Join Me for a Luxurious Primal Vacation in 2014!

PrimalCon Vacation Tulum Mexico 2014After four wonderful years of PrimalCon, we have built some tremendous momentum in making this total immersion retreat a fixture in the ancestral health community. We’ve received many positive reviews and facilitated global connections, but it’s also critical to note that I’ve absolutely had the time of my life at all five PrimalCons I’ve attended!

I’m here to share some exciting news about our 2014 PrimalCon plans, and hope you can join me and several other leaders in the ancestral health world for an experience you will never forget. This post details the first-ever vacation-style PrimalCon at the Dreams Tulum in Mexico, March 1st-6th, 2014. (We are moving our annual Oxnard event to the dates of September 25-28, 2014. Details coming soon…)

Mayan Ruins

Vacation To Loom! While the current template of a three-day, action-packed PrimalCon immersion experience is fantastic, I started to dream up an event that would balance the fast-paced energy of PrimalCon weekend. What if everyone just decided to take a relaxing vacation, celebrate the Primal lifestyle, and hang out together at a luxurious all-inclusive tropical beach resort renowned for its five-star cuisine and situated in the shadows of some magnificent Mayan ruins? How about in early March – escaping the rain, snow and cold across the US, Canada, Europe? We could throw in a mix of lectures in a first-class conference facility, engage in some fun outdoor activities, luxuriate in plenty of poolside and beachfront chill time…all in the company of an exceptional presenter lineup and devoted Primal enthusiasts from around the world.

Well, turns out dreams really do come true, and Dreams Tulum (yep, our planned vacation destination is pronounced, “to loom”!) is the destination for the first-ever PrimalCon Vacation on March 1st-6th, 2014! I cordially invite you to join me, Robb Wolf, and others for a proper vacation and magnificent Primal experience next March. Following are details about this amazing facility, the local excursions we have planned to explore the world’s largest natural waterpark and go back in time to explore Mayan civilization, and our awesome lineup of expert-guided fitness activities and presentations. We’ve negotiated a great rate with this all-inclusive resort to offer a vacation where one payment covers just about everything from the moment you land until you head home with your free tan.

CLICK HERE to learn more about PrimalCon Vacation Tulum. Read the description carefully to learn about some top secret early registration benefits!

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. Is this your way of telling me Happy Birthday?! No way! This resort looks gorgeous… And luxurious. I’ve always wanted to go to PrimalCon. I like how you switched it up this year. Not sure how I would feel tanning next to Mark and Robb. That’s pretty bizarre… And AWESOME.

  2. Oh I sooooooooo want to go, but my Costa Rica vacation is already booked for end of February 2014. *cry*

  3. Oh my! This sounds like just what the doctor ordered. I hope we can afford it. Love Tulum, Xel Ha, cenotes, etc.

    Also, if you are a diver, there is some amazing drift diving out of Playa del Carmen.

    Count me in!

    1. Fly into Cancun international airport, which offers extensive options all over the USA, Europe and other international origins – including many inexpensive charter flights during the high season of March. Check with your favorite online travel resource such as Priceline or Orbitz to find the best deal. When you book your flight, please inform us by email ([email protected]) of your airline and arrival time. We understand that you may book your flight at a much later date than you register, so it’s okay to inform us later. A private transportation company vehicle will meet you and other guests at the airport and whisk you to Dreams Tulum, a 77-mile journey. Price of airport transportation round trip is included in your PrimalCon registration.

      1. I got married at this resort in Tulum. It is AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful there.

  4. That looks gorgeous. I’ll be in Hawaii though. I’ll have to add that place to my list however 🙂

  5. This is fantastic! I just got back from Dreams Tulum this week. I have to say, it’s a great resort, with fantastic (all you can eat) food.

  6. Damn. I want to go but I went on a cruise this year and I still have to pay off my line of credit. If it goes well will you be doing this again? I might be able to afford it in 2015.

  7. So expensive, like everything else.
    For the two of us to go, that’s two weeks lost income from work and four months of house payments.
    Only if we win Publisher’s Clearing House…

  8. I’ve been here. It’s a really great resort. Should be an awesome time!

  9. Mark, something is off with the dates. On the website it says Monday, March 1st, 2014 when March 1st is actually on a Saturday! Let me know if the day or the date is incorrect!

