January 08 2013

Introducing The Primal Connection

By Mark Sisson

The Primal ConnectionUPDATE: The limited-time bonus offer presented in the following article has expired. Thanks to everyone that ordered a copy during release week!

I’m pleased to announce the release of The Primal Connection. Three years in the making, this new book explores the assorted genetic disconnects inherent in hectic modern life and how to correct them. As friends and colleagues within the ancestral community have so generously described, The Primal Connection offers a fresh perspective and an extension of the evolutionary health theme outside the basics of diet and exercise for the first time.

Like The Primal BlueprintThe Primal Connection is both a culmination and expansion of principles I’ve first introduced here on MDA. It picks up where The Primal Blueprint left off. In it I describe a comprehensive plan to overcome the flawed mentality and hectic pace of high-tech, modern life and reprogram your genes to become joyful, care-free, and at peace with the present. Inherent to The Primal Connection is the concept that we can use the model of our ancestors to create not just a healthier physical existence but also a more balanced and fulfilling life. My hope is that upon reading it you’ll emerge with a renewed appreciation for the simple pleasures of life, and our most precious gifts of time, health, and love.

Just as I like to do for all of my book releases, I have something special put together for devoted Mark’s Daily Apple readers. Below you’ll find a limited-time (just two days!) bonus offer. But before we get to that, here’s a little more about the book…

If you are diligently adhering to the evolutionary model of what to put in your mouth and how to exercise, you have sufficient momentum to create a deeper and more fulfilling connection with your genetic expectations for health, happiness, and wellbeing. The Primal Connection is about not resting on your laurels, but rather directing existing Primal momentum that you have into intangible, esoteric topics such as your thoughts and interpersonal relationships. Yep, our evolutionary history also shaped our “best practices” for thinking, socializing, touching, feeling, and experiencing the world. By paying attention to and learning from our ancestor’s social and mental “environments,” we can apply those lessons to the modern day and become happier, healthier, more productive, and more fulfilled as a result.

During the writing journey, it was wonderful to realize how many academics and scientists are devoting their life’s work to the topics that we banter about on Mark’s Daily Apple and in the larger community. For example, Stuart Brown, the world’s leading scholar on play. Or microbiology and immunology expert Mary Ruebush, who explains how being in contact with dirt (gardening, playing with kids, doing those crazy-popular mud runs) and relaxing our hygiene standards in general (time to ditch the antibacterial wipes!) can improve mood and immune function. Or Michael McCullough, who talks about the evolutionary underpinnings of our instinct, and need, to forgive and move on.

I cite other experts on silence (yes, three of them actually!), attention restoration through nature experiences, sleep and circadian rhythm, vitamin D and sun exposure, neuro-plasticity (keeping the brain sharp and nimble. Hint: exercise and spending time in nature help!) – all referencing the evolutionary example to describe what makes us operate optimally today. While my editors and I tried to make this book a fun and breezy read, it is steeped in the science of what I call “feelgood hormones”. Our genetically optimal behaviors stimulate the release of mood and performance-elevating hormones into the bloodstream, giving us the feedback on a cellular level that drives us to repeat these behaviors, and avoid behaviors that lack the feelgood component. For example, rushing off to a crowded mall on the heels of a stressful workday to finish your holiday shopping will leave you devoid of any feelgood component and awash in catabolic stress hormones. Is this what the holidays should be about – a cortisol bath? We know better on occasions like these (me, I prefer holiday shopping on Amazon Prime in the comfort of my office!), but sometimes we lack the roadmap, the discipline, or the motivation to act in our best interests. On the topic of feelgood hormones, it should also be noted that since we are no longer under the influence of life or death selection pressure, we must apply high level reasoning to our genetic instincts so that we act in our best long-term interests. Tiger Woods’s genetically-driven misbehavior that cost him dearly is a poignant example of how the realities and conventions of modern life are at odds with our still primitive hard-wiring, and how perilous it is to ignore this truth.

