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There are some excellent posts we just can’t stop talking about this week. Don’t miss these great reads, everyone. And if you’ve seen something worth yakking about, post a link in the comments!

Are you a flexitarian? The Outback Steakhouse guy should love this. Semi-vegetarians get a cool new name. (And if you haven’t scoped out the Almost Vegetarian blog, scoot!)

Is Stevia safe or not? Diet Blog weighs the evidence. What do you use as a sugar substitute? (Because you better not be eatin’ sugar!)

Click as fast as you can to read this inspired rant about health care and women from a brilliantly infuriated doctor. Go! Now!

Did you know that half of advertisements featured during children’s programming are for food? And that 98% of those ads are for junk food? And that there are no ads for fruits and veggies? That’s just the beginning of this engaging and compelling article on the child obesity epidemic. Highlight Health breaks it down in a big way.

Budgetarians! Do you really need to spring for organic fruits and vegetables? Slashfood alerts us to conventional produce that is perfectly safe – and budget-friendly.

Enjoy! And don’t be shy, now…

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  1. You know, horror that sugar is, it is at least natural. So, for now, my plan is to avoid sugar, but if I am going to eat it, to use it in as natural a form as possible. Like honey. Or maple syrup. Or cane sugar. Or even (and this is top of the natural horror parade) white. Because I’d rather have natural any day. And because the jury is still out on Stevia. So why take chances?


  2. I don’t have a problem with occasional use of various sugar substitutes, but in general I agree that natural is best. (Of course you all know where I stand on sugar.) I’m curious what the rest of you think.

  3. Honestly, I haven’t used stevia, splenda, or sugar for awhile. But, I have no problem with stevia, and occassional splenda, especially if it helps with the sugar addiction.

    The FDA is warning us about stevia? Ha. Good one. In the 80’s stevia was banned by the FDA just as nutra-sweet(aspartame) was coming into power. Coincidence? Stevia is starting to make a come back so of course it’s time for a warning.

  4. This is one area where I haven’t quite followed the Primal Pyramid. I’ve knocked down my two-cases-of-Diet-Pepsi a week habit to having four or five a week. I’ve traded my half-gallon-a-week of premium ice for 3-4 sugar-free popsicles a day (aspartame). And I tried going with organic half and half with no sugar for my daily cup of coffee but I went back to a flavored non-dairy creamer and a packet of Splenda. So although I’m still consuming some chemicals I sure don’t need, I’m not going to worry about it for now. Once I reach my target weight, then perhaps I can focus more on eliminating the inflammatories.

  5. I use Stevia in my morning cup of coffee.
    I buy it at my local health food store. As Crystal previously pointed out-Wal Mart is now selling Stevia on their shelves which i say is the better option. I know someone who uses honey in their coffee and uses only that. I’ve tried it in my coffee but Stevia tastes better.(My 2 cents)

  6. I used to use 1 packet of Splenda in my coffee. Then I ran out one day, never got around to buying more, and just got used to the taste of plain coffee with a little whole cream. I have peanut or almond or cashew butter, or fruit, or a teaspoon of honey when I have a sweet craving. I eat a lot of berries, too. But I think a little stevia is fine.