Introducing The Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal

Update: The 90-Day Journal is still available at, but the special limited-time offer detailed below has come to end.

The Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal – A Personal Experiment is here, and it goes above and beyond anything you have ever seen in the health and fitness logbook/journal/diary category. Honestly, the project has been in R&D for no less than 30 years, dating back to my days as a competitive endurance athlete when I faithfully logged my workouts in the popular training logs du jour. Even then, I was never terribly impressed with the products on the store shelves. They were (and still are) either too open-ended with no guidance whatsoever, or too limiting, with logbook blanks that didn’t apply to my personal experiences. I thought, perhaps there was a way to marry the best of both worlds: to provide guidance and structure for assorted ability and experience levels, while allowing for sufficient flexibility and free-form expression. This is how the idea for The Primal Blueprint 90-Day Journal was born.

N=1 (an experiment of one) is the central theme of this new book. The Primal Blueprint philosophy gives you the structure you need, and the rest is up to you. Plug in lifestyle variables based on your personal preferences and specific goals to determine what makes you tick. The 90-Day Journal allows you to record all types of personal data, such as food and meal choices, workout particulars, sleep and lifestyle patterns, and personal issues that affect your daily rhythm and peak performance.

For example, let’s say you want to observe how average grams of daily carb intake affects your body fat percentage. Or how introducing intense sprint workouts affects your aerobic performance. Or how minimizing artificial light after dark affects your sleep patterns and morning energy levels. You design the experiments, list the variables, conduct detailed progress reports every 30 days, and finish with a masterpiece of scientific data – a personal owner’s manual – when the final page is complete after 90 days.

The n=1 format is an ode to the Mark’s Daily Apple community, and the remarkable back-and-forth dialog each day in the comments following the posts. I’m a busy guy these days, but I really do read all the comments and the valuable insights shared by so many members of our community. I’m firmly committed to the philosophy that the Primal Blueprint is a personal journey, not another regimented program designed for short-term results at the expense of long-term sustainability. I see how you readers have taken a dream and turned it into a movement…so let’s keep the experiment going!

As usual, I want to do something special for devoted Mark’s Daily Apple readers on this book release day. I’m offering some fantastic free gifts for this urgent promotion that expires on Wednesday, July 4, 2012, 12 pm PDT. The 90-Day Journal will only be available from for the first couple months of release. See all the details below, but first a little more about the book:

Inside the 282 pages you’ll find:

  • Detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to conduct personal experiments and use the book to discover how your body works.
  • Sample experiments for weight loss, improving sleep, moderating systemic inflammation and others to set you off in the right direction.
  • Spacious, two-page daily journal spreads with assorted customization options for meal and workout particulars, subjective “Success Scores” (for daily energy, motivation, health and goal progress), and data from unique personal experiments that you design and track during your 90-day journey.
  • Baseline, 30, 60, and 90-day evaluations to help you track your progress and analyze your data.
  • An extensive discussion on testing various blood markers with accompanying journal entry pages.
  • A handy Primal resource section covering all the key Primal Blueprint concepts, food and meal suggestions, workout guidelines, macronutrient values for common meals and snacks, and more.

This book represents a thoughtful presentation of everything you need to conduct your own personal experiments, to stay focused, accountable, and motivated to live Primally. And it’s the perfect companion book to The Primal Blueprint and the Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation. So grab your copy today:

Update: The 90-Day Journal is still available at, but the special limited-time offer detailed below has come to end.

What Freebies Do I Get When I Purchase One or More Copies?

Order 1 Copy and You Get:

1. Experiment of One: 100 Personal Experiments Created by Mark’s Daily Apple Readers: Earlier this month, I asked Mark’s Daily Apple readers for their ideas for personal experiments. I received hundreds of responses, and this eBook showcases the best of them. Broken into nine chapters, including chapters on weight loss, sleep, improving digestion, and increasing energy levels to name a few, this eBook stands as a perfect jumping off point for your experiments of one. Uncover how your body works, how it responds to certain foods and different types of exercise, and customize the Primal Blueprint way of life to meet your unique needs. If you’re lacking for experiment ideas, your fellow MDA readers and this eBook have you covered.

