Halfway Through the Primal Blueprint Challenge

The Prize:

A Portable Pullup Bar courtesy of Trapeze Rigging. I’ve been using this thing for over a year now. It’s the bar I use in my Essential Movement videos. I used them up at PrimalCon. I’ve got one at the office that has been a stalwart tool for the Worker Bees. It’s a simple design, breaks down easily into a carrying case, works great in a garage, backyard or if you want to take it to the park to add some pullups into a sprint routine. The height of the crossbar is adjustable to allow for dip exercises as well. Enter today’s contest for a chance to win the Primal workout gear.

The Contest:

It’s easy and all it requires is a little honesty. Have you been following the 30 Day Challenge? Then tell me how you’re doing so far. Give a progress report. What’s proving difficult? What was easier than you expected? Have you lost weight? Did you gain a little back after the initial water weight drop? Do you have more energy? Or maybe you’re trudging through the “low carb flu,” after making such a dramatic change in lifestyle. Maybe you quit and started over, once, twice, or eight times. In three sentences or less, tell me how you’re doing in the comments section below. Then comment on someone else’s progress report. This is a support community, so be supportive. A random drawing will be held to determine a winner.

The Deadline:

September 22, 8:00 a.m. PST. 24 hours.

Who is Eligible:

Everyone, everywhere.

About the Author

Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. So far I lost 4 pounds but the big difference has been emotional. I have ADD and was getting depressed because of life issues. I am less moody, more calm and able to handle stress from my kids, boyfriend & lack of job easier.

    1. Wow – that’s awesome! Non-weight-related successes always inspire me the most and want me to get the message out there… You are a great testimony!

      1. It was a pretty dramatic change and probably saved my relationship to be honest. It was getting bad.

        1. It probably saved your life too. Or at least dramtically extended it 🙂

    2. That’s awesome that you’ve found a way to be less moody and more calm with all the stress. I hope for the same success you’ve had, as I seem to be tipping towards more irrational lately.

    3. Congrats on the weight loss so far, that’s really great. But the mood changes are really awesome, that’s what it’s all about!

    4. It is awesome to see someone get some help with ADD. I will tell my friends about it!

  2. I fell off the wagon… big time. But I’m up and back on again. I’m working to make the right changes, not just picking and choosing what to do.

    I know the results the program b/c I saw them; weight loss, clear skin, better mood…
    I will see them again!

    1. Welcome back to the wagon. 🙂
      You can do it. You’ve done it before, so I know you can.
      (I wish my skin cleared up…) 😉

    2. Hang in there. There is no wagon — there are just multiple choices we have to make each day. Keep trying for good choices and success follows.

      I’ve been primal now since May, lost about 40 pounds, am more muscular than when I was a teen (I’m nearly 40) and have loads of energy. Been mostly participating in the Challenge, with an emphasis on getting all the workouts in.

    3. It’s ok, just move on and don’t be guilty. I’ve been mostly primal besides peanut butter and some conventional meat. Weight has gone up about 4 lbs, increased PR on everything.

  3. I’ve lost 4 pounds since the start of the official challenge, though 10 since the start of my personal challenge, and 22 since the start of the year. The whole thing has been way easier than I thought. And tasty. 🙂

  4. I lost 7 pounds which seems to be all water weight, as it came off in the first week and I haven’t lost any more since. I just started babysitting a 2 and 5 year old, on top of my 3 year old when this started so needless to say I have been experiencing lots of fatigue, frustration and stress. I have not been working out at all besides chasing kids, but have noticed leaner arms and a slightly flatter stomach.

    1. Chasing kids – you’re definitely working out. And it sounds like you’ve lost fat and gained muscle – you have thinner arms and stomach, but the same weight. Cool. 🙂

    2. Cutting the carbs will definitely cause an early water purge, so you’re probably right about that. Don’t sweat the fact that nothing else has come off, though. It takes your body a few weeks to adjust to burning fat as a primary fuel source, so by the end of the month you should be losing 1 or 2 lbs of fat per week. Congrats!

    3. Kill two birds with one stone and use watching the little ones as a workout> clearly it has worked, you are noticing changes just by watching them> they will have fun if you use them as weights, never too early to get the kids involved in low level exercise 🙂

    4. Kids know how to fulfill Primal rule 6: PLAY. Stick with it… it sounds like you’re making progress. Don’t sweat what the scale says. For me, how clothes fit made much more of an impact than the number on the scale. Fitting into clothes I haven’t been able to wear for years really showed the progress.

      1. Great idea, I’ll try using my 2yo son as a weight!
        When I saw him, on sunday,running up a hard and rocky slope in the wood, laughing, to catch me , I really thought that kids are the best exercise motivator and exercise tool!

        1. Motherhood: lot’s of moving (chasing kids, cleaning) and lifting heavy things (kids, laundry, bags of groceries. 🙂

    5. It’s so easy to get lost in all the childcare and not think about us moms and what WE need. I’m behind you cheering loud.

  5. I just stepped on a scale for the first time during a family vacation to Norway. In KG’s I’m down to 85 KG’s – 187 lbs by my calculations (10 lbs down from when I started.) More astounding than that though is the fun I’m having as the weight drops and muscles pop.

    1. The best part is watching muscles appear from seemingly nowhere. You always had them, they just suddenly appear from beneath the pudge. 🙂

  6. I started the challenge a week early so I could ease in if I found it difficult, but it was easier than I thought. Then my mother-in-law passed away on Day 1 of your challenge and I was swept up into five days of eating whatever neighbors brought over. Now I’m back on track and feeling great, though I have not yet gotten into a good routine for my workouts.

    1. Amber, so sorry to hear about your loss. Good for you for getting back on track diet-wise. The workouts will happen eventually! I think the diet part is the hardest aspect, and you’ve got that tackled! Keep it up!

    2. The workouts were harder to fit in for sure but you are showing a lot of strength by getting back on track during a time of such family stress. I have a messed up foot so I have to slit my workouts up throughout the day in short increments. It works great cause my foot can rest but it’s also good when life is just busy. Food on the stove, do some pushups. watching a video, do a few box jumps etc. You are doing great. coming back after a food fest is hard.

    3. I’m also sorry for your loss Amber. It is great that you are able to get back on track so quickly.

      I am really loving working through the 5 essential moves in the PB fitness ebook, and they don’t take much time so I have been able to work them into my routine fairly easy.

    4. Amber- So very sorry to hear about your loss! My Father in law passed away last week.

    5. Sorry for your loss. It could have been very easy for you to just fall into a bad routine. The motivation to exercise will come as you see more results. Good job.

  7. I have never felt better then when I eat and live Primally! Since starting this lifestyle I’ve lost 85 plus lbs, going from 240 to less then 154…been working really hard for the last month to two at packing on muscle. It seems much easier when eating clean…I’m about 160 now and leaner(yet bigger in a good way) then ever! Thanks Mark…Thank you for(in my opinion) doing a fantastic job of “Marketing Common Sense” for those of us that needed someone to speak into our lives and help us see that we could be more than we are currently!

    1. Congratulations to you! What an accomplishment. You should be proud.

    2. Amen to that. I’m always fascinated and amazed at the people who have implemented paleo/primal eating and literally blossom into an entirely different (better!) person. So much change (and they say change is hard), you and others are truly the ones that stand at the top of the courage mountain.

    3. Wow, that is pretty amazing. I feel very inspired by people who go through such a great transformation. I’m working on my muscles too! They are so scrawny.

  8. I’ve been using this go-round as an opportunity to dial certain things in, as well as test, a little more deliberately, certain aspects of 80/20-land.

    The best part, though, is that my wife is now diving in to a more serious approach to things Primal (she’s taking a different route at the moment [new Atkins book], but should end up where I am sooner rather than later).

    The big change is following a PBF workout “schedule” this time around – WAY MORE FUN! “Practicing” soccer with my kindergartner is now a key aspect of my weekly exercise, and the most fun of any workout I do, mainly because it’s play AND totally, 100% fractal – ’cause that’s how 5-year-olds are, anyway.

    I’ve also been able to determine almost exactly how much grain product triggers the negative responses, and it’s fascinating: essentially, a small cookie, or a half-slice of bread don’t trigger the stuffy-nose response I now associate with wheat; size up to a full slice of bread, or a bun, or a bigger cookie, and blammo! Instant stuffy nose, and a sugar crash about 40 minutes down the road. I knew about all that stuff already, but now I know that the volumes required are tiny indeed. I think that’s good news, because I’m far more sensitive to it than even last year.

    1. That’s pretty cool that you can see the response at various levels. Neat. 🙂
      Here’s hoping your wife joins you soon!

    2. Amazing how your body lets you know about stuff like that. I recently had a salivary test done and found that my anti-gliadan antibodies were way up despite being gluten-free and 90% grain free. I figure my body isn’t beaten down so much and is able to react more than it ever could before. So maybe the more sensitive thing is actually good!

    3. It’s great that you’ve been able to make a direct connection with how what you eat affects you. I just made and ate a carrot cake frosting with lots of dairy in it – hello acne. Maybe me and dairy don’t get along so well after all. I’ll have to see . . .

