Jicama, Carrots and Raspberries in a Thyme Dressing

Mark’s daily salad is so good that it’s easy to eat it every single day of the year. But it’s nice to change things up from time to time, so with the Primal Challenge in mind I wanted to share a rustic salad recipe that’s both tasty and uncomplicated. I frequently use it as an alternative to the Big Ass Salad. This salad is not “technically” a salad in the conventional way, as it contains no leafy greens, but it’s easy to put together and complements most poultry and seafood. The dish itself would also make a great midday snack.

The recipe starts with with healthy fats. Extra virgin olive oil and pine nuts are the central sources of nourishment, while fresh thyme gives the salad added flavor and aromatic oils. The raspberries, which are optional, add a delicious tartness. If you can get your hands on a fresh handful to throw in, it’ll be worth it, especially with the lime juice spritzed on top. Jicama, in all its wonderful versatility, provides crispness to the mixture that reminds me of kohlrabi or cucumber, but more satisfying.

A tip about using herbs: Chopping herbs can bruise them, so rather than use a kitchen knife for the garnish, small kitchen scissors should be used to snip the fluffy leaves (if you don’t have kitchen scissors use sewing scissors). Or just pluck them off by hand. Sprinkle small leaves liberally over the final dish and enjoy this nutrient-packed component to your daily Primal routine.

How’s that for a twist on a daily salad?


½ jicama, peeled and diced
5 sprigs fresh thyme
3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Pine nuts
Carrots, diced
Fresh lime
Raspberries (optional)


To make the thyme-infused olive oil, pour oil into a glass container (or bowl) and add thyme sprigs, allowing enough time for flavors to blend (approximately 30 minutes minimum, longer = stronger)

In medium bowl, mix jicama and carrots together, adding raspberries if desired.

Sprinkle with leaves of fresh thyme and pine nuts. Spritz with fresh lime juice and oil as desired, mixing ingredients together with a fork. Serves one.

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