I Didn’t Know How Bad I Felt Before, Until I Started Feeling So Good!

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

Dear Mark,

I am writing to add myself to your list of PB success stories. The pictures I’ve attached above pretty much tell it. The first three were from the last few years, and they show me at my heaviest. The one in the pink gown was taken at about three months into the PB plan, and the last one, of me with the kettlebells, was taken a few days ago, at 7 months into the plan. I am holding 40 pounds worth of kettlebells and that’s how much weight I’ve lost since February of this year, with your help.

I am currently 54 years old, have struggled with weight gain and loss for the last 35 years. The yo-yo started going up and down in college, and I would gain and lose over and over. I have tried every fad diet there is, including starvation, and have done Weight Watchers three times. I was active over the years, but my food intake was typical of the standard American diet you refer to all the time. SAD indeed. I was lazy when it came to food preparation and I ate a lot of cereal, bread products, and protein, power, or granola bars. I would never have thought I could go without it like I do now. Cereal and toast or an English muffin was a favorite breakfast, and dinner of mine. I drank a lot of coke over the years.

I gained more recent weight after I had a hysterectomy in 2005. My hormones got messed up. I had a few job changes, life stressors in excess (sick parents, a son in college, financial issues), and a terrible, wheat, other grains, and sugar filled diet. If I managed to lose some, I would gain it back, plus more. I worked out with a personal trainer for close to a year in 2010. I managed to lose about 18 pounds by counting calories, carbs, protein, and doing excessive cardio, and a very strict lifting schedule. The minute I lost focus, back it came.

I had a physical exam summer of 2011 and I was unhappy with my weight (high 170s) and lab results. My cholesterol and triglycerides were high, and my HgA1C was borderline for Type 2 diabetes. I had asked my doctor to run one, because I wanted to see what my numbers were. As a nurse, I was seeing a huge increase in the number of diabetic patients and it worried me. I felt like I was headed to being a Type 2 diabetic if I didn’t change things. I didn’t feel good, I felt sluggish, and was really self conscious about how I looked.

I moved to Tennessee in August of 2011, (knowing no one, to start a new job) and joined a gym for something to do. I dabbled around at it, then the holidays started and I got heavier, and hit 183, my highest ever. I made a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, yet again. In January 2012, I got a free session with a trainer, who was sympathetic to my tale of woe. She listened to my frustrations, and then she told me she had something for me that she thought would really appeal to me. Her words were, “as a nurse (I’m a registered nurse for 34 years) you will like the science behind this plan.” She wrote your website down for me, and I was interested enough to look at it.

I studied your website for about three weeks. I read every article, every link, several success stories. I signed up for your emails, and started having many “aha” moments. I ordered the 21-Day Total Body Transformation, read it, and committed to trying it. I endured “low carb flu” and detoxed off sugar and learned how to shop differently. I started taking my lunches to work, and got a lot of questions about what many perceive as an odd eating style. Weight did not come off fast at first. I almost gave it up, about four weeks into it, because I was not seeing results like I wanted to see. I remember reading in your books, though, to stick with it and be patient and that eventually, without the constant influx of carbs my body was used to, it would HAVE to start burning my stored fat. At last, slowly but surely, pounds started dropping off.

When I bumped up my exercise by adding two or three Zumba classes a week, and walking more whenever I could, my weight loss accelerated. I noticed how much better my stomach was doing without so much bread and other grains. Over the years, I had been troubled by a lot of abdominal problems, and had one doctor tell me I had IBS. I have suffered lactose intolerance since childhood. I wasn’t having cravings anymore, I wasn’t hungry two or three hours after eating, wasn’t having frequent hypoglycemic episodes like before, and wasn’t desperate to find anything I could find to eat like I had previously.

I tell people I was a good student. I studied your information, and did what you said to do, including the planks, squats, pushups, and working on pull-ups. I started as an 80/20 girl, and I am moving over time more toward 90/10 now. I find that “when I stray, I pay” with the way I feel in my body. I’ve learned to listen to it, and be more attentive to what it’s telling me.

I have gone from 183 pounds to 143 pounds in seven months, from size 16 to size 8, and have lost 11 inches off my total measurements. My skin looks clear and bright, my hair is shinier, I feel so much better. I have more mental clarity. I am very aware of feeling lighter and how much easier movement is. I feel stronger. I have had to buy a whole new wardrobe. Even my shoes don’t fit. My FEET lost weight!

Mark, I read your articles and comments so often I feel like I know you. I want to say thank you. I am so happy that your information was given to me and that I actually looked at it!!! I am hoping very much to attend one of your Primal Conventions. Maybe 2014! The best way I can sum it up is by saying this:

I didn’t know how bad I felt before, until I started feeling so GOOD!

