Mark’s Daily Apple Readers “Go Primal”

Who’s ready for a little Monday morning motivation? Mark’s Daily Apple readers are putting the principles of The Primal Blueprint to work and turning their lives around as a result. If the Grok tattoo doesn’t leave you speechless there may be no hope for you, but I for one was at a loss for words after reading some of these amazing tales of personal triumph.

What will your story be 6 months, a year, 5 years from now? One of gaining weight, injury and illness?, or one of optimum health and wellness? You have incredible power over how these things play out. Read these stories for inspiration and then pen your own starting today. Grok on!



I’ve been meaning to write you a thank you note with a little bit about my story. Throughout my teenage years, all the way through college, I have always been involved in sports and considered myself to be in pretty good shape.

The problem was, I was never happy with how I looked. It actually held me back from things I enjoyed like going to the beach/pool with friends. Some people would probably think I was crazy b/c I was by no means fat. I had about 195-200lbs on a 6′ frame at the end of college.

Then came active duty Air Force. I always performed well on the PT test. I could max the 1.5 mile run, pushups and situps, but my waist measurement always handicapped my score. I was a person who thought that I was ‘big boned’ and could never drop down to a 32.5″ waist (I was always between 34.5″ and 35.5″).

Over the last couple of years, I had stumbled upon some of your articles from time to time, but was always too stuck in CW to listen.

Last summer, I made a goal for myself to get in as good of shape as possible for my March 2010 trip to Barbados. I started eating smarter (but not really primally), and lost maybe 10lbs. When I went home for Christmas, I was down to 185lbs and was about 60% primal. I was feeling great.

Back to Germany I went, 2 months left to go; it was crunch time. With the exception of a meal with a side of fried potatoes, I was as primal as I thought I could get. It worked wonders. I lost another 10lbs and was down to 175. I could see definition in my upper abs, and I had reached a new level of vascularity.

I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge with all of us Groks. I now have no problem being shirtless, I catch myself staring at this new, toned, weightlifting machine in the gym…and best of all, when I take my PT test this month, I will max the waist measurement with a half inch to spare.

While some of my reasons were for vanity, I can say my energy level is better, along with my digestion and sleep habits. My next goal is getting my Dad to stick with the diet.

Thanks again, and I know you’re busy, so I understand if you don’t respond. Good luck with expanding your business and I hope to see you at the next PrimalCon.



Dear Mark,

Last August I weighed 325 lbs. I’m an entertainer and my bandmates fired me because of the impact I had on their image. I don’t blame them. I was only 27 years old but my lipids were in the red zone, my liver enzymes were scary because of substance abuse, and my doctor told me to get into treatment and make a change or else I wouldn’t make it to 40. After leaving treatment, I ditched the grains (a big catalyst for ALL of my obsessive consumption), got a much needed shoulder repair surgery, and most importantly I began reading your blog.

I have tried to get my obesity under control my entire life. Like many chronically obese, I was an “expert” on nutrition, but because of the pitfalls of conventional wisdom, I couldn’t stick with it. It didn’t take me long to adopt the philosophy of the Primal Blueprint – I’m big on common sense and it resonated with me. The main reason, however, was because of the results that I was seeing. It was almost instant – my mood and energy levels improved, I wanted to go outside and play, and the weight came off effortlessly. I got back in the studio and started writing and recording music again. The reason why I am writing you now is because as of today, I have lost 80 lbs!!! I saw my doctor last month and he said “Your lipids came back better than mine, and I eat nothing but f*****g grass all day.” He was absolutely astonished. Thank you so much for bringing this community of people together. Thank you so much for being so bold to get this information out there. It’s given me the tools I need to have a new lease on life.

Now, I have a new band – more energetic and already much more successful than the one I left in August. I have a new audience (the college girls are loving the new me :)). I also have a new goal – I want to do everything I can to get this philosophy out to anyone who needs to hear it. I still have a long way to go, but I know that with this momentum and this knowledge, all it’s going to take is a little more time – and a little more bacon :P.

Thanks again for everything. You and the community helped me get from Rockstar to Grokstar. You can’t know how grateful I truly am.





