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March 07 2018

Midweek Quick Cooking: Chipotle Lime Avocado Bacon Dip

By Guest

inline_Bacon-Blog-001_1000xLooking for some inspiration to eat more vegetables? Or maybe you just need a healthy, filling go-to snack or lunch side? This dip is it. With the kick of Primal Kitchen® Chipotle Lime Mayo, crudite never had it this good. Add in avocado and antioxidant-rich cilantro, and you soon have a quick and easy dish you won’t be able to live without. Filled with healthy fats, vitamins, and savory flavor, this dip is without question taking your standard guacamole to a new level.



Halve each avocado, remove the pit, and slice the flesh into thin strips.

Place the avocado pieces in a mixing bowl, and use a fork to gently mash them.

Add in a cup of Chipotle Lime Mayo, and mix or mash the mayo into the avocado until you’ve achieved a uniform dip with guacamole-like texture.

Dice the cilantro.

Chop the bacon strips into bite-sized.

Place the bacon dip into a serving bowl, and top with bacon and cilantro pieces.

Serve with crisp veggies or other Primal snack. Enjoy!

Recipe From The Primal Kitchen® Blog

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7 thoughts on “Midweek Quick Cooking: Chipotle Lime Avocado Bacon Dip”

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  1. This is pretty much all of my favorite flavors rolled into one. Definitely trying this, I just cut it down in size a bit. Thanks for the inspo!

  2. My favorite mayo! Sounds like an awesome dip, looking forward to trying it.

  3. I not a snacker, but this would be good alongside some grilled chicken or a scoop plopped on top of a nice steak as part of a main course.

    Tip: guacamole-type preparations are usually better if the avocados aren’t mashed into a smooth paste. It’s not as oily in taste, texture or appearance if you leave it a little on the chunky side. My own preference would be for less mayo since the flavor of avocado is mild and easily overpowered.

  4. I like the regular Primal mayo. The chipotle lime, not so much. I would probably use the regular and spice it up myself.

  5. Neat! Clearly need to get some more Chipotle Mayo to try this out. I have been snacking on high fat greek yogurt based tzatziki as a dip for a while and this shall be a welcome change. And like some, these are a combo of many favs for me. Two thumbs up Mark!