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Halloween Link Love

Spooky Scary! Thanks to Bryant for the Grok carving to the right.

U.K. Mail Online asks… Can cutting carbohydrates from your diet make you live longer? [1] The answer is a bonafide “Yes!” Good to see Conventional Wisdom cracking.

Razor blades in bite sized Snickers, a kidnapper around every corner, Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids [2] pens a great piece on Halloween Paranoia [3] in the Wall Street Journal.

Want to scare you kids away from sugar? Gross them out with chocolate poo drops, urine sample candy, and these other nasty concoctions [4]. On second thought, they might love this stuff.

Today is the last day to sign up for Jimmy Moore‘s Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb fan club [5]. Take your Jimmy podcast listening to the next level.

And finally, here’s RoboKid [6]. How are you dressing your kid for Halloween? Tell me in the comments section.

Bloody Recipe Corner

Time Capsule of Terror

Gory old posts of yesteryear.

Frightening Comment of the Week

Here’s a reader email that will shiver yer bones…

Every year I have to take a health survey for my insurance coverage at work. I answer it honestly and depending on what they consider “healthy” I get some money back during the year. Last year I weighed 220 at a height of 5’8″ and scored a 66 which is better than my peer average of 55. This means I save a good deal of money. I picked up a copy of Primal Blueprint in July and started living it in August. Now I weigh 186, BP is lower and I get more activity! Sadly the primal living dropped my “healthy points” to 44 and cost me 225 buck over the next year in premiums. The questionaire was riddled with diet questions. How many whole grains on a daily basis, ZERO? ¬†How much lean meat, LOTS? How much low fat dairy, ZERO?

Then came the workout questions. Apparantly they only love chronic cardio. Short intense “primal workouts” are frowned upon.

At the end of the survey I was given reasons why my premiums had increased so much. Due to my diet, and lack of exercise I was at great risk of heart disease, and stroke.

I should be to single digit body fat in the next three months. If I’m lucky I will still be able to get health coverage next fall. Maybe I should start eating sugar, and grains again, start feeling bad again, gain 50 pounds and save on my health coverage! GEEZ

Thanks for helping me feel great again!

-Sincerely, Scott