    4. I appreciate the information about the amounts you eat before negative responses occur. Wow! The amounts are small–I’ve not yet tried your “experiment” to see what my “no-no” would be.

      I never thought to just go to the backyard and kick around a ball with someone. Oooooooooo… what fun I have to look forward to. ‘Play’ sounds so much better to me than ‘workout’.

  9. I’ve been adhering to the “30-day challenge” since early 2008. Every now and then I allow myself a vice, usually a craft beer and football binge, but I always hop right back on the next day. I’m healthier, more energetic, and haven’t gotten sick once since I started.

    1. That’s great! I’ve been following the 30-day challenge since 2009. haha

  10. Other than a few slips, I have been steadily primal since 9/1 (I started the challenge early because I knew I’d slip on my birthday). Down a few pounds, bump red pimple-like skin on my arms is clear, and someone told me today I have a figure like Jessica Rabbit. The other day I suffered an intense psychological craving for fruit, almond butter, and chocolate even though I was not hungry.

    1. That’s awesome…any Jessica Rabbit-esque pics should be posted!

    2. aw, thanks guys. If Mark picks me for the workout gear, I’ll post a J-Rabbit pic. 😀

    3. I have some “bump pimple like skin” too and hope it clears up as being primal continues. Your post made me look up “jessica rabbit.” May more compliments come your way!

      1. Until you mentioned the bumpy skin, I hadn’t noticed that mine have almost disappeared! Thank you for saying something, it brightened my day.

      2. Good luck to you, I hope it clears up. And I meant “bumpY” pimple-like skin, but I think I was suffering a brain fog. 😀

  11. Been Primal since July 26th, 2010. The 30-Day Challenge was a good opportunity to “re-up” my commitment.

    Lost 8 lbs. Seems to be mostly bodyfat. Been doing PB Fitness for 3 weeks – noticing some tricep and bicep definition. Flatter stomach for sure.

    Energy levels way up! Feeling good.

    Need to focus on improving sleep quality. Doing okay but could be better.

    Thanks for such a great site and resources. Read Primal BP earlier this summer – awesome!

    1. Good job at working toward your goal. I, too, will need to focus on improving sleep quality, but first have to learn about how to do it.

      I agree with you that Mark and staff have really done a great overall job and giving us as much information, in all sorts of media, about getting healthy and staying healty. I am so blessed knowing about Primal.

  12. I’ve done well and am steadily losing 2 lbs a week. There was only one moment of weakness during a stressful time and instead of gorging on terrible food & sweet drinks, I calmed myself by taking advantage of my “20” by having some dark chocolate and then played outside with the family.

    1. Good on you for resisting the bad food and sweet drinks for reducing stress! I bet that dark chocolate tasted way better anyway! 🙂

  13. I’m having a difficult time gaining muscle mass while following primal principles. On the other hand, I find it easy and ever so enjoyable to consume fruits, vegetables, and meat. Although I might not be 100% primal, by reading your book, you’ve taught me sensible ways to lead a MUCH healthier lifestyle than what I was previously leading. So for that, I thank you Mark! See ya around!

  14. I can’t say I’ve changed my diet a ton since starting the challenge as I’ve become more and more primal over the past year. I still keep a 20% that includes 85% dark chocolate and possibly nuts and nut butters if we’ll include those on the list. I’ve tried to cut down a little on these as well as random cheats like pizza at the parents house and I’m enjoying the challenge thus far.

    1. 20% happens and it sounds like you are doing great. I don’t include nuts or dark chocolate in my 20% though, I just use those as part of the plan. The random cheats is tough to overcome with family, sounds like you are doing well at managing them though. Good work.

  15. I started being Primal about 2 weeks before the Primal Challenge started. Not only have I lost 13 pounds but I have adopted a lifestyle that is free and clear of toxic things. Overall I feel more relaxed, free, and energetic! Loving it!!! Grok on!

    1. Awesome Thomas! I love the initial weight loss that accompanies the start of becoming primal. It’s just amazing what our bodies hold on to. Way to go so far and good luck in the future!

  16. As far as progress goes, I decided to try out some new things: more fun things with veggies (my favorite addition here being leek soup), getting up earlier (more work done + more consistent energy), Tabata sprints (with some TIGHT hamstrings afterwards), cutting down on the fruit (from several per day to 1), and cutting down on stress (which has been difficult with a looming thesis deadline). I’m having a difficult time with keeping bodyweight exercises consistent because of some wrist pain (probably from that thesis) that keeps me from being able to do pushups, overhead press, and any variation on this (did I mention I could also REALLY use a pull-up bar?). If anyone has suggestions for getting this wrist of mine back in working condition, I’m all ears!!

    1. I learned a neat trick from a therapist when I was suffering from data-entry wrist. Use one of those wide, blue rubberbands that comes on the broccoli. Place it snug around all 5 fingertips of that hand. Repeatedly try to spread all the fingers apart & bring back in. Keep the band in your pocket & do it throughout the day.

      1. Thanks, Peggy! I started doing some forearm curls to try to strengthen my wrist. I think I had a slightly old injury that has been exacerbated by too much comp work. I’ve recently noticed that when I bend my wrist forward, I see a lump on the back of my wrist (which was NOT there before). I’m going to get myself to a doc soon to check it out. I’m sick of not being able to do a push-up!

    2. Fish oil is really good for your joints like your wrists. I hear Mark has a good fish oil product called Vital Omegas. Keep up the great work!

  17. The primal leap kit has made all the difference in the world for me. I now feel like I have the confidence to do it right. It is week two and I am happy, have a sunkissed glow, and am ((9)) lbs lighter!

    1. Nice work! Sometimes I get caught up in the dogma, and forget that the goal here is to be happy! Thanks for the reminder, and keep it up!

    2. congrats on the progress! Was the Primal Leap your first introduction to PB or were you following it before too?

    3. The glow is the best! I decided to get me some of that too. It’s amazing what a little sunshine can do to boost your mood.

  18. I have been following PB eating over 90% since the start of September and it feels great. I notice a huge difference in my ability to focus consistently throughout my workday. I’m looking forward to adding in more primal exercise throughout the second half of the challenge.

    1. Excellent work! 90% is pure awesomeness.

      I know I have felt stronger than ever and see progress on the PB Fitness routine.

      Grok on!

    2. That is what I am looking to do…add in more Primal excersize. I think I have the food part down (minus the one crazy craving I had last week). I am also going to try new veggies and maybe some liver =O

    3. Isn’t that feeling of improved concentration great! I’ve felt the same way since beginning the challenge. Good luck with addding in some new primal routines.

  19. I have been doing well! I’ve lost fat, but retained muscle. My energy was low, but now it’s on the rise again!

    1. I felt increased energy also and i love it! cutting process carbs really helped , i used to have a dip in energy but now i feel great all day. good for you too!:)

  20. I have been behaving very well, diet-wise. Resisting all the usual temptations brilliantly & feeling better for it! Have slacked a bit in fitness of late, but getting back on track this week…

    1. I’m in the same boat – just need to remember to do something fun and active to get that fitness in!! Keep it up:)

  21. I have lost little to no weight but I feel great. I can do more pull-ups and can move more weight in the gym. I have enough energy to live on two sometimes one meal a day. I wish I was losing fat like all these other people. Keep up the good work everyone!

  22. I haven’t lost any weight as I’ve been pretty lean for last two months but feel a good boost in energy. At this past weeks Jiu-Jitsu class I did not get gassed as fast and seemed much faster than the others I was paired up with. Definitely a good improvement since switching to primal living.

    GROK ON!

    1. That’s awesome! Keep up the good work… and you’ve reminded me to get back to jiu jitsu class!

  23. I’ve stuck to the 80% for this challenge so far, but I had a couple episodes where I exercised my 20% for social situations. I’ve lost more weight than I ever intended and am below my goal weight of 195 by 3 pounds, from 232!! Thank you Mark, and GROK ON!!

  24. The thing I’ve been having a hard time with is the weekends hanging out with friends. There’s always a ton of snacky stuff like quacamole (good!) and tortilla chips (bad!) and they go so well together! Otherwise it’s been going great – I’m so glad I’ve found MDA!

    1. Crispy/crunchy is a weakness for me. I like to toast sliced almonds and add a few to sauteed veggies to scratch the “crunch” itch. When I indulge in chips and guac/salsa, I tend to get the “Have some chips with that guacamole!” comment as it is piled as high as possible!

      1. Try celery or carrots with cashew or almond butter that seems to help my need for crunchy items and it satisfies for a long time with the protein from the nuts.

        1. Great idea – and celery is actually really good with so much more too…. try it to scoop guac! I like to dish several spoonfuls into a bowl and then just eat it with a spoon…

      2. I used to eat granola every day, and after going primal I really missed my crunchy snack too. So I just switched it up and keep trail mix on hand now to satisfy my crunchy craving. I’m a huge fan of guacamole as well, and now I use carrot sticks for dipping instead =)

        1. I make primal granola. Take the recipe for primal energy bars and omit the egg. Spread the mixture out on a cookie sheet and toast everything. Really satisfies that craving!

