Keto Results: Real Stories of Keto Success

realifestories in lineResults speak for themselves, and I’m happy to share the success of Mark’s Daily Apple readers who have achieved their fat loss, fitness, and health goals with the use of keto and Primal principles.

In this section, you’ll find inspiring keto-focused stories from regular people all over the country. If you have your own keto (or Primal!) success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community, please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these as long as they keep coming in!

Check out the photos below, but you can also read each story in full to learn the experiences and suggestions behind the before and afters. You’ll learn how these readers transformed their lives with the amazing metabolic results of a ketogenic diet. Thanks for reading!

Brian McAndrew


Read Brian’s Keto Success Story…

Elizabeth Cordes, D.O.

Read Elizabeth’s Keto Success Story…

Jonathan Gaiman

400_Pic_Jonathan Geiman 1

Read Jonathan’s Story…

Lindsay and Jake Taylor

400_Lindsay Taylor before and after

Read Lindsay’s and Jake’s Stories…

Ted McDonald


Read Ted’s Story…

Zach Bitter


Read Zach’s Story…

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