My doctors was so stunned at my blood test results that she asked (half jokingly) if I had really given my own blood.

November 2008 blood work results
Cholesterol: 277 (H)
Triglycerides: 424 (H) (yes, 424 – too high to to be calculated by the lab)
HDL Cholesterol: 34.0 (L)
Uric Acid: 8.0 (H) (I’ve had several Gout attack since 2005)
GFR: 62
TSH: 1.68

My wife and I went primal 3 months ago. We immediately noticed an increase in energy and started working out. She’s lost 25 lbs while I’ve lost 35 lbs (I have more I need to lose).

March 2010 blood work results
Cholesterol: 224 (H)
Triglycerides: 85 (yes, 85 – my doctor did a double take when she saw this)
HDL Cholesterol: 52.7
Uric Acid: no test, but no attacks since going primal
GFR: 76
TSH: 2.48

My weight loss and energy levels have made me a believer in going primal, but these blood work results have simply AWED me.

I was really curious to see if my cholesterol would improve while on a high fat, high protein diet and after 3 months, I couldn’t be happier.

I haven’t been taking high cholesterol meds (tried them briefly, didn’t like them) and the only change I’ve made in the last 17 months was to go primal.

This may be an anecdotal results, but I hope that it spurs others to give going primal at least 3 months.

November 2008
Glucose: 98

March 2010: 66

BMI is down from 45.8 to 40.6

My wife and I had a celebratory dinner of grilled grass-fed burgers (on lettuce “buns” of course), red wine, and a few sweet potato baked fries. Good stuff.

We really appreciate the non-dogmatic approach to the primal lifestyle.

John – Amarillo, TX


Hello Mark,

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my soul. I have been reading MDA since early January, have even posted 1 primal journal (not much of a poster), but have been totally primal for 2 months now…I was partially primal for the month before that.

But I just had a doctors visit today, a follow up for some of the major issues that have been plaguing me.

1. High blood pressure
2. Severe back back
3. Migraines

Well since January I have lost 24lbs in total, the doctor said I can stop my blood pressure meds if I continue doing what I am doing, and on top of that I have not had any back pain or headaches other than very minor(1 on a scale of 1-10) ones. I told him my eating plan, and he was so very happy with my progress and eating plan he heartily agreed with me keeping on it.

I honestly had no idea how much weight I had lost, but I knew I felt better than I ever have….but to see my blood pressure drop to normal(he still wants me to check in to make sure it is staying down), how much weight I have lost and my overall great feeling.

I just wanted to say thank you! Thank you for having MDA up with so much to get from it. For sharing your research and doing all the work involved in that. Not only has it changed my body, but me as well. I will be buying more copies of the book and giving it to family!

Thank you for a life changed, I have not been so happy in so many years.

Best regards,



Dear Mark,

I am writing you today with a deep feeling of gratitude and admiration for your tireless work and commitment to improve the lives of others. You are an inspiration and a role model to me as well as all your readers around the world. I hope your day will be a bit brighter knowing that you drove another amazing lifestyle transformation and helped another person enjoy a fuller, happier and healthier existence.

I have the privilege to write you from a truly amazing place, the tropical South Pacific attol of Vanuatu (were just right of Australia if you check the map) where I am serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in a small costal village and living a uniquely Primal lifestyle. My goal here is to support sustainable development, live as one with the community & build capacity in people to help them better their livelihoods. I also get to climb coconut trees, walk around with a 12 inch machete, pick fresh mangos in the bush and spear fish for lunch… very Grokkish Id say! All of this goodness thanks in large part to you and Marks Daily Apple.

When a friend introduced to Primal living and your website 2 years ago I could not even imagine the profound impact your work and the Primal Blueprint will have on my life. At the time I was a 23 year old kid toiling away in a prestigious but extremely demanding, 80-hour a week, international finance job which took me from Tokyo to New York. Stressed, woefully sleep deprived, constantly sick, and unenergetic my health (don’t even mention fitness) was at an all time low. I have always been a big proponent of fitness but years of endurance athletics in school, unconscious nutrition, chain-gangesque work schedule, bad advice and conventional wisdom knocked me down every time I tried to take control of my physical wellbeing. I looked for information and knowledge but encountered contradicting and unsustainable advice which made me feel more helpless.