      3. I have the same weakness. I like to have some primal trail mix on hand when those urges hit. I also like the cheese crips from Joyful Abode once in a while.

    2. Oh nachos… my only weakness!! For me, i have some cheese when i get the urge for a salty snack. But, keep the good stuff at 80% and dont sweat a few nacho nights:)

  25. I have found it extremely difficult to justify the HUGE markup on pastured meats. It is upwards of 100% more expensive per pound. Hopefully I can find a cowpool soon.

    1. Pastured meats are more expensive but if you do manage to find a farm that sells 1/2 or full cows then you can save a lot long term.

      I purchased 1/2 cow at the beginning of the summer for $2.88 per lb. final cost. Also, organ meats are VERY INEXPENSIVE and are by far the most nutritious part of the animal. It might take a while to get used to eating them but everyone can do it!

  26. Well, my exercise has been impaired by a pretty serious bike crash. Was really excited sprinting up the hill…and then skidded out at 25mph going down the hill. Bike’s fixed, I’m not seriously injured, but a sprained wrist puts a big damper on my activities–suggestions?

    1. Andrew, bummer about the crash and the wrist sprain, but don’t let this injury set you back so far that you lose momentum. There are plenty of other exercises that you can do that don’t compromise your wrist. Make the changes for now and then in the mean time, start some good rehab to get that wrist back in shape. Start with moving your wrist through a range of motion regularly throughout the day; Motion is King. (You can trace the alphabet just like people with ankle injuries) Next work on isometric contraction in all ranges of motion to remind your muscles how to fire correctly and start to build stability around that joint. Once you think you’re ready, you can start full range of motion exercises. Good luck. Get well soon but in the mean time, stay well.

    2. I understand how an injury can hinder any exercise. I dislocated my shoulder the Friday before the challenge started. It has been mostly walking and lower body exercises till I can work in my shoulder again.

  27. Great job.I can’ beleive how easy this is.It’s been over a month since I started.10 lb. loss, strength -weight ratio has greatly improved.I am hooked.

  28. So far during the challenge, I’ve lost 4.5 pounds. And I have so much more energy than I did before, while overall eating less food.

  29. I got a bit of a head start (approx. 3 weeks in so far)Ive gone about 80% primal and I have had a great experience. Excluding my 1 icecream bindge, I have lost 11 pounds and just feel better overall. My cooking experiences have been interesting and the kids are getting on board too! I look forward to getting into more Grok like exercising and lerning new ways to cook and live life healthy, energetic and happy!

    1. This is why I like the Primal way of eating. My husband has no problem with me slapping a TBone and grilled veggies in front of him. Not at all like when I tried W*ight W*tchers and all he did was complain about low fat this or low fat that tasting like card board!

      Full Fat FTW!

      1. I know what you mean! My husband is thrilled that great meat and bacon is on the menu. 🙂 Its nice to be able to change and have a spouse on board.

    2. Tanya, the great thing about the 80/20 rule is that you don’t have to beat yourself up over an ice cream binge (unless the ice cream falls in the 80% side of the equation…) It’s great that you’ve got your kids on board…

      My boys really enjoy the grass fed beef and buffalo I get at the local farmer’s market, as well as the fresh organic veggies… my middle son loves to work out but my youngest son (22 y/o) can’t believe that man can exist without eating bread and pasta…

      I have been following the primal eating plan for the last year and a half and although I’m down 80 lbs, more important to me is that I have “lost” my cane and all my prescription drugs…

  30. The scale appears to be going backwards, but I attribute that to upping my intensity on Lift Heavy Things days. This challenge has been an excuse to look at my diet more and cut out even more of the bad stuff. I am down 8 pounds from where I started, but feel stronger and have more energy than I have ever had in my 38 years.

    1. woohoo! Congrats on the weight loss- I’m trying to work on the “Lift heavy things” as well!

  31. One of the best things is how much energy I get from eating as apposed to feeling all bloated and wanting to take a nap!

    1. So true! I can feel such a difference eating primally than how I felt when I ate tons of grains and sweets.

  32. I have done well on the PB so called diet. I don’t think of it as a diet at all. I have lost 13 lbs, but have come to a plateau. I need to try to use fitday.com site more to analyze why this is happening. I know I should do IF and that should help. I will keep trying down to the last 5 pounds.

    1. Wow! 13 pounds… that’s great! I am trying not to use FitDay every day, as I tend to obsess, but it has definitely helped me gage my carb intake and overall percentages. Congrats on the weight loss!

    2. Hi Kerry,

      Welcome to MDA. I’d recommend doing a short day water-(or coffee / tea)-fast, just skip a couple of meals and have a light dinner, in the beginning of your IF’-ing. Eventually you may try a 24 or even a 36 hour fast and reap those benefits, but try not to get frustrated if you over-indulge afterwards, and if you do–stay primal!

      Good luck on beating the plateau, and keep on the forums for a great resource with many first-hand accounts to assist you through your situation.


  33. Had a serious slip over the weekend when I went to tailgate for a college football game (at least my team won!) But the challege has been awesome, and it has kept me trying new things in the kitchen. The multiple blog posts every day have been really motivational too!

    1. Weekend is over and behind you, those occations are simply life, give yourself the grace to enjoy the moment and move on! Isnt it fun trying new stuff, I have always cooked, and even I am experimenting! Keep up the hard work, we all know it pays off

  34. Since it’s harvest season, I’m having a hard time keeping my carbs down: there are just too many delicious apples and pears to eat at the moment. Also, I’ve been very busy getting my business running, so I’ve only had the opportunity to Light Heavy Things once a week and no time (or energy in some cases) for sprints. Only one slip up so far though; I had a few chocolate ship cookies in the afternoon.

    1. Ah I know what you mean about having trouble with not chowing down on apples. I see them at the farmer’s market and can just taste their deliciousness with homemade almond butter!

  35. Prior to the challenge I had been primal for 5 months but was slipping off a little bit over the last 2 months. So I decided to partake in the challenge and I must honestly say that the more primal I live the more awesome I feel. Its a great reassurance to know that living this lifestyle really is exactly how I want to life my life forever.

    Grok on!

    1. I was in the same boat. I didn’t even plan on taking the challenge, I just kind of got sucked in reading all the posts. But I’m glad I did because I got kind of lax about it over the last few months. I’ve been enjoying it thus far, though.

    2. Great work Primal Toad we all need to check ourselves every now and then and do a little fine tuning.

  36. I feel like this challenge has been really successful on the food and exercise front, I’m 100% grain free and love it! However, I feel like I’m missing out on the community aspect of the challenge since I’m on a college campus and know almost 0 people in total let alone anyone to join me in my primal endeavors.

    1. If you sign up on the forums here, you will find a lot of support. However, I know what you mean. It is a little difficult when your SO or anyone else doesn’t support you 100%. Are there any forums at you school that you could post something to see if anyone else would be interested in trying going Primal. It would be a great way to meet people and get the support in person that you want.

      1. I am signed up for the MDA forums and I agree that it is a great source of information and support. I’ll have to look into a school forum that I could post on to find some fellow primalites. I love to talk about food and stuff I read on MDA and while the forum does help it would be nice to have someone in person. Not to mention it takes me out of the running for a lot of the challenges this month since so many are about doing things in groups

    2. I know what you mean! Being at college, I’m in the same boat. I got my girlfriend to join me in the challenge, but she goes to school an hour and a half away from me. But you’ve always got MDA readers here for community support!

      1. Is there a forum for college students living primally to give/seek advice and support? If there isn’t we should definitely start one. We could put in easy recipes to cook without a lot of time or equipment and dorm room workouts and the like!

        1. Why don’t you just start a group on Facebook and post it here and to your friends. Put invites to your activities on the page, I’m sure someone local will find you.

  37. I haven’t lost anymore weight, as I had come into the challenge just losing 8 additional pounds from dialing in my paleo/primal diet with less carbs and little or no fruit. But, my workouts are strong and my sleep is sound. Now, just to figure out specifically the when, where, and how to “have a picnic. win a cow.”

    1. Well if you’re in the Austin, Texas area, I’m still trying to win part of that cow too. 😀 Good work on the sleep. How do you do it? Haven’t been able to get that part down yet.

  38. I rarely track weight, I mostly go on visual cues, but I feel like my primal challenge is going well. Tracking what I eat on Fitday has given me a good way to monitor what goes in, it’s something I didn’t do before. I’m seeing the potential for great success.

    1. I’ve never enjoyed journalling, especially what I ate. So this is an inspiration to me. Thanks. 🙂

  39. Sweets don’t taste good.
    I can do a reverse pullup.
    I love sprinting!!!

  40. I’ve been on the 30-day challenge since mid-June. 😉 I’ve easily lost over 20 pounds and am close to hitting my ideal weigh; I feel very strong. I have lots of energy and I feel steady throughout the day. I haven’t really felt the need to deviate from the blueprint and lots of people have commented on my transformation.