I’ve gone from being a sugar burner to a fat burner, and it’s still coming off. When I tell others about the PB plan, I feel like I’m paying it forward. I have started to give your website information to fellow medical staff and even some patients who ask my advice on nutrition and weight loss. I also gave it to my 23 year old son and told him I regret not feeding him better as a child! I didn’t realize until I really “got it” that food is medicine, and what you put into your body is of utmost importance to good health, and quality longevity. There is a shocking lack of good dietary and nutritional information out there, for the general public. We are still spoon fed what I now consider terribly erroneous information about food in general. I’m trying to help change that in some small way by explaining what I now know to people, and hoping they are interested enough to pursue it for themselves. I stand as an example that it can be done.

Thank you again for life changing information. I will continue to be a fan.



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  1. Wow! Well done Lynn, you look AMAZING (and ten years younger!) and how wonderful to have found good health alongside the weight loss 🙂

    Congratulations on your awesome work!

    1. You are right she does look a lot younger. I have noticed since I lost my excess weight not only do I look younger but I look happier too. I used to always worry about whether I would have a double chin in pictures if I smiled too much so I would look awkward and unhappy. Because I lost all the weight now I am more confident so I look natural and happy.

    2. Congrats on your success!! I second the comments that you look much younger now. Younger and HAPPY! Well done!!

    3. Primal V, you beat me to it. I was planning to write a post saying: “54? I would have thought 45.”

      Good job on your diet, Lynn! Stories like yours inspire other people so very much. The pictures don’t lie. Great to hear that that trainer gave you the URL to Mark’s Daily Apple, hope she gives it to many more people.

      “I didn’t know how bad I felt before, until I started feeling so good!” That is exactly how I have felt after going primal, good summary. It feels like when you breathe clean air after breathing dusty air. So fresh!

  2. What a great story! (And will hopefully help motivate me to get the exercise piece added to the diet).

  3. Congratulations! You definitely don’t look like you’re in your 50s!

    Also…I think I might steal the phrase ‘When you stray, you pay’ It’s awesome!

  4. Wow, great transformation. You are looking great in your latest picture. I love these stories because seeing other people’s success motives me to try new stuff to reach my person peak fitness. Just last night I finished my first ever 48 hour fast. It wasn’t horrible, but let’s just say I am happy I am done. I think going 48 hours without food gives me just enough perspective to realize how difficult it was for Ghandi to fast for 24 hours.

  5. Well done, Lynn, and thank you for sharing. You look amazing. I’m in my late fifties, just a few weeks into primal after many failed diets, and your story is an inspiration. I wish you all happiness.

    1. @Clare- keep it up. We are the same age and on a similar journey.

  6. I’m so glad that you’re in a position to help spread the good food word! You’re obviously thriving on Primal living. I’ve lived the same you-yo life, but I was always looking forward to the end of the diet so that I could eat ‘normally’ again. Which is partly why diets don’t work! I feel so liberated, having found a way to eat that makes me healthy and happy. This is my new normal. You’re only 7 months in and have had amazing success. I know you’ll see a bright future.

  7. Well done Lynn! You look truly amazing and have a wonderful glow! If you’d be willing to share, I’d love to hear more about what you are eating to help me re-inspire my choices! Thanks!!

    1. Amy, i have settled into some regular foods that i eat routinely, and have gotten many of the ideas from Mark cookbook (30 minute meals).
      Things I eat often: bacon, eggs, avocado, lactose free cottage cheese, some greek yogurt. I love to make organic spaghetti sauce w/ beef and mushrooms and lots of tomatoes, garlic, onion..nice thick sauce. THen cook up a spaghetti squash and substitute the sqash noodles for other noodles. It’s delicious, and no wheat!
      I saute fish or chicken in coconut milk with other things added in like spinach, avocado, chunks of sweet potato. I use coconut milk to make smoothies with whey protein powder. I eat steak at least 1 time in 2 weeks…Mark’s cookbooks have great ideas. Also, there are some paleo cookbooks with great stuff. Primal and Paleo are similar. Primal allows dairy like yogurt and some cheese. Paleo does not. i always keep beef jerky handy, or macadamia nuts, for quick snacks when needed. There are so many options. For winter: primal beef stews and soups appeal to me. thanks for the nice commentary. I appreciate it.

      1. Holy macadamia nut! You look awesome.

        As a 52 y/o nurse, I like to joke that I left my waist back in the NICU on night shift. I have been on MDA for awhile now but sadly my 80/20 has gotten derailed too many times.

