How Mama Got Her Sexy Back!

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

Well I had never had a weight problem in my life before and had always been a very active person. Only when I first fell pregnant, I had a miscarriage after the first 9 weeks, and I started picking up weight. I was clearly going through some emotional stress and the miscarriage had made me so scared to carry on exercising, especially when I fell pregnant again.

I put on a lot of weight with my first son (27-29 kgs) and then tried to lose as much as I could before I fell pregnant again with my daughter, but I had not lost nearly enough and then I gained a few with her too. I was sitting on 76 kgs two months after she was born. I really battled to lose the weight after that; I almost felt like my whole body had changed from pregnancy, as even months after my daughter was born I really battled to shed any of the weight. I breastfed exclusively for the first five and a half months and never dropped even 1 kg!!!

Nikki before Primal

I remember telling my husband that I felt like I would never get there and that I would have this flabby tummy forever. He just kept motivating me to go for it. I felt like a hippo and could not stand anyone taking pictures of me. I felt like an alien in my own skin and had no confidence or sex drive at all.

I went to a dietician and tried to lose weight, following strict conditions and long hours between meals. This helped to shift some weight, but it was so far from natural and being unable to maintain that lifestyle, I just put everything I lost back on and more.

Then I went to an iridologist and she told me that my blood sugar was extremely high and that I should look into it. I went online and found Mark Hyman’s Blood Sugar Solution and this was a turning point for me: he taught me how to control my blood sugar and a lot about food, and that led me to you. I loved his book so much, and it taught me so much about my body and myself. Then it all came together, as a few days after getting the book I read about Mark’s Daily Apple on his website (if I remember correctly). I immediately subscribed and ordered The Primal Blueprint.

This was the best decision I have ever made, and for me, it was the next logical step. It fit in so well and offered even more of a complete lifestyle change for me. It was almost like Dr. Hyman was always meant to bring me to you.

I could not put your book down and following the guidelines was so natural to me. I never battled with any of the meals/foods that I was allowed to eat and I noticed how I could tell immediately how my body was changing.

I have never experienced such a constant flow of weight just coming off (and not too fast either)—not just falling off, but consistently just coming down at about two to three kgs a month. I have never looked back; I never felt deprived for a moment after I got into the full swing of things and everyone was raving about my changing face.

Nicky after Primal1

The Primal Blueprint steps are easy to follow and fit my life so well. I feel in control of the food choices I make and I always allow myself the 80% rule. Even when I do have a little cheat, it has never made a difference to my success. I have also been more eager than ever to carry on this lifestyle for the rest of my life. I know my body so well now and when I do have a fat carb/grains meal, SHEW do I suffer from cramps and headaches—I feel so sluggish and gross. It is amazing to experience those feelings from food—feelings I would never have even known came from the food I was eating.

After cutting out ALL grains and processed foods for the first month, I have never felt so amazing in my life. I thought it would be hard to do, and the first two weeks were tricky, but literally after that first 14 days, everything changed like clockwork. I felt amazing, full of energy, and I could feel in my stomach that something had shifted. And as I have said, when I eat those yucky foods now, then I can really feel the effects all over. It does not change my weight at all, and I can get away with the odd cheat, but it just does not feel worth it most of the time.

Within eight months I had gone from 76 kgs to 61 kgs and then in the past six months, I have settled into my perfect weight of 55 kgs. I am so happy and strong. My weight does not fluctuate at all and I really don’t even weigh myself anymore. My weight is just not an issue at all. It feels so amazing to be able to say that. I can see such definition in my tummy, arms, and legs; the body weight training I get at Pole Fitness has toned me and made me so strong. I feel on TOP OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!

Nicky after Primal2

Nicky after Primal3

Thank you for giving me my life back. My hubby wants to thank you too. 😉

All my love and light and perseverance,


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  1. NIcky, that’s amazing–congrats and way to go. To see that first photo alongside your handstand pic…it’s two completely different people. These success stories continue to amaze.

    1. Thank you so much. I don’t even remember being that big. It seems like another person to me. I feel completely new and it has been so easy to change to this lifestyle of going Primal. Thanks so much guys!

    2. Thank you. I feel like a completely different person. I am in Heaven everyday in my new improved body! I never deprive myself either, it’s almost too easy to be primal!

    3. They continue to amaze me too. No doubt that Mark is changing the lives of so many around the world!

  2. As a fellow mama I LOVE LOVE LOVE stories like yours! Way to go, Nicky–you’ve done incredible work!

    And seriously–are you supporting yourself in mid-air in that list picture? I didn’t even know that was possible. Well done!

    1. It’s been so amazing being able to do things that i never thought I would ever be able to do. Especially after having 2 kids. I hope to be standing on my hands until I’m in my 80’s and beyond! heeheee! The hand standing granny:) Yeeehaaa!

  3. Wonderful! And now you can create a wonderful foundation for your whole family! Actually i am sure you can reach all those around you. Let your light shine bright!

  4. You look amazing! Congratulations on your success!! You have a beautiful family. 🙂

  5. Love to see the metric system at work! Now let’s see 16 ounces in a pound, no is it 12? ok, then how to split an ounce?

    Hey let’s use a base 10 system, yeah!!!!!!!!!

  6. You look wonderful! Of course, even more important is that you feel wonderful. And….you can now raise your lovely children with healthy guidelines so they can be as fit and healthy as their mother. That husband of yours is a ‘keeper’! Kudos to him for his help, motivation and support along the way.

