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Introducing the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification!

I’m pleased to announce the long-awaited release of the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification [1] program. The Primal Blueprint “Cert” is a comprehensive online educational program that delves deeper into Primal/paleo/evolutionary health principles than any other available resource or course. The Cert is comprised of 13 modules designed around the 8 Key Concepts and 5 Action Items that encompass the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation [2] book. (Each module is about 4-6x more detailed than its corresponding section in the book!) In addition to the educational course you’ll receive a robust package of multimedia educational materials—instructional videos, audio books and digital books.

The certification package truly cultivates the Primal Expert, so that you are empowered to teach others to live Primally. While the program is suitable for certified health, fitness and medical professionals who wish to expand their knowledge and client offerings, it is open to all interested parties with no prerequisites beyond having a decent knowledge of the Primal Blueprint philosophy from reading books and Internet content. That said, this is an intensive educational program that’s equivalent to an upper-division level college course in health sciences, so prepare to get those brain synapses firing!

But don’t worry…my team and I are here to help you along the way. Here’s what to expect:

When you register for the certification, you will receive login instructions to a password-access portal where you can enter the online course as well as access the multimedia educational materials that are yours for the taking. Each module starts with a brief video overview from me, followed by extensive (we hope you find it interesting!) reading material. After watching my summary video and reading the text, we set you free to test your knowledge with an online examination made up of 20-45 questions, a mix of true/false and multiple choice. And there’s no waiting anxiously for your test scores—you get your results immediately. As long as you receive a score of 75 percent correct or better, you can proceed to the next module and work through the program at a fairly rapid pace. But no need to sprint! You can complete the Cert from the comfort of your own home at your own speed—no deadlines ever.

Click the video image below to watch the video and learn more about the Primal Blueprint Expert Certification

After you have completed all 13 modules and passed their subsequent exams, you have graduated the course! Congratulations are due, so we will ship you a Certified Expert completion kit consisting of an assortment of goodies (including one-of-a-kind Certified Expert apparel!) to celebrate your achievement. You can create a custom profile at our online Certified Expert directory [3] to help you get more clients or just elevate your stature in the Primal community.

It’s a one-time investment of $795, and for that you get a complete educational experience and the resource materials to make you a true expert in Primal living. Naturally, this is a big undertaking for both my company and you, the prospective certified expert. If you have any questions about this course please call 888-774-6259, email [4] or live chat [5] with our staff for more info on what this exclusive opportunity entails.

We are all extremely excited to grow the movement in the best possible way, by deepening your education and empowering you with the tools and knowledge to introduce others to the Primal Blueprint. I would also like to thank you for the overwhelming encouragement and interest you have shown in this program over the past three years. We are very proud of this offering, and I think you’ll agree that your experience was worth the wait!

Click here [6] to learn more and gain immediate access to the official Primal Blueprint Expert Certification online course.