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Launch Week Announcements

1. In case you missed it this week I wanted to announce that I am giving away the introduction to my new book, The Primal Blueprint, for free. You can get the PDF here [1]. In it you’ll see a side-by-side comparison chart of the major elements of health and fitness Conventional Wisdom pitted against the Primal Blueprint to help you get a taste of what the book is all about. The feedback on the introduction alone has been tremendous already. Many thanks go out to everyone for showing their support.

2. I’ve had a number of emails from readers wondering whether or not they’ll receive an autographed copy of the book. There has been huge response for pre-orders, so make sure you reserve your copy today and you may still make the cut.

3. On Monday, launch day, I held a t-shirt [2] giveaway for everyone that commented. As luck would have it one of the people that came right out and said they wanted a shirt ended up winning the contest. Enjoy your shirt, Ellen!

I’ll be holding more contests and giveaways in the future so check back often.

4. The last announcement has to do with newsletter subscribers. I’ve had a tricky time this week transferring my existing newsletter subscriber list to the new newsletter service. If you are a current subscriber and haven’t yet received a confirmation link the best way to ensure you’ll continue to receive the Mark’s Daily Apple newsletter is to sign up for it again. And trust me. It will be worth the little effort it takes to enter your email address in the “Weekly Newsletter” field. I’ve expanded the newsletter to include some really cool new features including “The Primal Blueprint Insider” which will be delivered every two weeks and will include special tips, resources and guides to help you get Primal – stuff you won’t find on MDA.

All-in-all I’m pretty happy with how the transition from old MDA to new MDA played out this week, and I hope you are too. I’d love to hear your feedback. Thanks, everyone. Have a great weekend and get Primal!