Hypertension, Prediabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and 75 Pounds, All Gone in 6 Months

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!


I would like to give you another success story to add to your expanding collection.

6 months ago I was 270 lbs, hypertensive, pre-diabetic, metabolic syndrome, etc. I had been aware of your site for a year or so because a political blog I frequent (lewrockwell.com) occasionally links to yours. I was intrigued by some of the articles but was skeptical and didn’t take it too seriously. I knew I was too large, uncomfortably so, and my cholesterol levels were out of whack, but I walked and biked, ate what I thought was a fairly healthy diet and didn’t think my overall health was very bad. Until my blood sugar levels started creeping up. Another New Year (2011) had come and gone without me even making a resolution to lose weight like I usually did.


Then came February 4th and this article on your site: The Unconquerable Dave. I was completely wowed that Dave could make the transformation he did. My birthday had just passed a few days earlier. I was 48 and not very happy with my appearance and was staring down the barrel of major problems as time went on. I thought a lot about Dave over the next few days and the following Sunday while making chicken nachos for my family to eat while watching the SuperBowl. I took a first tentative step and ate my chicken without the chips. The following week I bought your book The Primal Blueprint and completely devoured it over the weekend. I could do this.

The success was immediate and amazing. Over the next 3 months I dropped 50 lbs and people started to notice. The next couple months brought another 20 lbs that really thinned out my arms, legs and face and people really noticed. I am a new man. I am now 195 lbs and working on leaning out a little more…hopefully eliminate some residual stomach skin but am generally exactly where I have wanted to be for the last 20 years of adulthood. I cannot believe how much better I feel and look and actually have a much better outlook on growing older. And it was relatively EASY.

Today I had my first checkup with my doctor since I began this program. I had the distinct pleasure of watching him cross out the multiple diagnoses on my medical chart:

Metabolic Syndrome…gone

All medication…gone. Also gone is my snoring, apnea, constant flatulence and frequent heartburn.

I’ve included some recent “after” pictures as well as some “before” pictures that you could also classify as recent because they were all taken just over 6 months ago.

Thanks Mark for giving me the inspiration and guidance to change my life!


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  1. Greg you look awesome! And, its awesome that you were inspired by another transformation! Congratulations. You do NOT look for 48 at all! Not even close!

    Keep on grokkin’!

  2. I don’t think I’ll ever forget Unconquerable Dave, and I’m so glad he was able to be an impetus for your transformation. You look great! And no more meds!!!

  3. Wow! Great story and transformation. Your family is undoubtedly proud of you as they should be! congrats and keep it going!

  4. holy shit man!!! major transformation!!
    The happiness in your face speaks volumes too.
    Well done.

  5. Fabulous results! And yes, aging used to be very frightening, before I got primal and healed from hypertension myself, Greg. Thanks for sharing your story!

  6. Wow, what a transformation! I noticed that you overcame your prediabetic condition. Congrats on that. As a newly diagnosed T1D, I’m a bit jealous. I am curious, how many carbs on the carbohydrate curve did you eat? Did you remain in the “sweet spot,” or the Ketogenic area?

    1. Jason,
      My wife is T1D since age 4 and she found a great success with the system developed by Dr. Bernstein (check http://www.diabetes-book.com). It’s basically a very low carb approach to eating coupled with learning youe precise insulin needs. Chances are that if you are newly diagnosed it can be possible to revert you to constant “honeymoon” with only basal insulin (or even no insulin required).

      Best regards,

  7. Yee-Haww!!!
    I literally did a double-take at the after pictures. Wow, you must feel as great as you look.
    welcome to the tribe Greg!! and congratulations on your successful journey 🙂

    1. Wow Greg! I had to do a double-take too! You’re almost as pretty now as your 2 gorgeous daughters!

      1. The girl on the left is definitely prettier than her Dad. I’m very sure of that.

  8. Well done, Greg. Luckily I didn’t have a long way to go when I started going primal some months ago but whenever I see a huge success story like yours it renews my motivation to keep working on helping my family and friends get healthy. Thanks for your story!

