I Wish I Could Shout It from the Rooftops!

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

Dear Mark,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I seriously cannot thank you enough for putting the information about the Primal Blueprint on your website, Mark’s Daily Apple. You have changed my life! I am a different person than I was months ago.

My story started shortly after my sixth week post-partum appointment after the birth of my daughter in June 2011. I weighed 165 lbs. My doctor was pleased to see that I lost about 20 lbs of my pregnancy weight. I, on the other hand, was in shock. Now, this was my second baby in the past two years but I had never weighed that much when not pregnant. I discussed it with my husband and he thought that it was a good time for himself to lose some weight as well. However, since I was breastfeeding, I was terrified to start any kind of diet.

In July 2011, my husband started telling me about this “Primal Blueprint Diet.” I really wasn’t that interested and all I could think was “What, No Pasta?! I can’t do that!” Slowly, he worked me down and I decided that I could try anything for 3 weeks. Of course, I would monitor my daughter’s growth progress to ensure that she was getting enough milk. Shortly after deciding that we give it a try, hurricane Irene blew through (early August 2011) and we lost power for several days. We ended up eating everything that we had in the house. It was then that we decided that we would not replace what was not on the diet. We were going to give this a shot.

Now, originally, I was doing this to support my husband, I really didn’t expect that it would change me. Oh, was I wrong! You convinced one of the biggest critics on low carb diets, an Italian who loves her pasta. About a week into the diet, after the low carb flu had passed, I felt absolutely amazing. I had more energy, my thoughts were clear, my emotions were stable, and I was happy. I was even sleeping better! My milk supply never dwindled because of the diet. My digestion was simple, no heartburn, no stomach aches, no indigestion, everything was running like clockwork. I wasn’t craving sweets, fast food, junk food, and even pasta. I didn’t want pasta!

As for some background, as a child, I was diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia. I was told that I had to eat every 2 hrs to maintain blood sugar levels. I would force myself to eat when not hungry (often packaged foods) and wake up sick, so sick, every morning. I would be incredibly nauseated and have severe cramps in my legs; every morning was a battle. Then, when my blood sugar would drop because I did not eat, I would get very sick with cold sweats, nausea,  confused thoughts, sharp temper, etc. This problem… is now gone. I haven’t had a single incident while on the diet. My life is completely different.

I think this is what surprised me the most; that it not only had a physical effect on me but also an emotional and cognitive one. When I started noticing these changes, I knew that this was the right lifestyle for me and it became a journey. I will never go back to the way I ate in the “old days.”

For those who need to see the numbers, I am 5’ 4” and in early August 2011 I was approximately 165 lbs and wearing a pant size 12. Today, I weighed myself for the first time in 30 days, I weighed 118 lbs and now wear a size 4. My weight leveled out about 2 months ago. I have been working on maintaining a healthy weight and eating fresh organic food. I cook every meal at home and on the few occasions when my husband and I do go out to eat, we are the biggest food critics! We can now tell when something has been pre-packaged or covered in salt! This year, I have a huge vegetable garden and I look forward to working it daily and eating the food that I grow; nothing more fresh. Chickens may be next on my list!

When I bump into people who I haven’t seen in awhile, they are shocked at the difference. They ask me what I am doing and I direct them to your website. I have convinced several people to try it and when they find out that they love it, they share the word; so it’s spreading.

Thank you for changing my life and changing the life of my husband, my children, my best friend, and other family members, friends… and everyone who they touch. It’s spreading because it works and it’s fabulous! I wish I could shout it from the rooftops!

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  1. You look fabulous and your smile says it all- congratulations!! I am currently eyeing my very small back yard to see where I can plant a vegetable garden- how hard can it be, right?!?

    1. I have a small backyard, too, and all you need is a small plot. You can get tomato cages and make things grow up instead of out. I did this with homegrown zuchinni and had a great harvest.

