Less Cardio, Less Fat, More Muscle

I’ve been a distance runner who fights my weight for the past 24+ years. I started running to lose weight in 1985, when I weighed 180. Right now, I’m in the mid-190s. Funny how that worked (not).

Two-plus years ago, I started lifting, which helped with fat loss. Some of the time. As long as I was very careful about what I ate.

In the past few weeks, I think I may have finally found the  answer. I’ve made a number of changes:

1) No grains
2) No sugars
3) Less cardio
4) More lifting
5) Less structure and rigor to my workouts. I still don’t know what I’m going to do tomorrow from an exercise perspective.

So far this month, I’ve seen the following changes:

1) Carb cravings are gone – completely
2) I’m gaining muscle mass at age 47
3) People other than my wife are commenting on changes in my physique
4) I’ve dropped almost 2 inches from my waist and tomorrow, I’ll measure my BF% to see how it’s changed this month
5) I’m falling asleep when tired and waking up on my own
6) My weight is dropping

Lastly, it all feels sustainable.

Oh yeah, long cardio is hard while eating this way. I learned that the hard way.

I have been an ultramarathon runner since 1994, but maybe it’s time to simply move on, save the time normally spent running for hours on end, day after  day, and spend that time with my family.

Right now, I simply feel great and my body is changing. I need to see where I am six months from now, but I’m more optimistic now than ever that I’ve found a sustainable way to be fit and lean and happy.

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