I Wanted To Get To the Root Cause

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I was always interested in healthy food, exercising, and learning what I could do to look young and healthy. As a kid, our household was filled with veggies and we ate couscous, buckwheat, and a variety of salads, which were not that common back in the 90’s in Hungary. I also did athletics during elementary school and have loved running ever since. Still, I had times when I struggled with weight issues.

Honestly, I had no idea what was good for my body or how to listen to it.

I ate way healthier than my friends or people around me but still experienced digestive issues, bloating, and headaches quite frequently. It was hard for me to lose weight, but I thought to myself: this is part of life and I am just not lucky.

Then in 2014, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, which explained a lot of my symptoms. I visited many doctors, but did not get the answers I was looking for. They just told me to take thyroid hormones, saying it’s nothing serious and not to worry. But I wanted something more—an explanation why this happened to me.

I wanted to get to the root cause, so I started investigating and looking for information on the internet. That’s when I came across functional diagnostic nutrition and learned that besides my genetic predisposition, I contributed to my illness with my eating choices and my inability to handle stress well.

My love for this new information and how powerful our food choices are started to open my eyes and I wanted to learn even more. I realized that there are many people out there with similar issues who might not speak English and cannot read the books I had found.

I wanted to find a way to help them.

That’s when I started to search for schools that would give me the background in science I was looking for and came across the Primal Health Coach Institute.

I read reviews and contacted people who already had this certificate. I liked the fact that PHCI had a coaching aspect to their program as well. So, I jumped right in and loved the course very much. It was never a burden to sit down and learn, even after a long day of work.

After graduating in the fall of 2018, I created a 6-Week Lifestyle Change Program which could be adjusted to the needs of my clients. My goal is to make people aware of how primal living can help them feel and live better.

Carmen Fodróczy

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  1. Jo napot kivanok!

    There’s a wonderful Keto resort on Margit Sziget in Budapest, or very close to there. I’ve been tempted to go but I dread the long trip. Do you know it?

    One of my favorite Hungarian dishes that’s delicious when made keto is Szekely Gulyas, although any of the paprikas will work too, I think that one is particularly tasty. It’s hard to find good pork in the US, so much of it is conventional. But when I do find it, I make a batch.


    With Hashimodo’s thyroid, I’d be worried about Celiac disease. There’s talk that in the US we should automatically test for Celiac if a person has thyroid dysfunction. And the reverse.

    Thank you for sharing your story! I hardly ever get to use my Hungarian anymore. Be well!

    1. Hello Angelica, Thanks for the comments!
      I do not know this Keto place on Margit Sziget, but will check if I find something about it.
      About Celiac: I am not sure about the automatic testing, might be useful, though You can also have Non Celiac gluten sentsitivity as well. What is for sure, gluten is something to avoid if you have Hashimoto.
      Wish you good health!