I Feel Outstanding and Am in Control of My Relationship with Food

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Hi, I’m Sarah, and I am 39 years old. I’ve always been interested in science. I loved the experimentation, tweaking little things and the precision required. I studied biochemistry at university and started working in a lab diagnosing illnesses, and later doing cancer research. I moved away from it as a career, but I became interested in nutrition and exercise, trying different ways of eating and training to lose weight for my wedding. I found some that worked – but were really hard going and just not sustainable. As soon as I married I started to put weight on again.

We had two children in a year, which was amazing – but a huge challenge, and I had literally no time for myself. My health suffered, and I ate really poorly, literally living on chocolate spread sandwiches and other easy processed food. I binged on sweets and chocolate almost every day, feeling out of control of my cravings. Over a couple of years I added to the weight gain, topping out at 195 pounds. I was disgusted with myself.

I hit a low when I ordered a pair of 16 (US size 14) trousers online, and they didn’t fit. My legs rubbed together when I walked. I had a photo taken for my passport, and my face looked like a moon. I knew I had to act.

I started attending aerobic classes twice a week, and tried juicing. The weight did start to come off slowly, but it was hard going, and I felt really hungry and unstable on the juices. I looked for a better way.


I stumbled onto the 21-Day Total Body Transformation book on Amazon, and thought I would try it, although the “Primal” thing seemed fairly extreme at the time.

I felt pretty awful and had some really bad headaches the first week, detoxing all the sugar out of my system and becoming a “fat burning beast.” The food was completely different from what I had been used to eating.

After a few weeks I started to feel outstanding. More energy, more connected to my body, and the weight started to fall off without getting hungry at all. I started lifting weights, and walking all the time. We are fortunate living in Surrey (UK) – there are lots of forests and countryside on our doorstep. I would just find myself breaking into a sprint in the rain and feeling crazy and free – grinning like a loon.

My husband and I decided to completely revaluate our lives. He gave up his corporate job, and we set up a personal training company – I was his first client!

I lost four stone over two years, and have maintained at around 140 pounds. I have a condition called Endometriosis, which from me caused crippling period pain a couple of days of the month. I had no idea that sugar and refined carbs cause systemic inflammation – cutting these out mean I generally get by each month without even taking an ibuprofen. I also very rarely get sick – despite 2 children bringing bugs home from school. I don’t crave sugar anymore and feel in control of my relationship with food.

I find it hard not to preach to my friends about the lifestyle – but I want to pay it forward. So I studied Nutrition and Weight Management, and became a certified Primal Health Coach. I wanted to help people who were like me – busy, stressed, overweight, with nagging health issues, just feeling “blah” all the time.

I turn 40 this year, and am in better shape now than I have ever been in my life. Adopting the Primal lifestyle has made such a difference in my health, outlook and well-being that I am really thankful – and will try to help other people achieve the same.


For more information on Primal Health Coaching with Sarah, visit her website.


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  1. Looks like you guys went “head over heels” in the right direction. Congrats Sarah.

    1. Thanks, I am working on a handstand press up, but have a long way to go!

  2. Sarah, you are awesome! i cannot imagine two kids in one year. What an awesome success story. I love hearing how people first improve their health, and end up improving the rest of their life also. So great that you are spreading the word and coaching others!

    1. Thanks, it is great to be able to share my story, and hopefully inspire others who are looking to change for the better.

  3. Super inspirational story Sarah, thanks for sharing! Here’s to everyone having their share of “grinning like a loon” days in 2017, and if you need to lose a stone or two do it!

  4. Awesome end of the year transformation. Isn’t it great to feel so much better for yourself and those Irish twins! I am one of eight children. The 2 brothers above me are 11 months apart. Yes, they are the same age for a month each year.it was hard on my mother, but she did take care of herself and we learned it is not “selfish ” in any sense of the world to take care of yourself. She lived a good 95 years.
    May all of mda and all the world be happy healthy strong and find peace. Share the love. It starts at home.

  5. I, too, am a Primal Health Coach, Sarah, so I understand your passion. I’m definitely sharing this story with my followers and hope they’ll be inspired to forego the usual resolutions (lose 15 pounds) and focus on lifestyle changes instead. Thank you and congratulations on your business!

  6. Wow, amazing. I can’t imagine 2 children so close together, either! Great to hear another UK success story, I will check out your website.

    1. It’s quite convenient for schools! Consecutive years so easier school runs…thanks Tanya.

  7. Thanks for sharing your story. Inspiration for the new year 🙂

  8. Well done Sarah! My two are 14 months apart – talk about living on the edge of reason!

    I completely sympathise with the lack of time. My girls are 18 m and 2 now, I’m going to try bringing them along with me while I sneak workouts in at home this year. I figure we can all have a giggle while we wiggle in the loungeroom 😀

  9. Congratulations, Sarah. Great story of body and life transformations – and cool photo!

  10. Just shared your story on my FB page. Your story makes me feel so happy!! Love your optimism, and wilingness to change from ‘blah’ to INCREDIBLE. You are leading by example and I think that’s amazing.

    Good luck with everything!!

  11. Awesome job Sarah! Congratulations on making a big lifestyle change. Would love it if you could just post in the comments how you involve your kids. I bring mine to CrossFit with me. Half the time they work out and the other half I just let them play on the equipment. They’re 7 & 10. And they love coming with me.