I Am a Strong, Happy, Healthy, Life-Loving Man

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

My name is Jeffrey, and I am Primal. I started my Primal journey over two years ago, beginning on Aug 21, 2009. I weighed 310+lbs and was an unhappy person. I luckily started young enough that serious conditions never developed for me. I frequent MDA forums, under Jstrick, but typically am more of a stalker and not a replier. Primal changed my life forever, and this is how:

Childhood for me was many things, but health never was much of a concern. All the way through adolescence into young adulthood I put very little thought into the fact that my dietary choices were in fact playing a large part of my health. As a young boy I had always been bigger than the other kids; I had a stockier frame and was heavier set than most. Luckily for everyone else I was also a gentle soul (bullies didn’t bug me much either). It wasn’t until junior high (around age 12) that my size began to really increase. By age 15 I was easily 250lbs, but at 6’2″ that was not too much of a concern, especially in the minds of my football coaches. On life went as I carelessly ate whatever I wanted. I remember a few distinct times being allowed to buy no-bake cheesecake, and on the following Saturday morning I would sit down and eat the entire thing. (Not exactly sure what my mother was thinking, allowing me to do that.) When junior year of high school hit I made varsity football which kept me in a very physically active lifestyle. With the heavy weight lifting, plus the frequent intense cardio I was able to maintain a 270lb body weight, even with my compulsive eating.

They call it the freshman fifteen, but this hardly applies to me. With my dead football career, so followed all my physical activity. The lack of exercising paired with my still unchecked eating habits I not only begun to gain fat, but lose muscle. My favorite meal at the time was either: A.) A minimum of four plates of food at my favorite Chinese buffet or B.) A 98 cent Totinos pizza topped with shredded cheese, and a quart of store bought potato salad. After a year of community college I dropped out and started working full time at my local Starbucks. This introduced a whole new world of food and drinks to consume. Even at this point my appetite and waistline were only growing in size. I was a size 44 and weighed somewhere in the ballpark of 310+.

One day however, my mother sent me a link to a website on five tips on how to get a great night’s sleep. This was very interesting. This website was full of facts and science I had never heard of before. What was this Primal living? So I spent some time investigating the website, and eventually decided to buy the book to find out more. This is the point where everything changes.

I was living with my dad at the time so I had zero influence on the foods I was eating. However, upon moving out I made the decision to take over my health and go Primal. I had read as much as possible and with this new found knowledge I implemented to the best of my ability. At first it was very hit and miss, what I thought was okay then I know now wasn’t very good (although at the time it helped me transition into Primal). Also, what I thought may have been a no-no back then I couldn’t care less about now (like my large veggie consumption). No more grains? Check. No more sugar? Check. No more bad oils? Check. Stay under 50 carbs, check. With these changes came instant conflict. Still in my career at Starbucks, I was daily under pressure to consume non-Primal fare. The only way I made it through this phase I believe was some unknown will power to resist. I knew that if I gave an inch in this area I would in fact take a mile. So all things but coffee with HWC were out of the picture (which is 98% of the menu, mind you.) Early on I implemented a once a month cheat meal, which worked for the first 5 or so months, but as time went by I became more and more lax, which at the time may have slowed progress, but I feel was completely necessary for me to stay Primal without being overwhelmed by the strictness. In some ways it was kinda eating Primal, I never really cared for bread, and who doesn’t want to eat bacon everyday?

At home Primal looked pretty plain Jane to most people, but it created the simplicity I needed at the time. I typically wouldn’t eat until around lunchtime, because I found my hunger being satiated after having a cup of coffee with a good helping of heavy whipping cream for what most would consider “breakfast”. Around lunch time was when I would first eat, and it was usually 3-4 slices of bacon, 5 eggs. Delicious and simple. If I was working a closing shift at work, for the longest time I would do a very odd thing. At work we have a plethora of lunch and breakfast sandwiches adorned with various meats, cheeses, and egg. So I would just take a few slices of ham, turkey, what have you and make a big messy pile of sandwich fixings without the bread and heat it up in our store oven. I made due with the resources I was given. This worked for quite a long time until I became more serious about avoiding the extra chemicals and additives that are used to keep these foods fresh for very long periods of time. Once I started purging my diet of the hidden ingredients I resorted to precooking my suppers at home; so it had to be something quick and easy and reheat-able. This is when I started being a little more creative with my cooking, preparing bigger more intricate dishes that I could eat at home or pack up and take to work.

