Ignoring the Naysayers

Camzin is from South Africa. When she moved to America, the Standard American Diet greeted her with open arms. Today I get to share with you her journey to overcome flawed conventional wisdom, the world of carbs, and the naysayers.

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Dear Mark,

My story begins when I stopped doing gymnastics as a teenager. I had practiced 20-40 hours a week for three years as a gymnast before my family and I moved to America. When we moved here there was no gymnastics facility around and we settled into an American diet of large portions and lots of carbs. I found gym workouts boring and tiresome, and consequently my activity levels also declined. I steadily gained weight over the next four years.

When I was getting ready to return to South Africa last December to visit my family, I started working out six days a week and counting calories to try and lose some weight. In the “before” pictures I had already lost around five pounds, a feat that took me three months to do. At my peak, I weighed 185 lbs. I couldn’t go for a leisurely walk without getting out of breath, which was scary since I used to be able to do six hours of gymnastics practice and have energy afterward. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t regain my original level of fitness but was able to eek my weight down to 170 lbs.

This was my increasingly depressing and frustrating story until August of this year. A friend of mine told me about Primal and I laughed at her, saying I could never do it (I used to choose restaurants based on the complimentary dinner bread they provided). But after seeing the changes that started in her I decided to “try” Primal at the end of August. When I told people about the journey I was about to embark on I received a lot of negative feedback. I was told that I was joining a cult, that this was B.S., and that I should consult a dietitian before I cut out things like processed foods. Fortunately, I ignored the naysayers and I lost about 10 lbs my first month and felt better than I had in years. I was hooked.

I then bought the cookbook and got cooking. My brother went Primal with me in September and my parents in late November. I included before and after pictures for my whole family for this reason, they are already starting to look better even after a few weeks.

Primal blew me away. When I started counting calories my goals was to get down to a size 4 (from an 8), 155 lbs (from 185), and to be a size medium. I remained a size 8, got to 175, and remained a large on this method. Since being Primal I am now a size 0 (which is loosening by the day), I weigh 135 (a full 20 lbs lower than I could have ever imagined), and I am a small or extra small in all of my clothing. My skin has cleared up and I have so much more energy now. So much so that I actually feel the urge to exercise and I find exercise fun.

I once again practice gymnastics and have the energy to hike, run, play, and frolic. This is the first winter where I have not gotten sick as well. I know that my journey has not been as drastic as some of the other success stories on here, but I am just so grateful and impressed with the amazing life I now enjoy. I cannot begin to thank Primal enough for the transformation it has caused in my life. Thank you so much. A special thanks to Anders (who submitted “Bringing Home the Bacon“) and Emma for recommending this to me. Grok on!

– Camzin M

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