    1. Thank you so much! He really is amazing and this whole lifestyle change has been contagious. So great to get such awesome feedback! 🙂

  7. Great story. Thank you for sharing. My wife had our third child six months ago, and this is a great story for her to read.

  8. I can’t make heads or tails of those kg but the photos state it plainly – wow, outstanding job on your part! All the best to you and the family.

  9. Haha… your success story had a nice tease (hey, sex sells!!!). I have to say Nicky, after the link, your story and pics did not disappoint! You can have all the material things in life but in my book, nothing beats a healthy, fit couple – everything else that follows is possible.

  10. I have to admit, today is looking a little busy for me so I mainly wanted to take a look at this success story when I saw the title in case there were any pictures to ogle. You have a husband so I’ll keep my mouth shut. I’m not reading it right now but from the pictures I’d say a lot was accomplished. That hand stand and the pole picture are impressing me. I wish I could do those things.
    When I’m recovered from running myself into the ground over and over before I’m done healing and resting I may soon do a little more acrobatic practice or training to get a better base for it like by doing monkey bar exercises.
    As for the time being…
    “It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another round of free coffee mixed with 400mL of free 45% Angostura!”

    1. Oh you made me laugh. Thank you so much and I also think it is time for you to get a little acrobatic:) It’s such fun acting like a kid again and playing some monkey bars. My kids friends are always impressed to see this mom doing some crazy stuff. Such fun. Have a super dooper day!

  11. Holy weightloss Nicky!!! Jeez… do you even have to convince any of your friends to try the Primal Blueprint? Awesome work!!!

  12. Very nice story. Great job! And yes, you do have your sexy…back.
    I agree, when going Primal, it is so natural and easy. That was the beauty for me too! I thank my lucky stars everyday.

  13. amazing transformation! And I can’t help but notice that your hubby has undergone lots of changes, too. Happy for you, pretty mama!

  14. Love it, love it! You look amazing and healthy and happy. Good for you getting your sexy AND your health and happiness back.You don’t look like the same person!

  15. What an inspiration to a newbie! Thanks Nicky for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS!!

  16. Congratulations, Nicky! You look truly amazing. I cheated a bit on my diet recently and couldn’t believe how incredibly awful it made my body feel! Definitely not worth it.

  17. Great going Nicky, you look wonderful! Here’s to a happy family!

  18. Great success story, well done!

    It’s stories like these that are very inspirational 🙂

    I have heard before that Mark Hyman’s Blood Sugar Solution is very good! Will have to look into it myself

    1. It’s a great book too and they go so well together. So blessed to have found these wise men:)

  19. Always nice to hear from primal South Africans! It looks (and sounds) like you’re somewhere in KZN?

      1. Originally from Pretoria, but currently staying in sunny Britain!

  20. What an awesome story! I don’t have the nerve to do the poll dancing thing but I do enjoy me some strength training and yoga! 🙂 Congratulations girl!!!

  21. You could practice pole dancing or moves on a vertical pole when people aren’t watching, or when they happen to be, What about trying a tree? I’ve been trying to expand my repertoire of [pole based] moves lately. When I get off my bike for example I swing one leg over or do a little jump off, or entrepreneur something.. I want to be able to do every move.

  22. Thank u! Very inspiring to hear about ur tremendous change for the good of all! But especially YOU! Look at u! Beautifully healthy & alive!

    I feel a shift within my own self as I read about & contemplated ur story…

  23. Congratulations! You look healthy and lean!!
    And, I love your saying! “when I fell pregnant”, so cute.
    Keep up the great work.

  24. Fantastic story, Sexy Mama!
    Mark Hyman lead me to MDA as well, and I’ve never looked back.
    Stay well!

  25. I love your story so much!!!! I am just hitting the second trimester of my first pregnancy so I’m a little freaked out by all of the changes that are coming my way. Also my pole practice is taking a back seat for the time being but hopefully staying primal will allow me to get back into the swing of things quickly. I am so jealous of your handstand. My hand balancing is also kind of on a back burner now. 🙂

    1. All in good time, just enjoy your pregnancy and as soon as you are ready then you will get back to it. I know how I itch for class every time I have to miss one. You will be seriously itching…:) Best of luck hun.

  26. Holy cow! Way to go! That’s amazing!

    Just shows what proper information and a good work ethic can get you.

  27. has anyone else read Dr. Hyman’s Blood Sugar Solution book?
    I would like to know what your thoughts are before I purchase it.

    I am very impressed with Nicky’s transformation – what a result.

  28. Your success story is inspirational! I love hearing how diet & a few lifestyle changes can transform lives & families! THanks MDA & Nicky!

    1. Oh yes – and your amazing hand stand picture!!! I am practicing headstand right now & hope to one day do a handstand & take a few hand steps 🙂 Seeing your transformation & strength gives me hope!

      1. Keep going Kelly. It really is just practice, practice and more practice!
        Once you have it never stop doing it! Great party trick you know;)

  29. Thank you so much for all the comments!!!!! Wish I could reply to them all! Such an awesome community! Feel really blessed right now! Thank you again Mark.

  30. Great work Nicky! I admire how well you done!! My heaviest was 85kg and now I’m down to 72kgs, and also a Mum of two. My goal weight was also 55kgs aswell. I’m nursing my little man as I did with my daughter and so i’m trying to not lose to fast either, but was rather curious, as I’ve noticed some people give up Dairy some don’t and some give up berries and some don’t, was rather curious if you just had Meat and Vegs or had some fruit/dairy intake?