So after two years of Primal what does my diet look like? Well, I still do the cup of coffee in the morning, although (prepare yourself) I did switch from HWC to just Half and half. I found that I was consuming a large amount of excess calories, which was preventing further weight loss. I still eat the same breakfast, albeit a little bit earlier than I used to. Four slices of bacon and five eggs (it’s a magical ratio). For my second meal (it no longer fits into typical eating times) it is going to be something simple and easy, usually ½ lb of ground beef with frozen veggies. I’ve incorporated a third meal into my day for the most part, purely out of the fact that I get hungry later in the day (therefore I eat).

About six months ago I met a fellow Primal, one who goes by Ikaika on the MDA forums, and she helped propel me towards a more refined, consistent Primal way of living. During my Primal life before her, I was the only Primal I personally knew of, so I had no real reference point for what Primal life could look like at its fullest. However, after a few Facebook conversations and such we decided to get together and hang out for a few days. Let me tell you, it was such an influential time! She ate all grass-fed, no compromises, and she also made the most delicious meals ever! She put my ground beef plus veggie combo to shame with her Primal Enchiladas. The next morning we went to her local CrossFit box and got dominated. When we eventually made it home we had Cod wraps, with homemade mayo, taking my typical 4 bacon, 5 egg lunch and making my usual lunch seem like cardboard. Anyways, here is a post about my trip. When I eventually made it home I was much more determined to live Primal to the fullest, and that is what I did… eventually. With one more move (which put me closer to Ikaika) I am now far closer to The Perfect Primal (I just coined that term, just now) that I was my first year and a half being Primal.

I don’t want to mislead anyone by suggesting I am able to be the perfect Primal. To this day I still have issues with maintaining a healthy level of exercise. I contribute most of it to working on my feet 8 hours a day, but also I tend to like to sit at my computer and do stuff (computer science major). This summer was a great time for me because I consistently lifted weights 3 times a week, but have once again slipped into old habits with school starting back up. Also, I am a compulsive eater. This has been true since I can remember, I eat until I’m sick or out of food. *Ikaika* my Primal girlfriend (who I mentioned previously, we started dating shortly after I moved :D) can attest to this. To this day I can easily consume over a pound of meat plus a very healthy portion of veggies and still not quite be done. It is possibly a mental condition but is something that I just have to make due with. Primal is the perfect fit with my compulsion however, because it gives me a lot of leeway in the sheer amount of food I can eat without going over a calorie restriction or some-such.

All of my achievements and success can be attributed to one thing. Time. With time my desire to eat non-Primal dimmed. With time my coffee addiction turned into an appreciation of coffee. With time my body has been transformed, not only from weight loss, but it has also gained many healthy full years of living. This has become much more than a way to lose weight for me, it is ingrained into who I am.

I am a strong, happy, healthy, life-loving man.

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  1. Hey, Jeffrey, you look awesome. Congratulations. I totally agree simplicity is what we often need when we start this primal journey. And I can relate to eating huge amounts of food – no matter what it is. Great story!

  2. YAY!!!!! not only a success story but an MDA romance. squeeee!!!!!!

        1. SQUEEEEEE! x4!!! Congratulations on all of your success and your found happiness!!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey. You both look super. Congrats all around!! NG

  4. Jeffrey, this is a wonderful success story. While attending college, I have worked at 4 different cafes and can attest to how hard it is to stay away from the baked goods. You have some gnarly will power! I am inspired, keep it up man 🙂

  5. I seriously can not get enough of these stories! So very inspiring. Jeffrey, you look amazing, happy and healthy. Very well done!

  6. You look amazing! Congratulations on your success and here’s to a stronger, healthy, happy life! And yay for Primal bringing two people together. 🙂 The happiness just shines off of you two.

  7. I love Fridays and your story. So romantic… You do both look so healthy and happy.

  8. I do live in Texas Gman. Also, the blog post is my Girlfriends, not mine. Thank you guys! This community definitely played a major role in my success!

      1. Being a poor college student I can’t afford to crossfit sadly enough. The restaurant is Company Cafe, and if that is the one you’re thinking of, well then its a small world!

        1. Congrats again on the massive progress you’ve made. Not CrossFitting isn’t sad… it just isn’t for “right now.”

          If you do reach a point where you want to work CrossFit into your life/budget, there are a few great gyms in our area. My wife and I are regulars at CrossFit White Rock.