The connections in the book are organized into six categories as follows:

  • Inner Dialogue: Reject self-doubt and gain mastery over your thoughts and actions by following the 10 Habits of Highly Successful Hunter-Gatherers.
  • Body: Rediscover the pleasure of touch. Rethink footwear to cure foot and back pain; learn correct posture and biomechanics, maybe for the first time ever!
  • Nature: Relieve stress at the biochemical level simply by immersing yourself in pleasant natural surroundings – anywhere, even if you are city-bound.
  • Daily Rhythm: Prioritize healthful sleep habits, wholesome diversions, solitary downtime, and limit technology to remain focused, creative, and productive.
  • Social: Withstand the pull of instant gratifications and narrow your social circle to honor real-life friends over Facebook. Build a supportive and nurturing tribe.
  • Play: Rediscover your innate cravings for daily doses of spontaneous, physical fun! Finally understand the true meanings of pleasure and leisure.

The Primal Connection allows you to have it all; you’ll honor your ancient genetic recipe for health while still enjoying the comfort and convenience of modern life.

While I talked about Primal enthusiasts building momentum from having the basics wired, this book is also ideal for a general audience person who may not have any exposure to ancestral diet and exercise principles, and is simply interested in navigating the stresses and disconnects of hectic modern life. In the early pages, I emphasize how helpful it is to start this journey after ditching grains and avoiding chronic exercise, but this book is definitely for everyone. And for the masses of potential readers who aren’t quite devoted fitness enthusiasts, I believe The Primal Connection could be the best catalyst to date to help take the Ancestral Health Movement mainstream. I urge you to do your part to transform lives by getting this baby on the New York Times bestseller list right away, for this is an event that creates tremendous leverage and additional mainstream interest in the book, and in the movement as a whole. I need your help to do that, so I’m offering some fantastic free gifts for this urgent promotion that expires on Thursday, Jan. 10, 11:59 pm PST Sunday, Jan. 13, 11:59 pm PST.

The Primal Connection Bonus Giveaway

UPDATE: The limited-time bonus offer presented in this article has expired. Thanks to everyone that ordered a copy during release week!

Here’s how it works:

Order one or more copies of The Primal Connection from any retail location (online or brick and mortar) in any format (physical or digital) between now and January 10, 11:59 PST January 13, 11:59 PST, and you’ll receive one or more bonus items as a token of my appreciation. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Pick one of the two bonus package below
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  3. Send me a copy of your receipt through one of the special online forms

See the instructions and fine print below for further details.

BONUS PACKAGE #1: Order 1 Copy and You Get…

Exclusive access to my PaleoFx Seminar Presentation: In this 1-hour video recorded in Austin, Texas in March of last year at the PaleoFX symposium, I discuss how there are no right or wrong decisions in your Primal journey, only choices. I explore how to customize the Primal lifestyle to address your own unique health circumstances using self-experimentation methods. Also included is a lively Q&A session with the audience. This video isn’t available anywhere else. Order one copy of The Primal Connection and I’ll send you a password to a special page where you can stream and watch the video online.

Here’s a highlight reel to give you taste of what the presentation is all about:

BONUS PACKAGE #1 Instructions:

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Exclusive access to the PaleoFx Seminar Presentation highlighted above PLUS…

Image of the Primal Posture DVD preview

Access to a video presentation from posture specialist Esther Gokhale:

In a 15-minute preview of the Primal Posture Solution DVD you’ll receive extensive instruction on stretchsitting and the inner corset (two major components of Esther’s program), as well as a rich introduction into the theory behind the Gokhale method.

I’ve been a long-time supporter of Esther and the work she does helping people correct years of poor standing, sitting and walking techniques. So much so that I asked her to come to the inaugural PrimalCon some years back, and I discuss her methodology in The Primal Connection. Anyone that’s been to PrimalCon and has sat through one of Esther’s or her daughters’ presentations knows how valuable this information is. Whether you have back pain or not, the Gokhale method is an invaluable resource that teaches us how to re-establish our body’s structural integrity and live a pain-free life. Order 3 or more copies of The Primal Connection and I’ll send you a password to a special page where you can stream and watch the video online.

