2023 Keto Month Challenge

Mark stands smiling with arms crossed. Text reads Keto Month, Go Keto the Primal Way

Maybe you’ve heard all the buzz about keto, and you’re finally ready to try it for yourself.

Or maybe you used to do keto and loved the benefits, but the holidays/work/life have gotten you off track?

Perhaps you want to explore the metabolic flexibility that comes from being an efficient fat- and ketone-burning machine?

Whatever your reason for joining Keto Month, we’re glad you’re here.


Welcome to Keto Month


Frequently Asked Questions About Keto Month


What is Keto Month?

Keto Month is a month-long event dedicated to helping you go keto the Primal way. You’ll get the support of Mark and the Mark’s Daily Apple community as you build metabolic flexibility through a low-carb way of eating, plus lifestyle habits that support your goals.


What’s included in Keto Month?

Here’s what you’ll get when you signup:

– ONE MONTH of daily emails to keep you on track and motivated
– Primal Foundations ebook to build good Primal habits
– Primal Eating Quickstart Guide + Meal Planner
– Primal Movement Manual + Workout Calendar
– Community support
– Live Q&As
– Exclusive discounts on your favorite Primal Kitchen products


How do I sign up for Keto Month?

Enter your email in the box above, and you’ll be automatically signed up. (If you do not currently receive Mark’s Daily Apple emails, you will get an email asking you to confirm your subscription.)


When will I receive emails for Keto Month?

You will receive an email shortly after signing up that contains information to read to prepare for Keto Month. Look for the Day 1 email from us the following evening.  Read it to prepare for the next day – your official first day of Keto Month!


Can I signup for Keto Month after early January?

Yes! Keto Month is designed to help support your goals no matter what point in the year you begin.


What happens if I accidentally unsubscribe from Keto Month emails?

If at any point you wish to stop receiving Keto Month emails, you may unsubscribe directly from your last email. However, if you later wish to rejoin Keto Month, we recommend you sign up with a new email using the above signup form. This will start you from the beginning of Keto Month. We are unable to adjust where you are in the sequence.


Remember, you can do anything for a month!