  41. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in how I look and feel since the start of the 30 day challenge. It really is easy to stick to the guidelines of primal eating. As a college student though, my biggest challenge is getting enough sleep at night.

    1. As a fellow college student, I know how hard sleep can be. I find that taking a Magnesium supplement about 30 minutes prior to heading to bed really helps with the sleep quality, especially if the quantity is not quite there. Best of luck!

  42. Hey MDA’ers!

    I’ve attempted this lifestyle before with not nearly the same gusto I have to thrive on this time. I have greater endurance during the day, and believe it or not–more focused thinking (no lower-carb “fog” for me). This site has been a great resource and a continuing source of inspiration to always strive to be better.

    Grok on!

  43. Mark, from what I can see, there’s no knurling on this bar. 9 out of 10 times, your forearms will give out way before your back or upper arm does.

  44. As always, it started out great, but then a weekend of a lot of energy expended came up. There were some primal snacks, but some Taco Bell was consumed, followed by (dark) chocolate and wine, which has not been finished, so it is not as bad as it could be. I’m still biking everywhere, so moving slowly often is still the major part of my life.

  45. I’ve been primal for about 9 months now, and this 30 day challenge was a way for me to buckle down into a no-cheat mode. I’ve done pretty well, but I am a Detroit Lions fan and have had to drown my sorrows with a beer on the past two weekends. Still doing better than my typical 80/20, so I see it as a success! I’m maintaining my weight, feeling great as always.

    1. 9 months is spectacular! Being a Niners fan, I can sympathize with drowning of sorrows. Next time try a Nor-Cal margarit. Totally Primal!

  46. So far, I’ve been doing great with no worries or concern. I have been on board for about 8 or 9 months now and every day is easier than the last. Good luck to all!

  47. I started my challenge about 10 days before the official start. Have lost 4 lbs and they are staying off. Hardest thing I have to admit is walking away from the occasional potato chip -otherwise am loving the way the body feels

    1. Awesome job Alysa! Keep up the good work and know that an occasional potato chip fits perfectly within the 80/20 rule. It’s really incredible how the body improves on this plan.

  48. My family has been on PB since Aug 9th, since the challenge started we have been doing very well, although we do need to get some more activity in though. My 14 yr old daughter has visibally lost alot of weight, probably at 15-20 pounds, DH and I have lost about 10 each, and my 18 yr old son buffed up, other than my son we all have ALOT to lose, so this is a long term life style for us.

    1. keep up the great work! i started the change before the challenge, but it wasn’t until the challenge that i started to include the heavy lifting. boy has it made a huge difference. there are easy ways to get active. go mall walking, park much further away than you normally would, try to get your heavy lifting in (it’ll make a huge difference in the weight loss). and btw, that’s awesome that your whole family is in on it! i’ve tried to get my parents to follow it, but no luck.

    2. That’s great to hear Annette! My family & I have been on PB together too & it is a great feeling to all be on the same page!

    3. Awesome that you have gotten your family involved. I’m still working on that challenge!

  49. since the start of the challenge i’ve lost six pounds. i feel great and enjoy the workouts and the foods i’ve been eating. i think the best thing is the more changes i see, the more i want to tell the world and get more people into this lifestyle.

    1. I feel the same way about telling more and more people about PB. I think I’ll put a URL of MDA on my fb page in addition to by mouth.

  50. I have not been doing well. Work required me to travel, and I used that as an excuse to slide away from being Primal. I’m back home now, so I still have time to turn things around.

    1. I can relate. My journey with a primal lifestyle involved several starts/stops, and each time it got easier and easier to get back on track. Now that you know you like primal living (and how it affects you), I know that getting back on track will be something you achieve and go at with excitement! Best wishes!

    2. Even with my faltering a couple times I have felt better overall and lost. Pay attention to your body as you get back into it and you will see just how good you feel!

    3. Keep at it!, I can relate as. At home it is easy to avoid things by not buying them.

      It is difficult for me at times, like being at work when there is pizza brought in for everyone.

      It is hard to resist, but giving in usually leads to me feeling like crap for the rest of the day. If I have way to much outside of primal in a day then the “old feeling of hunger” (Crashing blood sugar) creeps back in a few hours later.

    4. I can relate. It’s tough to stay on track when you’re away from your usual habitat. Good luck with the rest of the month!

    5. I can really sympathize with you, Ryan, having been in the same slide many, many times–including the last few days. However, I really hope you can connect with the good parts of being primal, particularly the part about being kind to yourself. (I guess that’s not an actual primal rule, but it’s infused in the whole approach, so at least it’s MY Rule #11.) It’s hard to move forward looking backward, so try to focus on every little primal thing you do that’s on your behalf and let go of any recriminations about the other stuff. Just keep at it and don’t give up on yourself!

  51. When I first started my 30 days, I dropped 10 lbs right away. This was in May, and I have been holding steady since. My wife saw this happen and she wanted to go primal as well. The potential problem was that she had to deliver our second daughter in July. However, upon returning from the hospital she has been eating what I am eating with no complaints and our daughter seems to have perfect health/growth (100% breastfeeding so far. I have tried to adopt more of a primal exercise schedule, and now my wife is ready to jump back in too. The only problem is sleep!

    1. Ha! I totally hear you. I have a 5 month old and I’m exclusively breastfeeding. Primal about 80% of the time, so that’s going ok. But holy cow, sleep deprivation is not my friend. Hopefully some day I’ll be able to have a straight 8 hours! Congrats on your new addition.

  52. The thirty day challenge has really just been a continuation of what i was already doing! I just love how this lifestyle just flows once you get used to it. Sarah just keep on keepin on!

  53. Fortunately, I started the Primal Blue Print a year ago, so this 30 days has just been business as usual. In the year, I’m down 35 pounds from 196 to 161 (I’m 6’1″). Great energy, great food and what I’ve found was the biggest change…great sleep.

    1. Good inspiration. I’m hoping to be able to sleep restfully all night long in the future….. like soon! 🙂

  54. I lost 10 pounds within the first week and as of this morning I’ve dropped another 4 (down to 193 from 207). It’s been almost effortless so far, but I do find it tough sometimes not to have another apple, berries or anything sweet (to off set all the savory foods) to keep under 50g of carbs daily.

    1. Hi there, congrats on your weight loss so far! Don’t stress about staying under 50g of carbs a day, unless you have a medical reason for doing so. Remember the carbohydrate curve: the weight loss sweet spot is 50g to 100g. Enjoy the apple or berries! 🙂

      1. Yeah, I know, but I have never been lean in my life (maybe at 3), so I was trying to fast track this! I guess the extra fruit can’t hurt too much. Once signed into FitDay I started obsessing about how many carbs bananas, tomatoes, etc have in them.

  55. My husband and I have been 80/20 together now for the past two weeks.

    I am now a VFF girl adjusting to the shoes and Hub is looking for the pair he wants.

    Since going Primal, we’ve lost weight, spent more QUALITY time together 😉 and have rekindled our love for a simplified life.


      1. Lost about 20 lbs so far. More of a health addition/ weight maintenance phase. I feel great!

    1. I’ve had my VFF’s for about 2 weeks now, I love them so much, I don’t even care about the weird looks anymore. GROK ON!!

  56. In the two weeks of the primal challenge I have “fallen” twice. Once was just a one meal thing and the other was after getting sick and I faltered for 2 days, but I still lost 7 pounds during this time! The best part for me has been cooking super healthy meals that my family is absolutely loving, the meals are healthier than ever before!

    1. great job, it’s hard to get back on the wagon sometimes, but it feels awesome once you are back in the groove.

  57. I’m following the Primal Leap kit 100% and have lost 2 lbs (goal is 6.5 for the month). More importantly, my seasonal and dust allergies are gone for the first time in 15 years (I’m 39)!! Just like humanvitamin wrote, I’m experiencing better energy now that I’m getting used to being primal, so if you still have carb flu – keep at it, you’ll get there.

  58. I’ve stopped obsessing about heart rate zones when I ride and run; don’t even wear the HR monitor anymore I just go easy and enjoy it 4-9 hours a week. I’ve been really disciplined at Lifting Heavy Things twice a week, used to be pretty haphazard. Last night when I got home my wife mentioned that I was looking really good in my cycling jersey 😉

    1. Its interesting to hear about the change of focus in your post. Putting that focus on primal living and overall well-being and taking the focus off of the specifics. There is something great about that.

  59. I’ve been doing very good and making an effort with food and exercise, I cut out bread/rice/crackers, i think crackers and snacks were my bigger problem before. I fall off the wagon when it comes to alcohol though, I decided to make up for it by adding days(add a day for each day I drank) to the 30 day challenge. but i am a student and midterms are coming up which means no alcohol, so that should help!

  60. For me this was about being healthier and feeling better. I have always been athletic and have never been overweight.

    Coming out of college and then back from living overseas on a microscopic budget, my body needed some nutritional TLC.

    It has been a little over one year now since I discovered this site and started down this path with my now fiance.