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BONUS PACKAGE #2 Instructions:

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Many thanks to everyone that purchases one ore more copies of The Primal Connection in the next couple days. I appreciate your support and hope that this new book will touch your lives just as Mark’s Daily Apple and The Primal Blueprint may have in the past. Grok on!

UPDATE: The limited-time bonus offer presented in this article has expired. Thanks to everyone that ordered a copy during release week!

Fine Print:

  • This special bonus offer ends at 11:59 pm, Jan. 10, 2013 11:59 pm, Jan. 13, 2013 (PST). (The bonus offer has been extended.)
  • These bonus offers are strictly first come, first served. “Limited to 2,000 orders” means the 2,001st person doesn’t get it. The 3-Book Bonus Offer receipt submission form will automatically stop accepting entries once the limit has been reached.
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  • The Primal Connection is not yet available on PrimalBlueprint.com.

Get Your Copy of The Primal Connection Today!

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  1. The Primal Blueprint changed my life. I’ve been waiting for this one for months. I have a feeling this book is going to be instrumental in helping me achieve my 2013 resolutions. Thanks, Mark, for all the good stuff you put out into the world.

  2. I just bought and downloaded the ebook and can’t wait to read it. “The Primal Blueprint” changed my life, and “The Primal Connection” might help with the next steps. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

  3. Since living a primal and paleo lifestyle I’ve improved my health, outlook, business success and realised what is and isn’t important in life. The Primal Blueprint really is a way of life and only in looking back retrospectively can this be fully appreciated.

    Looking forward to picking up The Primal Connection, the only decision which remains is whether to buy a physical or digital copy (may have to succumb to both, a small price to pay for a new life).

    1. Going primal has really helped me a lot too both personally and professionally. I have so much more energy at work and am more alert, plus my back pain has gone away. I look forward to reading this book and learning more about hormones.

  4. Mark:

    Congrads on your new book! I have no doubt it will change the lives of many, just as Primal Blueprint has.

    Looking forward to snagging a copy.

    Best to you!

  5. Would love an iPad version, will it be available on iBook? Just checked and it isn’t…yet?

    1. Lainey – you probably already know this, but just in case you don’t you can put the Kindle app on your ipad and buy the online book via Amazon.

    2. I have a nook, but I also have both a kindle and a nook app on my iPad and my computer. The apps are free, and once you register each device on your respective accounts, you can access both libraries on all your devices. Very handy! I tend to use the iPad the most as I’m awaiting the blue screen filter to ship when it’s back in stock so I can read on my devices without messing up my sleep.

  6. Hi, Mark. I have dedicated a section in my college success book to guiding students to study your books. You can bet I will be purchasing the new one.

    In the meantime, I find this a challenging statement to process:

    “Tiger Woods’s genetically-driven misbehavior that cost him dearly is a poignant example of how the realities and conventions of modern life are at odds with our still primitive hard-wiring, and how perilous it is to ignore this truth.”

    I am eager to see what your comments are on this topic. It sounds as though you are suggesting that it is perilous not to sacrifice primitive instincts on the altar of modern conventions. I suppose that is true, but your remark begs many questions…

    For better or worse, in Bangkok, where I live, there would be very little that could be described as “perilous” (in the sense you appear to mean it) about Tiger Woods’ activities for perhaps the vast majority of men.

    1. “Tiger Woods’s genetically-driven misbehavior that cost him dearly is a poignant example of how the realities and conventions of modern life are at odds with our still primitive hard-wiring, and how perilous it is to ignore this truth.”

      Tiger Woods was a complete marketing package. One of the images he sold was being a family man. You can’t make a celebrity living in the US trading on family values and act on testosterone induced urges. Thus the peril, at least, to his living.

      The sexual conventions are culturally based. As you rightly point out, in other countries it’s more or less assumed that men in positions of power (or not) are sleeping around.

      It’s less naive attitude certainly, but it also simultaneously lowers expectations for men. I’d argue,that part of the need to “cloister” women in orthodox Islamic countries has to do with the assumption that no man is capable of dealing with that energy in a way other than sexual expression. And I admit I find the concept very depressing.