Enter the Primal Blueprint. With the support and encouragement of a friend and the information on MDA I made the switch to Primal living in 2008 and never looked back. Reading your poasts entirely shifted my perspective on healthy living. Here was something that made sense, that was all encompassing and that was proven by thousands of years of evolution… finally! I had the whole picture in front of me and it was a masterpiece. Applying the principles of Primal nutrition I was able to completely transform how I felt, performed, and looked. No more grogginess after that pasta lunch, no more exhaustion in the morning, no more colds, no more lethargy, flu and headaches (I have not been sick in 2 years!). All this while enjoying the lowest body fat Ive ever had and most strength & muscle. One of the most rewarding parts of the transformation was that I saw the effects almost immediately. As soon as I ditched sugar and grain I IMMEDIATELY felt more vitality energy and health. Dumping cardio and replacing it with things like heavy lifting and walking as well as taking control of my sleep had huge benefits not only on my body but my mind.

The confidence, and emotional strength I gained through my transformation helped me make a decision and commitment to live the life I wanted, a more happier & healthier life. In 2009 I chose to get out of the unfulfilling rat race of corporate America and embarked on a journey of international service. I ended up in an isolated village without roads, electricity or running water on an island in the South Pacific where I am successfully continuing my Primal journey (yeah the roosters at 3AM tend to be unpleasant but tracking through the bush looking for wild pig makes up for it). I even managed to build a full gym out of concrete blocks, local wood, sand bags and rocks and I am working on a manual to help other volunteers do the same and live healthy on their islands. Needless to say its been an eye opening learning experience so far.

As I continue my Primal journey and experience more and more benefits of living like our ever-wise ancestors I can not help but feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for your contributions. Thank you for changing my life.

Yegor – Malekula, Vanuatu, South Pacific

Thanks to everyone for sending in your success stories. If you have your own real life Primal Blueprint story you’d like to share and would like to be featured on MDA please drop me a line. Thank you Grok on!

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  1. Great inspiration!!! I’ve just started my Primal journey and am slowly melting away the pounds. I feel so much better not doing the chronic cardio routine anymore and seeing results because I’m focused on the right things now.

    I can’t wait to achieve the results that others have attained. do you really think this 54-year-old body will one day be able to see a six-pack..I’d actually settle for a four-pack.

    And, I can’t wait to receive my Primal Cookbook and try out the recipes…Grok on!!!

  2. While she refused to enter her own story, a friend of mine has had migraines for over 10 years. Last year she endured 8 brain surgeries because of her problems.

    She’s now been Primal for about five months – and her headaches have gone.

    I know going Primal is not a cure-all for everyone, but it sure is close!

    1. Not a cure-all for everyone?

      Who has failed after truly going primal for at least 30 days? I am not saying it is a cure-all for everyone. But, it seems to me that it possibly is.


      1. I think its an “improve-all” for everybody, but def not a “cure-all”.

  3. Wow! Truely inspiring stories & pics. Thanks for sharing & congrats This is motivating for all of us! 🙂 same as Steve, I also can’t wait to get the cookbook either lol.

  4. Awesome stories! I’m just embarking on my primal journey, but I hope to have a similar success story in a few months. Time to kick some minor inflammation problems to the curb and get this weight off that has been holding me back!

  5. Inspirations all, especially Yegor. What a great story about changing your outlook on life!

  6. How inspiring! So jealous of Yegor! I try to live as primal as I possibly can down here in SoCal but I cant imagine how cool it would be hunting for wild pig! Grok on!

  7. Congrats everyone!

    I love all these success stories to death. These are the best articles to share with family and friends whom you want to have go primal.

    Keep the success stories coming – the more the merrier!

  8. OT (kinda) but when is the cookbook coming out? I can’t wait to get back in the kitchen trying out some new stuff!

  9. The most inspiring part of these success stories are that they are so much more than about weight loss.

    I know I personally feel a 100 times better since switching to a more primal diet.

  10. Inspiring stuff in those personal stories!

    I’m a new grokker (3/1/2010). Male, 6″1″, 217lbs. when I started, age 51.