    I have lost one pant size. Gained around 8 lbs of muscle on a 5’9″ frame. I feel great. I am stronger than I was as a competitive athlete and have only lost half a step on my former speed (Sprinter/Soccer).

    Played some frisbee this past weekend and felt like a kid again.

  61. While I’ve been eating relatively primal for a while now, I’ve used the challenge as an opportunity to really Grok down.

    I’ve definitely lost some weight (not sure how much, because I’m not sure where I was at the start of the challenge, but I’m over 20lbs lighter than I was last winter, and feeling great.

    I’ve also bought a pair of VFFs and am in love, and have also discovered that Sprinting is fun!!

    1. Gotta love those VFF’s! Just wish my wife would let me wear them in public! 🙂
      Good job losing those 20 lbs!

      1. Funny I haven’t worn another pair of shoes since I got them except for my HS reunion!

        Can’t wait to start running in them in a week or so.

  62. Right about 90% know and have 5 lbs. My wife is joining me slowly but surely and she’s lost a little also.

    1. Same here, my wife is also joining “slowly but surely”. It is much easyer and when you are two.

  63. This 30 days I started from a strong position — primal for almost a year, with greatly increased strength (20% to 30% increases since last year). During that time I did not measure anything, just eating until satisfied. This 30 days I decided to measure the carbs to stay within the recommendation and found that difficult, having to reduce the amount of fruit eaten.

  64. I did my first set of 10 dead-hang pullups last week and I’ve never been able to do those before. Been primal since August and I never plan on going back to CW. Next stop, MUSCLE UPS!!

  65. I’ve been doing “OK” having a lot of trouble fighting urges for carbs, but my energy level is way up and I am starting to see some real change in my body compisition.

    1. Don’t forget that there are primal carbs too. It is much easier to think of getting carbs you want out of something primal like sweet potatoes, and then realizing your out of potatoes and going low carb.

  66. I’ve made a single choice cheat, a whole 5 meat pizza, and I’m glad I did. I’m progressing on simplefit faster, with no lack of energy. And I’ve found keeping track of everything I eat helps the challenge.

  67. I picked this month to go more toward the strict side of the diet. I’v cut all grains, legumes, sugar, dairy and cut back on alcohol. (I’d been eating dairy and taking liberal advantage of the 80/20 rule for margaritas and chips!)

    I feel great!!!! Happy to be headed into fall with lots of new energy.

    1. Good for you trying to get more inline with the diet by removing more of the “UNclean” foods. Keep up the good work.

  68. I feel on track with many of the PB laws, including “Eat lots of plants and animals,” “Avoid Poisonous Things,” and “Play.” I am having a bit of trouble with adequate sleep, sunlight and moving at a slow, steady pace. All in all a great re-set and reevaluation of the priorities in my life!

  69. My weight has stayed the same but I have built muscle and visibly become leaner. I now have much more time during the day since I don’t have to spend 3 hours exercising a day. And, of course I feel bright eyed and bushy tailed instead of run down and sleepy all day.

    1. I know what you mean. I was speeding 4-5 hours a week lifting, and another 1-2 hours of cardio a week. I’ve halved that with the same results!

  70. I’ve been doing this for over a year, so I decided to focus on something that I haven’t implemented in the past. I love to cook, but I also love going out to eat (typically at least 3 or 4 times a week). So far this month I’ve eaten out maybe 3 times, and had completely primal meals every time.

  71. I’m 6 weeks in to my Primal life and every aspect of my life has improved. I’m leaner, more energetic, less irritable, sleeping better, I could go on and on. Thanks Mark, keep up the good work!

  72. I am a follower from Sweden and started this Primal “living” for about 5 weeks ago, I now have lost 5 kg (I think that is it about 10 pounds). I am feeling much better (always had problems with IBS befor), the energe is also better! The only thing is that I should have started this many years ago! Very glad that I found this site!

    1. Press on Magnus. As the days get shorter and the temptations stronger to chow carbs this winter and slack on different routines,remember the how free you’ve felt in these first days.

  73. I’m a stay-at-home mom who is still nursing her 14 month old. I have been following the Primal Blueprint since late March, for the most part, but over the last couple of weeks I have turned it up a few notches. I’ve noticed more energy and muscle tone but no weight loss, which is a good thing because I’m happy with my weight. I’m thrilled with the new found energy, every nursing mother knows that a baby can really suck the life out of you if you’re not careful!!
    I’m interested in getting some VFFs, too. I’m inspired by Victoria’s post about them, I’ve seen a few guys sporting them from time to time but never any ladies. Victoria, do you have any suggestions about easing into them?? Were you sore in the beginning??

    1. I’ve been wearing VFFs for over a year now. They do take some getting used to. If you prefer to ease into them, then do just that! Wear them to get groceries, then take them off. Wear them to go shopping (for a longer period of time), then take them off. Then finally wear them for a whole day!

      I have noticed that when I wear normal shoes for a while and then my VFF’s my feet have to adjust to the VFFs again. But my feet are actually getting faster at transitioning!

      Alternatively, you could just go cold turkey and switch to being barefoot all the time! I suggest you buy a few pairs of toe-socks though. 😉

    2. I wear mine just about everywhere. ( I put on “real” shoes for church on Sundays.) I get stopped at least once a day by someone asking about my cool/weird/interesting choice of footwear. I also get a lot of people just pointing at my feet without actually asking. I feel like Vibram should be paying me for all the advertising!

  74. I’m a flip flop primative most of my days but watching the 30 day challenge unfold and this giant community taking part has really boosted my motivations. Im out of bed after a good night sleep, im out the door into the sun or rain, and im having a great time.

  75. Doing great and down 6 lbs. Travel to Atlantic City was tough last week but I made it through with minimal bends in the rules due to restuarant eating. But, I still miss sugar… boo!

    1. You will miss sugar for a while, but after you have “reset” your normal without sugar, you will not really want it or like it anymore! Keep it up!

    2. Good work! I cheat with peanut m&ms…its my weakness. Hang in there.

    3. Congratulations on the 6 pounds and, more importantly, on not letting the travel issue derail you.

  76. Yesterday, I had a minor food disaster by consuming some grains. I don’t know why, because I’ve been feeling fantastic the past couple of weeks without them. Definitely want to continue that feeling, so I put yesterday behind me and am moving on.

    1. When I slip it’s always with coffee and cake. I swear the office I’m in is always stocked with cake, ice-cream and/or cookies!

  77. Outside of the celebrating a couple birthday parties with a cupcake, I haven’t veered off course. Thus far, I’ve found this diet to be exactly what my body was meant. Having been a body builder for 7 years now, it’s nice to stay lean, and not just eat broccoli, chicken breasts, brown rice and the rest of what was my very restrictive diet.

  78. I’ve been pretty good at sticking to my diet since I went primal back in December of 09. I had been afflicted with horrible stomach pains since my ninteenth year, even took meds for ulcers at twenty years old! When I switched the pains vanished and I droped 30 lbs of fat in three months! So when the challange started up… I just kinda kept doing what I was doing. The hardest part has been a broken toe and not being able to sprint, squat, jump or even walk at a decent pace.

    1. Mike,
      Way to go for sticking with it and keeping your head up despite the broken toe – those are the worst. I have a similar history with stomach pains, and also have found this diet to be extremely helpful. Keep it up!
      🙂 ashley

  79. The day before I could even start the challenge I injured myself, so rest/recovery has had to be the key focus these past couple of weeks. I have sought comfort from a little more than “a little” dark chocolate, but have been able able to start moving again and know that this “challenge” will continue long after the 30 days has passed. Moving slowly is exactly where I am right now – lifting heavy things and sprinting, well, those are a little further down the road.

    1. I injured myself too, doing pull-ups of all things, and it’s been hard to make myself rest. I know I need to, but I still feel guilty, and of course the dark chocolate sneaks in! I’m glad you’re moving more now, take it easy and you’ll be back at it in no time!

  80. So far so good! Some days are better than others, but following the 80/20 rule has helped immensely. Dropped 10 lbs again so far. Even did an IF on Saturday (though I guess religious observances don’t really count so much, but still). Grok on!

    1. Keep up the good work! IF can be a very beneficial and powerful tool.

    2. I don’t see why religious observances don’t count…..I think of it as a physical rest from digestion as well as a spiritual fasting time. Why not have the best of both worlds!

  81. I’m doing very well with the primal diet (occassional 20% lapses, but not major ones)! Haven’t fully made the time for primal workouts though, but last night I did get out for a great walk in the beautiful East Coast weather we’re having!

    1. Nice job, Eric! Even though your walk may not have been the “official” Primal workout this week, moving frequently at a slow pace is one of the Primal laws so your walk still counts in my book.

      My month has been going very well and I’ve managed to set some new PRs in my lifts. I’ve always been in good shape but with a Primal lifestyle I can confidently say that at the age of 29 I’ve never been healthier, stronger, or faster. I’ve been saving my 20% for some delicious home-brewed pumpkin ales this weekend.

      1. My husband and I are homebrewers, too, and sometimes that can really present a challenge. Good thing beer is easily shared and stores well! 🙂 Congrats on your month going well.