      Men are capable of understanding the truth about their own urges and redirecting them. And I would argue in the long run it is just as personally beneficial to them as my need to redirect and prevent my hardwired urges for sugar and gossip. 😉 So yes, it’s a cultural thing, but I think both men and women benefits from higher sexual standards.

      But even if you don’t agree with the above surmises on humanity, I would tend to think Tiger Woods would have been much happier either accepting his nature or learning to redirect them. He wanted the benefits of monogamy without all that… work. Never a good idea.

    2. I believe our “primitive hard-wiring” is more in line with a smaller number of alpha males having harems of women, with the other males having less females or none. This Grok lifestyle doesn’t mesh with our modern age. All the “excess” males would be warring constantly. It would be quite dangerous.

      So we invent the monogamous marriage concept so that all males have equal access to a female for breeding purposes and societal quietude.

      Of course monogamy is not the human ideal either, so we are still not in tune with our human urges (or non-urges) and haven’t learned to mesh those urges with societal norms.

      I think we are going through a huge upheaval throughout the world. An upheaval where females no longer want to reproduce, but we are still pushed to form monogamous couples. In the animal world, when species no longer reproduce, the usual reason is over-population or a population that can’t be supported with current food supply. A population in crisis.

      I don’t know where this is all leading, but I have noticed that things are not quite right with humanity’s current direction.

      Anyway – Hurrah for the Primal Connection!

      1. Monogamy is not the male human ideal — it is, however, pretty close to the female one. 😉

        The harem/alpha male concept works for herd animals and it does translate okay to the human animal.

        I’d argue, though, that all the women and many young males pay a heavy social price for organizing “legitimate” reproduction that way. It is also not the ideal situation from the female point of view.

        As a woman, you are committed the next *at least* two years, maybe 3 in direct physical resources between pregnancy and nursing any one male’s child. I haven’t even factored in trying to get the critters to age 10.

        If your offspring are to survive, the absolute best chance is for a fully committed male at your side. Not one that’s playing around, not one that’s got a few other kids (with other women) on the side. A dude who has all his eggs (literally) as the same basket as yours. The alpha male concept is, at best, workable compromise from the female point of view.

        The male ideal reproduction tendencies, of course, would rather be free to reproduce in a more alpha male pattern (assuming they are the alpha) and that’s okay. But I’d say monogamy is very much in the primal nature of at least half of the species.

        1. I think the comment about Tiger Woods is completely bizarre, coming from someone who wants to sell books.

          Amy, thanks for your comment. I agree that women have a different perspective – and, moreover, a lot of evolutionary stories are guesswork.

          Maybe Mark wants to sell books to men wanting another reason to be promiscuous?

          Doing something because it activates reward systems means it’s good? (“Our genetically optimal behaviors stimulate the release of mood and performance-elevating hormones into the bloodstream, giving us the feedback on a cellular level that drives us to repeat these behaviors, and avoid behaviors that lack the feelgood component”)

          Be outdoors, check. Play, check. Sleep around (if you are an alpha male) – not sure about this. So, primal means that we’re supposed to cut Tiger Woods some slack, and let’s not get worried about infidelity or adultery? It’s strange to think about because eating wheat and sugar also feels good.

          I know that negative comments are not really so common here; it’s a nice site that is supportive. But Mark might want to know that I am giving the book a pass because I have been put off by this post. (I have been primal for almost a year, which has been good, and have been reading this blog regularly – just so you know. Maybe I’ll change my mind eventually.)

        2. Violet – I agree about the sentencing being a bit odd and about not giving a free pass to infidelity for either cultural or “primal” reasons. If I followed my “primal” urges, I’d sit in front of the TV all day scarfing down ring dings (if they can be found anymore.) 🙂 I think a man as disciplined as Tiger Woods was capable of better, especially as part of his living depended on a “clean” image.

        3. Actually, monogamy is beneficial for both and inherently better for the offspring. It’s not a simple matter of a plus b equals c… it’s a two come together and are stronger than the two individually.

          The male benefits from a strong source for his offspring to come from. He benefits from a stable environment for himself and his offspring. The offspring have both parents to model all aspects of behavior. The female from protection and passing on of her genetics. Together they raise a better family and have stronger communal ties. One of the reasons our country (the US) is falling apart – lack of good male role models and men who remain fathers and husbands.