        Facing knee surgery for bilateral meniscus tears, I have decided to try a whole 30 (90)? To decrease inflammation and promote healing drop some weight , and hopefully avoid the scope. You inspire me to stick with it.

        Like you I don’t easily or quickly drop the pounds, get discouraged and drift off focus. Now I have a specific reason to stay focused and hope like heck my plan works!

        Thanks again for the inspiration! I hope to add my success story one day.

    2. took me a while to write back…sorry for delay. My favorite things to eat: Bacon and eggs, lots of chicken, tuna, shrimp, salads, avocados with everything, salsa, spaghetti squash/with my spaghetti sauce, i use lots of coconut milk and saute chicken in it, with turmeric, and onions, mushrooms, etc…steak, broccoli, lots of steamed veggies, occasional red wine, dark chocolate, and i do like yogurt and cottage cheese. Love fruits like apples and oranges. I use the PB cookbooks for quick meals, and I just ordered the new one for sauces and toppings,…and etc. There are so many possibilities. It just takes me more planning, but I’m used to it. Thanks for the encouraging comment.

  8. Lynn, I’m so happy for you, and thanking the stars for that trainer who told you what you needed to hear.

    What an inspiring story. And you LOOK fantastic!! Congrats and thanks for sharing.

    1. I am very thankful for my friend Royale, who was genuinely interested in helping me find my way. She was kind enough to tell me about the website, and then she tweaked my interest by telling me that the science of the plan would appeal to me as a nurse. And, since nurses tend to research everything, that’s what I did. She mentored me, discussed things with me that I had questions about. I will be forever grateful to her for helping me get here !!!

      1. Lynn, congrats! I love it when healthcare practitioners “get it”, which allows us to go forth, educate and set a living example. Kudos to your trainer. I live by the philosophy, “each one teach one.”

  9. Congratulations!!
    The weight loss for myself and my daughter has proven to start slowly as you stated, but then it starts to kick in. Even though I am not exercising and sitting at a desk all day the weight is still falling off.

    1. i have a desk job too…as a phone triage nurse in a busy family practice clinic. Every 2 hours or so, I make myself get up and stand, or walk the perimeter of the clinic. Sometimes I go take the stairs up and down 2 or 3 times. I go outside at lunch just to get sunlight on my face and into my eyes and brain. I stand up as much as possible. I really want one of those standing work stations with a treadmill on it. i would LOVE that. Anyway, isnt it great to lose weight doing nothing? It has happened to me also. Amazing.

  10. I hope you can get that gorgeous dress altered because your arms look fantastic now.
    Well done!!
    and NO WAY do you look like you’re in your 50s!!

    1. thank you for the comment! I just might get that dress altered !!! That would be very satisfying. And, thanks also re: not looking my age. I surely don’t feel like I’m mid-50’s.

  11. You like lovely…. and not anywhere near 50. Can’t beat losing weight and years. 🙂

    1. Good job. Pretty smoking for 54

      I disagree. Pretty smoking nails it better!

  12. Wow, fabulous, Lynn! What a transformation! How great that you look and feel better! I love the picture of you holding the heavy kettlebells, especially because they are my exercise of choice. With 3 young kids, I can quickly do a set of swings and then continue with other activities.

    Welcome to Tennessee, too! I grew up in Knoxville, and think that’s so cool that a nurse there told you about the Primal Blueprint. I figured it’s not very common in the South for people to give up grains. Hush puppies, grits, and biscuits are pretty tasty.

    1. Jenny: it was actually a trainer at my gym who told me to look into PB as an option. I took it and ran, and as a nurse (I’m an RN) I now give the info to fellow nurse and doctor friends, and some of my patients. What amazes me is that I have been a nurse for 34 yrs, and never once, prior to this year, had I heard anything about the Primal or Paleo lifestyle. Sure wish I had learned about it sooner in life. Now, I spread the word.

  13. You are 54 years old? I can’t believe it, you look fabulous. The Blueprint has done you well.

    After reading your story, I realize that there is hope for me after all (at 37 and after three kids).

    Congratulations on a great transformation.

  14. It is so important for medical professionals to discover the benefits of paleo/primal. And so terribly sad that they are not taught this in the first year of their training!

    Thank you so much, Lynn, for being a standard-bearer for sustainable healthful living!!! Here’s hoping that every medical colleague who follows your example and goes primal will become an advocate for this lifestyle — with their professional colleagues and with their patients.

  15. As all of the success stories on here, this one is great. What sets this above many others for me, is one little line you had, especially since you are in the medical profession.