2. Primal Blueprint Wristband: You’ve been asking for Primal Blueprint wristbands for years. They’re finally available. This debossed wristband is imprinted with “Primal Blueprint” and the image of Grok. It’s made of durable, waterproof silicone, and is the perfect way to show your support for the Primal way of life. You can be the first to get your hands on one when you buy a copy of the 90-Day Journal.

3. $10 Gift Certificate to Spend it like cash and order whatever you want, perhaps a cookbook to go with the 90-Day Journal? Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to try a Primal Essentials Kit, Primal Fuel or Master Formula on for size! (The coupon code is good for any product at and expires on 07/31/12.)

Order 3 (Or More) Copies and You Get:

1. All the aforementioned freebies – the $10 Gift Certificate, the wristband, and the eBook plus…

2. Access to the exclusive, password-protected eBook – “Primal Living in the REAL World: Part 2”: In this 134-page eBook, hundreds of Primal enthusiasts share their challenges, solutions and practical tips for how they get – and stay – Primal. It’s like having the advice of 300 coaches. Still new to the Primal Blueprint and just trying to figure out the basics? Part II of this reader-created series is just what you need. Ever wonder how to keep costs down while eating Primal? Or what to feed Primal kids? Or how to go Primal with an unsupportive spouse? Are you struggling with adding more play time into your life, or with finding your 80/20 balance? You’ll find solutions to these and many more questions in this eBook.

3. A signed copy of the original Primal Blueprint hardcover edition (released in 2009): This is the book that started it all. If you haven’t read it, you have some catching up to do!

Earlier this year The Primal Blueprint was released in paperback format, and there aren’t plans to do another hardcover printing. I still have a handful of hardcovers in stock, but numbers are dwindling quickly so this could be your last chance to grab a copy of the hardcover before new copies are gone forever. If you already own a copy of The Primal Blueprint this is the perfect opportunity to pick up a free copy for a friend or family member. And whether it’s for you or some other lucky recipient, I’ll include my John Hancock in the book.

4. Plus an additional $10 Gift Certificate to, bringing the total to $20. This means for a net 3 bucks you can grab a copy of my new book today. (The coupon code is good for any product at and expires on 07/31/12.)

How Do I Get These Freebies?

1. Order your book(s) at before midnight Wednesday, July 4:

2. Email your receipt to the appropriate email address:

3. You will receive your gift certificate code and eBook (PDF) download instructions by reply email. (Please be patient. The Worker Bees will be reviewing receipts and sending you instructions on how to access all of your freebies within 24 hours.)

Thank you for your participation and support! If you have any questions about ordering, or this promotion, please email us for an immediate, timely response, or call 888-774-6259 (or 310-317-4414).

Fine Print:

  • I’ll honor any 90-Day Journal pre-orders made on before today, June 27. Just follow the instructions above to get your freebies.
  • Coupon code discounts used on orders containing products that automatically bill and ship every 30 days only apply to the first order, and not subsequent automatic delivery orders.
  • Primal Blueprint wristbands and the hardcover edition of The Primal Blueprint will ship with your order of the 90-Day Journal. The wristbands will NOT show up in your shopping cart upon checkout, but they will ship with your 90-Day Journal.
  • There are no shipping and handling charges for domestic orders of the 90-Day Journal. There is a $9.95 handling fee for all international 90-Day Journal orders.
  • Please allow 7-14 business days to receive your order.

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Update: The 90-Day Journal is still available at, but the special limited-time offer detailed in this post has come to end.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. So now we know why you’ve been posting so much on self experimentation recently! Great Idea. Looking forward to keeping one myself.

  2. Would this be a good tool to buy to start primal living? I follow some of the rules but am not to strict about it and I dont know all the guidelines. I want to start but not sure if I should do this first or the first blueprint book?

    1. I would recommend getting both the Primal Blueprint and this journal. I started with the Primal Blueprint and intend on getting this journal – but I would have no idea what to do with the journal without the Blueprint.