  10. All sounds good except the swimming with dolphins. I am sure you have heard about the conversations going around about dolphins and orcas being in programs or shows of this type. Have you hear about the documentary called Black Fish? Is this something that someone would have to do? Plus is there a price anywhere yet or is that coming later?

    1. The Xel-ha waterpark offers an assortment of fun, exciting water recreational options. Visit the website and you’ll see that as far as waterparks go, this one is pretty darn natural and respectful of the environment. Alas, if you object to the wildlife impact of some of their options, you can opt out of them in favor of something more natural, such as swimming in a cenote. If you are not interested in the Xel-ha and Tulum ruins excursion at all, you can opt out and receive $100 off your PrimalCon registration accordingly. Email [email protected] if you want to opt out of Xel-ha.

  11. Do you control what the kitchens cook and thereby make sure all the food is Primal? I imagine the default menu has lots of non-compliant food (including non-pastured meat, etc.). Thanks for clarifying!

    1. Since we will have a large group at the resort that week, we have consulted with the resort staff on the meal offerings. Dreams Tulum is known particularly for their excellent meals and great variety at five restaurants. The majority of the produce is locally grown since Mexico offers such an ideal climate for year round fresh produce. You can certainly navigate the menus at the various restaurants to find meals that meet your standards and restrictions.

      Alas, since we are not catering this event ourselves, we cannot scrutinize every offering at every restaurant, nor every cooking method. You may even find offensive stuff like dinner rolls shoved in front of you (until the resort staff starts to catch on to the eccentricities of this convention group and their strange eating habits and footwear choices!). As far as food quality, we scrutinized the resort in the most severe manner possible. My wife and I flew down to Dreams Tulum to sample all the food for a few days. We came back with two thumbs up. If it’s good enough for Carrie and me, you’ll likely be very satisfied during your vacation with the food.

      1. Thanks for clarifying and while it all sounds lovely and yummy, with no mention of where the meat is sourced I’ve got to assume it’s not pastured (or even organic commercially raised) chicken / pork or grass-fed beef. I don’t order meat in restaurants unless it meets those standards and even if I’m supposed to be making more exceptions than I do (80% rule and all), 5 days of either eating the wrong kind of meat or just eating salad and veggies just doesn’t feel like a Primal vacation to me. Someone later mentions concerns about staying gluten-free because of the risk of inability to communicate clearly with the wait staff. If there’s no central control of avoiding the wrong oils, and hidden gluten, grains, soy, etc. it sounds stressful. (I know, some of you are saying then don’t go. I get it, but I’m really seeking to clarify if I’ve just been way too strict.) I DO understand how challenging or impossible it might be to accomplish Primal food in an environment like this, but if it’s really OK to eat so many wrong things as long as some local veggies are thrown in the mix then I guess I’ve really been doing the eating part of Primal wrong. Am I alone in this?

        1. You could stick with seafood, which in the Tulum area means stuff that’s caught locally and daily. In the Tulum region in general, locals are very concerned with environmental impact and sustainable practices, particularly when it comes to harvesting seafood. It’s right on the edge of an enormous biosphere preserve so there are very strict government rules in place. And like Mark mentioned, many restaurants in the area focus on locally grown produce as well. Even if you went fully vegetarian for that time period, there would be many more options than just salads. The people of the Yucatan offer exceptional and almost always fresh food.

  12. Maybe my definition of primal is off, but a beach resort is the furthest thing from primal in my eyes. Maybe if it was an uninhabited island where we had to hunt/chase/forage for and cook our own food and be creative in our play to keep ourselves entertained, I could see a Mexican beach in the picture.

    Very disappointed every time I see these elitist primal retreats that take place in concrete, urban jungles with hefty price tags. And don’t say that it’s a focus on ‘primal living in a modern world’. Anyone can take several thousand dollars and say, “I want to eat grass-fed, organic this or that prepared this way for five days.” Most people on this site are not on that kind of budget.

    I can afford the prices, and that’s not the issue. I do, however, refuse to go on principle. For those who are discouraged by the pricing, have no fear. You aren’t missing some ultimate primal experience as marketed as real primal experiences are hard to come by in their entirety.