        2. CrossFit’s website is free — I lurked for a year before I ever set foot in a box. There are lots and lots of body weight exercise routines (with demo videos): even poor college students can do CrossFit! Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise!
          If you have access via the college to a gym, even better: weight work, exercise machines, medicine ball, etc. (But today’s WOD — workout of the day — was thrusters with 25# (can use books in a backpack) + burpees; GHD sit ups — helps to have a machine, but even sit-ups help; KettleBell swings (Dick’s Sporting Goods, if not dumbbells at college gym) and hand-stand push ups: I’m a real newbie at these — at almost 70. If I can do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!

  9. Congrats – to the both of you.
    Dramatic, and inspirational transformation.

  10. Jeffrey, this is fabulous! Well done, and thanks for being real about how going primal is a process.

  11. Wonderful story! You look fantastic (bod and smile), and it sounds like you will for many years!

  12. Congrats, my good man. I also went from over 320 pounds down to under 190lbs. Fantastic to hear more people are having wonderful success.

  13. Thanks so much for sharing. I hear you on the compulsive eating. Still binge on sugar. Drives me nuts! But, like you, I have slowly refined my eating and that has been wonderful. I eat very little dairy now and feel so much better.

    I, like you, think that I too will have to just contend with this compulsive nature. It surely could be a lot worse (and used to be!). 🙂

  14. Great to see a former athlete take control of their health after playing competitive sport. So often you see them continue the downward spiral toward obesity and sickness. Great story and inspiration. Free your mind, and your Grok will follow.

    p.s. props on finding a Primal GF:-)

  15. This is such a great story – not only did Primal transform your health, it also brought you love 🙂

    Well done and g’luck for the future!

  16. You’z guyz are beautifulz.

    Also, I’ve been looking for a band name.. Perfect Primal, you say?


  17. Awesome Story Jeffery (Jeff?) You’re doing amazingly well. You look so happy!

  18. Great job Jeffrey and cool to see another Company Cafe fan. Maybe we’ll run into each other there some day.

  19. Best story ever!! Primal love. So happy you found each other and can share this together. Congrats to you.

  20. I suffer from the same compulsion and eating Primal has helped me immensely. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Yes! I love it! You look amazing and you can tell how darn happy you are too, which rocks!
    I totally hear you on your appreciation for the element of time, in your process from SAD eating (and lifestyle) to more of a Primal one. I found that that method works best for me too, and has made this a pleasant process, rather than a stressful one. Congrats to you, sir!!

  22. You both look so happy and healthy! Good on you for finding a way to make Primal work for you. We don’t all follow the same path but health and long life are goals we all share.

  23. Dude! Nice work. You look like you took about 20 years off with that. Keep at it.

  24. Awesome story. So glad to see someone else that struggles with the pace at which he has to go Primal. You also inspired a thought: a link or secondary page for MDA that links Primal people to one another through geographic location! Just a thought, Mark.

    1. I’ve often thought this too. It can be difficult to find like-minded people, especially if you live in Big Agra-country as I do. I was really stoked to learn that Amy Kubal from Robb Wolf’s team lives in Sioux Falls, SD- about an hour away from me. Woohoo!

  25. Smiled when I read this. It’s great to hear about your real-life, humble experience with the process. Congratulations times a bajillion!

  26. Congrats on the awesome job. What weight have you ended up at? I know it’s not about the weight, but rather, how you feel. Just wondering because I’m also 6’2 and just starting out with primal. I’m lovin it, by the way.

  27. I love seeing the joy that comes when people are healthy and thriving!
    Thanks for sharing your story. And I am so happy you two found each other!! 🙂
    Feeling healthy makes for a good life and sharing love makes it even better.

  28. Great job. You are too hard on yourself though! Being on your feet for 8 hours a day is actually a lot better than most who just have to sit at a desk most of the day. I just mean that even though you may not be getting formal “exercise” you are probably getting more -movement- than most people. In fact I would say that your job sounds quite physically demanding.

  29. Way to go man! Perhaps you could give StrongLifts a go, it has worked well for me. It’s a weight lifting exercise program. I just checked out their website, read the (free) e-book and found a gym near my house. What I like about it is that it doesn’t take much time or effort (I am kinda lazy), but you (and girlfriend/spouse) still see the benefits!

