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It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thanks for reading!

Hi Mark

I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU. Your book and the information it shares has made a huge impact on my life and the life of my family and friends as well.

I went through two debilitating injuries in the last 3 years. The big one was my shoulder surgery. I had 4 procedures done in one surgery and was in rehab for 11 months, 3 times a week!!! It was living hell and I got up past 225 lbs. During the end of rehab I was doing the routine prescribed AMA nutrition and exercise. Eating only “Good” carbs and low fat diet. I cut out my refined carbs and sugars and exercised A LOT, and managed to get down to about 215 which is about what I weighed in my first picture.

Then in mid January a friend told me about Paleo way of eating so I told my friend that is how I’m eating and he explained that if I’m eating grains, beans and legumes then I am not eating Paleo. In February another friend called me and said you have to check out this web site Marks Daily apple!!! I did and I immediately bought the Book and the cook book. I also signed up for the free fitness PDF file. I began to follow your plan and in two and a half months I took my second picture, which was about mid April. I’m now down to 190 lbs and have went from a very tight 36 (38 🙂 ) to a very loose 34 :))

I am already in better shape than I have been since my mid twenties (I’ll be 50 in June) and I have SO much energy it’s crazy!!!

But wait that is really not the best part. My wife who had put on some weight when she had our second daughter (who is now 10) started to follow the Primal blueprint in mid-February. She has tried many times to lose weight but never any success. She has gone from a tight size 12 to a loose size 8!!!!  in a little over 2 months!!! Awesome !!

Now my 21 year old daughter has switched completely to Primal way of eating and my little girl is about 70 % and climbing!! She works out with me now, cause it’s fun doing leap frogs, climbing and swinging with Dad!!!

I love stand up paddling and will be in the Battle of the Paddle here in Hawaii this month. How cool is that!!!

As if that’s not cool enough, this is even better!! We have gotten at least 8 friends and family who have begun to live a Primal way of life and growing!!! We share it with EVERYONE we meet!!

I have a friend who is a chef and I just got him to look at the book and the recipes and he is on FIRE!! We are talking of possibly starting a little restaurant that is PURE PRIMAL!! I think it will be BIG!! The possibilities are endless!!!

Thank you Mark for your passion and knowledge, it has changed MY life and my family’s lives in a big way and is impacting many others daily!! It is giving countless lives hope and their lives back. My Family and friends thank you and hopefully one day when you come to Hawaii we can go paddle and then eat at our restaurant!!




Here is a photo of me and winner of the Battle of the Paddle distance race winner Danny Ching (on my right), and 17 year old stand up paddle surf world champion Kai Lenny on my left. This was taken right after I finished the 10 mile race!!!! Living my dream :)) Thanks for helping me make it happen!!!

Mahalo Mark


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