Move Over, McGriddle

By Mark Sisson

For once, I’m speechless.

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20 thoughts on “Move Over, McGriddle”

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  1. Chicken Girl, thanks for that laugh 🙂

    Tat, I think we’ve unfortunately jumped the shark 🙁

  2. ;-(

    I grew up in Europe and I can tell you my nephews that live there think the food here is horrible.
    I think I might send them a box, see if I can change their minds 😉

  3. Wow. Are you joking?

    I wouldn’t eat that. Same thing with the blue ketchup… or green…ew, dude. Ew.

  4. nutrition aspects aside, whate really makes me gag is the chocolate and sausage combo, those things just dont go together.

  5. My MIL had these for the kids to eat!!!! *My* children did not eat them, they instead chose the slightly less bad for you Lucky Charms. My nieces and nephew however downed the pigs in a blanket on a stick (with the requisite syrup) in no time. Thank goodness we are back home and free of a sugar laden breakfast. Unless you count the fresh fruit. ;o)

  6. I… Wow.

    It’s bad enough on it’s own, but putting it on a stick just takes it to a whole new level of crazy.

  7. Does it have syrup, ice cream and/or whipped cream dip, as well?

    I can see the Jimmy Dean Meeting room now…

    “All that we have is sausage. What else can we do? Oh, I know we can get pancakes and not just any pancakes, but chocolate chip pancakes. And put it on a stick, yeah, a stick.”

    Today the Pancake, tomorrow the Tortilla!

  8. Think the product box alone is horrible? Wait’ll you read the arm-long unpronouncible list of ingredients. On another website, this product was described as the grocery store item furthest away from the definition of food.

  9. Oxy, your a genius! Tortilla on a stick sounds even better, I could go with a stick taquito right now. A stick taquito pancake!