    “Food is Medicine”

    Thank you. It is extremely shameful in this day in age that more doctors and “health” institutes don’t emphasize this. They are too quick to prescribe harmful toxins that may not combat the illness, and generally contribute to even more harsh effects. The entire medical profession in my opinion needs a complete overhaul. Rarely do they connect poor dietary habits with illness and disease.

    Thanks again for your story and congratulations!

    1. jrvegantoprimal: thanks for the comments. I would so love it if the MD’s I work for would write a prescription for their patients to go to the MDA website, and then advise them that a new lifestyle, and a 20# weight loss is far better than a prescription for a diabetic or blood pressure medication, or a sleeping pill, or all of the afore mentioned. It’s so easy to take a pill, but so much better to eat well, move more and not be tied to a pill taking schedule. I keep hoping.

  16. Congrats! You look wonderfully happy, healthy and attractive. Isn’t it fantastic to be 50 something with a body that is getting more fit every week?

    I’m with you, 58 yrs old, 3 months of primal and I am feeling awesome, slimmer and more muscular than I have been since my early twenties. Getting real close to a sixpack of all things. Yahoo!

  17. Awesome! Over-50 women rock!! (From someone who knows LOL) You are an inspiration to me, and probably lots of others.

  18. 54? No way! I’d bet my life on that I see a 34 year “old” sexy girl on the last photo. Amazing!

    1. +1
      I would have guessed 34 – never 54. Thank you for sharing your story – it’s a real inspiration!

  19. Wow, Lynn, you look so radiant and fabulous, thanks for telling us about your struggles and success.

    You looked lovely and friendly before, with an above average weight being the new average — it was just what we all came to expect would happen “naturally” as part of getting older.

    But then, with the right info (thanks, Mark!) it’s like getting a new lease on life, one that shows up in your smile!

    Congrats and nice work on the arms, very inspiring!

  20. This both inspirational and encouraging! I am so afraid of crossing that line past the ‘change’. I keep thinking there is no controls beyond that and the body just grows huge. But I am so glad to hear that there is hope. You look wonderful! Your hair, your eyes, your skin – all glows!

    1. Leida, don’t be afraid of “crossing that line”! I hit it early, at age 47, and a year and a half later I seriously look and feel better than I ever have, hands down. Conventional wisdom makes you think it’s the end of life as you know it, but that just ain’t so. Embrace it and look forward to celebrating your life and your freedom instead! It’s a beautiful thing, I promise.

  21. You look so beautiful and happy in that last photo. Fantastic stuff!

  22. “I didn’t know how bad I felt before, until I started feeling so GOOD!”

    I feel like that sums it up for many people (myself) included. Congrats on all your success you look terrific, keep spreading the good word!

  23. Did you get any medical help after your hysterectomy? I had one in 2005, too, and since then things have been different. I still have ovaries, but I think that the uterus has hormones, too, or something. Something’s missing anyway.

    1. Diane, i didnt get good medical help after my surgery. I had them take ovaries also, because of family history of cancer. I had a male GYN doctor who overdosed me on estrogen, then put me on sleeping pills because i couldnt sleep, diet pills because I gained weight, and anti-depressants because I was depressed about my weight gain and lack of sleep. I was a mess. A nurse practitioner friend of mine got me off all of it and leveled me out with some progesterone, which is what I really needed. It helped. Now, I’m not on anything
      and I feel fine.

      1. Congratulations! What an inspirational story- Can you give a rundown of your weekly exercise now and in the last few months, i am at a stand still and just getting back on primal and want to do the best i can to budge this weight… thanks for your help

        1. what gave me a jump start was 2 or 3 zumba classes a week. Really fun, and good workout. I did some walking on the days i didnt do zumba. I did/do the exercises Mark recommends at least 5x a week in my apartment…the planks, pushups, squats and etc. I also do a stretch routine, and try to do sprints or “lift heavy things” randomly. When I first started, I was just modifying the food, and walking. My wt loss accelerated with Zumba, and my strength has improved doing the exercises at night in my apartment. I have some hand weights, and some bands, and I just play with it all for 30-40 minutes in the evening. If I’m watching TV, I’m doing exercises at the same time, for at least 30-40 minutes. Now it has become habit and I look for new options all the time.
          thanks for the nice comment. Hope you are seeing improvements. I feel sure you will if you stick with it.

  24. Okay. I have to comment on this one. I, too am 54 years old and a nurse. I receive the greatest resistance regarding my PB lifestyle from my medical colleagues. They are proud of their expertise and will instruct me in CW nutrition and practices.My work partner is constantly asking me how many “points” are in my lunch. She worries about my fat intake!
    I think I blew some of their minds when I declared that I was planning on hunting my own wild turkey for Thanksgiving. Very non-PC here in Portland Oregon, where a good number of my friends are veggie/vegan.My husband had been vegan for 15 years before meeting me (and bacon). feeling alot better now!
    Anyway, thanks for the encouragement. I feel like I have a (successful!) buddy out there!

