7 Days of Hydration with the Mark’s Daily Apple Community

Woman drinking water while she focused on her online lecture

Health is the accumulation of many good habits. Proper hydration is one healthy habit that can pay dividends.

Optimal hydration should be intuitive. Humans have a highly calibrated thirst mechanism that tells us when to drink. Plus, we have internal hydration regulators guided by the kidneys. That should make it easy to achieve optimal hydration. However, I suspect many people don’t listen to their bodies and drink too little or too much.



What about you? Are you confident that you’re hydrating properly?


Hydrating is something you do every day, so let’s make the most of it. During this 7-day challenge, I’ll guide you through a series of mini-experiments to discover your personal best hydration strategy.

I’ll support you with:

  • Daily emails with one target task to focus on for the day
  • Hydration journal to keep track of your results

Sign up today, and stay hydrated, friends!