  9. Holy Cow Greg!!! What an amazing transformation!! Way to GO!!!! More that amazing pics and great weight loss…I love hearing stories of being changing their overall health and being able to cross off the check-list of bad health issues!! Way to go!! Just think how much more fun you will have with your girls now and in the future!!!

  10. You look fantastic!! And thrilled 🙂

    Congrats!! I love that this lifestyle can get rid of metabolic syndrome. So many people could benefit from hearing true stories like yours.

  11. Congratulations, Greg!

    Your daughters must love having a happy & healthy dad around.

  12. Stoked for you. I’m currently at 230 with a goal weight of 190. You are helping me. Thanks.

  13. Good post! Hey Mark, how about a post about libertarianism. It seems like a philosophy grounded pragmatism and accountability similar to Primal Living. Yet I constantly see Paleo blogs hating on market principles(Amber Karnes recent interviews with joel Salatin decrying ones ability to purchase food from the same place where you get your oil changed). Like there some sort of reason that Paleo can’t survive in a market where people are free to make there own choices. I find the situation to be quite the opposite, Paleo will thrive exactly because people are free to make their own choices, and Primal happens to be a very successful choice. It’s evolution baby! Thanks for the blog.

    PS This isn’t as random as it seems, lewrockwell.com is a libertarian blog.

      1. Why not? Politics are the reason corn and soy are subsidized. And why Salatin and his kind have such a hard time existing, much less make a living. People need to know the govt wants us to eat factory meat, corn, soy and sugar.

        1. Politics alienates people. People are *not* generally open minded about political views different from their own, and political arguments online end up sharing no useful information with anyone. If Mark were to endorse a certain political ideology on this blog it would be devastating… he’d lose most of his readers.

    1. Seem extremely random and off-topic to me. Bizarre. This was a post about Greg’s terrific changes he effected in his life. Maybe you you can go over to the forums and start a politics thread in the catch-all section and see if anybody cares enough to participate. I’d prefer to see posts on nutrition and lifestyle on MDA posts.

      Just two cents.

    2. Agreed with Dirk. Congratulations to Greg but I don’t want politics here. I don’t think Mark does either.

    3. Ugh, no–I come here to get away from politics, which is a difficult task, as food and politics are so integrally linked. There are plenty of food blogs that are also political. Mark is smart to stay away from that miasma.

    4. No, please no!

      You do NOT want libertarian politics mixed in with sensible eating and living. Lew Rockwell is a kook that is just showing Primal folks a little boob and they get sucked in.

      There is some overlap, but it’s pretty much accidental.

      I was just writing about this an hour ago, so instead of re-typing, here goes-

      “I think that is a weak excuse for nothing but political propaganda. Let’s just call it what it really is and not switch logic off just because the libertarians show a little boob and it’s eye catching! This group and the other hard-core libertarians have one agenda and one agenda only, to twist every topic into a “big government is bad” framework. It’s all they write about. It’s all they think about. It’s how their tiny brains work. They are not potential converts or people “willing to listen.” They are only in it to fit it into their “government is the problem” propaganda framework.

      If, in the unlikely event that a big government agency actually released logical and correct diet information, the libertarian response would be exactly the same….it’s wrong and bad. Why? Because the source was government, and we all know that is where evil starts.

      It’s Trojan Horse politics. If it were a political discussion about any other group, people would be saying “let’s stay off the politics on this forum, too controversial,” all that.. For some reason, libertarians get a free pass because they are so goofball hardly anyone notices that it’s purely political, just like if it were the democrat or republican national committee talking about their platform and candidates.

      I still read that stuff once in a while and I chuckle when I see it. It’s not like it bugs me that much. I’m just saying don’t get sucked into to politics and don’t forget to tell it like it is. It’s propaganda that happens to appeal to people like us.

      I saw this on another forum (Mark’s) and decided to try an experiment. Let’s throw out an example of something where the government actually does a decent job, and taking government out of the equation would literally be a disaster. How would these die-hards view it? Such an example exists. I picked the FAA.