  30. Dude, such a great story. Have to say, I’m quite impressed by the way you went about this. Happy for you and your Primal girlfriend (I could use one of those, lol). Hope your success continues in the future, for both of you. This was a great way to start off a Friday 🙂

  31. Hey Jeff,
    Way to go! I am inspired by your tenacity at sticking to your to your “Perfect Primal” routine while accepting your personal limitations along the way!

  32. This story is F#*&^%$$ great!!! Way to go man. You look so strong and full of life.

  33. This makes me so happy! Good for you Jeff! So glad Jeff2006 & Ikaika found primal love 😉

  34. Great story, congratulations! Just curious, what is your current healthy weight?

  35. Jeff – what a transformation! You look amazing and so full of life. And thank you for describing your real-life primal issues – probably very helpful to many of us.

    Is there such a thing as the Perfect Primal? Hope not – frankly it sounds a bit boring.
    Come join us ‘Imperfect But Willing to Keep On Trying Primals’!

  36. Awesome testimony, Jeff!

    Love you, brother…so proud of the healthy changes you’ve made & how you’ve encouraged many others.

    Your sister

  37. I love the success friday stories. I can’t wait to send you mine too someday in the future. 🙂 Grok on!

  38. Thats a FANTASTIC story! I am(was)the exact same starting size as you, when I started in December (now 280lbs!)!! I have the same issues with eating, as well! Thanks for the extra inspiration!

  39. Great story! I’ve read through it a couple times and I don’t see what your current weight/ waist size is. Am I just blind or was that not included?

    1. I didn’t include it. I currently am at 200lbs, 34 size pants. I hit a low of 185 a few months ago, but didn’t try to maintain it so i gained some back. Needless to say I would like to hit 185 and stay there, but I don’t want to sacrifice my health nor my happiness to do so.

  40. I really love hearing stories like this.

    Going to a healthy lifestyle has so many more benefits than just “losing weight”.

    Becoming a life-loving man is priceless. Keep it up!

  41. Beautiful, inspirational story. Congratulations and continued happiness and health to you!

  42. “I am a strong, happy, healthy, life-loving man.”

    Isn’t it AMAZING?!

    The photo of you in your old genes is awesome. It definitely paints the picture quite well! Hopefully folks will be inspired by this and do the same.

    Grok on!

  43. You look like Bob Harper the trainer from biggest loser in that last picture haha looking good man!

  44. Glad I didn’t put my makeup on yet cuz this one bought tears to my eyes – awe heck! most of the success stories do!

    Congratulations on turning your life around. You look so happy. As for Crossfit, you don’t need it. Just find body-weight exercises and plyometrics on Youtube – plenty of stuff you can do at home with little or no equipment.

  45. Great story!

    I have been feeling kind of down because I’ve been Primal for almost a year and feel I have little to show for it. I figure it was too much “80/20” during the holidays. I’ve buckled down since then. In any case, you give me hope.

    Grok on!

    1. forget 80/20 for a while, try to make it 95/5, and cut the carbs… leave the exceptions to when youre already in the shape you want.

      but you didnt waste time! small changes are easier to make, and you are certainly healthier than before.

      sorry if I sound rude, but english is not my mother language :p

  46. great story man, i can relate to a lot of it. gives me more motivation not to fall off the wagon like i did last year. congrats and keep enjoying life!

  47. Again, the smile says it all in the last two photos. Great work Jeffrey!

  48. Congratulations Jeffrey! Welcome to the ranks of the slim, healthy and happy!

  49. Nice job, Jeffrey! Very inspirational story. Thanks for sharing.

  50. It would be interesting to collect the ethnic background of those writing in with success stories. Most of primal success types featured seem to be of European extraction, which links up pretty well with the groups at high risk for gluten intolerance.

  51. Darn good.

    Love details of gave about your meals and how you progressed.

    Keep it up

  52. What I found in your story was the normalcy of it all…which I mean in a very positive way. I have often read stories of people who have found going primal changed a medical profile that was rife with all kinds of ailments. I am lucky to be generally healthy, but as the 42 year old mother of a 3 year old, I was looking for optimal health and weight loss. I haven’t connected with anyone’s story as much as I have with yours. I am slowly going primal and my desire for non-primal food is waning and I can pack away an extraordinary amount of food given my 5’3″ 150lb frame! And cheesecake, don’t get me started! Anyway, I want to honour your success and I look forward to a time when I feel as though I have arrived in some way to post a story here. Such a fabulous resource!