          In horse husbandry, while it’s the stallion that gets the glory, it’s the mare that tells whether the horse will be a winner or not. In human genetic counseling, the doctor asks the woman what her history is… not the man.

          Tiger Woods was an ass.

        4. Ann Sires writes “Tiger Woods was an ass.”

          May I just say that facile judgmentalism is not the way forward. Questions of how to balance primal sexual urges with the exigencies of a stable home life are one of many complex human equations that call for empathetic solutions.

          Elevated testosterone is a positive trait for men. Heterosexual men experience elevated testosterone levels if they observe young women dancing in the nude. I would not be surprised if T levels skyrocket if they have sex with those young women. None of this is inadvertent.

          The human race is nothing if not interesting.

  7. Looking forward to reading this but it’s disgusting that it costs you guys like $13 while it’s £15 in the uk!

    1. Hey Wayne – sounds like a business opportunity for you. Figure out how to get it done cheaper! Is it all tariffs? Is it shipping? Something else? Good luck.

  8. It’s a pity that it costs $13 in the States and £15 in the UK, but given the size and the content of the book I don’t think £15 is an unreasonable price point and neither is £9 for the eBook.

  9. Purchased!

    “Looking forward to reading this but it’s disgusting that it costs you guys like $13 while it’s £15 in the uk!”

    1. ebook is $13 for me.

      Nobody likes to part with hard earned cash these days but to support this site, and for the quality of info I’ve received here and the quality and quantity of info I’m sure the book will contain, I personally would have paid $100.

      It’s an investment in my future and the lives of those who are important to me.

      If we could all just convince one person each to read this book or the primal blueprint we would have improved the world and the lives of those who live on it.

      When you look at all the false information that is “sold” to us in order to protect the vested interests who profit from conventional wisdom it sickens me. If buying this book supports people who are trying to get real information out there which in turn makes it easier for us all to live primal lives then sign me up!!


      Sorry for the rant, someone’s had their fruit and greek yoghurt this morning!

      1. These UK guys are cheap to be talking about how “disgusting” it is to spend a few extra pounds. They come to San Francisco and ride in my taxicab and don’t tip at all.

        1. Isn’t tipping an American habit? I know it’s done in Europe, but I do not believe it done quite as automatically as it is done here in the States.

        2. Heck, I’m an American I don’t always know when to tip. I also get a tad tired of the practice as well. Unless I know the service is completely or mostly commission/tip based, I wonder why I have to supplement someone else’s salary. 🙁

        3. Did you provide drinks, hot meal, and a massage? Why tip someone for doing their job? Why not tip the grocery clerk and bagger? Or the cashier at McDonald’s?

        4. I’m Irish and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone tip in a taxi, it’s just not done!

        5. I do not believe tipping is customary in Europe. They do not know.

        6. Europe is not one country. The customs are very different in different countries. It is a huge difference between Spanish and Swedish culture to give just one example.

  10. I can’t wait to receive this book. I think I have been awaiting it as eagerly as Mark!

  11. Congratulations Mark on getting your new much anticipated book launched!

    I’ve just downloaded it to my kindle and I look forward to reading the first chapter over my primal lunch. 🙂

    My wife and I have been following a primal lifestyle for the past 10 months having searched for a lifestyle solution for the past 4 years until we found the MDA website.

    You have helped us lose weight (in excess of 105 pounds between us), gain massive consistent energy in our lives and address our chronic stresses which has lead to improved health and wellness.

    We have paid forward by introducing a number of our friends and family to MDA and those who have being willing to suspend their disbelief have seen some fantastic results. In the specific case of my parents this has meant the world to me.

    We are both very grateful for all you have given us and are really looking forward to reading this new book and continuing to support you and the team in all the good work you do here.

    On our next trip to the US it’s our dearest hope to attend a primal event or convention and to express our sincere thanks to you and the team in person.

    Until then from Ireland I wish you every success with this new book.

    Go n’eirí an bóthar leat agus go raibh mile maith agat!