      Without getting into too much detail, this is something I have years of direct experience with. The FAA works. It does a great job. I could get into why but this would get long. They just do a good job, and without them, commercial airplane travel would be impossible. There would be no air travel industry. How did the libertarians respond to this? Just as I predicted. They said it could not be true. We are better off without the FAA. There are better and cheaper ways to do the same things outside of government. Without getting into the details too much, this is just comical.”

      1. Right on! Ya, without the FAA, planes would run into each other. People would die. Flying would be a very high risk activity. Libertarians who hate government would flock to the skies, but their own narrow minded anti-government propaganda would blind them of the risks. Planes would rain down on America. People would even stop driving and living in homes. People would go underground. People would live in caves and tunnels and that would be the end of civilization. Don’t fall for libertarian propaganda. Say yes to civilization!

      2. As a libertarian, I would be happy to have a rational discussion with you via email (sans insults) as it is apparent lack understanding of the philosophy.
        My email: [email protected]

      3. “It’s Trojan Horse politics”

        How’ that Obama Hope and Change working out for you?

        Get a clue, seriously.

      4. The FAA does do a good job. Imagine that, a government agency that works! Why? Because the corporate agenda, the agency’s stated mission, it’s actual mission, and the public interest happen to coincide in this instance. You could replace it with a private agency, but that is a solution awaiting a problem.

        If i were a libertarian, FAA would be last on my list, i might start with FDA. I’m not a libertarian, though i agree with much that they say. If libertarianism got popular enough to be a threat to the corporations, they would buy the libertarian politicians also, as they have bought the Demoncrats and the Repugnicans!

        1. Stay on course. Stay off the f’n political bashing, DFH. As you can see, folks, small minds are already throwing around terms like “kook” and “goofball”. This is a thread to congratulate Greg and/or comment on that subject. Valid intellectual discussion, but there’s a time and place. This AIN’T it… *ahem*… anyways, Greg, inspiring. Good job, buddy.

      5. Comical? Lets see how the Free Market would be superior to the FAA- hat tip to Douglas Carey- Here is a free market response to governement airline industry —
        A statistic that should spark outrage in anyone that chooses to fly. Over HALF of all flights in the U.S. are not on time. Is this possible? How can airlines get away with this? Shouldn’t competition in the airline industry weed out these chronically late offenders?

        The answer is, competition would do this, if the airline industry were truly in a free market. The trouble with air travel begins almost immediately at the immensely inefficient and government run airport. Nearly every major airport in this country is funded by taxpayers and run by the local government.

        This tribute to government waste is not only responsible for the amazingly poor service that is seen at airports, but it is also responsible for wide spread corruption in the industry that causes all of us to pay more for plane tickets.

        Let’s begin by explaining why service at airports is so poor. Think about the service you get when you go to a privately run, for profit business such as a fast-food restaurant. The employees are very similar to those you find at the typical airport, i.e., young and/or poorly educated.

        However, there is a huge difference in how these employees treat their customers. At the fast-food restaurant, the employees actually care about their customers, or more importantly, they have incentive to care. If a customer is treated poorly, he or she can go straight to the manager and complain about poor service. You can be sure that the manager is compensated for increased profit and customer satisfaction, which will lead to good customer service.

        Now let’s look at the incentive of government-employed airport workers. If I’m flying United Airlines, I do not have a United Airlines employee taking care of my bags. I don’t have an airline employee preparing the gates for takeoff and landing. I don’t have an airline employee managing the flow of luggage coming off the planes. I don’t have airline employees de-icing the wings or refueling the planes.

        In short, these workers don’t care about the people they supposedly serve because they don’t report to the airline. They report to a huge bureaucracy that has zero incentive to provide good customer service. They have no competition due to their government imposed monopoly, which leaves airline customers at their mercy. The trouble does not end at the airport though. The skies are also controlled by a government monopoly called Air Traffic Control under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). According to the FAA, the federal government must control the skies because we cannot trust the airlines with our safety.

        Think about it. Who do you trust more with your packages for delivery, the U.S. Postal Service or UPS? There’s a reason why we all trust UPS more. It’s because they are a private company with competition and profit incentives. Similar to the U.S. government postal monopoly, the FAA has no incentive to keep traffic flowing in a timely, efficient manner.