      1. Small backyards are not really a problem.

        It is yards with NO sunlight to speak of, except that patch down by the road that gets car exhaust.

        Actually, I do have a couple of spots to plant that get sun and don’t get car exhumations. Not enough for good crop rotation, but enough for a few things here and there. I am going to try hanging potatoes this year.

    2. There’s been several discussions here on MDA about Square Foot Gardening – using raised planter beds (usually 4′ x 4′ square) for optimal results. Google Mel Bartholomew and/or Square Foot Gardener. It’s a great way to garden whether you have a small area or even a larger one.

      1. I’ve been using Mel’s square foot gardening principles for the past 3 years with wonderful results. There is a great section in his book addressing growing things vertically! Good luck!

      2. Yes! The square foot garden book is a fantastic way to get into gardening. There are also so many creative (and cheap) ways you can garden with containers – the possibilities are endless. You can grow tomato plants upside down (turning them into a hanging plant) – we did this at our old apartment.

      3. Another Sq Ft gardener here to add my recommendation, too. And, you can put a small container almost anywhere. Right now I have a smallish flowerbox (about 8″ x 16″) sitting right by my back doorstep with spinach, chard and 2 types of lettuces in it.

        Jessica, you look FAB! So glad your husband “worked” on you until you tried the PB!

        1. Thanks! I love seeing all these comments about square foot gardening since I use square foot gardening as well. However, I don’t follow it word for word, I made some changes that work well for me. I do have 6 4’x4′ beds… as well as several other longer beds, and asparagus in the ground, etc etc. Did I mention that I like to garden? lol!!

  2. Wow you lost close to 50lbs FAST! You look stunning! Very nice waist

      1. You look great! I have issues with hypoglycemia myself, and when I stick to Primal it stays nicely under control.

  3. Jessica, you totally stole my success story headline! I feel the same way. You look incredible and I’m sure you feel the same. Not to mention the fact that you look 19 again!

    You are so inspiring. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    1. Thank you so much! I am glad you feel the same way! It’s so nice to hear encouragement from so many people!

  4. I love it! Great job with all the changes – I know how tough it can be to alter your lifestyle with little ones taking most of your time and attention. 🙂

    1. Oh yes, it took effort!! But, when I saw results, it was completely worth it to me.

      1. This is key, and a key difference between reducing carbs – especially grains, esp. wheat – and conventional dieting.

        Willpower is a depletable resource. When you actually get results, it engages the dopamine-reward system, which replenishes that willpower.

  5. Great story 🙂

    I started in January 2012 with 232lbs. Now I’m 204lbs… Thanks, Mark. 🙂

  6. What an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I could not believe the difference in the photos from the beach and then the newest one. You look at least 10 years younger, and nothing like your former self. Great job, and thanks again for the inspiration. As you said, it’s true! When you go out to eat, you can tell right away the difference in salt soaked foods, or packaged foods. They taste awful now!

    1. Yes! Even only been Primal for 5 weeks, I notice a huge difference and I can’t even think about going back. Yuck.

    2. Oh yes! Isn’t funny? My husband and I just don’t enjoy going out to eat anymore! lol!! But, it keeps us on the die tbecause when I cook at home… I cook food on the diet.

  7. I was wondering how your husband is doing with his weight loss? Great job though! Your story makes one wonder if your Reactive Hypoglycemia, and other medical issues aren’t caused by diet in the first place. It points back to how our medical community, on the whole, avoids pointing to the diet when it comes to what causes our health to degrade.

    1. I definitely think that Reactive Hypoglycemia is a diet related illness. I wish I had this knowledge years ago! My husband is doing great. He’s lost a little over 20lbs and has dropped a couple pant sizes. I think he looks great! 🙂 When he is ready, maybe he will send in his own story!

