How My World Changed!

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realifestories in line My story is a fun one. Nothing crazy drastic, but fun nonetheless. It started January of 2012, when I first started reading success stories from MDA. At this point in my life, I was no stranger to the human body and how best to treat it. I exercised moderately, and ate plenty of vegetables and fish as part of my normal diet. I tried to get at least 6-7 hours sleep and remained injury-free. So when I first started reading, I thought this makes sense. It’s working obviously—however, I’m not going to take the plunge quite yet.

Also, wasn’t quite sure what exactly this Mark guy was selling. My problem, like everyone else’s, with taking that leap was giving up my wonderful sources of carbs. I freaking loved bread and pasta—they made up the better part of my diet. I, however, did ramp up my fat intake immediately.

It wasn’t until the first week of April that I decided to pull the trigger. And how my world changed! After 7 days I lost 9 lbs and was able to pull a 29-hour fast like it was nothing! I was able to feel for the first time in my life, what true hunger felt like—much less mild than the crippling “starving” feeling. Two weeks into it, I was squatting on the potty—not with a Squatty Potty mind you—and my lifelong constipation and hemorrhoids were gone. After three months I was down 25 lbs, corrective lenses forgotten, hours in the sunshine without protection and burning, and just boundless energy.


As soon as I made the plunge in April, I could not get enough info crammed into my brain. I would spend up to 8 hours a day reading article after study after lecture, and podcasts, back to articles. I would jump from MDA to Chris Kresser, Chris Masterjohn, Robb Wolf, Dave Asprey, Jimmy Moore, Abel James, Denise Minger, Peter Attia, etc. The more I read and listened, the stronger the fire grew to learn. By June of 2013—just a little over a year into it—I had amassed approximately 2000 hours devoted to learning as much as I could though reading, watching and listening.

And then I had a baby. I lost sleep, lost hours at work (translates to lack of money), so I ate less. Fasting 18 hours everyday became part of the routine, and certainly not with enough nourishment. I of course ended up losing even more weight, and got all the way down to 136 by August ’15! As a reference, my starting weight was 170 back in April of ’12, and I am 5’10. I made the conscious effort to eat more, and naturally my sleep improved—both from eating and from a baby who was more often sleeping through the night.


Also in August ’15, I finished the Primal Expert Certification (now the Primal Health Coaching Program) and started my own Health & Wellness business, Revolution Food. I started out with a couple clients and transitioned into cooking meals for families—primarily Primal meals of course. In May ’16 we ended that service and suspended our business as we were about to embark on a transitional period. My wife enrolled in the NASM Personal Trainer course, and became certified in August ’16. I had taken a retail job to have a regular paycheck, and even more so ate and slept more regularly. In December 2016, I finished my classes for culinary school and was able to take on a new client. My first real (paying) client as a Primal Health Coach, and one that I was able to devote more time to.

As of today, I sit between 150 and 155, and am now making a conscious effort to exercise more—whether it be doing MovNat or hitting the gym. I am enrolled in the NASM Personal Trainer program myself, with the goal of being MovNat certified by this time next year. One can never have too many certifications.

This is my story of lighting a fire, rolling with life’s punches, and turning that fire into blaze. Mark is right, don’t let a bad decision one day, or a few days out of the year define you. If you are thinking of leaping into this community, just let the damn bread go—trust me, you’ll thank yourself for it.

Jamie Farrington


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  1. Great story and even better to hear how you are spreading the word…it’s all a ripple effect. I also think it’s so helpful for people to see how this is a journey, not a destination. You’ve had ups and downs, and seen the effect sleep has on your health. Congrats on your Primal certification, I’m working on mine now.

  2. Wait, the Primal Lifestyle enabled a man to have a baby? 🙂

    Seriously, Congrats!

      1. I really only need to wear my glasses when I’ve fallen of the no-grain wagon. Inflammation changes the shape of the eyeball and aggravates my astigmatism. No grain = no inflammation = no glasses/contacts.

  3. Awesome success story that really hit a cord within me. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Very inspiring! Haven’t heard of MovNat yet, will definitely look into them.

  5. Wow, totally ripped, even at your age that’s amazing! You look great, except lose the full on beard. 😉

  6. I really like “just let the damn bread go”. Perfect way to say it! Congrats on all the new improvements.

  7. It’s so great when one’s partner groks. I mean, is what I read. When I read about grok-sympathetic or full-grok partners it’s, like, as romantic as Jane Eyre or something. Okay, I cried. What also resonated for me here is spending huge amounts of time doing research. Time you could have spent earning money to get free-range fat (hugely expensive in southern Ontario). A sort of necessary paradox. Sometimes not eating because, you know, you’re not going to eat anything less than the best. In that middle pic is Jamie almost starving? I first came came on Mark at the beginning of a year in which I got really poor by doing about three hours of research every day for a year. But I wouldn’t trade it in. It’s almost like there’s not just a period of a couple days fasting on the hunt but a long period–years–of hunting. For the truth. Or at least a stronger truth. No going back now.

    1. I definitely was starving myself, more or less. Not necessarily because I wanted to haha I just had very little money to eat out, and was barely home due to work and college.
      And no way would I trade it either, and no way do I want to go back!

  8. My vision has improved since I started Paleo/primal but not nearly enough to lose my glasses. Oh well!

    1. Read “You Don’t Need To Wear Contacts” by Dr. John Dewitt. Very good! Amazon

  9. This guy…. is a beast. He looks like a beast lol. Props. Hard work and eating primally.

    Congrats on the amazing transformation.

  10. Gotta love email, I had no idea this posted on a Friday-even though I check my email multiple times a day haha Just checked on the off-chance that I would be on the coming week’s success story.

    I really love and appreciate all your comments, and yes corrective lenses are ditched. I don’t have perfect 20/20 all the time, but it’s way better than the 20/200 I had.

  11. Great story, crazy to hear about losing the lenses too. I have astigmatism as well but got it Lasik corrected. Should have tried this first. Still will actually. Quick question though, you squatted on the potty without a Squatty Potty? Do you mean you got one of those squatting toilets or something?

    1. Haha oh no, I was putting my feet on the stool…yea I got really good at timing my flushing ??

  12. I love the positive vibes I got from reading your story and I too couldn’t get enough information upon discovering a keto lifestyle. I listen to Jimmy Moore’s Keto talk every Thursday, without fail.

    Thank you for sharing your story!!!