        Granted, they may want to keep us safe, but they do it in such an inefficient and archaic way that almost half of all flights are delayed due to air traffic controllers. You can be guaranteed that if the airlines were allowed to police the skies themselves, these delays would virtually disappear without any loss of safety. In fact, it would most likely be safer because they have true incentive to keep customer safe and happy. The incentive is repeat business.

        So the next time you’re in a congested airport, waiting for your bags from a flight that’s already an hour late, think about how much better it would be if the entire airline industry were privatized. You won’t find yourself angry with the airlines anymore, you’ll be angry with the real culprits, the local and federal government.

  14. Congrats Greg.
    How about those out of whack cholesterol levels? How did they change?

  15. Man, I love Fridays at MDA! What an amazing story, what an awesome experience to watch the doc scratch off those diagnoses!

  16. Great job, Greg!

    And keep it up, Dave – your story continues to be an inspiration!

  17. Makes you wonder how many years he’s added to his life….keep up the great work and spread the word. Primal is where it’s at!!

    1. He’s already added some *quality* years right now which is all that matters.

  18. Wow, I can just imagine you grinning while the doc crossed off all of the syndromes and meds. 🙂 That is Fantastic!

  19. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know where you came from. I was over 300lbs in November 2010 before I went primal. I was also pre-diabetic (still as of May) and have sleep apnea.

    My pace has been slower. I broke into the 240s this morning and would like to be around 200 myself.

    Success stories like this are extremely motivating to me because I can relate to you. They reinforce that I’m on the right track with Primal Blueprint and encourage me to keep fighting the good fight.

    Congrats and I wish you continued success.

  20. Greg, what an incredible transformation! You look like a completely changed man, and I know you feel like one too. From one LRC reader to another, grok on!

  21. Congrats Greg! What an amazing example you have set for your 2 beautiful daughters! May you and your family continue to be happy and healthy!

  22. Greg,

    Based on that beach pic, looks like you could stand to get a lil more sun. Just kidding, awesome work!

  23. Wow, excellent transformation! It’s neat to hear that you got rid of your apnea and snoring, as well. Congratulations on an amazing shift. I’m sure that after a few more months you’ll start seeing the remaining belly fat start to melt away too. You look like a different guy! Your family must be so happy. Way to go!

  24. I love these testimonials. You look great and the weight loss in your face is amazing.
    You now fit in with your slim family.
    Awesome results.Congratulations!

  25. Outstanding. Nice to get back to normal here after a couple days of chatting about violence and fighting 😉

    Really inspiring. People will be asking what your overall routine was in terms of nutrition and exercise…would love to hear the details on that.

    BTW, I crept up from around 200 lbs to 240 the past 7 years. I shared a hotel room in May with a friend I traveled with for 20 years at various times. He told me that for the first time ever, I was rattling the building with snoring. That was a surprise to me. The possibility of developing apnea weighed heavily on me. It was yet another reminder that I had to stop kidding myself about how I’d let my weight creep up.

    30 scale pounds gone for me in 3 months, 10-15 more to go. I’m loving it.

  26. Wow, great job Greg!! I wish my father and mother could see this and ditch some of their meds, sleep apnea, extra lbs., etc. You transformation is amazing!

  27. WTG Greg! You look fantastic! I bet your daughters are extremely proud of you for overcoming those health obstacles and being a healthier you! And I bet your wife is happy about the sleep apnea being gone haha.

  28. Great job Greg!! Your story is motivating for everyone – those who need to get on board and those who have been on board and want to take it to the next level.

    One thing that will happen to you in the future is any new people you meet will automatically assume you have been fit and healthy your whole life! It happens to me from time to time and it makes me feel good about where my health is at today.

    Keep up the good work!!

  29. Awesome transformation! LRC and MDA are my two favorite sites!

  30. Congratulations, Greg! Your transformation is amazing…not to mention inspiring! You give me hope that I, too, will eventually be healthier through primal living.

