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November 13 2009

Contest Video: Intense Bodyweight Workout

By Mark Sisson

As part of our ongoing Primal Blueprint Fitness Video Contest reader Tom Greenwald submitted his interpretation of Primal Blueprint bodyweight exercises. (The new theme is Creative Sprint Routines.) He is in the running for a cash and Primal prize package and has a one in four shot of winning.

If you’d like to be featured on Mark’s Daily Apple for a chance to win Primal gear read the Primal Blueprint contest details and submit your video (fitness or recipe), real life Primal story or Primal recipe today!

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24 thoughts on “Contest Video: Intense Bodyweight Workout”

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  1. Amazing how flowing he is in how he moves. Seems like he has a great balance of strength and flexibility.

    Insanely gorgeous wherever this was shot! Would love to know where it is.

    1. It’s in Latvia. A small country located in the North-Eastern part of Europe.

  2. I want to live where Tom lives! Wow. The pushups are similar to a yoga move we do moving from downward dog into upward dog pose. I’d certainly do my yoga more often if I had a wooden porch like that!

  3. Very nice! Beautiful, natural movements. A peaceful, natural setting with lots of variety for different exercises.

    I scraped my forearms climbing a tree on Memorial day. Everyone keeps telling me how badly they feel for my scratched and scraped arms, but I don’t mind the streaks of dried blood and ripped flesh at all. They remind me of what a wonderful time I had climbing the tree.

    I don’t have access to any kind of bar or tree branch in my back yard for doing pull ups, so I started doing pull ups on the ~6 foot high cinderblock wall at the back of my yard. They are quite taxing and use a slightly different set of muscles since my lower body cannot move in front of my body (blocked by the vertical wall). Creativity is your best friend to moving naturally.

  4. After watching this video, all the skinny trees in my backyard just became things to climb up…

  5. Awesome! Are you into Parkour by any chance?

    I’m going to try the backwards crawl up my local hill the next time I’m done my sprints.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. No, I’m not involved in parkour. I’m just obsessed with bodyweight conditioning exercises and try to do everything as natural as possible.

  6. Great video! You can do pull-ups anywhere when you are as tall as Tom Greenwald though! Anything I can reach and people would knock themselves out walking by. Perhaps a really low but really strong branch 🙂

    1. No, I haven’t slipped on the log, but once I did fall down from that tree where I was climbing. 🙂 When it’s dry it’s possible to climb that tree by using only your arms. One time when my hands where really sore I failed to hold on and fell down. Luckily I did a backward somersault and walked away with no injuries. That’s why it’s important to practice different impact absorption techniques. You never know when you will need it.

  7. I spend one day per week lifting weight in the gym, while one day doing mostly body weight stuff outside. I love the body weight stuff outside FAR more than lifting in a gym.

    This is a great video!

  8. Wow that was a great video, makes me want to go do that workout right now! I do have a few questions.

    1. What kind of gloves did you use to climb up the tree?

    2. Were those rock climbing shoes you were wearing?

    3. Is that your cabin or your house? Regardless it is amazing.

    Thanks for the workout!

    1. 1. I’m using motocross gloves. Usually I climb without gloves, but that was a really unpleasant day – cold and wet.
      2. No, actually those where my Adidas shoes for indoor sports like volleyball and floorball. Usually when the weather is good I train barefoot.
      3. It’s my parents’ house. I really love that place. Luckily I live just 15km from them.

  9. This is a great video. I have been doing bodyweight exercises but only in the gym. I think it is time to head out to nature and have some fun.

    Do you plan what you are going to do for each workout or just go with whatever comes to you as you roam through the forrest?

    1. Actually my weekly workout plan is very comprehensive. I enjoy doing Pilates and traditional bodyweight exercises. I do a lot tail running and road biking. Natural movement training is just one day.
      When it comes to workout plan I believe you should have a framework of what you want to achieve in every workout, otherwise you will end up skipping some muscle groups. However, it’s good to change your exercises from time to time. The more different movement patterns you practice the better you will prepare yourself for real life situations.
      Be creative and have fun!

  10. Great video! Nice to see some outdoor training! And if you have a splendid environment to move in, it makes it all the better. Some inspiring moves!


  11. Outstanding video!

    I dont know what the prize is but this man needs some vibrams! The log, the tree climb, a pair of five fingers would ACTUALLY help, and at the same time be much greater for your feet and all over body… This is why primal is so incredible, there is no trade-offs, every tweak you make brings an additional benefit and advantage

  12. Beautiful video and a beautiful country. I was recently sent these gorgeous pictures of the Latvia countryside. Wanted to share them here in case anyone else is interested in looking at pretty photos 🙂