  12. Would be great if the book was available in kobo book format 🙁

      1. I couldn’t find it on the Kobo site yesterday. But it was there a few days ago. I didn’t want to pre-order because you cannot use discount codes on preorders. So I googled “Primal Connection” and “Kobo” and there it was!

  13. Really looking forward to the new book Mark! PB is an outstanding book that I constantly recommend and I’m sure this will be another strong book to support the Primal lifestyle.
    Best Success with Primal Connection!

  14. Ordered! I’ve been following your blog now for 4 years and can’t express how grateful I am for exploring and sharing the underground information and diverse health studies you find with the public.

    Thanks for treating the whole person while incorporating the 21st century into your advice and solutions.

    You’re viewpoints are a breath of fresh air compared to so many other health blogs out there (caloriecount.com could learn a thing or two…)

    All the best in 2013!

  15. Done! A pleasure to pay something forward after all the inspiration and practical advice you’ve shared on here over the years… Grok On indeed!

  16. can it be bought as an ebook? if so where’s the link , if not i’ll still buy it as a hardback

  17. I really liked the part about narrowing your circle to real friends and not Facebook friends or acquaintences (although nothing wrong with keeping in touch with them). My wife and I have completely different outlooks on other people. I generally keep a smaller network of closer friends while she wants to befriend everyone she knows. The result, she stresses over who’s saying what, and if anything is said negatively about her, it sends her into orbit. Conversly, if anything is said bad about me, I really don’t care much unless they ARE in my close circle of friends or it affects my close circle of friends. Kinda ties into removing stressors from our life. She’s slowly getting it and I think she will be much happier when she learns to narrow her scope some.

    1. To totally stereotype, she’s much more “womanish” in her social outlook than you are. I tend to find women care more what others are saying about them – men only if it’s someone closer.

      Have said all that, I’ve been a much happier woman as I learn to let go of what other people think about me, unless it is a close family member/friend. Heck, I’m learning to let go of that too, because even the closest of families can have quite different points of view.

      1. Maybe the behavior Jacob described in his wife is like yours and your family’s, but I object to your characterization that it is “womanish.” I am a woman. I don’t give a rip what anyone says about me. I hate gossip and refuse to engage in it, so it never even occurs to me to think about what other people might be saying about me. And I prefer a smaller circle of intimate friends, just like Jacob. Other women in my family are like me, not like Jacob’s wife. Generalizing from family life is not a sound practice. The sample size is too small, and family members influence one another.

  18. I ordered mine last week 🙂 I’m a completist. I will soon need to have a “Blueprint Only” shelve 🙂

  19. I’m sure it is a great book. I just don’t see how I would get a lot out of it personally after about 3 years of reading MDA every day.

  20. Pre-ordered and now have filled out the form, wahoo!

    Was there an incentive for pre-ordering? Thought I saw that in a previous post..thanks!

  21. I have just been diagnosed with rheumatiod arthritis. This is an autoimmune disease which,typically, stays with you for life. Do you have any suggestions. I started your program a few months ago and was having good success.
    John from WI

    1. Keep it up and check out everything you can on magnesium.

    2. Hi John, Try posting your question in the forums instead of in this thread – you’ll get more replies.

  22. Thanks Mark, just ordered. MDA has done so much for me over the last year, and I am grateful. You’ve never been one to hard sell your readers and that’s what makes this site so terrific…that and the great information and community. The least I can do is order your book, not a tough decision especially with the extras that come from doing so. Grok on!

  23. Just ordered and looking forward to reading it. Didn’t I read in a post that your wife is also writing a primal book for women? I’m on pins and needles for that one!

  24. This book is AWESOME! You will no doubt regret not buying if you don’t. I got a review copy but I’m going to buy on my kindle and read it in 2 days. Maybe one. 🙂

  25. Congratulations on the new book!

    This is the first book I’ve ever preordered and even though I have a backlist of books to read this is going right on top!

    Thanks for the freebies too Mark 🙂

  26. Even though I probably know most of what Mark will say in this eBook, I bought it anyway. It’s the least I can do for someone who has opened my eyes.

