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Introducing The Primal Connection

UPDATE: The limited-time bonus offer presented in the following article has expired. Thanks to everyone that ordered a copy during release week!

I’m pleased to announce the release of The Primal Connection [1]. Three years in the making, this new book explores the assorted genetic disconnects inherent in hectic modern life and how to correct them. As friends and colleagues within the ancestral community have so generously described, The Primal Connection offers a fresh perspective and an extension of the evolutionary health theme outside the basics of diet and exercise for the first time.

Like The Primal BlueprintThe Primal Connection [1] is both a culmination and expansion of principles I’ve first introduced here on MDA. It picks up where The Primal Blueprint left off. In it I describe a comprehensive plan to overcome the flawed mentality and hectic pace of high-tech, modern life and reprogram your genes to become joyful, care-free, and at peace with the present. Inherent to The Primal Connection is the concept that we can use the model of our ancestors to create not just a healthier physical existence but also a more balanced and fulfilling life. My hope is that upon reading it you’ll emerge with a renewed appreciation for the simple pleasures of life, and our most precious gifts of time, health, and love.

Just as I like to do for all of my book releases, I have something special put together for devoted Mark’s Daily Apple readers. Below you’ll find a limited-time (just two days!) bonus offer. But before we get to that, here’s a little more about the book…

If you are diligently adhering to the evolutionary model of what to put in your mouth and how to exercise, you have sufficient momentum to create a deeper and more fulfilling connection with your genetic expectations for health, happiness, and wellbeing. The Primal Connection is about not resting on your laurels, but rather directing existing Primal momentum that you have into intangible, esoteric topics such as your thoughts and interpersonal relationships. Yep, our evolutionary history also shaped our “best practices” for thinking, socializing, touching, feeling, and experiencing the world. By paying attention to and learning from our ancestor’s social and mental “environments,” we can apply those lessons to the modern day and become happier, healthier, more productive, and more fulfilled as a result.

During the writing journey, it was wonderful to realize how many academics and scientists are devoting their life’s work to the topics that we banter about on Mark’s Daily Apple and in the larger community. For example, Stuart Brown [2], the world’s leading scholar on play. Or microbiology and immunology expert Mary Ruebush [3], who explains how being in contact with dirt (gardening, playing with kids, doing those crazy-popular mud runs) and relaxing our hygiene standards in general (time to ditch the antibacterial wipes!) can improve mood and immune function. Or Michael McCullough [4], who talks about the evolutionary underpinnings of our instinct, and need, to forgive and move on.

I cite other experts on silence (yes, three of them actually!), attention restoration through nature experiences, sleep and circadian rhythm, vitamin D and sun exposure, neuro-plasticity (keeping the brain sharp and nimble. Hint: exercise and spending time in nature help!) – all referencing the evolutionary example to describe what makes us operate optimally today. While my editors and I tried to make this book a fun and breezy read, it is steeped in the science of what I call “feelgood hormones”. Our genetically optimal behaviors stimulate the release of mood and performance-elevating hormones into the bloodstream, giving us the feedback on a cellular level that drives us to repeat these behaviors, and avoid behaviors that lack the feelgood component. For example, rushing off to a crowded mall on the heels of a stressful workday to finish your holiday shopping will leave you devoid of any feelgood component and awash in catabolic stress hormones. Is this what the holidays should be about – a cortisol bath? We know better on occasions like these (me, I prefer holiday shopping on Amazon Prime in the comfort of my office!), but sometimes we lack the roadmap, the discipline, or the motivation to act in our best interests. On the topic of feelgood hormones, it should also be noted that since we are no longer under the influence of life or death selection pressure, we must apply high level reasoning to our genetic instincts so that we act in our best long-term interests. Tiger Woods’s genetically-driven misbehavior that cost him dearly is a poignant example of how the realities and conventions of modern life are at odds with our still primitive hard-wiring, and how perilous it is to ignore this truth.

The connections in the book are organized into six categories as follows:

The Primal Connection [1] allows you to have it all; you’ll honor your ancient genetic recipe for health while still enjoying the comfort and convenience of modern life.

While I talked about Primal enthusiasts building momentum from having the basics wired, this book is also ideal for a general audience person who may not have any exposure to ancestral diet and exercise principles, and is simply interested in navigating the stresses and disconnects of hectic modern life. In the early pages, I emphasize how helpful it is to start this journey after ditching grains and avoiding chronic exercise, but this book is definitely for everyone. And for the masses of potential readers who aren’t quite devoted fitness enthusiasts, I believe The Primal Connection [1] could be the best catalyst to date to help take the Ancestral Health Movement mainstream. I urge you to do your part to transform lives by getting this baby on the New York Times bestseller list right away, for this is an event that creates tremendous leverage and additional mainstream interest in the book, and in the movement as a whole. I need your help to do that, so I’m offering some fantastic free gifts for this urgent promotion that expires on Thursday, Jan. 10, 11:59 pm PST Sunday, Jan. 13, 11:59 pm PST.

The Primal Connection Bonus Giveaway

UPDATE: The limited-time bonus offer presented in this article has expired. Thanks to everyone that ordered a copy during release week!

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I’ve been a long-time supporter of Esther [10] and the work she does helping people correct years of poor standing, sitting and walking techniques. So much so that I asked her to come to the inaugural PrimalCon some years back, and I discuss her methodology in The Primal Connection [1]. Anyone that’s been to PrimalCon and has sat through one of Esther’s or her daughters’ presentations knows how valuable this information is. Whether you have back pain or not, the Gokhale method is an invaluable resource that teaches us how to re-establish our body’s structural integrity and live a pain-free life. Order 3 or more copies of The Primal Connection [1] and I’ll send you a password to a special page where you can stream and watch the video online.

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UPDATE: The limited-time bonus offer presented in this article has expired. Thanks to everyone that ordered a copy during release week!

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