      1. You do look great, I think I need a hurricane to come empty my cupboards. I eat/live primally maybe 80% of the time but I know if I want to see and feel results like you have it needs to be more (i do feel the difference when I eat well) I only eat the bad stuff when I tired and bored or my partners cooking. He is a critic like you were and eats lots of carbs, cookies, coke zero! Itwould be so good for both if I could get him to see the “light”. any tips?

  8. Woot!! My journey is similar–I started really digging into nutrition information when I had baby weight to lose.

    Way to show us all how it’s done!

  9. Do you count calories? What type of exercise have you incorporated, if any, into your new Primal lifestyle? And, finally, do you eat the “Paleo sweets” such as Paleo muffins, cookies etc. that you can easily find recipes to on the web?

    1. I never ever counted calories, too much work with two babies around!! I ate what was on the diet and occasionally ate Paleo/Primal sweets. My exercising consists of nursing a baby, gardening, chasing a 2yr boy, and evening walks with my family. My goal is to add in some weight lifting and yoga in the near future now that the baby is a little older.

      1. That is exercise! I use my toddler to do weight lifting – she doesn’t know I’m exercising though, she thinks we’re playing.
        Great job! I made the mistake of losing my baby weight with Weight Watchers and wound up gaining it all back, so it’s coming off very slowly now that I’m paleo. Whatever, I’ll get there!

      2. Amazing Job, girl! 🙂 About calories– I am currently not counting either, but not really seeing results (although I do only have 10-15 to lose, so might be slower going). I’m worried I just tend to eat too much even if it is all Paleo! How did you gauge that? Just ate when hungry, stopped when nearing full? Did you snack, or stick to 3 meals/day? I’d appreciate the input. Thanks, and again, awesome job!

      3. Tried posting and now can’t see it. Sorry if it appears twice!

        First of all, AMAZING work! Secondly, was just wondering- with not counting calories and still seeing great results, how did you gauge how much you were eating? Simply eating when hungry, stopping when not? Did you snack or stick to 3 meals/day? I’m just asking because Im not seeing such results (although I have only 10 or so to lose) and feel it is probably because I am still consuming too much, even though its primal.

        Any suggestions for this? Thanks a bunch!

  10. Wow! The transformation you have gone through is so incredibly noticeable.

    As dean would say… you made shift happen!

    Point as many people as you can to MDA. Just don’t force them! This is a challenge…

    1. Can anyone suggest methods they used to convince people try primal that were successful?

      1. Lead by example.

        The desire for personal change must come within.

        1. I agree, I feel like I am a walking advertisement. When people see me, they ask what I’ve done and I tell them. I’ve converted many people… lol! Just converted another yesterday!

      2. I have found telling them what I eat vs what I don’t. I’ve also given them the book to read themselves. That seems to work the best. Let the person explore the science on his/her own! And of course, be an example for them!

      3. I definitely suggest that people skulk around here. That’s what happened to me… I lurked around MDA for a couple months, then got the PB book from the library, and finally decided to give Primal a go in December.

        I also tell people that cutting out grains cleared up my eczema, and happens to have other great side effects (although maybe that’s cowardice on my part… telling people I try to eat like our grokking ancestors makes me feel like a crazy person.)

        1. I agree. I spent weeks lurking here before eventually trying stuff halfheartedly. Then I quit but kept lurking. Then eventually I jumped into it and have been seeing immediate results. It’s a momentum thing. MDA is kind of like a magnet that leads you in the right direction. 🙂

    2. Thank you!! 🙂
      Oh, of course, I can’t force people to try it. The person has to want to do it since this is a lifestyle change, not just a diet. However, I find that they are more willing to take that leap if they know someone who has had results… and someone that they can talk to about it.