    2. This new book includes a lengthy resource section at the back of the book that covers all the major Primal Blueprint principles, food and workout recommendations:

      21-Day Transformation Key Concepts and Action Items
      Primal Blueprint Food Pyramid
      Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve
      Primal Essential Meals
      Primal Foods – Best to Worst Spectrum
      Primal Blueprint Fitness Pyramid
      Primal Essential Movements
      Primal Sprint Workouts
      Primal Approved – At a Glance
      Primal Avoid – At a Glance
      Macronutrient Values for Common Meals/Snacks

      So even a beginner can benefit from this book, yes.

      That said, if you are brand new to the Primal Blueprint and want some extra guidance and would like to be told exactly what to kick start your Primal life I’d recommend this Journal along with the 21-Day Total Body Transformation:

      And if you want to dig a little deeper into the science behind the Primal Blueprint I’d recommend the original book (now updated and expanded):

      I hope that helps!

      1. I’m having a lot of trouble with my order. I haven’t received a receipt via e-mail and I need it in order to get the free e-books. I’ve tried to contact the site three times already. I hope I actually get my order and my receipt soon. 🙁

  3. Woohoo!! Sounds like a great way to spread the word. I’m going to buy 3 and share them with my family. This will help them get aboard the primal express!! Great work Mark!!

  4. Fantastic, well done MDA, nothing like a bit of structure to ensure things get done regularly…

    From my experience and that of people I know who’ve gone primal, the first 10 days are the toughest (probably the carb withdrawal).

    Having this journal can real help ensure you stay on the right path… don’t know about others but now, I cannot imagine

  5. … sent prematurely, got a bit excited there!

    … I cannot imagine not living primal!

    Keep up the great work!

  6. So is this a physical book, or an e-book only? If the latter, is it in pdf form only or also available for Kindle, etc.?


    1. The 90-Day Journal is a physical 282 page spiral-bound book. It is not available as an ebook in Kindle format, PDF or otherwise.

      “Experiment of One” and “Primal Living in the Real World: Part II”, however, are ebooks and are distributed in PDF format.

      1. Will the ebooks ever be available in a format other than PDF? PDFs do not play well in their native format in Google Books nor the Kindle app, they display oddly at times due to how the PDF format itself works.

        1. convert them into whatever format you like. there are ways to do this with free or paid software. uncle google will tell you how.

  7. I can’t wait to get this book! Are we not going to be able to get the book anywhere after July 4th? On or Amazon?

    1. Only the special promo offer ends on July 4, not book availability. The book will still be available after July 4.

      The only place to get the book until mid-August is at From then on other (online) retailers will carry it.

  8. I wonder, how much does this overlap with the Primal Leap and the other books (21 day, PB)?

    1. This book is conceptually and practically different from the other publications. It’s a logbook designed to help you dial in the precise foods, workouts and lifestyle behaviors that get YOU the best results. The Primal Blueprint provides the framework and then you design and conduct simple experiments to discover what works for your unique body.

  9. Thanks for more great stuff, Mark! The Primal Blueprint ROCKS!!! I ordered a GROK ON shirt with my $10 coupon. Can’t wait to wear my PB wristband with pride! Although everyone I know already knows I’m a Grokker because I’ve lost 50 lbs and they can’t resist asking me how I did it.

  10. Looks great. Next Up… An online portal where we create an account and log our self-experimentation entries so the evaluation data can get compiled across a population of Grokkers by gender, by age, by geography, etc.?!? That’d be cool…

  11. Take my money! I just ordered my Journal. After the success I’ve already had the past 9 months following the PB, I’d probably order ice if Mark was selling it. 🙂

    I love this site, and everything you do, Mark! Keep it up.

    1. you could remake it as spreadsheet. most smartphones come with one, so you wouldnt even need to go to your computer.

  12. I need a 90 day “Eat This” book to follow!! A daily guide to meal creations that follows the harvest calendar!!

  13. Ordered!
    Been watching the site like a hawk for this launch. Set an alarm on the phone so I wouldn’t get swamped in work and forget… hihihi.
    As Bagwell said, “take my money”!

    I was diagnosed with PCOS 6 years ago. Tried everything. Nothing worked. The medication made my life worst. I lost with PB over 25 kilograms. I haven’t lost any lately, but that is my fault for allowing too much of the 20% due to stress at work. I’m planning on using the journal to get back on track, lose the rest of 20 kilograms I need and finally become more active.
    Thanks Mark.