  31. Wow Greg, you look like a different person. Unbelievable. Keep up the awesome work and start squatting if you have not already.

  32. Extremely pleased to see how well you’ve done Greg! Wow…just wow.

    And pretty please with a little sativa on top, no politics on my MDA. If I want to read a libertarian screed I’ll go to a designated blog for that.

  33. Great work man! I have gone through a similar
    Transformation, life is good

  34. WOW!! This is an AMAZING transformation! It looks like two different people! Congrats!

  35. Greg,
    First off congrats on your success!
    Second, in the second picture, is that a plott hound with you on the couch ?

  36. So, cool! What an amazing story! I am thrilled for you and your better health. Congratulations!

  37. Wonderful story! Greg, you look like a completely different person not to mention you must feel like a totally different person, too!

    Besides the obvious physical changes the real story here is how your health has changed — you just did what it would take a lot of meds to accomplish. And the meds probably wouldn’t come close to doing it as well as you did.

    Thank you so much for sharing your success with us.

  38. congratulations – great stuff!
    Can you update us on what your exercise program wasis like, and having been pre-diabetic, are you limiting fruit and do you test your post meal blood sugars occasionally?


    1. You’re an inspiration for everyone in our family Dave! We love you! Whenever I tell someone about Primal I show them your success story 😀

  40. Wow nice work Greg you look terrific.

    Thanks for sharing

  41. Hi Greg – wow what a change! Amazing. Your story will undoubtedly inspire others to ‘go primal’ too.

  42. awesome story! thanks for sharing it and congratulations on your good health!

    also, you look like a new man. to which, my son (3 yr old) heard “indian man” and wanted to see the pictures of the indian man. he was disappointed. it was hard to explain to him how you were a new man, though, too. but, he’s 3, so we forgive him for not being impressed. 😀

  43. Wonderful story and your pics, beautiful family and lab numbers say it all! Thanks for sharing.

  44. If there are any “nattering nabobs of negativism” lurking, this should silence them! Thanks for sharing your story.

  45. Wow, very awesome!
    Congrats on getting rid of all the meds and being in charge of your health 🙂

  46. I’m so inspired! Thanks for sharing your story, Greg. I’m one the same path, and feeling better and looking better every single day. What an incredible high it is to be alive!

  47. Greg, you don’t even look like the same man. Wonderful transformation in only 6 months. My story will cover a much longer time period but I will get there.

  48. This is really inspiring for me. The picture of him standing up at the table, before he went primal, looks almost exactly like my build right now. This is helping me get into a mindset to really get into gear. Thanks so much!

    The worst problem of mine is when I get depressed is that I don’t want to get healthy. I feel like I should just die, so I stop caring for about a week, then I feel even worse, because I will undo a lot of the immediate good effects of going primal. I know that it works for me, though! I have been off-and-on primal for almost 6 months, and every time that I stick to it for a while, I feel great! My family doesn’t support me at all, and won’t even let me explain how OB works, so it makes it a lot harder.

    Now I might get myself into gear! Thanks for this great story! You might see one from me in a few months because of this one!

    1. Don’t be so hard on yourself Aidan. Take it one day at a time, even one meal at a time. That’s what I do. I don’t think of it as falling off the wagon or getting back on.
      If I eat something non-primal, oh well I’ll try again at the next meal. I just try to eat Primal as much as I can and I don’t stress about it when I can’t because it doesn’t help.
      I know what you mean about not wanting to get healthy, sometimes I don’t care about myself enough, but I think Primal may help us with depression in the long run if we keep trying our best. It seems to help with almost everything else!
      Good luck on your journey Aidan!

  49. Oh my god! You look awesome. I just started eating primally and I can only hope that my transformation will be as good as yours. Dave might have been an inspiration to you, but you are just as well an inspiration to me!

    Keep up the good work.

  50. Greg – Amazing! Someone mentioned it earlier: can you provide more details on the food choices and exercise components? Any cravings, or any of the other mental stuff? If so, how did you deal with it?