  11. I just can’t get over how amazing the results of the Primal/Paleo diet are. Congratulations!

    1. Jeremy, yes it is science. You could use both inductive and deductive reasoning, using the success stories in these blogs in conjunction with what you find in “The Primal Blueprint.” There, you can find many peer-reviewed studies that may satisfy your scientific appetite. Based on your comments thus far, you have yet to do this. BTW, you are trolling on this blog that contains regular comments (in favor of the Primal Lifestyle) made by many MDs, NDs, Dietitians, and many others in the health field whom regularly monitor blood panels, study relentlessly, and even *gasp* temporarily go against the conventional wisdom/religion in order to help blaze a scientific path to true health. My suggestion to you is to lighten up on us “common-folk”, find some of these scientists and medical professionals, and converse with them.

  12. Congratulations! I, too, only became interested in my weight when carrying 30 extra pounds post-pregnancy. You look great and I’m so happy to hear how you’re evolving – homesteading! 🙂

  13. What a great story and a great success! I wish I had found Mark’s Daily Apple six weeks post partum, lol! I was instead directed to Jillian Michaels DVD’s. While the exercise helped take off weight I did have issues with milk production and was frustrated about not being able to balance my health and baby’s health. Congratulations on your courageous move to a healthier way of life for you and your family and friends too! Very inspiring, indeed 🙂 The best way to spread the word is to be a shining example, and you certainly are 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I would have never of known about Primal if my husband didn’t tell me. Even then I was doubtful!! 🙂 I hope it goes well for you!

  14. Amazing!Living Primal has so many benefits. You are a wonderful example of how it works and keeps working through your joy of a healthy body and family. I know you will enjoy that garden this summer. Bravo!!!!

  15. I too am 5’4″ and 160 lbs. Your story has inspired me to get that weight off! Way to go!

    1. I will be spending LOTS of time this summer at the beach… in a bikini! lol!!

  16. that is amazing.you look incredible.keep spreading the good word.

  17. Good for you!!! Now we have to convince the rest of the US to make healthier choices.

  18. Hey Jessica,
    Great story! You really do look fantastic. I was just curious, do you guys only eat grass-fed beef? Or do you sometimes, most of the time, eat whatever lean cuts of meat they have at the grocery store? thanks.

    1. Hmm, well, we buy the best that we can. We live in the middle of nowhere so we don’t have like a Wholefoods close by. We try to buy local grass-fed meat as much as we can from local farmers. My husband’s family also raises cows and pigs so we have been grateful to get some of that meat as well.

  19. What about your husband, how’s he doing? (I’d like to see an after pic of him, too!)

    1. He is working on his success story! He’s lost a little over 20lbs himself and dropped a few pant sizes. Maybe when he is ready his send in his. 🙂 He says I am in an inspiration to him!

  20. You look great! And I bet you feel even better! Our stories are so similar-I too started because my husband wanted to try it, and I too had amazing results! I also had baby weight to lose after having twin boys. We are in our mid-30s and we both look like we did in college, and feel even better! I also have converted many people, and I think they really believe in it when they see how glowing and healthy we are. Been primal a year and never going back. Even the boys are mini-cavemen and are doing great! Congrats to you and your family!

    1. That’s awesome! Keep it up! My son isn’t 100% primal yet but I plan to get him there, it’s a work in progress!

  21. Fantastic!!!!!really well done!love readin stories like yours,mainly because I discovered Mark an Primal Blueprint through a very good friend in work,johnny mccamley,to him and mark I owe a great deal.on the 4thjan this year I weighed approx 18 and half stone(260 pound) though I am jst over 6″1 an big build anyhow,but now I am 14stone(195pound) an the difference is phenomenal!still got a bit to go,about another 1 an half stone!lovin my primal life an shall be primal till I die! Good luck an good health to you and congrats again!!

      1. No, that is more like 47 pounds over 7 months. Amazing, and much safer to lose it at that rate.

  22. Love it! Another inspiring Friday success story to head us into the weekend on an high note. Now to avoid all those chocolate bunnies…

  23. Wow, wow, wow! A wonderful story and how great it is to hear of another person’s whose life has been changed with MDA, and who feels as fabulous as she looks! Way to go!

