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There are some excellent posts we just can’t stop talking about this week. Don’t miss these great reads, everyone. And if you’ve seen something worth yakking about, post a link in the comments!

Are you a flexitarian? The Outback Steakhouse guy should love this. Semi-vegetarians get a cool new name. (And if you haven’t scoped out the Almost Vegetarian blog, scoot!)

Is Stevia safe or not? Diet Blog weighs the evidence. What do you use as a sugar substitute? (Because you better not be eatin’ sugar!)

Click as fast as you can to read this inspired rant about health care and women from a brilliantly infuriated doctor. Go! Now!

Did you know that half of advertisements featured during children’s programming are for food? And that 98% of those ads are for junk food? And that there are no ads for fruits and veggies? That’s just the beginning of this engaging and compelling article on the child obesity epidemic. Highlight Health breaks it down in a big way.

Budgetarians! Do you really need to spring for organic fruits and vegetables? Slashfood alerts us to conventional produce that is perfectly safe – and budget-friendly.

Enjoy! And don’t be shy, now…

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