I’m Back to Being Me!

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

As I bent down to tie my shoe, I had to breath out to reach the laces. Before I was done tying the other shoe, I had to sit up and breathe. My belly was in the way, and was forcing me to not be able to breath while bent over. I sat up, and cussed inwardly. That’s enough! In my younger years I had raced Moto-X, I had been into body building. I was in martial arts and was a black belt. I had played all sorts of demanding sports. And now I couldn’t even tie my shoe without coming up for air.

After my son was born I quit the gym to spend more time with family. 2-1/2 years later when my daughter was born I had gained 20 lbs and had stopped working out all together. And now, 3 years after that I couldn’t even tie my shoe. On top of that, I had a lower back injury caused by coughing. Yeah, that’s right, I coughed and my back when out. What the…? I stepped on the scale. 238lbs.

Now I was dealing with the voice inside insisting I could never get back to where I was. It was too hard, I didn’t have the time. I didn’t want to give up good food. I didn’t want to feel guilty if I missed a week of working out, or ate something I wasn’t supposed to. At 238 lbs, I felt tired, guilty, ashamed, and unmotivated.

A co-worker told me about Mark’s books, Primal Blueprint and Primal Endurance. I bought the audio books and started listening to them on my way to and from work. “Inspired” is the only word I can come up with. This sounded achievable. I could do this. It was time to get healthy for my kids, my wife, and myself.

I followed the books. I ran, biked, worked out, and played. I played hard. I bought a HRM and used it often. At first only able to walk to stay within my aerobic zone. I stayed with it.

I stuck with the Primal eating for a month, and dropped 15 lbs easily without once feeling like I had given anything up! I ran 3 miles at the beach the next month then played with my kids all day. The month after that I ran 5 miles in just over an hour averaging 138BPM, then did yard work and played soccer with my kids all day, no crash, no cravings for carbs. I ate a steak with veggies that night with friends. They said “Allen, you’re looking great! You’ve lost a lot of weight. Are you cheating on your diet today?” I just grinned. “Thanks, I’ve lost 35 lbs, and it’s not a diet.”

I’m not back to where I was. I’m back to being me, and I don’t care where I’ve been. I’m here now and I’m loving it. Thank you, Mark.

Allen Weed


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  1. I love that last line! It speaks to the present moment of being who we fully are NOW! Not some past glory days…nice work and thanks for sharing your story! Your face says it all!

    1. The after-picture faces always amaze me. Not because they are thinner or less red, although that is great too. But because they look calm, content, happy and at peace.

    2. My same reaction 🙂

      Good to use it as an email signature or Zen koan

      I’m not back to where I was
      I’m back to being me
      and I don’t care where I’ve been
      I’m here now and I’m loving it

  2. This hits home for me, the weight just snuck up on me. The breathing out to tie the shoes, been there. I’m getting back to me too!

  3. “Back to being me.” I love it! Great attitude, great example, well done.

  4. Thank you for noting that despite being disgusted with your weight gain, you were able to see that taking care of yourself would ultimately make you a better more available father – and that is was a lifestyle shift you can be proud of!

  5. Wow! You look great, Allen, really healthy! Congrats on finding your way back to being you. That’s what primal is all about.

  6. I always enjoy the Friday success stories and this one is no exception. Weight loss and before and after pics are great, but I think it’s even more inspiring to hear how people’s lives change and how much more they can actually do. And I love the line “It’s not a diet.” Because it’s not. It’s just eating real food.

    1. I agree, “it’s not a diet” it’s real food like our great great grand parents ate without the bread.
      The change in life after you change the lifestyle is what really matters!

  7. “Thanks . . . and it’s not a diet.” Well done Allen, well done.

  8. Love the Friday success stories. Simple, on point, and inspirational. Great job Allen!

  9. Well done Allen short and sweet and some great lines and inspiration!

  10. The nutrition forum is STILL being wrecked by a couple of trolls. It is in urgent need of mods.

    1. Yeah. Are there no mods anymore? The nutrition forum used to be the best around, but now it’s just full of trolls who nonstop insult people. It’s really bad. I thought the forums were the most important part of MDA?

  11. Great post! Thanks for sharing your story, Allen! I love where you mentioned telling people that you’re not on a diet. I feel a major part of having success with changing weight comes down to enjoying the new plan you’re on. Kudos to you and Mark for continuing to inspire people to change their lives!

  12. These comments are inspiring and motivational, pure health for the mind. I appreciate them more than you all know, and I hope to help others with my story as much as you all help people with your comments and encouragement. It’s important to reinforce how vital it is to be happy with yourself now, no matter what state you are at. Do this for you, for how you feel, for your energy level and your life.