  24. Wonderful story Jessica! I wish my weight were coming off a little more quickly but I suspect that years and years of yo-yo dieting on my part make my body more resistant. Good for you for working at getting your kids primal – I keep saying I wish I’d known about this when my kids were very little, it’s much more challenging once they are school-age. Congrats – enjoy those bikinis!!!

  25. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing your very inspiring story. Eager to hear hubby’s story at the appropriate time.

  26. Congratulations on a new healthier, happy you! You look fabulous. 🙂

  27. While I absolutely crave the “knowledge” portion of MDA I totally look forward to Fridays to see the folks whose ranks I hope to join at journey’s end. Thank you for sharing your story and inspiration it means a lot to us who have a long way to go and need the motivational help!

  28. I say definitely add the chickens! We have had 6 chickens for a couple years now and they are a good compliment to gardening. The eggshells go great in the compost, and chicken poop is THE BEST fertilizer. Also, the chickens can eat all your food scraps (if they dont go into the compost), even meat scraps.

    Next we are adding fish to the things we grow ourselves, providing us with meat on a continual basis using a recirculating system for tilapia, yum!

    Good job on the progress your whole family has made!

    1. Thank you!! I REALLY want some chickens!! We eat so many eggs, I think it would be useful for us and exciting for me and the kids. A couple of friends have been talking me into it… my only concern at this point is where to put them. Our property backs a wildlife preserve and we have a family of foxes right by the house. The guy who we buy eggs from at the Farmer’s Market said that Hawks are the biggest predators in the area. He said that fencing the chickens completely in works the best for them. I’ve been doing my research, I might just take the leap!! I’ve heard that chicken poo is the best lol. I wouldn’t mind that at all!

      I can’t imagine growing fish too. I think that is really awesome. :)I’m a Maryland girl so we get our fish and seafood from the bay but it scares me to think how polluted it is these days.:(

  29. You look GREAT. Thanks for your story and keep up the great work.

  30. I have been back and forth on doing this, I will start and then I stop. My biggest problem is breakfast. What was your typical week of breakfast and lunch? Dinners are ok. Between my husband and I we make something. Thanks for your time and congratulations!!!

    1. On the weekends, we like the typical eggs and bacon. On the weekdays, I like to pre-cook breakfast the night before since the mornings are so busy. I have created a few of my own recipes. One of our favorites is one that I tweaked form Mark. I took the recipe “Bacon Souffle Frittata” from Mark’s Quick and Easy Recipe book and really spiced it up. We took out the bacon (crazy I know) and added sausage, peppers, onions, and sometimes a potato. I make this with the dinner the night before and it lasts us a couple of days. I also found a great banana muffin recipe that I will make about once a month (no grains, no sweetner, but so yummy). One batch lasts us quite a bit.

      We find that cooking on a larger scale in the evening or once a week really helps us stick to it. On Sunday, I prep food and make some Primal snacks and breakfast for the next day. To be honest, I am still figuring out the ideal schedule for us. I also bought an ice cream maker. We like to try out different types of deserts like sorbets that are completely Primal friendly. I just know for me to be successful, it’s easiest to keep quick snacks and yummy foods on hand.

      1. I do have to add that I don’t really feel the need to eat breakfast all the time. I eat when I am hungry and not because it’s a certain time of day. Sometimes breakfast is an early lunch for me.

    1. He’s lost a little over 20lbs and dropped a few pant sizes. I think he looks pretty awesome… but he still wants to lose a little more. I should have made him pose for a picture!! 🙂 I didn’t even think about it. lol!! He was talking me into submitting something so I will do the same when he’s ready.

  31. Wow congrats! I just started a week ago and have to say your story has really inspired me. I’m actually 5’4″ and started at 168lbs so this hits close to home. Thank you for sharing and good luck in the future. 🙂

  32. I recommend The Primal Blueprint several times a day in my work – I work in the supplement dept at a Whole Foods. I know I’m going against the dogma subscribed to by the company I work for. It causes me problems.