  53. How totally AWESOME for you! My story is very similar to yours, and (like many others here on MDA) you have become an inspiration to me.

    I just started my Primal Transformation this week, and I plan to “contribute” more to the forums as I “come out of my shell”.

    Just wanted to say KUDOS! Great Job, and Grok On!

  54. Primal inspiration. How great you look and and finding love all at your own pace. Love your story.

  55. Well Holy Shit!!

    You look great and about 20 years younger…good on you!

  56. What a FANTASTIC story! I LOVE this! I just love reading these success stories. They make me so happy.

    I think it’s so great that along the way, you met someone to share your Primal journey with. Congratulations on completely changing your life, on sticking with it and recognizing your challenges. Way to go!!!!

  57. Jeffrey, way to go! You look AMAZING! Great smile and a wonderful attitude. Best of luck on the rest of your journey.

  58. Awesome transformation! And awesome hookup! I can attest to having an endless appetite. I frequently eat over 1lb of meat in a sitting, having already had 2 whole meals earlier in the day, and still, I’ll be able to eat a “desert”. I’ve had a 32oz steak and still had room for more. Not sure what the deal is!

  59. Great transformation! Your success story resonates with me strongly because I too am a Computer Scientist and you started at almost the exact same weight I am. I’m having a huge battle with quitting smoking, cutting down on alcohol consumption, and cutting out fast food lunches. It’s inspiring to see what I’ll look like after I get down in weight. Thanks for sharing!

  60. Happiness itself looked at that last picture and said, “Damn!”.

  61. Thanks for your story! I particularly loved the photo of you and Ikalka!

  62. I want your girlfriend’s enchilada recipe! Has she posted it on the recipes part of the forum?

    1. It was on her blog, but sadly her blog moved and it never got transfered.

  63. I’ve found that acupuncture has really helped a lot with my compulsive eating.

  64. God Bless you! Your story is wonderful. Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your success in life!

  65. I always look forward to these inspirational stories. Making a change is a slow gradual process. it doesn’t happen over night. So glad Jeffrey reclaimed his health!

  66. Hi Jeffrey,
    thanks for the story. My experience parallels yours to some extent, particularly the heavy cream and coffee addiction.

    Thanks for sharing.


  67. Dude. You look AMAZING. My favorite thing about these before/after photos is the HAPPY factor – I can just see it in your eyes. So awesome. Kudos, Jeffrey. You deserve all the praise you get. Such a great story, and it sounds like you got all the right takeaways. Way to be inspiring! I’ve shared your story with tons of people today 🙂

  68. Correction:

    “All of my achievements and success can be attributed to one thing.”

    Change to:
    All of my achievements and success can be attributed to two things:
    Lovely and Beautiful Ikaika and Time

    Congratulations, very nice and touching story, I am forwarding it to everybody!

  69. Well done you look great

    Further proof that Paleo is the way to go

  70. What a win at life!!!

    I totally get the never-feeling-done-eating thing. I became a boredom eater as a child. I don’t really know why, but it happened. All the healthy diets I tried throughout college told me to train myself to eat every 3 hours or my metabolism would supposedly shut down. I’ve been adapting my diet to me more primal/paleo for about six months and I am just now being able to shake the urges to eat when I’m not hungry. It takes HUGE effort to wait until I’m hungry instead of eating according to what time it is. I guess we’ll get the hang of it eventually, but until then it’s a conscious effort.

    1. I struggle the most with this, as well. Eating is just so pleasurable for me… I’ve always been a huge boredom eater, and I also find it hard to stop eating once I’m full, as if I don’t know when my next meal will be. I’m trying to be a lot more conscious about whether or not I’m ACTUALLY physically hungry, or if I’m just trying to comfort myself. When I’m finding myself with a sparked appetite but no physical hunger, I’ll usually make some herbal tea or try to distract myself somehow.

  71. I am so happy to see a young man take action for healthy reasons. My own sons, while incredibly smart and capable, are still lettering in bullet-proof.
    I still live on commercial grade food out of necessity. I just eat the best available, eat lots of veggies, and exercise when I can. You inspire me!

  72. Cheers for your commitment and congrats on your achievement! You both look awesome! Grok on!

  73. Yes, it can be done by yourself, but it’s so much easier if you have a partner. I just hope that those of you who don’t have a partner don’t give up – sometimes it just takes a little bit more work/effort but YES it can still be done!

