals and do a 24hr fast and then eat a big meal of around 1,000-1,200 calories to break the fast. So dinner one nite..then fast till next nite and eat dinner again. This way instead of eating 1600 calories and working out…I spend all day getting chores done…don’t eat till dinner and have the same NET calories. Make sense??

        2. Btw…to add to this. Do you wear a HR monitor. Only reason I ask is that its easier to dial in your correct deficit. Its hard to know how hard someone is going in workouts. I tracked mine for 6 months, so I can predict my effort now. If I do pure strength training…I know ill burn 500 calories…If I do a crossfit wod, I know its 400-600. If I do p90x strength with abs its 1000-1200. Also, don’t go more then 1,000 calorie deficit a day, otherwise you will plateau. So don’t go crazy low on calories. You hit your limit when you plateau in the gym calorie wise. You should NEVER get worse or weaker in Wods…if so your going too low on calories. 4 days of low calorie eating…3 days of high…the 3 high days are on the days your lifting the heaviest and most intense. Other days should be light to moderate lifting and or cardio or rest days.

  171. Thanks Frank (Superman!LOL.), I’ll give your suggestions a try.

    I am satisfied with my weight. Just want to rid of the jelly belly BF.

  172. Yeah man thats the LAST to go. It’s weird for sure. I have pics where my legs, arms and shoulders are ripped and veins are snapping out…then I have a pudgy belly around navel. It’s easy for me to get a 4 pack but that 6 pack take some work. So depends on your priorities. Make sure your rest, sleep and stress are under control or consider taking some anti cortisol supps.

  173. Now is it P90X or the diet??

    Your website says it s p90x. Here you say it is the diet!!

    1. It’s a combination of both. You will see the greatest results from mixing a primal diet along with exercise. Whether it be sprinting, yoga, basketball, crossfit, or p90x, finding the right balance of diet and exercise is what will get you results.

  174. You look great congrats. You say you did a 13 week in home fitness program. Sounds a lot like P90x. How much of great results do you credit to P90x versus doing Primal Blueprint. I have been doing PB and am dropping pounds but wondering if I want to see your type of results do I need to do P90x? I know P90x is 6 days a week and I am sure I would see big results if I was working out that much. Thanks and congrats again

    1. Hi there thanks. Yes, I did P90x during my transformation. There is no way I can quantify which had a greater impact on my results. To get quicker results you need a combination of both diet and exercise, which is what I did. Even in the Primal BP you will find some type of daily exercise. Because I was traveling so much for work and didn’t always have access to a gym, I chose P90x for portability. Im sure in whichever route you go, as long as you eat a primal diet and reduce calories with some sort of daily exercise you can achieve similar if not better results.

  175. Jon, I would agree the big results came from P90x. If you are willing to workout 6 days a week for about 70 mins each time good things are bound to happen. Everybody I know who has done P90x has seen big results when they put in any type of diet they see huge results.
    If you have the time one or two rounds of P90x or any of the Beachbody product will get you looking better. Good luck to you.

  176. What a good time I have found it. I’m speechless. I am similar to you – 6 feet, 230, training (kettlebells and bodyweight – I am much stronger now) and trying lose weight. After a few days of browsing decided to do LG, and your case made it 100% right decision. I’m already Paleo, tried IF in the past ( was working, but quit ). Never tried carb cycling and BCAA. Any advices for a beginner would be appreciate.

    1. Hi Mike and congrats on the start of your own transformation. As for advise for IF or LG, I always ask that people first dial in there diet and get a handle on there health before they go the route of any kind of fasting. I also mainly recommend it for lean individuals trying to get leaner or tying to put on muscle without gaining fat. I don’t recommend it for anyone who is very overweight. I didn’t start LG until I was around 10-12% bodfat. I used it to slowly add muscle while slowly losing bodyfat. I did NO fasting when I lost the most amount of weight. But what fasting can teach you is that you do not need to eat every few hrs in order to see results. If you skip a meal here or there thats fine, it won’t hurt you. This has been the greatest benefit to me. To be able to make my eating fit my schedule rather then the other way around.

      1. Thank Frank. I was reading today more about LG, and indeed I will wait with it. Anyway forgot to mention I started my journey 2 years ago from 290 lbs. I will carry on with Paleo, I eat lunch and dinner only, so it’s like Fast-5. Sometimes even skip dinner – when not hungry. I suppose it’s mainly thanks to coconut oil I eat.

        Thanks again for clarifying things.

