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Just a Reminder about the FREE Interpreting Your Genetics Summit

Hey, everybody. There’s a regular post coming this morning, but I wanted to remind everyone about the Interpreting Your Genetics Summit [1]. I’ve talked about various genetic tests [2] on the blog before and the ways I’ve used them [3] to understand my own health. That said, this field is exploding these days, and I’m excited to hear from the 31 experts offering the latest in genetic/genomic information.

The Interpreting Your Genetics Summit is online and free from August 21-28. You’ll learn:

This event is totally free to anyone who signs up [1]. You can listen live or catch the talks later the same day, since each day is available for the full 24-hour period.

Just so you know, today’s talks include Genetics and Autoimmune Diseases, Understanding Methylation, and Epigenetic Mastery for Everyone among others.

Whether you’ve taken a genetic test or plan to, these experts will teach you the best practices for using this information to alter your lifestyle, guide treatment and create better health! Your genes can unlock a new era of personalized medicine that will help you evolve into a healthier, happier life. Register for FREE now [1]!

Would you rather purchase the talks and watch on your own time? The organizers of the event have extended the pre-event price of $59 for full online access to all talks. They’ll be yours to own and enjoy whenever you want. But hurry, because this pre-event price ends today and will go up to $79! And, yup, I’m happy to disclose that I’m an affiliate and receive compensation from the event, but what I love about these summits is the chance for anyone to take advantage—for free. Don’t miss out! [1]

More to come this morning. Catch you soon, everyone.