  82. I’ve incorporated sprinting and have noticed a slight decrease in body fat already. I also feel like my top speed is increasing each week.

  83. I’ve been doing okay, but I think I’m giving into the sensible vices a bit too much. Homemade ice cream, dark chocolate, and blueberries with cream have been my weaknesses. But today I started tracking my nutrition online so I can see what these little cheats are doing to me, I’m going to do better this week!

    1. Keep it up Megan – just buy fewer of the vices, when they’re gone they’re gone 😉

  84. I’ve been focusing on challenge #5 and #6, Sprint and Sleep.

    So, my challenge has been to get to bed on time and to ensure that I do my weekly sprints. So far I’ve been about 75% compliant; but when I do the sprints and when I get to bed on time, I feel amazing!!

    P.S. Great video Mark! 🙂

    1. I agree on the sleep! I haven’t focused much on sprinting, maybe I should try that. It might help me sleep!

  85. I’m so glad I’m doing this Primal Challenge. I’ve resolved my food issues & I can effortlessly stay within 80/20. My next challenge for the rest of this month is to resolve my lack of motivation for exercise…I can do it!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Kate, great job on the eating. The exercise motivation will actually get stronger the minute you start exercising. It’s funny how that works. Just force yourself to do those first couple workouts and you’ll feel so much better. Make them short and sweet, but push hard and you’ll be so much more motivated to keep them going. You’d be amazed at how great a quick, 15 minute workout at high intensity will make you feel. First thing in the morning is the best time to do it because it sets you up for a great day! Keep up the good work.

  86. I’m a Type I Diabetic – so I had high hopes for my body’s response to the challenge and I couldn’t be happier. O use a continuous glucose monitor with a pump and my blood glucose readings over the past two weeks has been in the normal range of 80-120 on average 87% of the time. My insulin intake has dropped nearly 50% due to the elimination of grain based carbs!

    1. Awesome on the blood glucose readings. Are you able to adjust the pump or does it do that for you? Hopefully your doc is happy with the results too.

      1. I’m able to adjust insulin based on blood glucose readings and carbs. My Doc has been pushing FDA food pyramid for years – makes no sense for anyone – let alone a diabetic.

        1. I’ve often wondered the same thing. Both my aunt and cousin have Type 2 diabetes and they consume all kinds of simple sugars and are FAT. I’m hoping to start chipping away on my cousin next week. Taking my PB book and cookbook when I go see her.

    2. THIS IS AWESOME! Congrats Bob. This is great info to have. A wonderful testimony to the effect of diet on our health.

    3. That’s amazing! My dad is a Type I Diabetic and we had been wondering how eliminating grains would affect him and how manageable the transition would be. I will share your success with him.

  87. I’m hanging in there, but I haven’t been terribly consistent. I’ve been better with my food than my working out. I’m on prenatal vitamins, and they’re messing with my stomach and therefore my energy levels. Last week was my low point – I think I’m back on track now.

    1. Monica, Looks like we should join forces (see my post below). I’m struggling with the opposite. Lets make a deal: I’ll try my best to be better about food and you work on your exercise.

      1. Sounds like a great idea to me. Strength training is scheduled for tonight, and tomorrow I’ll get some low-and-slow in with an early morning walk.

        Just remember that the less you give in, the less you’ll crave.

  88. Just stumbled upon the site today here in sunny Afghanistan. I’ve already been dabbling with paleo but am converting all my cronies and family to the primal way. I’m not looking to lose weight but wish to give a congrats to anyone putting forth the effort to change their lives.
    Hope I win the contest today cause we could sure use a portable pullup bar where we’re at.

    1. I feel much the same way. I started with little things like parking far away from the front of stores just so i spend an extra 3 minutes or so walking. We’ll get there though!

  89. I’ve felt pretty great about the challenge so far. I’m bicycle commuting, doing sprint workouts in the park, leading a group of friends through gym workouts, and playing (climbing and kayaking) in my free time….it’s the diet aspect that I’m struggling with (yes, i know…a major part). I will feel so guilty after slipping up and eating something that’s not primal that I get the attitude that, “well, if I already ate THAT then I might as well eat THIS.”

    1. I do the same thing! I’ve been trying to get better at the rationalization though…. I know its killing my efforts.

  90. Well…I feel great and have lost a few pounds…but it’s hard for me to give up my wine…

  91. I’ve been following the diet portion of the challenge to a tee, but falling a bit short in the fitness area. I find myself going through cycles where I am extremely active for several months, then lose motivation for one reason or another. Kudos to Maya, not only for the very first post, but for her progress in emotional and physical progress!

    1. I think I’m in the same boat as you! I am trying to find a way to be more proactive in the fitness area. Wish there was an “inspiration fairy” when we needed it!

  92. I started the challenge on September 1st and I haven’t been as strict with it as I planned on being. I normally would be hard on myself for that, but I’ve got a different attitude these days. This is a lifestyle and if I try to be “all or nothing” then I’ll end up closer to “nothing” and that’s just silly. I’m recommitting myself to the 80/20 rule and I plan on ramping up the workouts because those really help me stay true to the eating plan. Grok On!

    1. That is a great outlook. I strive for 100%, would be happy with 80/20, and am probably at 60/40 myself right now. I beat myself up over it some days but most of the time I just say to myself, “Tomorrow will be better.”

    2. Brittany,
      I love that you are not beating yourself up over not doing it all! My philosophy has always been to take small steps to achieve great strides!
      Attitude is more than half the battle to achieving our goals! Keep it up!

    3. My outlook this time around has changed, too. Before, if I slipped up, I’d think, “Well, today is ruined, pass me the ice cream.” Now, each day I wake up and say, “Just make good choices today, who cares about tomorrow?” And if I slip up, I think about the 80/20 principle. Strangely, since forgiving myself for the slip-ups, I find that I actually get closer and closer to 100%. Not there yet, but that’s OK.

  93. I’m three months in and down about 50lbs! I have however been stagnant for the last week and a half and I think it is due to my nearly primal mate (wife) is too in love with primal deserts! Too many cookies, chocolate mouse, custard etc, even primal isn’t good for weight loss!

    1. Big congrats on the awesome weight loss, and so quickly too! You are definitely a fantastic example of the wonders of the primal blueprint!

  94. I, too, started on September 1 and when I eat 100% primal I have unlimited energy, sleep the whole night without waking up (like when I turn over), and have absolutely no digestive issues. I didn’t realize I had issues until I went primal.

    There have been off days, such as last night when the book club had a potluck picnic and everything except the watermelon and tomato,cucumber, feta cheese salad were non-primal. But in deference to the other members, I sampled everything. Sometimes you just gotta do what you feel is the right thing. Sure, I paid for it last night in my sleep. I was up once getting rid of excess water, and tossed and turned, sleeping fitfully.

    Since the start of the challenge, I’ve lost 2.8 pounds. I’ve also been lifting heavy things as I’m in the process of moving. Most of my belongings are out of the house and garage, so I can start with the rest of the PB exercises soon.

  95. I’ve lost 5 pounds and DH has lost 7. I was hit with PMS and stumbled majorly, but now we are back on track. DH promised to hang in there with me for 30 days, but now he’s talking long term, PLUS he’s broken his absolutely horrible candy habit. 🙂

    1. isn’t PMS lame? i ate a lot more chocolate for my 20 for those days, lol. good luck with the rest of the challenge!

      1. I did too, and because it was my favorite old standby chocolate, I felt terrible after eating it. So feel terrible, eat crappy chocolate and then feel worse. Wallow in self pity, eat more crappy chocolate… lather, rinse repeat.

        Why are these cycles so hard to break??

  96. I’ve been doing okay…. the first week or so was amazing, but I’ve been having trouble with the sugar. Starches are easy to avoid, but I’m a sucker for sweets. But I haven’t let it get to me when I mess up! I just start over right away.

    1. I definitely can relate to the sugar craving. Although some mention in this string of posts that perhaps we are not get enough quality fats in our diet. Mark had mentioned in one of his daily missives the book Sugar Shock! I’m beginning to think the purchase price might be the ticket to the secrets in getting through these sugar cravings. Another individual also recommended cutting back or out the fruits for a time period. I’m guessing this divest the body of its natural tendency to crave the high-calorie sugars. I’m certain later that quality fruit, as recommended in Mark’s PB, would be introduced back into the dietary equation.

  97. I can follow this Way of life with as little effort as I followed SAD and feel a million times better. I’m going through a rough patch in my life and hate to think of the gibbering mess I’d be on SAD or CW. What can I say? It doesn’t just work physical miracles, but emotional and mental ones too.

  98. I started primal in mid august and have lost about 8 lbs–and see muscle definition I’ve never had in my life. But when sept. 7 rolled around, I felt like I didn’t want to go to an extreme, or get too strict. The way I’ve been rolling along (or rather, sprinting and walking) is working well for me. So my goal has been to work the primal lifestyle into our family life. I’ve done so-so with packing lunches for the kids. We’ve been playing more random games outside, & I always say yes now to tree climbing or racing the kids to the car. On the play and fitness level, its so easy. With meals, its been tougher.