    I’m down to 203 now and energy is up while allergies are down. I won’t be going back to my old ways, this is more fun by far! I made grassfed beef jerky last week. How fun is that? Tasty, too.

    I continue to be struck by the snowball effect of primal life…every positive physical step begets three more positive steps. Before you know what’s happening you are outpacing your own hopes for progress.

    I’m also struck by the mental aspect. Positive physical changes have a profound impact on attitude and outlook. More snowballing!

    I had previously been doing grassfed/pastured meats & butter, and liked many different veggies for years. I suppose it helped my health, but I didn’t really see any positive outward effect. I was still fat & lazy.

    Then, I found MDA and realized I wasn’t that far off track at all. Really, the only changes I ultimately had to make to diet were eliminating grains & sugar (I wasn’t even a big sugar eater, mostly just grains). I didn’t even start exercising much initially. Yet everything else followed once I got off the grain.

    For me, just taking that one big step of cutting out all grain, & what little sugar I was still consuming made everything else virtually inevitable. I now exercise primally. I look forward to it! I wake up in the morning and think, “I should do some push ups”. That definitely was NOT the old me.

    If you’re new to the site today and read this, I hope you say, “I could do this for a month”. If you do, you’ll be on your way. Looking back a few times in the beginning only spurs you forward again. You can’t stop!

    My story has only just begun (song in there somewhere). If you’re new today, start your own story. You won’t regret it.

    Thanks again, Mark! You rock.

    1. Wow, congrats, NotSoFast! And just think, it’s only been a couple of months. It really is miraculous what our bodies can do when we give them just the environment they need. Best of luck as your journey continues!

  11. What a distinguished collection of Grok stars. You inspire me. Congratulations to all!

    It was reading the success stories that first opened my eyes to primal living. I’m ecstatic about the results, and life seems to get better every day. But I’m even more excited for everyone else who is discovering primal success stories for the first time, and wondering if they might someday have a story to match. (The answer is YES, and soon!)

    This is what the Primal Blueprint is all about: taking control of our lives, and learning to be healthier and happier than we ever thought possible.

  12. wowowowowow….so inspiring!!!
    shane looks just like my husband (well my husband is the before pics tho). my gosh if i could actually get my hubby to subscribe to this way of living he would be such a hottie, i do love him the way he looks and is right now of course!
    that guy in vanuatu. im so jealous.
    im from australia, the north-eastern coast. the climate is very similar. i miss that place so much, looking at that photo made me very homesick indeed.

    everyone’s stories were very inspiring. thankyou for having the guts publish your stories.

    1. I have always been an athlete, but I also was always overweight. I was anorexic in jr. high and struggled with bulimia and my body image throughout high school, college, and beyond. Last year at this time, I was 5’7″ and 164lbs. My husband and I did one full round of P90X last year (for subsequent rounds, we’ve modified the schedule to fit our needs) and I lost about 10 pounds of fat, put on 10 pounds of muscle, but was still unhappy with the way I looked (and felt) My husband and I have been Grokking it since mid February – I have lost 16 pounds. More importantly than the weightloss numbers, I feel amazing. I am for the first time in my life, happy with the way that I look. When I see myself in the mirror, I’m no longer disgusted – I feel beautiful and sexy but it was more than a physical tranformation, so much of it was mental as well. I feel empowered and that I can finally be the person I’ve always known I can be, because I am not trapped inside a body I hate!

      1. Finally,

        I can relate to you in many ways. I was at that similar weight and same height when I started my first round of p90x in August of last year. At the end of the 90days I too didn’t look the way I wanted to and suspected the culprit was my diet: Anything I wanted.

        I was never over the top with my eating portions, always had my veggies and what I thought was healthy whole grains. But, now I know it wasn’t working with my genes and therefore those skinny jeans still alluded me!

        After being athletic all my life then having 3 kids in my early 20’s I remember what my body is supposed to look like when I feel “sexy” as you mentioned.

        This is my first major diet change in my life and I couldn’t say more about how much I LOVE it!!

        Thanks for sharing.