    The never-feeling-full scenario hits home with me because as a child it was the way I got acceptance and attention: oh, look at how much she ate – isn’t that wonderful??!!

    I just love that you’ve stated all the blips and bumps that go with trying to change, deal with, give up., etc., the lifestyle we grew up with and change it to something different.

  74. This is such an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing and motivating the primal community!

  75. Thank you so much and very honest and inspirational story. Once again for sharing!

  76. Jeffrey, your story got noticed in Slovakia, Europe! You are officially famous worldwide! 🙂 feels good, ha? 🙂

  77. Primal girlfriend? I think we just figured out how to end obesity!

  78. I love Mark’s posts, but I have to admit my favorite part is reading the Friday transformation stories!

  79. Really great story. I like how you comment on the time factor. I think that is really important to remember. Even if things take a while, any step forward is a great one.
    I used to work at Sbux for a long time. I totally get the making do with what you have. I used to take the expired turkey and swiss sandwiches and just eat the turkey and swiss and leave the bread 🙂
    Congrats on your success Jeff!

  80. So wonderful that you found and did this when you are young. You look hot at the hottest time in your life, your YOUTH! So many young men and women look like you before photo and I am sure you inspire them.
    Congrats and stay on the primal path

  81. I spend a lot of time wishing I could fast forward to 2013 so I can stop feeling so unhealthy. I know that similiar results are in my horizon, just gotta keep doin what I’m doin. Thanks Jeffrey

  82. Totally. Freaking. Awesome! Congrats man!! To infinite and beyond!

  83. Your before and after pics are great! You look so happy! Congratulations and keep it up! I feel the same way about Primal being way more then just about weight loss 😉

  84. Congratulations! When I scrolled down to the second picture, I felt like cheering. Incredibly well done!

  85. Amazing work Jeff! You’re sure to inspire many with your dedication in effort.

    Regarding Crossfit boxes, the only words that come to mind is “rip off”. Most here are $150/month and I just can’t fathom anyone paying that kind of money for what you can largely set up it your own home/garage. I’ve never been impressed with the trainers either, consider anyone can pay $1,000 and become “certified”. Crossfit workouts are awesome, but too many people get wrapped up in a cult-like mentality and lose sight that it is a business first, methodology second.

  86. Good on you, man! And, what a nice, happy ending/beginning. You’ll reap so many benefits starting Primal so young, and having a partner who is primal helps a lot.

    You’re not the only one who battles compulsive eating but, I agree, it’s easier when you’re Primal.

  87. Very motivational. I really appreciate how you described your approach. You slowly “evolved” into a primal man, ironically. Thanks!

  88. Thanks for the story. I’m 2 months in and starting to slip. I’m pushing myself to get back on track this week. Friday stories help tremendously!

  89. Good work….remember “Health is Wealth”, you are not poor…you just don’t have any money. Share this with your friend http//www.khanacademy.org and http://www.mit.edu and look for “open courses”

  90. Hi Jeffrey

    Loved your story, thank you so much for sharing. I’m so glad you two Primal’s got together, good luck in the future.

    Best wishes


  91. What a transformation! You look amazing. Congrats to you both and many warm wishes for continued happiness.

  92. Dear Jeffrey, I literally gasped when I saw your transformation in the second picture. Amazing! To tell it true, I thought, “wow, what a handsome man…” and I see that you have found a special primal gal. You both glow. I loved your heartfelt honesty and specifics of your journey. I’m just getting started and am inspired by your story. Thanks for the inspiration!

  93. I think anybody who’s trying to figure out how a normal transition might go would really benefit from reading this story! What a lovely way to find love!

  94. thanks for sharing Jeffrey – great story – you guys are beautiful!

  95. Great post, it’s an honest look at what you’ve been through. Congrats and thanks for the inspiration!

  96. Hey Jeffrey, you look awesome!

    How much time did it pass before you started feeling and looking slimmer?

    It has been a month now that I began Paleo and even though my waistline is getting thinner, and I feel so much better, I cannot really SEE myself slimmer.

  97. Wow, man, that’s an amazing change. I appreciate how real you are about the struggles; I’m having the same. Not sure if it’s that or the bright-eyed beauty with you in the pic, but this story really reached me. Thanks