  99. I have been fully primal since mid-May, so I decided to use the challenge as an opportunity to improve upon how I source my food. I have now committed to buying only free-range, antibiotic and hormone-free poultry and eggs, wild-caught fish (lucky for me I live on the West Coast!) and grass-fed meats. I have even ordered 1/4 of a grass-fed cow from a local family farm 🙂

  100. I got a late start, so this is only day 8 for me but I am amazed at how much my upper body strength has increased in such a short time. Last week I sprinted for the first time in my life, we installed a pullup bar in the hallway leading to the kitchen, and as of today I am down 2 pounds. This may actually work!! 🙂

    1. This does actually work! Welcome aboard and congratulations on your early accomplishments.

    2. Started a little late (only stumbled across this about a week ago), but the last few days have been awesome. I had already dropped wheat and was attempting a low-carb diet before. Adding more fat and protein to my diet has left me feeling fuller and not as likely to binge once I put the kiddos to bed.

  101. I feel that the Challenge is giving me a sense of well-being and structure during a very stressful time at. And having everyone tell me how great I look is very reinforcing! My biggest challenge is pushups–when will I conquer my nemesis?

    Nicole, whenever I find I’m craving starches/sweets, it typically means I haven’t been eating enough fat. Try increasing the fat in your diet to see if you can shut off the sweet tooth!

  102. I’ve been tracking my food a few days a week on the daily plate. It really helps me to stay on track and dial in my nutrition. It also forces me to think twice before eating something I know I shouldn’t and really don’t want!

    1. Daily food tracking and journaling about how you feel is a great way to get to know how your body react to different food. I did that for 2+ years and it helped me a lot. I called it my ins and out.

  103. I was doing great until this weekend. I had a hard weekend and fell back into old patterns of comfort food while really just made me feel worse. I am back on the horse since these little setbacks are not the end of the world, just a small hiccup.

    1. Pretty soon when you fall upon hard times and the thought of old lifestyle comfort food comes up your body won’t even want them. Then you realize the progress you’ve made and hopefully, whatever tried to knock you off doesn’t seem as influential anymore.

    2. Good job. I’ve been taking each bad event and letting it get bigger and fester, rather than simply moving on, and seeing it as a hiccup. Maybe that’s the mindset I need to adapt. Not perfection, not failure, but a process to be refined, improved, but a process that won’t be perfect. Thanks.

  104. The last 15 months have been some of the best of my life. I finally have control over food and eat to live, instead of the other way around. And I have enough energy to chase my kids around. It didn’t happen over night and in fact, it seems to still keep evolving by cheating less and less and trying new levels of exercise I never thought I would do in the past. This lifestyle is the best way to live. Yes, I occasionally slip here and there, but overall, I feel immensely successful.

    1. What a great testament to what this lifestyle can do! I’ve also noticed that I eat to live. A trainer once told me that he’s evolved to eat this way and I felt sorry for him, but it certainly doesn’t mean enjoying food less. Just that you can enjoy everything else in life so much more! Keep up the good work:)

  105. I’m not going as strong as I was when I first started in June and my weight has hit a plateau. One thing that I love is that if my 20% is creeping up and getting out of control, I can actually tell the difference. That itself is a big change.

  106. I was full blown primal before leaving for a summer abroad, during which I fell off the wagon big time. This challenge has been an awesome way to get back to the primal lifestyle after returing to normal life. I’m just getting over the downer phase and starting to feel more energized by the day!

    1. I’m thinking about going overseas as well and wondering how that would be. I don’t think I could go to france and not eat a croissant, you know? Glad the challenge came at a good time for you. It helped me refocus too!

  107. I’ve been following the primal blueprint for about 8 months. Pretty easy at first, but as my schedule changed with a full time job and wife and I both going to school it became more difficult to get consistent sleep and make our own healthy meals. Exercise and play were/are no problem. I also fell prey to my nemesis, ice cream.

    I reinvigorated myself with this challenge and continue to find a consistent sleep schedule to be the most difficult. I’m out of school in a few months and expect a change then. Otherwise, nutrition, play, fitness, etc are all coming along nicely. I haven’t lost or gained weight but my physical strength and stamina continue to rise steadily.

  108. This challenge was really just a continuation and re-focusing of a lifestyle change that started in February. The biggest change I have made specifically for this is incorporating more play into my life. I’m at my goal weight, but I’m really embracing the fun to be had in the world!

  109. Nicole, I had a lot of trouble with sweets as well, but the addiction/obsession eventually does (well, mostly) pass if you stick with the plan. For me, it took almost two months! One thing that helped me was avoiding all sweet things (sweet fruits, honey, maple syrup, etc.) for a couple of weeks. It made me more sensitive to the subtle sweetness in other foods, and I actually started to find sugary foods quite cloying. Sounds like you’re on the right track, though – if you’ve cut out all the other crap, you are still a lot better off than most people 😉

  110. Since starting the challenge I’ve lost weight, my hunger and mood has stabilized and my clothes are not as constricting as they were. I’ve also seen my energy levels improve and my sleeping patterns change i.e. I’m sleeping more soundly. It’s going great!

  111. So far, pretty good. This style of eating is right up my alley, so it hasn’t been to challenging. The real freedom has come from having my husband do it with me. He and my daughter both have a lot of food allergies– she’s allergic to gluten, he’s allergic to soy; I’m Type 1 Diabetic, so I don’t eat much starch anyway, but have had to prepare different meals for everyone. Having the whole family on the PB has been so great! My husband feels really good and doesn’t have the same blood sugar fluctuation issues, my blood sugars are also improved, and my daughter is perfectly happy with all of the nourishing foods. I haven’t lost weight so far, but have noticed a flatter stomach. My sleep dramatically improved for about a week, and since then it’s been poor– but I’m hoping it’s simply a version of the carb flu, and will improve again soon.

    1. Actually, I meant to write that my husband’s allergic to corn, which is in many of the “gluten free”foods– none of us eat soy!

  112. I’ve been successful thus far in two of my goals for the 2010 challenge: limiting alcohol to 1 day per week and getting back into the routine of doing a heavy-lifting routine twice per week.. I know that it will be a while before I see the results of getting back into lifting, but I know that they will come eventually and that keeps me motivated! Not every single meal that I eat has been totally primal, but I definitely stick to the 80/20 principle, and I know that one cheat meal is NOT the end of the world.

  113. I’ve lost a few pounds, maybe. I’ve been trying to be very diligent about the carbs, which has been hard with all the amazing fresh fruit around. I need to get into more exercise (weights especially) as I have been mostly walking and hiking (and packing around a 5 year old!)

  114. This month has been wonderful motivation to stay apap (as primal as possible). I’m always doing my best but can never maintain 100%. But, checking the blog multiple times a day and reading about everybody’s journey is great inspiration!

    1. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. If you’re doing your best, then that equals 100% to me. Keep it up!

  115. I have been yo-yoing throughout the challenge. I am a pilot and I take all my food with me on the road and I eat great and feel great. When I get home all of the food that my family eats calls my name and invariably at some point I fall off the primal wagon.

    1. Falling off the primal wagon is only bad if you don’t get back on! Sounds like you alway pick yourself back up and keep going and that’s what counts! It will get easier, I promise you – stick with it!

  116. I FEEL GREAT!! I’ve lost 15 pounds over the last 12 months with portion control and exercise but going Primal has given me what I have always wanted – to maintain a healthy weight without always feeling like I’m dieting or counting calories!
    Exercise was never a problem for me but now my workouts are more focused and I’m working towards achieving new goals – getting so close to a handstand push-up!!!

    1. wow! that is awesome! I dream of being able to do a headstand push-up!

  117. My inner rebel/self-destructive demon helped my dive off the wagon initially but I am doing better now. I am feeling great and really appreciate that this contest is helping me identify that demon to allow an exorcism to be performed. It is still a process but an enjoyable process.

  118. I’ve felt a lot better since going primal. I have more energy and I feel like this is just one link that is pushing me to make better choices in life. I am getting more sleep, choosing to ride my bike to school instead of driving, and have become better at managing my time. I do still have chocolate every day, but just one piece instead of four or five 🙂

    1. Congratulations on the changes thus far! I really like how you made changes to the systems in your life while still giving yourself treats to keep cravings back. Willpower doesn’t last forever, but if you make things automatic(like riding your bike instead of driving) you don’t have to worry about willpower.

  119. I’m doing okay; resisting crunchy things like chips and my semi-addiction to soda have been the hardest to fight.
    I don’t know if I’ve lost weight because I didn’t weigh in before the challenge, but people keep asking me if I have, so something must be different about me.
    I’m not positive, but I think my seasonal allergy symptoms are getting better and for me, that would be the best result since I’m allergic to, well, basically everything.

    1. I am convinced that my allergies have practically disappeared since removing all grains from my diet. And not just the sneezing and sniffles, but skin rashes as well. Sounds like you are doing great and moving in the right direction!