    1. They still worry about your fat intake when they see how you look? How do they look? 🙂

      1. I don’t know in Katherine’s case, but I can tell you that once people are “indoctrinated” into low-fat=healthy the actual results (either Paleo or low-fat) in front of their eyes are meaningless.

        For the record, I am blessed that my husband is on board with Paleo. He’s the one that counts. 🙂

        However, my sister (who has high blood pressure at at the tender age of 36) is completely committed to Weight Watchers. My aunt, a dietician (no less!), has been obese all her life and just had gastric surgery. Her diet is “all things in moderation” which is a default low fat. My father sort of “gets” the whole paleo thing be won’t give up bread. My MIL is 100% low fat all the way (to point where she’s grossed out by fat) and “can’t live without bread”.

        That my husband fits into his high school pants, that I’ve kept the weight off for 10 years, our blood work is great, and that not one of the family has any prescriptions has absolutely nothing to do with the way we eat. 🙁

        If we’re healthy and lean on Paleo, it’s some sort of genetic fluke and that heart attack is still right around the corner. That the low-fat people I know are not 100% feeling well, on prescription meds, and maybe a little flabby has to do with the fact they aren’t perfectly doing a low-fat diet. They just don’t want to acknowledge the (diet) elephant in the living room. I suspect Kathleen will at some point have to ask her colleague point blank to stop commenting on her food, rather waiting for her colleague “get it”.

        1. Sometimes I swear it’s not that they don’t understand or they don’t believe it. Deep down they do, but they are afraid of what the change would imply. Cutting out wheat? No more bread? No more favorite junk foods? People just talk themselves out of it because they have already judged it and don’t want to deprive themselves or make their lives harder. It is simply easier not to believe.

        2. +1

          This is so true!

          I see how my CW retired folks eat, and the meds they’re on, and think “Not for me, thanks.” If CW is right, how come they’re taking prescriptions for diabetes, high cholesterol, asthma, IBS, GERD, and I’m not,and so many of us reading this blog are not? I guess they won’t believe me until I’m 63 and not on meds, if they live that long. The proof is in the pudding, I say. Pudding with coconut milk and raw cream!

    2. Katherine – Do you have any tips for dealing with the whole vegan/veggie thing with friends? Right now I’m at: don’t discuss because I don’t really want to. It’s hard though when everyone wants to get together for a meal.

      Also, did you get the turkey????

    3. It really bugs the docs I work with when I talk about eating bacon and eggs often, especially the bacon part! I also eat avocados often with my lunch at work. They worry that I’m getting too much fat also, yet my numbers are falling (cholesterol and triglycerides) and my weight is falling, and THEY, who avoid those foods and live on bread and diet soda, continue to gain weight. I am standing as an obvious example of what works and they all refuse to see it. It’s very frustrating for me !!! However, I’ll keep doing it. Thanks for the positive comment. Keep up the good work !

      1. You say it bugs the docs? Well, so much for that whole scientific mind thing, eh? Ha ha.

        You are an up close and personal, n=1 experiment, they can identify the variables, etc.-yet they can’t acknowledge the results. Sad.

  25. Hi Mark, just wondering… have you ever considered hosting a PrimalCon aimed specifically at medical professionals?

    1. Ooo, that would be cool. And probably impossible with all those grandioso heads in the same room.

  26. I just love your story, and can’t wait to share it with some family! It always pleases me when I see members of the medical community getting on board. Thanks so much for doing your part and sharing the good words about MDA with your staff. The more the “conventionals” know, the better!!!

  27. Great transformation Lynn! You should feel proud of yourself.

    There are always issues behind the issues and I see two things being discussed here:
    1. Is it ok to be and look like you are in your fifties? I tuned 50 a year ago and was pissed – what the beep? – but the trick is to know that time passes, it just does. Like Bayrider said “isn’t fantasic to be 50 something with a body that is getting more fit every week?” The point is not that Lynn looks 34 but that she’s a smiling, happy 54-year-old.

    2. The idea that conventional wisdom is a conspiracy. For many reasons we are at a place in time where the way we eat is just wrong. It took incremental changes to end up here, but it’s not a conspiracy (everyone has to make a living and food manufactures will do what they can to sell food) and doctors/nurses/dieticians just simply don’t know any better. They are not out to get “us.” One of my favorite doctors ever was in front of me in the lunch line last year. He had two cookies wrapped in plastic wrap (ick)and a coke. I wanted to tease him badly and I hadn’t even heard of paleo then. He is an absolutely good guy who was just hungry and rushing back to his patients.

