I Am Living Proof—Change Your Diet, Change Your Life!

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realifestories in lineMOST of my life I was fairly fit, few ups and downs, but overall I was pretty fit. Then somehow it started to change….nothing crazy at first but a few pounds here and there. But hey we all age and you can always find someone more out of shape than you to compare to. At one physical a doc said I was obese, what the hell, no way, not me, not even close…..obese is the people on my 600lb life, I laughed it off…..fast forward a few years and still adding pounds on. Still very active, snowboarding, mountain bikes. Didn’t really notice.

Well, one night after a few beers, I was getting in the shower and looked at my naked body…..for once I saw what I REALLY looked like. I stared long and hard, almost crying. I got mad/sad/disgusted. This was the moment I started to wake up.

Nothing happened right away, but I now knew honestly that I was fat and out of shape. No more sugar coating it, or fuzzy bunny slippers “hey its ok.” I was STILL not making a change, but the seed was planted and growing that I was going to need to change. What was going to be the breaking point? When would I say enough is enough?

Health issuses with me and my wife were growing. Wife was having severe migrains all the time. My knees and back were always in pain, due to years of extreme sports and activities.

February 2, 2016 was it…….while working nights I was listening to the Joe Rogan podcast, and he had on Mark Sisson……holy [email protected]#$% Batman, the light bulb went off….like fireworks in my brain. This was the spark that was going to light the fire in my soul!

When he compared a bowl of pasta to a bowl of Skittles…..it was like magic….omg, what had I been doing to my body?

That morning I called the wife and was all excited, telling her I was going paleo…. She did not share my excitement…maybe because it was 6a.m….. I was hyped and she was just waking up.

Where the lines of fate crossed was she had just had a blood test done, looking for allergies and signs that would point her to possible causes of her severe migraines. Well, a few days later her results came back, and they aligned with a paleo approach as well.

BOOM…..paleo family here we go…..head first!

My life is very different than the average person…I work in the Arctic Circle oil field. I fly up to the middle of nowhere for 3 weeks at a time. I work 12-15 hours a day for 21 days straight. All our food is provided for us. So the only choices I have are what is put out in front of me. Since I could not know everything in each dish, I just stayed on the paleo basics. It was not easy in the beginning, choosing paleo foods was easy, but I have a sweet tooth and to walk past the dessert bar day in and day out was a challenge. Some days I won, some days it won.

I dove deep into reading, listening, soaking up as much knowledge as one could absorb on this lifestyle change. I want to know not just the rules, but why, how. First month was rough in swimming through it all. Energy levels up and down….endless hunger..

As the months rolled on, the weight melted away. I was seeing results pretty quick. Few pounds here and there. Energy levels started to max out. Sleep was great. I started to dabble in working out. My wife and I signed up for a spartan race, then the day after that was complete we signed up for an ultra half marathon mountain run….. Omg, who the hell have we become….lol. We were now running and training for fun.

My wife’s migraines had all but gone away. My pains were less and less. We were becoming the people we were meant to be.

Fast foward to today. I am now sitting here writing my 1 year story. I have lost 70 + pounds. I train jiujitsu 3-4 time a week while I am home. I still don’t do crazy workouts…. I personally don’t feel it’s needed. I plan on doing more running events once the snow melts. I am paleo/Primal for life. I believe in this lifestyle 100%….

I am living proof.




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  1. Damn. It’s hard to believe those two pics are of the same person. Inspirational! I am twelve pounds down and feeling great. This will help me keep going

  2. Seriously you don’t even remotely look like the same person LOL. Talk about a transformation!!! Congratulations 🙂

  3. Wow, really dramatic transformation…your face completely changed. It’s amazing how the right analogy… in this case comparing pasta to skittles…can change everything. And I love your approach to working out. Totally agree with Mark that 80% of your body composition is determined by what you are putting into your body. You are totally proof of that.

    1. wwwooowww se ve como si fueran dos personas distintas, donde está más delgado hasta los ojos se le abrieron, son más grandes.

