Keto Chai Ice Cream Bon Bons Recipe

keto chai ice cream bon bonsBon bons sound so fancy, don’t they? It’s like saying “ice cream bites,” but with a French accent and a posh flair. You may get the impression that ice cream bon bons are difficult to make, but here’s a secret: they’re easy. If you can scoop ice cream, you can pull it off. And if you use Keto Pint Ice Cream, you can make low-carb keto ice cream bon bons without churning a thing.

Go ahead. Show off a little.

We used Primal Kitchen® Chai Tea Collagen Latte Drink Mix to give these keto bon bons a warm, cozy spice flavor against a chilled ice cream backdrop, plus collagen that your skin and hair love as a bonus.

Don’t wait for your next opportunity to share a batch of bon bons. Make a tray, keep them in the freezer, and pop one whenever a sweet moment strikes.

Keto Chai Ice Cream Bon Bons Recipe

Time in the kitchen: 60, including 45 minutes in the freezer

Makes: 10 bon bons, or more if you decide to use more ice cream

keto chai ice cream bon bons



Finely chop the cacao butter.

keto chai ice cream bon bonsScoop out the coconut butter and spoon both into a heat-safe bowl. Set up a double boiler by heating a few inches of water in a pot.

Once the water is hot, reduce the heat to low and place the bowl over the pot so it’s resting on top of it. Use a whisk and begin mixing the cacao butter and coconut butter to encourage it to melt.

keto chai ice cream bon bonsRemove the bowl from the heat right before the cacao butter is fully melted, and continue to whisk when it’s removed from the heat.

keto chai ice cream bon bons

Whisk in the coconut oil until the mixture is uniform. Add the collagen powder and vanilla extract and whisk until combined. Set the mixture aside.

keto chai ice cream bon bons

keto chai ice cream bon bons

Scoop out the ice cream using an ice cream scoop and place each scoop on a sheet pan with a piece of parchment on it.

keto chai ice cream bon bons

Place the scoops of ice cream in the freezer for 30-45 minutes to harden.

keto chai ice cream bon bons

Once the scoops of ice cream have set, place a scoop of ice cream on a spoon or spatula and spoon the white chocolate mixture on top.

keto chai ice cream bon bonsCover the ice cream twice with white chocolate, allowing the chocolate to coat all sides of the ice cream. Carefully place the finished bon bon on a piece of parchment and repeat with the remaining ice cream.

keto chai ice cream bon bonsPlace the bon bons in the freezer to allow them to set and harden.

keto chai ice cream bon bonsDust a little of the chai collagen on top and enjoy!

keto chai ice cream bon bons



  • When setting up the double boiler, set the burner over low heat and only let the coconut butter and cacao butter come near being fully melted before removing the bowl from the pot. Continue stirring after you remove the bowl from the heat and then stir in the coconut oil, vanilla and collagen powder.
  • The chai white chocolate coating will thinly coat the ice cream on the first pass, so I recommend giving each scoop of ice cream two dips of coating.
  • If chai flavor isn’t your thing, you can try this recipe out with a different flavored Primal Kitchen Collagen and your favorite ice cream flavor.

Nutrition Info (per scoop, about 10):

Calories: 136
Total Fat: 15g
Total Carbs: 3g
Net Carbs: 2g
Protein: 2g

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