I Am Healed from the Inside Out!

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Hi Mark!

It’s a privilege to write to you and I have been meaning to do so for months now.

I am a Registered Nurse and was taught the Standard American Diet (SAD), therefore, I taught my patients the same, “whole grains and brown rice are good for you!”

After my incredible Primal transformation, I started teaching the Primal lifestyle to my patients and have been passionate about teaching this lifestyle to everyone.

My story begins in early 2012 when my soon-to-be-husband, David, told me about an interesting podcast he had heard by Tom Woods who interviewed Mark Sisson. He was fascinated and thus continued to learn more about The Primal Blueprint. After David was convinced of this Primal lifestyle, he tried to convince me. I remember saying, “but David, you NEED grains!” “Why?” he asked. “Well, I’m not sure, but it’s part of the food pyramid.” I look back at that silly conversation now and giggle!

Later, after a little private research of my own, I started to eat Primal most of the time with David and felt better. Months later in June 2012, I went to a doctor and hesitantly started an oral birth control pill as our wedding day was nearing. I was put on a very low dose of estrogen birth control due to the horrible experience I had had in the past with an oral form of birth control.

You see, I grew up with clear skin. I had occasional breakouts on my forehead in high school, but that was about it. When I graduated high school and was getting ready to go to college, I went to my first OBGYN appointment. The midwife there suggested birth control to clear the little breakout I currently had on my forehead and I unknowingly took her advice. Months later, I had large, red and painful blemishes ALL over my face. I was embarrassed and depressed. I then went to a dermatologist who put me on Acutane for 6 months which was horrific to say the least. After 6 months of Acutane and stopping the birth control my face cleared, but the scars remained. Eventually, the scars lightened and my face looked better, but I was left with indentations in my skin. My skin was no longer smooth and even.

Back to my story, I started the low estrogen dose of birth control in June. By August 2012 when David and I got married, I started to see my skin have an occasional breakout or two, but I still looked great on my wedding day!

Brian - Wedding Day

Months after our wedding, I noticed the same reactions with my skin just as before. Breakouts and redness. I knew right away what the cause was, so I stopped the birth control immediately and started some other form which was not as systemic.

I was back to the redness, breakouts, and scarring as I waited for the hormones to run its course through my body. I continued to eat mostly Primal and started Cecilia Wong Skincare (hand-crafted organic products) which both helped my skin. Then, I decided to go board with The Primal Blueprint and try the 21 day challenge in May 2013.

I took a picture of my skin before and after the challenge to see if there would be an effect. My results left me speechless. In just 21 days, my breakouts went away, the redness lightened up immensely, and the scarring was fading. I was relieved and SO happy!

Briana - Before and After 21 Days on The Primal Blueprint

The scarring has continued to drastically fade and I now feel confident in going out in public without makeup on, whereas before that would have been a death sentence.

Here I am with very minimal makeup on.

Happy Briana!

Besides my skin transformation, I have had many other incredible results with eating Primal: I no longer have bloating/pain after eating and my stomach is always flat; I no longer deal with any occasional constipation or other unwanted intestinal symptoms; I have energy all throughout the day; I think clearly and feel alert; I lost inches in my stomach, arms, and legs; I easily gained muscle tone.

Overall, I look and feel great. I am healed from the inside out!

Thank you, Mark!


Be Primal

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