    If anyone is able to locate a primal gathering in a primal environment, then my entire family would be all over that and you should hit me up ASAP! I live primal in the modern world every day. Offer me something I can’t do at home…

    Just my two cents.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking bro! Hah this isn’t what I would want. If you fun any mountain/woods primal camp sen info my way!

    2. Don’t get me wrong, I love me my luxury resorts. But calling this primal? Just seems like a total disconnect. I like most of the stuff and information that Mark puts out, but I think this is a move in the wrong direction. To me as an outsider this looks like all the primal “gurus” said “Hey, let’s go and have ourselves a nice beach vacation, and have a bunch of other folks finance it. We can throw a couple of talks in”. Maybe that wasn’t the thinking at all, but that’s the impression I’m getting.

      Folks, you can go to a Mexican resort on your own for a fraction of this price tag, and come up with your own “primal play”. That way you’ll skip the talks and have more time to enjoy the outside and your family!

      1. I take exception to the negative comments because the PrimalCon Vacation Tulum appears very clear to be what it is. It seems like a great idea to offer a rugged Primal experience in the woods, but I don’t see how anyone can criticize this vacation offering by comparing it to some hypothetical rugged camping retreat. I think I speak for most MDA readers that dissenting voices are always welcome to comment, but negative commentary should make logical sense. Criticizing a clearly advertised luxury vacation featuring presenters on Primal topics as “not Primal” seems silly. Regarding the pricing, I did some checking and indeed you can book a five-night stay there for less than PrimalCon price, but when you add the stuff they include (airport transfer and trip to water park, and of course getting all the presentations and presenter access), the price certainly seems fair. I recently attended a weekend professional development conference at a crappy hotel (hotel not included, nor meals) that set me back $2,000. This is a pretty solid offering for what appears to be an “education vacation”.

        1. I totally agree with you Pamela. It seems like all things considered, the price seems fair. I remember last year everyone was harping on about the price as well, yet people who were financially able attended it and it seemed like a great time. As for the “luxury” bit not being “primal”, I think the page explained it well enough. It’s a PrimalCon VACATION, aka different from past PrimalCon’s that were more rugged and outdoorsy. This is a new spin on it. I hope I’m able to attend…

    3. I’m a fan of Mark and his page but have to agree with you here.

      I’m mexican, live in Mexico and my business is about 4 hours drive of Tulum. I though to myself, I’ll be there!

      When I first read about Primalcon being in Tulum I thought it’s the perfect place, there’s so much “untouched” nature over there, so much ancient history, access to great fresh food, and even a few eco-resorts that could fit the whole Primal concept, but when I read further, that it’d be in Dreams Tulum, and at those prices I was quite dissapointed.

      I’m curious how many will actually attend, or if the crowd gives Mark a wake up call to return to course by not showing up.


      1. I agree with you. Its expensive and well I just can support this for many reasons.

    4. What??? Spending time in nature, on the beach, in the jungle, snorkeling in the surf, swimming with dolphins, basking in sun, relaxing, destressing, lounging around, hanging out with some awesome people, learning some things from experts from aroudn the world, napping in the afternoon, eating great food… how is that not Primal!!!?

      If you’re idea of Primal is being miserable and dirty on some unsupported camping trip, by all means feel free to rough it on your own.

      Sounds like someone can’t afford this amazing trip and has sour grapes. Haters gonna hate.

      Also, not sure why people assume things like this need to be tailor made for every type of person and every budget. I’m sure many people will have the time of their lives on this trip, and some may not be interested or can’t afford it. No big deal. Sheesh.

        1. +1000

          Wow. I don’t understand the negativity at all.

          I for one can’t wait to put faces to names from the MDA and primal/paleo community come next March!

      1. It’s indeed no big deal, its just debate, its healthy right.

        If Mark’s interested in organizing a more “Primal” getaway down here in Mexico, I’ll be glad to help.

        Finally, when you’re finally down there, don’t forget Tequila is the most “Primal” of spirits (comes from Agave) so be sure to drink a few by the pool, just don’t do shots, you have to sip it!!!

        Have fun!

    5. Man, Chris needs to get off his high horse.

      “elitist primal retreats that take place in concrete, urban jungles with hefty price tags.”