    1. ” but it’s not a conspiracy (everyone has to make a living and food manufactures will do what they can to sell food) and doctors/nurses/dieticians just simply don’t know any better. They are not out to get “us.””

      Yes, it’s so much happier (for everyone) to realize that the most of the medicos are simply trying their best in an imperfect system in an imperfect world.

  28. Holy s**t! Amazing transformation. Not only did you drop weight, you look like you’ve erased years!

    Congratulations and thanks for your great story.

  29. Great story. Where are you working out? Is that your garage gym? It look awesome. like the hex bar and safety squat bar.

  30. You are gorgeous and inspirational! Way to be patient and stay at it. Grok on!

  31. I alsways look forward to the Friday success stories. I have been on this journey for 1 month now and like you I also have only lost a few pounds in this month, but reading that I just need to hang in there is great encouragement. I keep waiting for the weight to “melt off”. Your story encouraged me to keep going with the primal plan. I am a RN for 40 years and have had difficulty with the conventional wisdom that I was taught and what I am learning here especially with the saturated fat theories. You look wonderful. Keep up the good work.

    1. You stay with it, you’ll be rewarded. Been 3 months now for me (age 58) and now really starting to look good. I have dropped maybe only 10-12 lbs but I added a lot of muscle with the bodyweight exercises. So your body first will be improving composition wise without necessarily losing lbs. It also seemed I plateaued and even gained a few lbs a couple of times, that was frustrating but then I skipped the bacon a few days, fasted a morning or two and it’s back to the races! One lb per week is about ideal for a sustainable weight loss, you won’t necessarily lose it every week but eventually that average will catch up with you.

    2. From what I heard, it can be very different for women, especially over 30s. Weight loss may not come so easily for some, unfortunately. But you’ll never know unless you stick with it, and the health benefits you will reap regardless will hopefully be worth it.

  32. Awesome Lynn. Way to stick with it, those are amazing results in only 7 months. I hit 6 months today.

  33. Lynn, you look wonderful! Thanks for your inspirational story. I’m close to your age and, in my third week of Primal eating, I am having a hard time sticking to it. I feel better than ever before, but I need the pounds to drop a little faster. Your story gives me hope. Thanks!

  34. Well, it’s been said a few times, but Lynn you look gorgeous and honestly 20 years younger. Bravo to you and thank you for spreading the word in your medical practice.

  35. I love it! What a great story. I totally relate to this as a mother: “I also gave it to my 23 year old son and told him I regret not feeding him better as a child!”

  36. I am an overweight 48 (almost 49) year old woman, so I read this with avid interest. I am so pleased that this worked for you–you really do look incredible! You’re an inspiration to me and your story is very encouraging. Thanks.

  37. When I saw your after photo I actually said out loud “Good lord you look like you’re in your twenties!”. Good for you! It goes without saying that you look amazing. Your success story is probably my favorite one I’ve read so far:)

  38. Great story, Lynn! Thank you for sharing it! I was the same way – didn’t realize how badly I felt until I cut the “feel bad” foods. I tell people all the time that you don’t know how badly you feel until you eliminate the stuff that is likely making you feel bad b/c it’s been with you your entire life. It’s all you know! Thank you for solidifying what I tell people by telling your story. I shared it on Facebook so people can see I’m not the only one who says this. 🙂 Congratulations on your weight loss!!

  39. Thanks for sharing your story. I couldn’t believe you were in your fifties in the before pictures. But in the AFTER pictures you look like your own daughter.

  40. You tugged on my heart strings a little bit there Lynn, when you told your son you regretted not having fed him better…. Amazing transformation, keep up the awesomeness :-)))

  41. Congratulations, Lynn! Thank you for setting such a wonderful example. I hope your story helps many others discover their healthy selves as you did so thoroughly.

    “When I stray, I pay.” Very well put. I have to re-learn that lesson every once in a while, too!

  42. Wow, Lynn, that is amazing! Congratulations on the weight loss and the FEELING GOOD! I was looking at some before and after pictures of me today (I am 5 months in and have lost 22 lbs and 2 pants sizes) and was amazed at how different I look. I have not gotten into the working out like I should, but that is coming slowly! Congratulations and keep up the great work!

  43. OMG! You look like you’re in your 30s!!
    Fantastic! Mind if I ask your height. Just curious:)

    1. MoodyGirl
      thanks for the nice comments. My height is 5’7″.
      I really DO enjoy looking younger now…i was so happy to be losing weight and I was focused on the body…then realized when i saw pics that my face was looking younger…total bonus.
      thanks again.

