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August 27 2009

Keftedes (Greek Meatballs)

By Mark Sisson

This reader created video was submitted for a Primal Blueprint Contest. Click here to find out how you can participate and win Primal prizes!

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14 thoughts on “Keftedes (Greek Meatballs)”

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  1. This is really getting out of hand. There used to be one or two high quality posts a day. But now there are six or seven posts where all the concentrated quality is spread too thin.

    1. symeon,

      The high volume of posts will end this coming Sunday. In case you missed it this week marks the end of the Primal Blueprint Health Challenge and is almost entirely comprised of Reader Created Content:

      It turns out that readers created a LOT more content than I had anticipated. But I still want to give everyone a moment in the spotlight, so needless to say we’re publishing much more than usual.

      I hope most of you appreciate this wealth of great Primal content (the feedback I’ve received seems to suggest that you do!). I know I’ve really enjoyed all the videos and Real Life Stories people have sent in. If the frequency of posting is too much for you, well, I suppose there is no requirement that you read or watch everything that is published. In any case, know that articles will continue to be published in the morning as usual, followed by videos all afternoon and evening, and that this will only continue through next Sunday. Then we’ll wrap up the challenge and contests by Tuesday and go back to the normal way of doing things – bringing you one high-quality article or recipe each day. Thanks.


  2. That was really entertaining and informative! Thanks for the video. I’ll definitely be making keftedes soon.

    What’s getting out of hand symeon? What’s getting thin?

  3. I’m loving all the reader-made material. Keep posting Mark! I feel like I’m learning a lot…and getting some great recipe ideas. I can’t wait to make those skinless gyoza.

    1. You’re right, Justin. Yes, bread is a big no-no and the dairy falls into a bit of a gray area. I think educated MDA and PB readers can adapt this recipe as they see fit. Though it’s not 100% Primal I appreciate Sam’s effort and support.

      1. What’s needed is a Primal filler that works like breadcrumbs, but isn’t breadcrumbs. Maybe almond meal would work for that?

  4. Awesome looking recipe! I’ll have to try it – with almond flour, of course. This looks like it’d beat the socks off of Ikea’s “Swedish” “meat”balls.

    And I love the idea of using a romaine leaf as a shell for other food! I’ll have to try that soon too.

  5. all the reader submitted recipes have been great…they have really encouraged me venture out and try more primal-style recipes.

  6. Traditional Keftedes recipes use three slices of white bread. I used only one slice of “happy, awesome” bread and substituted the parmesan and feta cheeses for the rest of it. I could have just left it out but this has been a transitionary recipe for me. I know a lot of folks say just go cold turkey with the CW diet but I have family members who aren’t as motivated and I’m easing them into it… or at least trying. So, you’d be right to say that it’s not fully primal. But that’s the point. I suppose I should have explained that in the video but I wanted to keep it short. Thanks for the support Mark.

  7. Just leave the bread out and add another egg if want a binder..

    I’m mos’def trying this recipe though..looks great

    1. I’m making these tonight for dinner. Looks great! Oh, and I use romaine instead of a tortilla sometimes on taco night. YUM!!