  51. Wow…I can’t believe all the responses. Thanks for all the congrats and well wishes. Overwhelming doesn’t begin to describe my feelings.

    @jkc, Belinda, Foco girl, Cassandra, My wife has been extremely supportive and pleased with the results (especially the snoring and flatulence ;)). My daughters have been as supportive as teenagers are capable. I like to think that at least they are not embarrassed anymore to be around me!

    @ Milestone…I don’t have my previous numbers here but my current ones show HDL of 67, Triglycerides 97. This test shows LDL of 167 but this is only a calculated number and doesn’t differentiate particle size so it is not particularly helpful. Chol/HDLC ratio is 3.8 which is much improved and what really impressed my MD. I will try to get my previous numbers from my Doctor and post them but I will say my HDL was much lower and Triglycerides much higher before.

    @ Primal Toad “You do NOT look for 48 at all! Not even close!”…thanks, you are now my new best friend!

    @ Jason, Peter…sorry I never really calculated my carbs to give you a specific answer. I’ll just say my diet consists of meat, chicken, fish, some dairy (heavy cream, butter, a little cheese), coconut milk and coconut oil, olive oil, any vegetables except white potatoes, and minimal fruit. I assume I was usually in the “sweet spot” and occasionally in the ketogenic area.

    I would like to give a shout out to my local farmers:

    Vegetable CSA, pastured eggs: https://www.180degreefarm.org/

    Pastured Pork and Turkey: https://www.littleredhenfarm.com/Home_Page.html

    Pastured Beef: https://www.sellfarm.com/

    @ Sue Minger…OK, now I’m embarassed 😉

    @ Craig…as I mentioned I have always been somewhat active, walking and biking even at my heaviest, but my exercising has increased since the weight loss because it is much easier and enjoyable to do now. I exercise pretty much primally, 3-4 times weekly for about an hour. One day I’ll do squats, planks and sprints, another day I’ll do pullups, dips, pushups, and walk for a couple of miles, another day I’ll ride my mountain bike to a local nature preserve and run the trail along the river, or kayak around the lake. Every couple of weeks I’ll take my road bike for a 25-50 mile ride, but am definitely not “chronic” about it. I try to do a little of everything but stick to body weight exercises.

    @ Alex…I’m from Georgia…I think the red neck is permanent 😉

    @ Nick…the amazing thing is the snoring and apnea disappeared within weeks of starting…even before the weight really left. Maybe a gluten issue?

    @ Mike…this has already happened more than once!

    @ Ronnie…sorry don’t know the breed of my Dog (Tiger). She came to us as a homeless dog needing a loving family and have fully taken advantage of us 😉

    @ deb b…For several weeks early on I monitored my glucose closely before and after meals to get a pretty good idea of what was happening with various foods, but only check it occasionally now. My fasting sugar levels started out about 120 and are now down to 80.

    @ Unconquerable Dave…thanks man, you started it all!

  52. @Aiden…all I can tell you is you have to “flip a switch” inside your head that no matter what you are going to do this. Dave was my switch. Once you’ve done it, you won’t be tempted off the path. In my case my family was very supportive and since I do a lot of the cooking, they didn’t have much choice 😉
    If you are not already doing a lot of the cooking, I recommend starting.

    @Strathy…I gotta admit that once I got started cravings were really not there. I would say some coffee with a big dollup of coconut milk and heavy cream was my savior if I needed something. Success on the scale and frequent hole changes on my belt were pretty self motivating.

  53. You look amazing, Greg! Congratulations!! I like that you said it was relatively easy to lose the weight and change your habits. I think a lot of the time we fail changing our habits because we already have in our mind that it’s too hard to change and we won’t succeed anyway.

    Thanks for sharing your story! This post is a great motivation for others!!


  54. WOW!!! Talk about double takes!!! Greg-you look like a completely different person!!!! Don’t you feel GREAT!!!! I know all of your loved ones must be so proud of you!!

  55. Greg, that is absolutely incredible! Well done.

    To the folks who want some libertarianism on this site, here’s my take. I’m one of those guys who is extremely excited about reading some libertarian stuff, and I always appreciate someone talking about the problems of big government, but the genius of this blog is Mark’s consistency. Every day, without fail, he writes a post about one thing: choosing to live the primal lifestyle.