    2. 5’7″ (sorry, i just saw that i answered the wrong person before when i did this….oops)
      and now, (as of Jan 1) I’m down 47 pounds total, current weight 136.
      So happy with Primal lifestyle. Good luck to you also. Thanks for nice comments.

  44. Congratulations, very inspiring, you rock big time, you look great!!!

  45. Congrats!!! You look great!!! It’s so wonderful to see a nurse especially look healthy and strong. You rock. 🙂

  46. You look amazing and so young. Great job and way to inspire.

  47. Good for you Lynn. Food is the best medicine for most, you’re right!


    1. thanks Cynthia ! Glad to know you also. This whole journey has been fun, and a real learning experience.

  49. Great job sticking with it Lynn! I like that you are sharing, or “paying it forward”. It is amazing how many people don’t believe that it is as simple as it is. Every person that we can get to at least check into it has a chance to make some incredible health gains.

  50. Great job– sticking with it is what it’s all about. Because it’s a lifestyle change and not a diet you’ll never go back!

    And BTW– welcome to Tennessee!

  51. Lynn, I’m a 53 year old nursing student and just love your story. I lost a quick 25 lbs when I first went Primal two years ago, but have been stalled ever since. I have used my age as an excuse but I’m really motivated by what you have achieved at essentially the same age. The big difference is my activity level needs to increase and that’s been so difficult up here in the rainy PNW.

  52. Lynn, So proud of you..I didn’t realize just how much we have in common. I had my TAH in 11/1988 for endometriosis. Both ovaries were taken out at different times. I’ve been messed up for a long time til I started paleo. I’m happy to say that it has made a big difference in the way I feel. Keep up the great work.
    Love ya

  53. Wow, Lynn! You looking fantastic!!! And your post is exactly what I needed today. I just finished my first month of paleo and I have not lost a single pound and I kept reading stories where people saw results immediately. Good to know that it may take a while for some of us. You are an inspiration to me and thank you so much for sharing your story.

  54. Pretty lady. Healthy lady. Happy lady. You are an inspiration for us ‘not 20 yr olds’! I am in the midst of perimenopause and just discovered a symptomatic uterine prolapse and more. It has derailed me. I need to hear these stories to give myself another kick in the butt to move on and find other ways to remain active with my new ‘challenges’. Thanks!

  55. Wow Lynn! You really are an inspiration. I am 46 and have been overweight since I was a young child. To see what you accomplished really motivates me to not give up. You look amazing! And what a testimony to your patients and peers. Thanks so much for taking the time to share!

  56. You look and sound so much more youthful! It never stops amazing me how much just our food choices can age us, both mentally and physically.

    You are kicking ass!!! Thanks for sharing!

  57. Lynn, your story mirrors mine almost exactly. I just turned 46 last week and, following the advice on MDA since July of this year, I have gone from 186 to 149. Being a fat-burner is an amazing way of life and eshewing grains, sugars, and processed foods has added (good) years to my life. I look better and, more importantly, I FEEL better. When people ask me how I lost (and continue to lose) the weight, I tell me with enthusiasm. Most people don’t want to hear the message — they’re not ready to give up their SAD ways of eating. Fair enough: my newfound health and vigour are testiments all on their own! Thanks for sharing — inspiring!

  58. Lynn: Congratulations on being open-minded enough to give this a try. The more medically trained personnel who experience success on PB, the better off we will be. You truly look amazing and I’m sure your son is very proud of you! Congratulations on your hard work — because even a good plan needs discipline, and motivation. Thanks for sharing your story and inspiring all of us! /Lu

  59. Lynn, you look so healthy and beautiful in the after picture. I am totally envious of those killer arms! Keep up the great work!

  60. Lynn, I’m 20 years younger than you, and you look HOT.

    I was wondering what’s your kettle bell routine? How often? For how long? Etc.

    1. James: thanks for comment! I don’t really have a set Kettle Bell routine. I carry my heavy one (25#) up and down stairs outside my apartment at random (part of the “lift heavy things” ) Mark says to do. I do squats a few nights a week holding either a 15# or my 25# bell, and sometimes I do arm work with my 10# one. No real strict plan. I just use them a few times a week, to mix up routines. It’s more fun that way.

  61. I’m sure others have said this, but in all of your pictures you look upper 30’s max! Congrats on your loss and you look great!