      1. Hi Angela!

        I’d also love to hear your thoughts. I think PB is really going to help PCOS women. Especially, with this new PB Journal!

        1. Already it’s helping! I’ve been doing it since February. It’s been a tough transition but I can see the results. Slowly but surely, and I feel so much better and more in control.

    1. Hi Corina!

      The doctor has yet to determine I have PCOS but I have all the symptoms. I’m still in the beginning stages of PB but can already see how much this lifestyle is going to help. I’d love to hear your experiences with going Primal with PCOS.

      1. Christina
        It took a while for me to be properly diagnosed. After I got the diagnosis I started reading and realized that the early symptoms were visible many years before. But PCOS was put in the “is a hormonal imbalance that will pass” for many years. Even now is still seen as new and not many doctors know what to do with it. It is frustrating because the only thing they tell you it can help is to lose weight but the PCOS puts you in a vicious circle…

        I tried meds, diets, sport, nothing worked more than a max of 3 kilograms. But I continued adding kilograms…I tried the PB in a moment of desperation, to be honest. I never really expected it to work, but I thought it could not do anything bad. About a month later the excess water was gone. Then it stopped. I started reading again and realized I was indulging in too much milk, cheese and nuts. Cut the milk, minimized the cheese and portioned the nuts. By the time I weighted myself the first time more that 25 kilos were off. Have no idea when, how. I have a desk job which I love, but that doesn’t allow me much time for sport.
        Even my husband, which was reluctant at the beginning, now tells me proud that he managed to stay primal when he goes on trips for work. He realized that his intestinal problems are gone and that changed his approach towards PB. He would eat bread at work, but at home we cook the same for both so he felt the change. Now he tries to stay primal even when cooking alone.

        So in conclusion: PB rules! 😀

        1. Wow! PCOS is definitely not something that will pass. In fact, it’s serious enough to possibly be the cause of infertility. I’ve also had great results by ditching dairy altogether. I have the same issues with weight loss and I’m hoping to see some results soon. Glad to hear your husband is on board with PB, too. It’s always nice to get that extra support. Good to know I’m not the only PBer with PCOS. Cheers! (Not that that’s anything to cheer about) Haha.

        2. I am also a PCOS patient. Just starting out with PB. I’ve been overweight too long, and am prediabetic. The challenge is getting the exercise in.

        3. No PCOS is not something to take lightly but unfortunatelly it takes a while for everybody to realise that.
          I know what you mean about the cheer. It would have been great for me to know I am not alone and that there is some hope, when I went through this. The first positive case I heard was actually one from Mark’s Daily Apple. A friend sent me the succes story and that is how I found out about the PB.

  14. Just ordered 3 copies – this is right up my alley. Can’t wait for them to show up in the mailbox!!!!

  15. This is awesome!

    Keeping a journal is one of the things that helped me the most in my transition to a more active life.

  16. I’ve followed MDA for years, purchased the orig book, 21 day and cook book. I just can not make it stick. I’ve backslided with gained weight/etc. I’ve been “clean” for almost a month now and feeling less slugish. I’m hoping this 90 day journal can help it stick with me. I know Primal works and as a lame excuse it’s just hard to keep at it while dealing with day to day grind while trying to relocate to a different state and job hunt. Wheww. Hope this is the structure I need. Ordered!

  17. Gotta say I got the wrong idea when the email said “the only book you need for self expirimentation”, but in all seriousness this looks amazing! I really need to do a journal. I am technically eating all primal, but I could still be doing a lot of things better! Grok on!

  18. Will both ebooks be available to purchase separately at a later date? If so, how much?

  19. Stupid Question: my husband and I are ordering two books. Will there be two wristbands? Or should we just battle… he definitely has the primal advantage…ha ha, thanks for this book. It’ll be a great tool!

      1. Woo hoo! He’s in tip top shape & I would not stand a chance. (Hubby went from 300 lbs to ~175; from not being able to move from a back injury to playing ultimate frisbee, walking for miles!) Hopefully heading the same way!