      How is this elitist? Simply because not everyone in the world can afford it? On the price, by the way, it appears it’s about than $2k per person. That’s for 5 nights in tropical paradise, with all food, drinks and excursions covered, and you get to do it with Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf and your tribe, dude! That sounds like a bargain to me.

      Umm. I’m not seeing a concrete, urban jungle in those pics of Tulum. Just… real… jungle…

      “For those who are discouraged by the pricing, have no fear. You aren’t missing some ultimate primal experience as marketed”

      Glad to hear a Chris is an expert on this event PRIOR TO IT EVEN HAPPENING! If the testimonials from past PrimalCons are any indication, this event is going to blow people’s socks off.

      I may have a scheduling conflict but I’m going to do everything I can to make this retreat. Thanks, Mark, for putting this together! Many of us appreciate all the work you do to further the Primal message, and help and bring people together. Grok on!

      1. Thank you for assuming I am an expert on this event, but Mark has not invited me to speak at any of them so I doubt it. Some people think they need to describe to the dissenters here what an all-inclusive resort is…it’s pretty self-explanatory. Been there, done that…miles from primal in my opinion no matter what you eat and who you are with. As someone who follows the Primal Blueprint (as does my wife and son) this does not sound like a “magnificent Primal experience”. “Proper vacation” to most, yes. But the former it is not, at least in my opinion along with the obvious others.

        The word “experience” comes from a Latin word that means “to try”. The word “experiment” comes from the same origin. I will re-state my same opinion above…this offering does not sound like a magnificent primal experience; it is just a vacation.

        Yes, it is elitist. Technically anything with a price tag and in a location not accessible to all fits the definition of being elite or elitist. Being that there are followers all over the world, there’s no location that can be chosen that would not eventually hamper some from attending who may otherwise want to do so…that money all adds up for everyone and eventually everyone hits their limit on what they can spend.

        My comment is not negative and I am not downplaying the connections that can be made with others at events like this (no matter what the topic or clientele). I offered the criticism that this is being marketed as a primal experience and I still believe that just calling it primal resort vacation would be more accurate as it does not fit my definition of an experience that I feel would be very “primal”.

        I did go too far with “concrete jungle” as I have never been to this specific resort personally, but that doesn’t change my outlook on what kind of experience the environment will be. I am going sailing in a couple months with my family to several islands in the Southern Caribbean. We are still going to eat, play, and work out primally while on this trip, but I would never in a million years tell anyone I am going to be on a primal experience because I will be sleeping in a comfy cabin on the boat, our meals will be prepared by fancy chefs, and there will be snorkeling and other fun things to do. We are on vacation and will continue to live primally as we do here at home regardless of the locale.

        Vacations are easy to do; even primal ones. Some of us want a real primal experience, which as I said earlier would be an enormous task and take quite some planning and the perfect location. I would pay thousands for that, but not for this.

        1. Chris –

          I appreciate this response, particularly because I’ve said things on the Net that don’t always come out right the first time. 🙂

          For what it’s worth, I agree with you. And it *maybe* that Mr. S agrees with you too, because the wording of the post as I read it at this time involves a whole lot of the word “vacation”, rather than “experience.” (Obviously I can’t crawl into his head.)

          This conference does look to be an excellent way to meet with like minded people who are into primal living. And it looks like a lot of fun. But ultimately it’s a modern luxury vacation at a Mexican resort that I can easily replicate at any time if I’m willing to forgo the meeting of the people part.

          And for me personally, I don’t have thousands of dollars of fun at those anymore. I don’t know when I got to that point, but $4K + airfare (the cost for both of us to go) would get me upgrades to my house or a whole summer’s worth of traveling the country.

          5 days of nice meals and tropical beaches in March does sound very appealing. But having had those experiences a few times, I’ve found I’m almost always wishing found I had the money back for something that could improve my life daily or lasted longer.

          Ultimately, if it’s just about nice meals, I live in an urban enough area that I could eat out at nice restaurants every evening for a full week for a fraction of that cost. I can replicate the beach experience by putting on a bathing suit, dumping sand and seawater into it, and then looking around for A/C and a shower. 🙂

          I do totally understand that luxury vacations are YMMV point. But if I had a few thousand to attend any conference, it would be more about a unique experience or exploration about primal living rather then a Mexican resort vacation package.