  62. Your story resonated with me. I am also in a “helping” profession (school counselor) while caring for elderly parents and just sending two kids off to college. You and I even maxed out at the same weight! I was doing great on PB this last spring, then my mom’s alzheimers went a little out of control and so did my eating. Now the kids are at college and my mom is in a nursing home and I am still fat! Started PB again this week, dusted off the exercise DVD’s and made my own mayo and beef jerky today!

    I gotta keep reminding myself it is a process, and even when I slip up I am doing better than before. Committing yourself to clean eating and regular exercise is like adding a part-time job to the fast-food/sedentary life. But I feel better already.

    So thanks for the inspiration!

  63. What an inspiration! Your age, weight and situation are very similar to mine. I started eating primal a few months ago with noticeable improvements in some areas – except for weight loss. After reading this, I am facing the truth once again that the exercise piece is missing from my life and I need to re-commit. Thanks for sharing!

  64. O man. I am going to put kettlebells on my Christmas list! I am impressed! Congrats!

  65. so lovely!!!!! IM so happy for you!!!!! I was shocked to see ur age!!! I’d guess u r 35 years old!!

  66. Well done! You look radiant. Has any one ever told you that you look like a healthy version of Ann Hathaway?

  67. Thanks for sharing! As a “mature” woman in the same age bracket, I am inspired by your story and am more willing to start down the Primal Path. And by the way, you look as awesome as you say you feel 🙂

  68. Gave me a good giggle when I read that your feet lost weight! It’s like that here too, shrinking in more places than I had even imagined!

  69. Your story is very inspirational. Thank you for sharing, especially the part about the flu like symptoms. I am into my third week and have been feeling so low, tired, and wondering if this is working for my body. Weight not coming off and not feeling great was making me second guess but hearing your story makes me want to push through. You look wonderful and more important to me you sound you you feel wonderful. Thank you again.

  70. Congratulations! You look fantastic–so fit and healthy. Thank you for sharing your story–it really spoke to me. My life situation has been similar in many ways and you have motivated me to get back on this plan. I felt better when I was doing it. Hopefully I can share a success story in 7 months or so myself.

    Again—thank you and wonderful story!!

  71. Lynn, you look wonderful! I am 54 as well and my husband & I have been loyal followers of Mark’s for almost 3 years now. We’ll never go back to our old habits – we feel better than we ever could have imagined at our age. It’s great feeling 20 something in your 50’s!

  72. Damn girl, you are fabulous. This is incredibly well-written as well, I hope you put your writing skills to use with a blog or a book perhaps? 🙂

  73. I am 51, have lost 40lbs in the last 2 years doing a different program, homeopathic hcg. But I am burned out with it and am looking for a less stressful, more balanced way of living and maintaining my health. I have recently gained 10 lbs because if stress and this burned out feeling. I am so inspired by your story, I was wondering if it could work for a middle aged woman, and I see it does! I am going to commit to this new way of living and I hope one day I will be writing my story like you have. Thank you for sharing!

  74. Lynn,
    I was scrolling through all the success stories, looking for someone like me, eliminating the males, the females under 45, then finally got to yours. I have gone “paleo” since 07/29/2013 and have lost about 20 pounds in seven weeks, just by cutting the crap. For the last two weeks, I have been stagnant, and I feel a little impatient. Did you experience this? I have some concern that maybe I am eating too much fruit? I haven’t really been paying attention to ratios, or even calories for that matter. I usually have fruit/eggs for breakfast, salad and fruit for lunch, and meat and vegetables for dinner. Did you experience a “pause” in your weight loss without cheating? Thanks for your story, it inspires me to keep going.

  75. Thanks for sharing your story with us, Lynn. I’m so envious of your arms! I think buy some Kettle Bells as my present to myself this year.

    I turned 70 in October and stared Primal the same month. I haven’t done much exercising other than a half-hour daily walk. My main goal was to lose weight, have a flat stomach and toned arms. So far I’ve been averaging 1-2 lbs. @ week which is fine with me. My stomach is going down and my arms are changing too. I know I need to start using weights for my arms. I have a long way to go for my goal weight but know I’ll get there eventually. Bring on the bacon! 🙂

    So glad you’re passing MDA info on to your patients. Grok On! 🙂

    1. Hi Darlene congrats to Your stamina and courage to go primal at 70 !!
      I started at age 48, it was a difficult transition, it took me a few months to not miss pasta and bread and rice anymore. But I liked it a lot and felt always better when I stuck to it than when I lost track. I lost only a few kilos as I didn´t do a lot of of lifting heavy things or sprints. just kept moving and discovered Zumba. And right now I discovered the kettlebell which seems really really fun !!
      hope to see Your success story soon here, You´re a great inspiration !!!

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