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Happy Holidays!

Whether you wholeheartedly dig Christmas and/or the other winter holiday traditions, or you feel ambivalent about them, it is an undisputed objective fact that taking the time to celebrate the day (any day) with friends, family, and loved ones pays big dividends for mental, physical, and spiritual health. So, cynics and carolers alike, I bid you “Happy holidays!” and suggest that you tell those closest to you something similar. Give a gift, or even just a hug or hearty clap on the back to show you care and notice and appreciate. Ring in the coming new year with exuberance. Have some holiday cheer. Take a minute or sixty to regard the cosmos (even if you can’t quite see through the light pollution [1]) and try to realize the immense majesty of the universe, as well as our place in it [2]. Pet a dog, kiss a baby, shake a hand.

I’m honored and humbled that you folks come here day in, day out to read my thoughts and share your own. I’m excited about what the new year will bring on a personal and professional level – and so should you.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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