    2. Hi jennifer,

      I am the Michael from up above in the post, and while I did not have an eating disorder, I was diagnosed with depression by one doctor. I did not take medication, as I am stubborn and did not want to be on meds…long story.

      But my depression since january is mostly gone. I have a real hard time staying in any type of down mood anymore. I don’t know why, but before I would be in a downward spiral over minor things and stay depressed for very long periods of time….now, I get down and my moods just bounce back, sometimes within minutes.

      Is primal a cure for depression? I don’t know, but everything else it does for us, helps on every level, our physical, emotional, mental and even spiritual levels I believe. This also helps with depression, at least mine, in my opinion.

  13. Thanks once again to Mark from the bottom of my heart for giving us this gift!

    It’s fantastic to hear about all the people you have helped!

  14. No stories about females going primal?
    Sometimes I get the feeling this diet does not appeal to women…?

    1. I may not be a success story yet but I am certainly working on it 🙂
      I will email Mark with my story once I make it.

  15. Hi. I’m also new to eating Primal, 39 years old and female, the biggest change also being dropping the grains. In the past I’ve lost that stubborn 15 lbs many times and then it always creeps back when I lose motivation yet again. I love the success stories, but I wish more people, particularly women, would passed on what they eat in a typical day. I understand how we all vary from day to day and how living primally is not getting caught up in an exact amount of food. It’s just that, since going primally, I get to the end of some days knowing I’ve eaten healthy and not too much and maybe feeling a wee bit hungry as I fall asleep at night. That’s not a bad thing, I wouldn’t think? And then there have been days when I have something like a good size steak, with mushroom and cream sauce and some roasted pumpkin, and I go to bed feeling quite content, and yet guilty…It just doesn’t feel like I can lose weight if I ate like that every night. I’m so inspired by the recipes and yet don’t trust myself to not overindulge in bacon, or cream, etc. I suppose one of my questions is, how do I know that eating Primally is the answer and it’s not just caloric restriction? If on a typical day I have a coffee with cream, a 2 egg omelete (butter) with heaps of veggies for breakfast, a big salad with a half can of salmon and some nuts and olive oil, and a bunless burger with avocado and all the fixings…you add up the calories in that and it’s probably between 1400-1800 calories, and I’ve always lost weight in the past when I’ve eaten around 1800 or less and exercised regularly. Any comments?

    1. I’m a 53 year old female, low-carb for quite a few years and primal now for a couple of years. I quit sugar (no more headaches), grains (no more joint pain) and dairy (helped with allergies), and lost 20 lbs. although I wasn’t really overweight to begin with. I eat sausages or eggs for breakfast (or steak and eggs when my husband is cooking), meat and salad with avocado plus avocado oil dressing for lunch, and meat and salad or veggie for dinner. Meat is usually grass fed and fatty cuts. Eggs are cooked in lard. My favorite snack is the pemmican my husband makes with dried meat, lard and tallow. Yum! I also like tuna or salmon with homemade mayo, and the little sardines in olive oil. I’ve been eating lots of guacamole lately. I stop eating when I’m full and it takes awhile to be hungry again unless I don’t have enough fat in my meal. If I eat mostly fatty steak, eggs, avocado, etc., the next day my weight is down. If I eat too much fruit, yams, quinoa, etc., I get “puffy” and my weight goes up. To me, fat is my main appetite regulator. I personally can’t eat “too much” fat (we’re talking unsweetend good fats – not cheesecake!). I get full quickly and stay satisfied for a long time if there is enough good fat in my meals.

    2. Down South…..
      It seems everyone is different and you may just have to experiment with the Primal diet to see if you need to watch your calories. For many women, that last bit of weight won’t come off without keeping the calories down. Sounds like you are doing great. Going to bed a bit hungry or not. Either is fine. Not having to be obsessive about your food is one of the delights of the Primal Blueprint.

    3. Hello DownSouth,

      If you’re on facebook, I have a page where I post my primal progress: I post pictures and descriptions of the food I eat, where I find good food, links to good reads and now, since Friday, my workouts!

      I’m doing this primal deal with my whole family in tow so it’s a fun challenge for sure.