        1. No worries, glad I could help. LG definitely is a great tool but to be used wisely and when necessary. Once you get yourself lean and mean and want to take that extra step, I would definitely suggest giving LG a try. Its been great at teaching me the freedom of eating on my own schedule. Good luck and let me know if there is any way I can help you out!

  177. ABsoloutely Amazing…Love the first couple of pics were yoiur trying to suck you belly in…Reminded me of me on every picture i had taken..Love to get a stomach like yours..

    Again i`ll say stunning transformation,
    well done

    1. Haha thanks! Yeah I was so huge and embarrassed that I really tried my best not to look my worst. I had all the tricks of trying to not look bad for sure. Glad someone could relate to that. It feels so strange to look back that it was actually me in those pics. I hope you all the success on your way to not sucking it in anymore as well!

  178. When I want to convince people why this diet and lifestyle is a good idea, I just show them this picture.

  179. Unbelievable! I am truly re-inspired each time I read your story and see the photos. I am on my own journey and integrating paleo along with crossfit workouts. The weight is falling off like I can’t believe, someday I hope to have as an inspiring story as yours.

    This may be too personal, but I can not resist asking anymore. What is the secret to keeping the skin tight while and after loosing weight so quickly? I am afraid that mine will not stay tight as I loose more weight even after gaining lots of muscle. Any tips would be tremendously helpful!

  180. You look incredible! Congratulations on taking that first step and many positive ones afterward. Cheers!

  181. hey Frank,

    Question, what is your opinion on a whey protein shake with milk right after the workout on days that you are busy and don’t have time for a proper meal till later?


  182. 43 pounds of fat in 13 weeks? If that’s not enough convincing for me to start this I don’t know what is!

  183. All I can say is wow. My friend sent me this and at first I was dismissing this whole primal diet as crazy status, but the pictures and the testimony speak for itself. I think I am going to try and slowly make a change in how I eat. I know it won’t be easy, but the first step is trying.

  184. Hey Frank, if you’re the guy I’m thinking of, we used to work for the same company back in Wellington a few years ago. Congratulations on your transformation. I’m only about 5 days into the Paleo lifestyle but thanks to reading your story here I have high hopes.
    Cheers, Brett.

  185. I had to read this a few times to believe it.

    Your before pic looks like me know and this is the best motivation ever.

    One question – what happens to all that excess skin? Seriously does it elasticate back or do you need some help with it.

    Totally awesome and thanks for sharing.


  186. Revisiting this post after 22 months, just surfing around on some success stories.

    These results are absolutely amazing, huge congratulations to Frank.

    I think it’s important to note, however, these results were garnered with much more than what Mark advocates in The Primal Blueprint and MDA.

    Frank’s incredible results were well earned from his dedication to careful diet experimenting and tracking, differing ratios of protein/fats/carbs than Mark advocates, and sticking with P90X, which is an hour or more of very intense exercise, 6 days a week.

    The dietary planning Frank so generously explained had more protein and carbs than Mark suggests, and less fat. P90X, meanwhile, is a far cry from ‘moving frequently at a slow pace’ with some brief weightlifting 2 or 3 times a week and a sprint every 7 to 10 days. P90X is TOUGH, very intense, and requires some real dedication…and yes, the results can be amazing.

    Using Mark’s principles can have fantastic results for most people in terms of health improvements, fat loss, and overall better health. But results from a ‘before/after’ perspective such as Frank’s…are essentially impossible to achieve using the Primal Blueprint approach only. Frank certainly used many of the principles of Primal Blueprint, especially in terms of removing processed foods and grains from his diet…but his carb count was much higher, it seems, than what Mark suggests for fat loss, but need to be higher to support the level of daily physical activity Frank was experiencing with P90X.

    To be clear, this is not intended to be a criticism of Frank’s success, not in the least…his results and transformation is nothing short of AMAZING, and VERY inspirational. I spent an hour reading it again today, and his generous, detailed answers to questions on how he did it, and am awed and humbled. But it’s important for people just discovering Primal/Paleo, particularly those who are not in the best shape to start out, to understand that cutting out carbs, increasing fats, and moving frequently at a slow pace with some resistance training and a weekly spring…will yield results, but not likely results like Frank’s.

    Frank’s results require absolute commitment to what are considered grueling 60 minutes workouts, six days a week, in conjunction with specific nutritional planning and experimentation, as well as the lean gains approach. Which…if you want results like this and think you can commit to the effort…would be well worth it!