  33. You look amazing! I had my first child 25 years ago despite faithfully following cw and hitting the gym. You are a star in this universe!

    1. Lol, I meant I never lost weight. Typing on these phones is a challenge.

  34. Congratulations!!!
    And as an added bonus to using kids as weights: as time passes and they grow, you workout more 🙂

  35. I agree completely on the fact that the most surprising effect this diet has is on balancing the emotional and psychological aspects of your life. It’s almost miraculous!

    1. Most definitely! It makes complete sense when I think about it now but I had no idea back then!! What we eat, would of course affect all areas of the body including the brain.

  36. Jessica, what a delightful and amazing transformation–I am especially happy that you made a very bad problem go away. The extra weight was NOTHING compared to the reactive hypoglycemia that you solved! What a fantastic story of healing.

  37. Thanks for sharing. You look so fabulous. I am so excited for you and also encouraged since I have an almost identical story. Started eating paleo about 2 months ago and have a ways to go. You are doing awesome!

  38. I love Fridays…it helps to hear how others are doing.
    I am so pleased that you feel emotionally better. Having children is stressful…and to be in better control of your emotions and feel much less stress is a huge gift of this lifestyle!
    Like you I have several people who I have turned on to The Primal Blueprint, I also started a blog so that my friends and I can share our recipes with each other.
    You are so lucky to begin your children’s life with a healthy start.
    I feel terrible that I fed my children poptarts and junk for more than a decade before turning it around.
    Congratulations to you and your family, and to the many more people you will inspire 🙂

  39. For chickens, have you condidered a chicken tractor? It’s a small mobile enclosure so they have fresh areas to peck at while still being protected. Inexpensive to build or have built too.

    1. No, I have never heard of that… will google it. Any good links? We would prefer to build something rather than buy a plastic something or other. My concern is still the foxes. I’ve heard that digging the fence in the ground is the only way to stop them. I’ve also heard that putting the coop near the house will help. I have a HUGE white german shepherd who would gladly protect the chickens but we keep him inside at night.

      1. If you need to stop the foxes from digging you need to dig the wire into the ground on the outside of the fence. Make a trench all the way around from the fence line to about 2 ft. out. Lay the pieces of fence wire in the trench and tie the edge to the bottom of our fence with tie-wire. Cover the trench. When they attempt to dig in they will hit the wire. Use real fencing, not chicken wire. They can dig through that.

  40. Jessica, great story and great results.

    I just wanted to make a general comment about comments. So many comment sections on the web are full of insults and personal attacks. I like MDA because that doesn’t happen here. I think this is because PB is so good for you that it is hard to argue against it and when people try it brings out the best in them and that shows in their comments. Like everyone else it has made me feel a lot better both physically and mentally. It is more than a diet, it is the way to live. Grok On.

  41. As a fellow fatty mummy with beach photos I found the best way to convert all my friends, family and coworkers was to keep it quiet for a while, and wait for them to ask you what’s going on. Then offer them snippets of info, such as – Oh I don’t eat any processed food now. Then silence. They sort of say nothing, and then maybe a week later they ask something like – so what IS processed food? I did this quiet preaching as I call it, for about 6 months, kind of keeping it to myself, unless someone really really wanted to know more I didn’t offer more. Finally after I got my story published on MDA, I opened up a facebook group/page of my own with my before and after picture. Within a few days I had about 40 likers and now, several months later I have about a dozen people (some I don’t even know) on “the diet” and a few have lost over 10kg. It’s very rewarding to have a little tribe of my own. My page/group is very basic, as many of my friends wouldn’t cope with MDA yet. But I do point them here. Baby steps! Sorry for hogging the comments, but I find it so exciting to do my part to change the world’s eating issues.

  42. We kept ours quiet too… which I think made a larger impact when people saw us for the first time. They wanted all the details. lol. It’s hard because you want them give them the information but not overload them or scare them away. We’ve always had response “if you want to give it a go and need help, let us know.” I’ve been helping a few family members and friends along the way.