      Join us if you like :0)

  16. I went 90% primal since October 23, 2009. I have attached a before and after picture for comparison.

    Blood work from January 20, 2010
    Hemoglobin A1C 5.8 % (4.5 – 6.0%)
    Glucose Fasting 5.3 mmol or 95 mg/dl *could be pre-diabetic indicator?
    PSA 0.60 ( 0.90 mmol) or 29 mg/dl
    CHOL:HDL ratio 3.37 (<4.9)
    HDL:LDL ratio: 0.46
    LDL cholesterol: 3.47 (1.50 – 3.39 mmol) 62 mg/dl


  17. These stories are fascinating! I have been following the primal blueprint for about 5 months and have experienced amazing results as well. I have never posted here, but felt the need to do so now since Shane’s story resonated with me so much. I have lost over 30 lbs and am starting to see my abs for the first time in my life!

    I am actually a high school physical education teacher in Canada, where we are mandated to teach our students based on conventional wisdom! Let me tell you, the past few months have been tough. My colleagues think I’m crazy for what I have been preaching, seeing as they are mostly the long time bearers of CW. They have even gone as far to suggest that I may have an eating disorder; however my students think I look amazing. In the last few weeks though, I have had several colleagues come up to me to ask what kind of regime I’m on. The compliments have ranged from, “you have lost so much weight” to, “your hairline stopped receding”.

    I know it will be an uphill battle, but I am going to push to implement a more unbiased nutrition curriculum that is not solely based on Conventional Wisdom. Who knows, maybe the ‘Primal Blueprint’ can be morphed into a Health Curriculum text book that every child will be able to access! I may create waves, but at least I have the energy to do it now!

    This community Groks! Thanks Mark!



  18. wow these are AMAZING stories and astonishing transformations. i get so happy for everyone when i read of good health!!!!!!!

  19. Officially recommitting!!! These success stories moved me to tears, yet again. I love the primal lifestyle but seem to be continually hamstrung with food intolerances, am pretty much unable to lose any weight, and am lucky if I can keep from gaining. Dairy and wheat intolerance make the diet somewhat easy to follow. Unfortunately, no eggs, no to many nuts, no butter, and no whey protein sometimes leave me a little frustrated. I also seem to have a histamine intolerance (this virtually writes off spinach, tomatoes, eggplant, wine, chocolate, fermented foods, and fish) and a histamine reaction to stress. Having a histamine response yields basically the same symptoms as the food intolerances including migraines, hives, rosacea, eczema, joint pain, sinus congestion and headaches, runny nose, brain fog, fatigue, and general swelling and water retention. I am only 28, does anyone have any advice? Has anyone else experienced histamine intolerance? I recently started taking antihistamines again, which do help, but do not counteract all of the histamine intolerance or food intolerances.

    1. Hilary….
      I don’t really have any advice, only a few expriences to share that may or may not be helpful.

      I have never heard of a histamine intolerance. I can’t imagine but do sympathize.

      Dairy intolerance I do have which, for me, causes hip joint pain. I have found I can eat organic cheese, Kerrygold cheese, goat cheese and sheep cheese without a problem, at least in the relatively small quanities I consume.

      My daughter had an intolerance to red wine until she went primal. I have never been able to drink any type of alcohol without the top of my head and arms going numb even with just a few sips. I have not experimented to see if my primal diet has changed that.

      I wonder if sticking with the diet for a time will change things for you. Meanwhile, maybe making a list of all the things you can eat will give you a more positive way to go forward.

      Let us know what happens.

  20. I love reading these stories. They are wonderfully inspiring! Just started my Primal workout as of Saturday and kicked it off with a sprint. Loved every moment of it in my Vibrams.

    I’ve never had a “six pack” or four pack for that matter, so I’m curious to see what kinds of transitions my body will go through.

    Keep posting our growing Tribe’s success stories!

  21. These are great results from these very committed Prim(al)ates -excuse the poor pun. Keep on grokking.

    I tune into the site since losing 22 lbs by reducing carbs and going back to cooking as my mother did – eggs, meat, fish, cream cheese and cooked at home.

    Primal provides Inspiration.

    These are great results from these very committed Prim(al)ates -excuse the poor pun. Keep on grokking.

