It’s Not a Fad! How Primal Helped Me Maintain Long Term Weight Loss

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. In fact, I have a contest going right now. So if you have a story to share, no matter how big or how small, you’ll be in the running to win a big prize. Read more here.

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My story begins quite a while back (the year 2000, let’s say) when I was in my mid-twenties. I had been pudgy since adolescence, and my diet was mostly junk paired with inactivity. Before I cleaned up my diet, I was eating 2 toaster pastries (over 400 calories) or a giant bowl of cereal with milk for breakfast, a fast food meal of a 1/4 pound burger (510) and medium sized fries (380 cals) with a large diet coke for lunch, and then having a small fast food chocolate shake (nearly 500 cals) for dinner most days and maybe something else that evening if I got hungry. I never exercised. I actually avoided moving and went out of my way to not sweat.

Fast forward to 2007 or 2008, and I heard about Mark through the “webvine”… not sure where you got mentioned on another website, but I stumbled across Mark’s Daily Apple and I even, get this…SUBSCRIBED to your newsletter.

But, I didn’t go Primal right away. In fact, I yo-yo’ed a few more times, up and down 25 or 30 pounds. Still refused to see the light. Didn’t want or think I could give up bread. Did you see Oprah and her Weight Watchers commercial? You know, the “I LOVE BREAD” one? Well, that was me. I was afraid of failing. Again. However, think I was really more afraid of success. I thought to myself, “Well, you have tried everything else, what have you got to lose?” I was topping out at about 153 pounds, by the way, and up to about a size 10 or 12.

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So finally in 2011, I threw out all the wheat and processed food in my house and began to use things like lettuce in place of buns or bread and even cut out potatoes completely for a while. I noticed results immediately, and by the end of June, I was down to 118 (and a size 2). It inspired me to try and help others and I started a website called My niche for the site is food, wine and travel, but I post Paleo and Primal recipes on the site and offer up restaurant suggestions for people who maintain a gluten free lifestyle.

I also found my partner Andy in 2011 and the luckiest thing is that he was already also Paleo. Unbelievable at a time when it had not been mentioned much on Dr. Oz or in the media as a “fad.” We are still together 5 years later because a couple that Paleos together, stays together!!

I am writing to you so that others can see what I have been through and realize they can do this, too. (Oh yeah, and there’s the contest I should win, too). We all have days that are stressful and sometimes we eat to “feel” our emotions instead of “fill” our stomachs. There are days when it sucks to get up early and workout. But the point of Paleo and Primal is not one isolated day, but a lifetime of a way of eating and moving. If you have a bad day, suck it up and move on! This is NOT a fad. Paleo is for life. I have maintained my weight loss within 5 pounds or so and now wear a 2 or 4. I workout every day in some way. I eat mostly plants with a little meat thrown in to make me strong. My body and mind are so balanced because of what I consume.

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I hope Andy and I can eventually meet Mark so I can shake the hand of the person who taught me a few things to get the train back on track.

Thank you, Mark and the staff at Mark’s Daily Apple.

Kristy DeVaney


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  1. Good job, Kristy. No, Paleo/Primal isn’t a fad. That people would still even think so shows how far we, as a society, have drifted away from healthy eating. I think one of the biggest stumbling blocks for disbelievers is wheat. It’s long been considered healthful, biblical, the staff of life, etc. Mark does a good job of explaining why that’s no longer true.

  2. Kristy, congrats on all of your successes! I think it’s great you stated your mind AND body are balanced by the foods you’re consuming. You’re a great ambassador for the primal lifestyle.

  3. Kristy, congrats!!! You look amazing and you are loving life. So this is definitely not a fad! Wishing you continued success!

  4. That smile is something else! Congratulations to you. You look amazing, but most importantly, you look like you FEEL amazing! Another great story to inspire –

  5. Kristy you can light your whole county with your smile :-), congratulations
    And your tray of food made me very hungry!

  6. Nice work!!! I hope to write a success story one day. I was primal for several years and got blindsided with some stress that is out of my control so it upset my sleep, wore out my adrenal glands and I gained some fat around my middle without eating any differently. Frustrating to say the least, I’m working on getting my adrenal gland to heal and hopefully get some sleep as a result of some changes in my life.
    Sadly I’m glad I didn’t give away ALL my “fat” clothes because although I may still LGN with the 15 extra pounds, I’m not really comfortable walking around out in public that way

  7. Nice work, Kristy! It’s wonderful to see how vibrant and happy you are through your primal journey. It’s hard to think of real, unprocessed food consumption as being a fad. Thank you for sharing your story to inspire the rest of us!

  8. Hi Kristy. Sacramento is a good place to do Paleo. Lots of nearby nature to explore and lots of food options, including our huge new Natural Foods Co-op.

  9. Awesome and inspirational story Kristy!

    A common theme among those who become serious about transforming themselves is an epiphany takes place and instead of “dipping their toes into the water” they take the plunge and throw out all of the refined carbs and processed food in their pantry. At the risk of sounding “new age” LOL, that sends a message to the universe (and your brain) that you mean business.

  10. Congratulations on finding and living the primal life, Kristy. You look and sound great!

  11. You look very happy and healthy. A quick look at your blog shows all sorts of delicious food.

  12. Wow! Thank you everyone for all your kind words! It’s wonderful to see such positive and uplifting statements on the internet these days. Good luck to all of you wherever you are in your Paleo/Primal journey! And thank heavens for the guru Mark Sisson. GROK ON 🙂 🙂 🙂