        2. I think there’s a big difference between “primal” and “primitive.” While I agree with you on many points (this is a vacation that not everyone can afford, it’s at a resort destination that is pretty much the most built out hotel in the entire Tulum area, it may be difficult to be fully primal when surrounded by all-inclusive style food and drink options), but the tagline for this website is actually “primal living in the modern world.” I don’t think there’s anything specific to a primal lifestyle that precludes spending a little money every once in a while and indulging in some frivolous play to help de-stress. The area around Tulum is filled with natural beauty and has plenty of opportunities for connecting with nature, despite a growing tourist trade. I think it would be possible to sleep at the resort, attend the scheduled events that appeal to you, and then get out and away to experience some of Mexico’s finest protected natural beauty. Even many of the coral reefs are part of the protected National Parks system so you have to pay an entrance fee and wear a wrist band even to snorkel or scuba dive. Eco-tourism is a big part of the economy there, so the residents are heavily involved in helping keep things as untouched as possible. There are actually restrictions on the kind of sunscreen you can wear while swimming in protected areas. So despite the fact that Dreams is a little touristy and expensive, this part Quintana Roo is still a really special place. But get there soon if you want to (there are many places far cheaper than Dreams) because I have heard that they are putting in an international airport that will probably turn Tulum into a second Cancun, which would be a shame on many levels (although probably an economic boost for the area).

  13. OMG I would adore this trip. Adore it!!! I am going to look into it. Cannot guarantee anything because my schedule is constantly changing but this would be phenomenal!

  14. Will there be any primal focus on the food? Any of it local?

  15. I’m looking for a roommate or two to share a room with! Find me in the forums if you’re interested!

  16. Please do one PrimalCon for us europeans too soon! Like in France or maybe Spain! There is no chance I can afford to go to Mexico or America!

    1. +1 it would be great if Mark came to europe. I’m from Poland so the closer to it the better.

  17. This makes me sad since we are still paying off the Hawaii trip we took in May. I think being all inclusive, it’s probably cheaper too! Wonder if I can talk DH into it anyway 🙂

  18. I got all excited until I saw the price. Will there be a day pass available? I live in Merida and I could bus down and stay in my friend’s Akumal condo for free. I would love to attend at least one conference. I would think since March is the worst time of year to visit (very high heat and humidity) there would be off season rates? July is much nicer.

  19. Okay folks, I’ve put this off for far too long. Going primal tomorrow and staying primal for 30 days. (Hopefully just keep going after that.) Give me some encouragement!

    1. That’s awesome Quentin! Good luck!! Let us know how it goes (:

      As for the PrimalCon, it sounds like a blast! The resort looks gorgeous. I really don’t see what all the hubbub over it ‘not being Primal’ is about. De-stressing, enjoying time outdoors, and building community are all very Primal, and if you don’t agree, then don’t go.

      Plus, since Mark created the term ‘Primal,’ technically anything he says is Primal is automatically Primal. Bam.

      1. It’s worth it, Quentin. Your life goes up from here!

        Alyssa, first known origins of the word ‘primal’ date all the way back to 1602…way before Mark’s time. And in 1970 a man trademarked the term ‘Primal’ with the US Patent Office and then proceeded to sue people for using it. In 1978 the registration was cancelled. The term can be used by anyone freely.

        1. Huh, that’s interesting! I guess what I meant was that when the word ‘primal’ is used either on this website or in similar places online, it usually means ‘consistent with the Primal Blueprint,’ which is Mark’s creation. That’s how I took it to mean in the context of this post.

          But I definitely agree that this vacation doesn’t fit the more general definition of ‘primal,’ so I can see your point.

  20. This looks amazing! I really wish I could go, but I don’t think I’ll be able to. Please say you’ll do this again another year!

    1. Hey, Todd!

      We expect to sell this event to capacity at around 275-300 people (depends on double or single occupancy selections). I hope to see you there!

      If anyone reading this is on a budget, we expect the lower priced garden view rooms to sell out quickly, so please commit early to secure the best value.