  20. Is the offer available in Norway as well?

    By the way: Love MDA, and especially the series lately about fasting and self experimentation.

  21. I’m already an N=1 every 30 days. I’ve posted before about having Lyme disease for 19 years but finally finding a doctor to treat it. I have to take a new medication every 30 days for the next 3 years at least. I’ve been writing down how I feel each day on each medication, but have only sporadically written any of my primal life notes. This should help since I’ll be able to fit in a lot of data. I’ve been using a 2-page spread for 7 days. Two whole pages for each day?! Crazy good.

    I’ll also point out that as a vegetarian for more than 25 years before going primal last October, the first 2 or 3 weeks were hardest for me, not because of the carb flu, but because I simply didn’t know what to eat! I can see how this would be especially helpful for non-meat eaters who are converting by giving the meal and snack suggestions at the back.

    Lastly…3 books = 9 months, but I’ll need to order 12 books to get through the next three years of medication monitoring. I think that deserves a personal call from Mark! 🙂

  22. Ordered! I went primal 6 months ago to help with health issues including Type 2 Diabetes and inability to loose weight along with associated problems. My friends can’t believe the difference – I have lost 35kg so far, discontinued my insulin and halved my oral meds. Whenever I have achieved weight loss in the past, I have plateaued at this point and given up. I have not written up any of my journey this far, but I am planning to use this journal to keep on track. Thanks.

  23. Mark,

    I like the “Grok On” tee, can you do it in an “Under Armour” version? It would be alot more comfortable than cotton…


  24. Great idea Mark. I didn’t buy any of the books past the primal blueprint, because I didn’t feel I needed the extra help.

    But this is very useful for me. Conversely, I’m sure the additional books were useful for others, and they may not find this useful. I like that you’re managing to produce something for everybody – good long tail thinking.

  25. I’m overseas, so is it at all possible to avoid two lots of shipping costs by being able to use the $10 ‘gift certificate’ in the same order as the 90 Day Journal, if I buy something else at the same time? (I want the 3 Book Deal as well!)

    Or is this too complicated e-commerce wise? $9.95 shipping isn’t too bad, but I would basically be wasting my certificate on the shipping by placing a second, separate order for the other books!

    1. I posted the same question. I am in the states though and ordered 3 books. Would love to just add a shirt to the existing order using my coupon code to save on shipping costs. Hey…my budget is tight due to all of the grass fed meat I have been buying…lol.

  26. I just bought! Are you going to be at the CrossFit Games this year?


  27. Thanks heaps Mark!

    Let’s set a goal to get one million New Zealanders hooked on PB. I’ve ordered my first 3 logbooks to help the kiwis take the leap!

  28. @hollyanne – it’s such a shame to see that you’ve not only missed the point of the journal, but also the point of PB as well. Being skinny and toned isn’t the point of being mindful of what you eat and how much you exercise, being healthy and feeling good is.

    Tracking progress is really the only way to see if something is working for you (diet-wise, exercise-wise or lifestyle-wise) so you can continue to do it, or vice versa if it isn’t. This is the very essence of self experimentation, and you can’t have an experiment without data to analyse and draw conclusions from.

    Also, the alternative to thinking about food and activity all the time is to not think about it all the time (or even at all!), and you don’t have to be a clairvoyant to see that that probably isn’t going to end in good health for most people!

    I’m sorry to hear about your past struggles with body image and disordered eating, I hope you find a way to health that suits you and your life, and makes you feel good about yourself too.

    1. Good job Mark.

      This looks almost as good as the book “How to Eat, Move and be Healthy”, by Paul Chek. He gives you all the tools to find the diet right for you and design an exercise program for your individual needs. A CHEK Practitioner can give you all the journal tracking sheets your are selling too.

      The Metabolic Typing program also provides people with the same types of tools for motivation, tracking, and compliance.

      Nice to see that you are embracing the fact that we all are different and therefore need to look out side the Grok Box to find what is right for each individual.

      Keep up the good work and opening your mind!

  29. Bought it, very exited. Many thanks for dedicating such time and effort to sharing your wisdom.

  30. Just ordered 3 and have my coupon code. I want to buy a tshirts but is there a way to have it added to the same shipment of my books? Thanks!