    I tune into the site since losing 22 lbs by reducing carbs and going back to cooking as my mother did. Eggs, meat, fish, cream cheese and cooked at home. It provides inspiration.

    On another item mentioned in a comment from an earlier post – that of “insulin response” to non-sugar sweeteners.

    I found one study implicating saccharin and increased feeding in rats published in APAPsycNET in Feb 2008, author Swithers.

    However I also found a study on healthy humans published in Feb 2009 in Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 296: G735-G739, 2009. First published February 12, 2009; doi:10.1152/ajpgi.90708.2008
    0193-1857/09 .

    The results show neither a glucose nor an insulin response to the “artificial sweetener, Sucralose”. The graphical presentation shows no difference between infusions of saline and sucralose. Both were compared to glucose.

    Interesting, eh?

  22. Very inspiring indeed. I am going to share these stories with my family. CW is a hard thing to beat….I compare it to the Matrix. CW followers are living in a fake reality….they wont take the pill…lol

  23. Very good stories! Very inspiring. The Airman in the first story is really cute 🙂

  24. Thank you Mark and thank you to everyone for always posting amazing comments and suggestions. All of these stories are truly insprising, so I thought I’d quickly share my primal journey. I saw a picture of myself last year and I was disgusted at what I saw. Then at age 29 I was tipping the scales at 270 lbs. After seeing the picture I knew something had to change. I had been heavy all of my life and was told I would never be thin. So I gave in to what I thought was my genetic fate. However I came across an article that Mark wrote and it has forver changed my life. My goal was to be healthier for 30, I’ve recently had my birthday and I’m happy to say that I’ve lost over 60 lbs. I feel the best I have ever felt in my life and my body looks completely different.I’ve lost 8.5 inches on my waist and 5.5 inches on my hips. My body fat content has gone from obese to now within a normal range. I have more weight to lose, however it never has felt as if I’m dieting. I’m eating primally (and deliciously I might add) and I don’t feel as if I’m missing out on anything. Thank you so much. Living primally works. Thank you 🙂

  25. Sharon,
    Thank you for the feedback. Goat and sheep cheese in small quantities tends to be okay if it’s not too aged. Aging increases histamine content of food. I am doing better since starting antihistamines and am starting a three week super-strict phase to jump-start TODAY! Veggies, protein, and olive oil for lunch and dinner. Probably some coconut oil for sat fats. Fish oil supplements. Veggies if I need a snack, though doubt I will this low-carb. Fast through breakfast. Pumpkin with olive oil and a little stevia for evening snack.

  26. A quick thank you to Mark. After I left the military I found myself, a man who always had a mission and some form of authority over me, without a calling.

    I drifted in and out of depression and dealt with the rigors of PTSD. I found solice in food and gained 60 pounds. My doctor said that if I continued that getting at 29 getting to 45 would be nothing short of a miracle.

    I discovered the Primal Blueprint and devoured everything I could. I felt the change, I felt better. The clouds cleared and I was free for the first time in a long time.

    Then one day I looked into the mirror and saw someone I could respect. I found my new mission, I found the authority to take charge of my life.

    I discovered the something wonderful in this, and I never intend on giving it back, only paying it forward.


  27. I LOVE pay it forward attitude. i do this at my job a ton!
    Pay it forward wellness…..
    and if you live it, walk the talk, folks will follow. they want what you got!
    the Primal/Paleo is great. i follow it almost perfectly.
    a bit of modified atkins thrown in. i am an endurance athlete, and have finally found that i dont need crappy carbs to get me out the door-light protein works now finally!!!!
    so, thank you for all your support, and the good vibes, and PAY IT FORWARD, be it a smile, happy attitude, good healthy advice:)

  28. All these stories are so inspirational and it gives me real hope that the word is spreading so far and wide, I loved reading them all and even though I have been also inspirational to some I am soo inspired by you all!! Grok on 🙂

  29. Already feeling so much better after 2.5 days recommitted! Thank you so much for the inspiration and I intend to PAY IT FORWARD as well!

  30. ————————–
    I feel 15 years younger at age 52,
    lots more energy (after a few months).

    97-99% reduction of dairy and wheat,
    lots of veg, and nuts,