  21. Are meals included and if so, will there be nut-free options available (allergies!)?

  22. Mark I’ve been wanting to go to one of you Primal Vacations since I became primal myself and lost over 100 lbs, Now that you come closer to me (I live 20 miles north of the hotel) I think I would go and have a Vacation very close to home (no airtrip) just a short drive.
    Just would skip the transportation and the Xel-Ha and Tulum tours, I hope there is a refund for that?
    Hasta la vista Grok!!!!!

  23. Looks beautiful! Unfortunately Lyme and MS are not hot weather friendly illnesses. 🙁

  24. Are the resort restaurants well versed in GF? We were at another Mexican resort and they weren’t so good.

    1. I was at a resort in Tulum a few years ago with a vegetarian, who told the wait staff “no carne” at every meal, but the concept seemed foreign and they took it to mean no great hunks of meat. I’d be concerned about staying gluten free.

  25. Great idea, but I’m not much of a sunny beach person. It would be fun to go on vacation with a primal group. If you do this in the Pacific NW and plan kayaking, hiking, exploring the temperate rain forest, connecting with thousands of year old trees….maybe even sleeping in them….eating fresh oysters and fresh caught fish….I’m there. But I’m going to skip the Mexico invitation.

    1. Some of the most amazing kayaking in the world can be done around Tulum and points south. There’s an entire biosphere preserve with lagoons and wetlands with amazing flora and fauna. You don’t need to sit in a beach chair the entire time. There’s also a ton of pre-Columbian archaeology with guided tours available in multiple languages. There are also freshwater pools called cenotes where you can swim in cool,deep limestone caves and pools that are all interconnected through underground passages. If you’re lucky you might even see a manatee. Look up Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve for more info. The weather may be a little different than the Northwest Pacific, but the natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor adventure are all there.

  26. I don’t think all this luxury is very primal. I would prefer something more simple, close to nature where I could learn about how to survive, edible plants and so on.
    And please don’t throw the jealousy card people. It’s not always about that.

    1. I like this idea! I envision a ‘working’ vacation, maybe on a small farm, harvesting veggies and seeing what it takes to raise animals for food. Waking up early in the morning to birds chirping, sittting around a campfire at night relaxing. Walks in the woods with a botanist, learning about how to find edibles.

  27. Not sure if it has already been mentioned, but if you team up with a roomie, how much is the discount as opposed to staying in a single room by yourself? Just split the cost 2 ways or is it like a 15-25% discount per person?

    1. This sounds great overall, but I have been to Xei-Ha, and it is really more for kids. Your choices are to float around on a tube in a slow moving river, a little swimming in the River, or walking around a path of decent, but not spectacular scenery, basically. Its not awful, but I would definitely not pay to go there again.

      The dolphin swimming was in a rather small pool area, too, and was not available on the day I was there – I have no idea how the dolphins are treated, but, well, it just didn’t seem quite how I would like to see Dolphins treated. Overall, I would recommend that Mark and the Primal folks look for another day excursion – the ruins at Tulum are great, but skip Xei-Ha.

      I don’t like being negative at MDA, so I want to make it clear that overall, this looks great. I just want to give my opinion, having been to Xei-Ha.

    2. If you click the drop down option on the order page, you’ll see the prices for all those options. 3 people in the ‘cheap’ room is still $1645 each

  28. Is it imposable to attend the seminars and events for a fee and stay elsewhere? There are alternative sleeping options in Tulum.

  29. I love Tulum! It’s about 8-9 hour drive from our house (in Belize). I love to drive up there and take time, hit Lake Bacalar on the way and go kayaking in it’s lovely clear waters. Plus Tulum totally rocks! Lots of things to do in the area

  30. We got married at this resort, too! In 2008. It’s amazing! Wish we could go – the budget just doesn’t permit.

  31. Can I get a head count of single, primal female before I sign up? 😉

  32. I sure hope you host this again in 2015. We can’t make it this go round but will surely be planning for the next one. And I love that its kid friendly. Most of us with families try to make our whole clan as primal as possible. It would certainly be nice being around like minded folk and not having to explain why my kids aren’t eating Cheetos and drinking Capri Sun.

  33. This vacation sounds amazing. My only reservation, I’ve seen many videos of the resort. I’ve noticed that the majority of Mark’s guests are around 30 years of age. I recently started reading all of Mark’s books. I need to lose around 50 lbs. I am 50ish and husband 60ish. Are we going to be out of place?