  4. I had to look twice to believe it was the same person. Amazing transformation, man.

  5. Holly sh&@t man, what a transformation!
    You got me inspired!
    I’m playing with Paleo, but my sweet tooth is giving me such a hard time….
    This Monday I’ll quit sugar ??

  6. Congrats for the amazing change! Very nice success story. Short and sweet, to the point. As you said, sometimes a single sentence triggers it all, not necessarily instantly, but a spark can turn into a wild fire with time.

  7. Awesome job and glad to know your story and able to get encouragement and knowledge from you through PDL.

  8. Awesome Matteo!! What an amazing transformation. I can’t imagine how hard it must be when the food is supplied by others. They must have supplied the right stuff for you because you have done a great job! No doubt you have eliminated the body fat. What is great to hear is that you and your wife have done this together and are both reaping wonderful benefits. This is truly an inspiring success story. Congratulations!


  9. This is friggin incredible!!! You’ve trusted science above dogma, and have been rewarded for it – well done!

  10. Great transformation. Being so young this will enhance the rest of your life. Reminds me I need more diligence on the nutrition front. I have gotten sloppy and it shows. Best of luck to you and your wife.

  11. I’m really sorry, but I can not believe this is one and the same person. The two men have different colour skin; different colour eyebrows and facial hair; different colour and position of nipples; different pattern of body hair, etc, etc, etc!! It’s either a really dodgy choice of photos, or the lighting was soooooo different in each photo that it’s made the two men look entirely different. I’ve just shown my husband and he’s said, “No way – they are definitely two different blokes!”

    1. I disagree. If you look up his facebook you can see that this is really him in both pictures. Maybe try not to be so cynical?

      1. Excuse me, but I was really polite – they just look really different to me. I wouldn’t even think to ‘look up his facebook’ as I’m a bit busy to have time to do such things. I do MDA as it’s something I’m really interested in. Plus, I’m British and we’re all cynical, don’t you know? 🙂

    2. The lighting for the before picture is obviously way brighter than for the after and Matt’s chest is much firmer and has less fat. The nose and ears are identical. Think of this as a compliment Matteo!

    3. Wow! Not me! Lol. You can look me up on Facebook or Instagram. All progress has been documented fully! Hell my friends keep saying dude quite taking pictures with your shirt off. No tricks up my sleeve….. Lol

      Almost 80lbs does cause a dramtic shift

  12. This definitely ranks as one of the top transformations I’ve seen here!!!! Way to go. This story and photos should go out to every doc, dietitian and overweight person in the country. Great job and love hearing about the cleared up medical and pain issues. Congrats to you and your wife.

    1. I so want to share my story and help others…. Currently the weight loss total between a few co-workers that watched my change and listened to my advice is pushing 250lbs between 3 people

  13. Wonderful…when a person is willing to try something different, even “radical” (yet logical,) and see whether it works for him/her…great things can happen.

    The unfortunate thing these days is that is being out of shape whether skinny-fat or obese is so common it becomes invisible even to the person experiencing it. It is human nature to make excuses (it’s age-related, my genes, etc.) Seeing someone make such a transformation helps others to see it’s possible to do it for themselves. Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. I try to help as many people as I can…. I have imbraced this lifestyle 100%

      I want to be the fuel that promotes change

      1. Same here, I always enjoyed a cold beer like many others. Now it just makes me feel bad. No regrets, just not for me anymore.

  14. Congrats, Matteo! Your story (and that of your wife as well) are truly an inspiration – thanks for sharing. Here’s to many more years of great health and living the life you deserve.

  15. This is crazy, you do not look like the same person (in the best way). Well done and thanks for sharing, so inspirational!

  16. That’s great Matt. Four years ago I did the Paleo diet and lost serious weight over a 2 month period. I need to do it again.

  17. Great Inspiration!
    Where are you now in 2019?
    Look forward to hearing from you!