    1. Yes – everyone keeps taking my Primal Blueprint books and cookbooks!

  27. It’s so good to see health and wellness going beyond just eating right and working out. We’re getting into a revolution here!

  28. Going primal has started to change my life – and its only been 4 weeks! Thank goodness for this blog and can’t wait to buy the book…finally something to spend my xmas book token on!

  29. This is me sending you many good vibes on your new book launch *************########********

    This is pretty much the book that I’ve been waiting for SOMEBODY in this community to write because THUS FAR… the conversation has been decidedly materialistic (i.e. human beings are just biological robots and we can get up to snuff simply by tweaking diet/exercise…)

    Well, I’m SO glad to see you address the emotional/spiritual components of this life!

    As Osho said, there’s no split between the spiritual and physical world just as there’s no split between the mind and body. It’s all one organic whole.

  30. Mark,

    Downloaded and devoured after Christmas. So much to think about and consider. Helped me form some New Year’s life-style changes. Thanks for all you do to help so many of us!

  31. I kinda thought this would expand a little on all the other ancestral health books out there I’ve read, until I read Tara’s review on Amazon…

    Got it on the Kindle now…

    P.S. great review Tara.

    1. I loved Tara’s review as well. Great review for a great book. Loving it!

  32. I’ve been Primal for two years this month and feel like a new person already. I’m ready to get to the next level – the mental, emotional and spiritual (or whatever you want to call it) side. I’ve cast aside modern medicine/conventional thinking when it comes to food and health, and now I’m ready to peel off all the layers of societal BS as well. There’s a Grok in me itching to come out! Thank you Mark!

  33. Placing my order now, Primal Blueprint changed my life and my wardrobe! Not sure if anyone saw the link on CNN website today on best diets….Paleo came in dead last #28! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it and it really fried my noodle (not that I eat those anymore). The comments made are outrageous (see link in the first sentence) and the timing of today’s news story is suspicious….I’m thinking a conspiracy by the wheat and dairy farmers. Good Luck Mark and I’ll keep promoting the Primal Blueprint lifestyle! http://www.cnn.com/2013/01/08/health/best-diets-ranked/index.html?hpt=hp_t2

    1. At this point in my life, if mainstream media is promoting something, and advising against something else, i tend to believe the latter is better. The first diet sounds like a blueprint for the USDA’s food pyramid, and it will be a cold day in you know where when I listen to the USDA, perhaps the most biased corrupt organization in the country, with the FDA and TSA a close second.

  34. Congratulations Mark!

    I already pre-ordered my copy and looking forward to receiving (and reading) it !

  35. I was hoping it was a dating site for those living the Primal lifestyle….

    /so disappointed…

  36. I bought 3 copies I was so excited to read more of Mark’s work. Thanks!

  37. I just ordered. Looking forward to it. Mark deserves all the support in the world for the difference he is making. Thank you so much for continuing to teach and inspire.

  38. It would be nice to be able to pick multiple digital formats at once, as it should be a decent digital pack (pdf, epub and mobi).

  39. Hi there Mark…it looks like the receipt submission form link is out of whack with the date for submittal. Won’t let me upload my receipt. The January 10th post says we can submit until January 14th at 11:59 PM PST. Just emailed you my receipt in case…thanks!

    1. I can’t submit either, what email did you use to send your receipt, the only contact info I see is an online area to send a message. Thanks.

  40. Mark,
    I think the most important pages of your book are the ones about gratitude (pages 67, 68 …). It rings so true to me. And frankly, isn’t it the simplest way to reach happiness?
    I am always grateful when I wake up each morning whatever the season or the weather… I will be even more so now, after reading these pages. Thank you!

  41. I bought my copy within the dates for the free bonus #1 however it is not allowing me fill out the form.

  42. Am changing from paleo to primal, just makes more sens to me. Have lost 41lbs so far, and have come to a grinding halt. Am eagerly awaiting my copy of PRIMAL CONNECTION which I ordered from amazon. This will reboot and reinspire me to shed the last 20lbs. Have been reading marks daily apple for coupla months now. Awesome and very informative. Woohoo