    When my story posted on Friday, I received so many emails, text messages, facebook messages… I ended up just starting a facebook group & blog to help answer questions, share recipes, etc. I am also finding that people need like a simplified version. I’ve been working on that. 🙂

    Thanks for the comments! 🙂

  43. I had reactive hypoglycemia before PB too! Also have two kids. Thanks for sharing. I’m still on my journey.

  44. Your story is an inspiration. I’m encouraged by your success. You look amazing!!

  45. Never get tired of these stories. Thanks and congratulations Jessica. You look great.

    Thanks for the story Mark!

  46. Great story and you look wonderful!
    But Hurricane Irene came through South Florida in 2005.

  47. Oops… my mistake… it was Jeanne….
    ….and you DO look wonderful.

      1. Im so confused i have been doing paleo for 3 weeks i dont know what im doing wrong. I want to lose 40 pds in 2 months and i read the web site and love the food but ,do i need to cut out all of my treats made with almond flour and coconut flour. i love the cakes and bread and dark chocolate i mak,e and i eat one or 2 every day. is that what is holding my weight lost back. I need something sweet and i love fruit but thats not helping? Please help

  48. Jessica I’m super proud of you. You look amazing and are obviously feeling amazing also.

    Jessica is my cousin and I have been learning about this off and on from her for a while and my husband and I are going Primal as a result of what we have learned and seen.

  49. @Jeremy: If you don’t agree with this lifestyle, take your Twinkies and go somewhere else.

  50. Jessica: Good job!
    I’m just wondering, for anybody, how does the primal diet compare financially to your old way of eating? I’m unemployed at the moment, and last month had to go to the food bank … you get what they give in that case. I’ll probably just have to ease slowly into this.

  51. For me, it is actually cheaper than how we used to eat but we used to buy things like Lean Cuisines, packaged lunch foods, soda, etc. But, it did take some time to learn some tricks and I also garden.

    My biggest suggestion is to shop locally and to eat in season. Go find the closest Farmer’s Market and check it out. You can find great deals online for bulk almonds, walnuts, etc. I buy in large quantities when on sale and it lasts us a long time. Trust me, while it does take some learning, you can do this diet on a budget.

  52. Wow! Congrats on your transformation. Your story really resonates with me as I am in the middle of a very similar story! I am a few months behind you (my baby was born at the end of August) but hope to have a success story of my own soon enough. The primal lifestyle is the first plan that has allowed me to lose significant amounts of weight while still nursing without losing supply. Thanks for the continued inspiration!

  53. Congratulations, Jessica. You look fabulous!!

    @Jeremy: Are you frustrated and overweight? Because from reading your posts, you sound like a bitter angry fat guy (or girl) who’s clearly unhappy with your life. If you don’t like what you’re reading, why are you wasting your life writing a bunch of comments on a blog with principles you clearly don’t believe in?

  54. Jessica,
    Congratulations! you look absolutely amazing! I was wondering what was your work out routine? Would you mind sharing it with us?

  55. I think you look amazing girl!!! I can’t lose any weight till after my sister renewal wedding, but right after that I am sooo doing this diet. Way to go!!!

  56. Hi, I was wondering if you noticed any differences in your baby’s behavior as a result of breast feeding on a primal diet?

  57. hi i am a nursing mother . I was wondering how long it took you to lose the weight while nursing?

  58. Great job! Would you mind if I asked you a couple of questions over email? Thanks!

  59. Thanks for sharing; you look fantastic!
    Congratulations on succeeding. Any lifestyle change is difficult so be very proud of your accomplishments. 🙂

  60. wow!! I am so happy to come across a breastfeeding mom success story! so inspired

  61. Congratulations, that is fantastic. I love the concept of growing your own food. If only more people would adopt this philosophy.