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Introducing The South Asian Health Solution

On behalf of the author and the entire staff at Primal Blueprint Publishing [1], I’m pleased to announce the release of The South Asian Health Solution [2], by Dr. Ronesh Sinha [3]. South Asians are some of the most sedentary, insulin resistant people on the planet, making India a global capital for conditions like diabetes and heart disease, with heart attack onset often significantly earlier in the 3rd or 4th decade of life. Dr. Sinha’s unique ancestral health-based wellness approach to achieving success in this very high risk population can be applied not only to South Asians living in India, the United States and across the world, but to individuals from any ethnic background. Dr. Sinha is an internal medicine physician in California’s Silicon Valley. He sees high-risk South Asian patients and runs education and wellness programs for big name corporate clients like Oracle, Yahoo!, and Genentech to name a few. He has taken patients from diverse ethnic backgrounds out of the high-risk, high body mass category and helped them reverse disease risk factors without medications.

As a member of the mainstream medical community, Dr. Sinha is playing an important role in gaining respect and credibility for the Primal approach to reversing heart disease and metabolic disease risk factors. For the naysayers that he encounters among his brethren, he simply has to pull out lab reports that show shocking improvement in blood risk factor numbers in patients who he treats primarily with dietary and lifestyle modification techniques instead of the usual blanket medication strategy. In 2013, he was a co-recipient of the Silicon Valley Business Journal with a prestigious Excellence in Healthcare award. This past September he was invited to give his first TEDx talk on culturally tailored health and healthy apps and has been invited back for a 2nd TEDx appearance this May.

We first came in contact with “Dr. Ron” at a Primal Blueprint Transformation Seminar in the Bay Area back in 2012. Ron and his wife Shally (a pediatrician who treats childhood obesity and was a contributor to the book) were in the audience and made an impression on presenter Brad Kearns with their pointed questions and insightful commentary about their real-life experiences with the danger and destruction caused by the Standard American Diet, and the success of people transitioning to a Primal approach.

As a presenter at PrimalCon Lake Tahoe, I’m not kidding when I say Dr. Ron absolutely rocked the house with his lively discussion of heart health, the medically supported benefits of Primal eating and living, and general question and answer banter. Ron’s enthusiastic personality shines through in this book; it’s an easy read filled with colorful analogies designed to help you understand – and remember – complex medical terminology and metabolic processes. It even has a special section at the end of each chapter for physicians and allied health professionals on how to implement effective lifestyle strategies for patients and clients.

Dr. Ron commented about his target audience, “This book helps readers from culturally diverse backgrounds find their own unique path to optimal health while respecting their traditions, including modified sections to help vegetarians reach their goals. The South Asian audience reflects a population who is highly educated and highly productive, but surprisingly uninformed about healthy eating and lifestyle habits. This is particularly apparent in prevailing cultural trends such as intense academic experiences for children with insufficient attention and respect for fitness efforts and outdoor play. The Primal Blueprint principles have changed my life – while diligently adhering to a US government-recommended heart-healthy low fat diet and daily exercise I unexpectedly developed metabolic syndrome and found this same standard advice to be ineffective and even harmful to many of my patients. This book is the culmination of extensive research and experience in the clinic and during highly successful wellness programs that have blended the best of modern medicine and ancestral health practices to change the lives of readers from all walks of life.

Some key topics covered in the book include:

Read an excerpt of The South Asian Health Solution:

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I teamed up with Dr. Sinha to bring you this book because I believe the knowledge he has to share can be truly life-changing, regardless of your cultural background. So, per Mark’s Daily Apple tradition, and because I want you to have a copy of this important book, I’ve put together a special limited-time offer for this book release. It expires on Wednesday, March 12, 11:59 pm PST. This special offer is a two-parter:

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