    Sure, there’s probably some things government must be held accountable for with regard to food and all, but this website is about our choices not about government’s choices. When I want to see political debate, I’ve got other websites I go to that do the trick just fine.

  56. Love these success stories, especially the before and after photos. What a great job you’ve done Greg! And what an awesome job you have, Mark, inspiring and teaching people the truth.

  57. Awesome work Greg. It’s one thing reading a fantastic book like the Primal Blueprint, but it’s truly inspiring to see someone live it and have such amazing results.
    I’m especially impressed by the fact that you’re off medication. I think too often ‘health professionals’ take the ‘easy’ way out by prescribing more and more medication rather than taking the ‘ideal’ (yet more challenging) approach of doing all we can to keep people off the medication.
    Really impressive!

  58. Help me decide. I had a heart attack three years ago. In my late 50s. Female and fat. After getting the stent and going on several prescription meds which I am still on and three months of heart rehab I am still over-weight (not quite so much) and still on pills to protect my damaged heart and other pills like statins and cholesterol pills, etc. My doctors would never endorse the Primal Diet. They, of course, tell me to be on a very low fat, very low salt diet but those heart doctors like Esselstyn who demands that you eat NO meat, NO oils, NO dairy and has you eating tons of grains. Since I already have heart disease and have had a total blockage and have a stent and fear every day that I’ll have another M.I. dare I try the Primal Diet?

  59. Greg… care to share some of the key steps that you did to start and continue your journey? Which ones were the hardest? Did you exercise? If so, what did you do?


  60. Amazing! Congrats! Also as a native San Franciscian, I hope you and your family enjoyed your trip to our city 🙂 Also, those are two super handsome dogs 😀 You should get them on a canine-primal diet too! 😉

  61. Re: anti-Libertarian comments.

    Rockwell is a Libertarian-direction group with strong conservative ties.

    Libertarians advocate rights and voluntary alternatives, not anti-government per se. They do offer more voluntary alternatives in public administration often by simply letting people know of options of which they may be unaware e.g. several countries have private air control systems that work quite well. Advisors and supporters in their mother advisory organization, LIO, fought long and hard to change laws and attitudes on life extension and empowering the user instead of just the doctors, and are driving several life-extension projects.

    See https://www.Libertarian-International.org the non-partisan Libertarian International Organization.

  62. both lew rockwell and the daily apple, great reads. Congratulations Greg. great story. i just started 1 month ago, a bit slow as i have a partially torn left patella ligament, but will see where this goes.

  63. Happened to me too! Im a personal trainer, but I hate to workout.I was pregnant but still. I was 120 the 222 before emergency labor. I had pre -eclampesia onf Heelp syndrome. So I was left with 100 pds to loose after my 5 pd daughter came out. Lost it all in 5 months!Maybe thats normal. I felt like Gumbi. Say this over at Lew Rockwell’s Blog. Great job!

  64. Greg, I just read your post for the 2nd time. I’m amazed how much our stories parallel each other. I’m 46 soon to be 47, weighted in at 280#’s pre-diabetic, on meds to control blood press. etc. So far I have lost just under 20lbs. I can already see my face thinning out. THank you so much for posting and the amazing trans. pic. YOu have inspired me to get down to around 200#’s. Cant wait to experience what you have accomplished. Way to Go Greg and a heart felt Thankyou for sharing your story. Hope to have mine posted before the end of the yr. Cheers!!

  65. Greg,
    I am your age and it is great to see what I have ahead of me. Just started Paleo……again. It worked for me before, but I stopped and the pounds creeped back. No I am fully committed to move forward and your story is my example of what if possible for a person of our age.

  66. Excellent job Greg!!

    I’m just learning about the Paleo lifestyle and surfing the .net for info. I stumbled on this site and your story. Very inspirational!!

  67. In-cre-di-ble !, amazing, you look awesome. Congrats Greg. Very motivating story, thank you. I hope you good life.