Heart Attack Grill – Take Two!

We first introduced you to the Heart Attack Grill – home of the Double Bypass Burger – back in December 2006 and again in March and April of last year (what can we say, we’re really just couldn’t believe it). This ridiculous “concept” eatery is up to the same old nonsense, but a reader sent in some absurd images that just we had to share.

Located in Chandler, Arizona, the Heart Attack Grill was founded in 2005 by Jon “Dr Jon” Brasso (who, incidentally, also wears a white lab coat to work) as a means to provide patrons – or as he calls them, patients – with food that is “so bad for you it’s shocking.” The menu boasts single-, double-, triple- and quadruple-bypass burgers.

Real appetizing, huh?

Think you’ll still be hungry after scarfing down the estimated 2lbs of beef, 6 slices of cheese, and rashers-upon-rashers of bacon? Then perhaps it’s time to order a “prescription” of flatliners – that is, French fries, cigarettes, beer, liquor and sugar-laden sodas.

We’ll take one of everything!

And the “naughty nurse” wait staff? Let’s just leave them out of it (or at least let the real nurses – who have protested the overt sexualization of these burger slingers- take care of it.)

A “nurse” poised to deliver what we can only imagine is stellar medical care…or something.

If we wanted to be nice, we could perhaps say that the Heart Attack Grill is one of the more honest fast food purveyors because they tell you upfront what such a diet can do for you – even placing a sign above the entrance to the restaurant to warn patrons that the burgers “may be hazardous to your health,” and in it’s slogan “taste worth dying for.”

However, all the Heart Attack Grill is is a clever marketing ploy. It attracts attention – negative or otherwise – for its bold and brazen burger names, its scantily-attired wait staff and for putting the hardee-ha in heart attack.

Not sufficiently disgusted? Then check out this link which will show you what a McDonald’s hamburger looks like 12 years on. Doesn’t look so mmm mmmm good now, does it?

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