I Began By Eating, Not Starving

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

I was 40-years-old, 205 pounds and only 5 foot 6 inches. I ate whatever I wanted. Which usually meant a sleeve of cookies, a quart of soda, a bag of gummy bears….pretty much whatever. Twelve years before I had been a slim fit Marine and had since put on 60 pounds without notice. My vision was getting bad, my sleep was never sufficient, my motivation non-existent. And obviously, my marriage suffering from my lack of interest, poor disposition and dwindling testosterone.

A few years earlier I had gone on the Atkins diet and did lose weight. But I couldn’t sustain it because my cheat days kept increasing till I was back eating junk and was even fatter than when I started.

I literally stumbled on The Primal Blueprint and took the chance, bought the book and read it. Read it like a book. Not like stereo instructions, where you skip ahead past things you “know.” The light came on. Mark’s way of explaining things clearly and directly opened my eyes. I began by eating, not starving. Eggs and sausage, real meat, fresh veggies and just walking.

Seemingly overnight my tight 34″ pants were falling off. I had no belts that worked and my XL shirts looked like ponchos. I didn’t even own a scale, so I bought one and when I stepped on it I was dumbfounded—165 pounds in less that 4 months. I needed all new clothes. Nothing fit. I lost 4″ in my waist and now wore a medium shirt. As I felt great, I wanted to work out because I could. So I left behind the body weight exercises and hit the gym weightlifting and still walking and doing sprints. I also began intermittent fasting.

Family members began asking if I was sick. I told them I felt great and was changing my eating habits and working out. When I explained it further I was told how my cholesterol was surely high and I was advised to see a doctor for blood work. Well, guess what? My blood work came back perfect.

As a side note, it was time to renew my state drivers license and the lady at the DMV made me get a new picture because I looked so different.

Skip ahead to today. I am going to be 50 next year. I am 145 pounds, 28″ waist and 38″ chest. I squat and deadlift 300+pounds and jump rope, and love going to the gym. I have to force myself to take rest days. My last blood work was a waste of time since I knew what it was going to be. Perfect! I have refined my consumption to be more seasonal. I eat loads of venison and wild boar that I hunt. Lots of caught trout, eggs and avocados, coconut oil and spinach with citrus are staples. I get about 75% of my calories from fat, 15% or so from protein and the rest from veggie based carbs. Fruit isn’t that important to me. The commercial stuff is way to sweet.

And I’m spreading the word! In fact when people get to know me and see that I’m not some crazy marathon runner or grass eater they start the conversation. They want what I have. My closest friend went from 235 pounds to 175 pounds. Five co-workers in just the last month have bought the book and are all on the way to a great life. As I type this I just got a text from one telling me his wife is down 10 pounds, and he’s down more than 15.

I’m a success story for one simple reason. Mark. I owe every bit of it to you. You literally gave me a life back. You showed me the path through the jungle of fad diets and misinformation. I will, forever, be indebted to you. There’s no doubt in my mind that had I not read The Primal Blueprint, I would be on insulin, 250 pounds, probably divorced and headed to an early grave. Instead I feel like a 20-year-old, look like a stud and and chase my wife around like a teenager!

Thanks again, Mark. Grok on , brothers and sisters!

Kellet Stephens

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