      1. That is amazing. This is the reason I plan on incorporating primal lifestyle in my chiropractic practice once I graduate.

    2. I find when I’m craving something crunchy making sunflower seed herb crackers does the trick! I’m allergic to everything too, and going primal has definitely helped – and so does small amounts of raw local honey (good for allergies)

  120. The difficult part is the weekends when I have easy access to the pantry still loaded with “conventional food”. Weekdays are great because we plan out primal lunches and dinners. And I love cooking bacon and eggs with fried mushrooms for breakfast!

    1. I know what you mean. I went through my entire kitchen, pulled out everything non-primal, and took it all to a local food pantry.

  121. I have been slowly dipping my foot into the “Primal Pool” for a few months now (more fat, fewer grains), and this challenge has really caused big changes in my fitness routine. I have been working out less (3 days per week) and generally feeling better. I work as a health coach with a corporate wellness company so I am extremely critical of all health information/suggestions I come across, but these changes have been working out great for me.

  122. I started primal a year and a half ago, but just got back from 4 months in Australia, where there was enough new food “sampling” to gain 10 pounds. Oops! I stayed away from grains and processed foods (I’m pretty allergic) but started drinking and eating dairy again. After fasting for a day when I got home, I went at the pile of Slankers ham and bison I had in the freezer. Heaven! A week in and feeling better, the dermatitis (from allergies to bad food!) on my face has already cleared up. Ahh, back to normal life!

  123. I’ve been Primal for a while now, but I decided to go strict for the challenge; ie remove dairy, nuts (for O3:O6 balance) and sweeteners. The results have been improved sleep quality and strength gain in the gym. The big victory however, has been that my wife joined me in the challenge, and has noticed dramatic improvements in all aspects of her life, too!

    1. That’s some discipline. I can’t seem to cut out all dairy and haven’t even tried with nuts! Improved sleep quality? That may be good enough reason to try it. Hats off. And for getting another involved — those are both really big steps.

      For my progress, I haven’t been watching carbs like maybe I should and still have a cheat now and again (a little sweetener or limited sugar treat, if it’s around). That’s what I need to work on. However, trying to eat fruits and vegetables first and protein second is going well, as is some random IF. Workouts also are coming along regularly with a little more moving slowly added in than I had recently been doing.

  124. I’ve been doing the primal diet for a while now, so I “gave up” nightshades as part of the challenge, and as an experiment to see if they were as harmful to me as some people think they are. So far, I haven’t noticed any improvements in the areas of aches and pains or gut health (though these problems had already improved greatly from ditching the grains and dairy). I’m guessing the remainder of the experiment will be the same, and simply reaffirm my opinion that eating meats and a large variety of fruits and veggies is the best diet for me and my body.

  125. It’s been going pretty well here: I’ve eliminated cheat meals as part my challenge. My goal of leaning out is beginning to take shape but it’s slow going – probably lost about 1 pound but being already close to ideal weight that’s pretty good. Also been doing PBF and am loving it!!

    @Matt – falling off the primal wagon is only bad if you don’t get back on! Sounds like you alway pick yourself back up and keep going and that’s what counts! It will get easier, I promise you – stick with it!

  126. I’ve been going primal slowly but surely since January, but since the 7th I’ve cut out 90% of the junk food I was cheating with and I’ve stuck to the Fitness schedule. My knees hurt and I had a week-long headache after cutting out the carbs, but I’m more self-confident and happier than I’ve been in years.

  127. While in the midst of this challenge, I’m also going through steps to overcome emotional eating. Primal helps a lot, but when it starts to feel like a diet or that I “can’t” have certain foods, I’m more likely to binge. It’s challenging, the two-steps-forward, one-step-back phenomenon, but it beats bad choices that result in sneaky hate spirals.

    1. I’m right there with you. There are days where I feel like “NO ONE IS GOING TO TELL ME WHAT I CAN AND CAN’T EAT!” And that’s when I backslide. But I think the key here is that we’ve both identified emotional eating and what triggers it. Keep going.

    2. I also hate that focus on cant, shouldnt, dont… What rang with me on primal and helped in the beginning was realizing I like steak and i dont mind salad and I have learned that i love to cook! So Primal for me is just more of what i love and will be for you to!

  128. I’ve been following PB since April, I’ve been using the challenge as a chance to dial things in. I cut out my one coffee per day, have added more moving ‘slowly’ times, and been mixing in an intermittent fast (IF) of 18-24 hours every 5 days. Don’t worry, I follow it up with a pile of meat and vegetables.

    As for worrying about what others think or getting them on board – my philosophy is not to preach, but lead by example. If someone asks questions I will answer them in as much depth as they want. This is how I won over my SO, and she is just as much excited over our way of life now as I was when I started it. Live life without fear or guilt – and if the person loves you they will accept you for who you have become.

  129. For me, the toughest adaption is getting over the sugar craving. Although bacon is a great gateway primal food, I am an admitted sugar-holic. That and I think my better half would be more accepting of the primal 80/20 if I was better cook. Although she is a good sport, I have a knack for making a great meal taste horrible – just not been a very good cook.

    1. The longer you’re off sugar, the easier it is to resist. I think you’ll eventually lose your “sweet tooth” as you cut back.

  130. Haven’t lost any weight – because I don’t need to! Now that I’m in shape from eating primal already, the challenge has been great to see how I can maintain the lifestyle. long term. I do still have my chocolate almost daily though!

  131. I have been primal for the last 2 months and so was very excited to learn about the 30 day challenge to put myself to the test. I’ve found that I no longer have that 3pm ‘crash’ at work where I fuel the carb roller coaster by getting some sugary snack from the vending machine.

  132. I haven’t lost any weight, but I do think I’ve lost a little body fat. Normally when I don’t do lots of intensive cardio I gain weight easily. Well I haven’t been (following PB plan), and magically haven’t gained weight, which feels awesome. Haven’t been 100% though. My roommate keeps this really tasty white pita breads in the fridge which are SOOO good when toasted and eaten with olive oil, so I haven’t been able to stay away completely… Trying really hard!

  133. I have Gained muscle and lost inches. It has been difficult (as usual) with snacking on sweets. My energy has sky rocketed!

  134. I only just started, and adding fat to my diet is what was missing with my attempt at a low-carb diet. I have also changed my approach to working out, and don’t feel guilty if I skip the gym and opt to go outside and play with the kids. They are my little 25 and 30 pound weights to lug around.

    1. when my kids were little I used to lift with too! They’d giggle and I’d “work out!” Now we play and run and have all sorts of fun together! Glad you’re enjoying and hope the success continues!

  135. the exercise and nutrition part has been good as that is about how I normally train and eat. I have successfully not overtrained and let go a bit with being so controlling of my schedule to “go with the flow and play some more”. biggest challenge – my coffee. had two coffees with soymilk but the rest have survived soy free. 80/20!

  136. I have been eating primal since last February. Lost 12lbs or so immediately which I expected. I haven’t really lost any more since then, BUT, my stress level is really high, my sleep is really bad and my exercise is really sporadic so I still have a lot of work to do. Still I would say that the fact that I am maintaining instead of gaining is actually a serious win!

    The best thing for me though is the fact that my husband who is pre-diabetic and has had a heart attack – and who is NOT technically following the challenge – has still lowered his carbs, cut down on the bread and eliminated cereal completely and has actually gone down from 205 to 185 in the last couple of months just because of my change in eating habits and talking about the theory behind it all. This is the TRUE value of this challenge as far as I am concerned.

    1. That’s wonderful that your husband is getting all of those benefits almost as a side effect of your journey!

      Do make the effort to get enough sleep and the like, you want to be healthy with your husband, yes 🙂

  137. I haven’t lost any weight, but I’m fitting into jeans that were too tight a few months ago. I went to a fair the other day, and after a healthy primal breakfast, found that I wasn’t hungry at lunch and didn’t eat any of the crap they had for sale. I did, however, before we left, have some fried dough…an old favorite…that just didn’t taste as good as I’d remembered and I felt no guilt buying it or throwing it out after only eating a little.

    1. Annie,

      I had to buy all new jeans after being primal for about a year. ALL of my jeans were too big. I donated them to Goodwill because I am not going back to that size again.

      The MN State Fair finished last month and the one night I went I ate an incredible amount of food and not all of it was Primal. I could’ve skipped that chocolate shake!


    2. YES! I can’t believe what a difference a primal meal will make when heading into dangerous territory. I love that you bought the “fried dough” and threw it away — that is awesome!

  138. It’s been slow going, but I keep trying. I’ve had to fight bad carb cravings because I can’t get hubby on board so he’s got the house loaded up with junk food. Chocolate chips (gluten, dairy and soy free) mixed with coconut flakes have been my downfall. 🙁

    1. Why do they always make more popcorn during “challenge” month? I swear I could knock my guy upside the head with his loaves of bread… (I haven’t had one kernal :p )

      1. My first bout with a low carb lifestyle, my husband plopped down next to me on the couch with a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats, crunching loudly.

        I shot him a death glare and moaned, “Do you have to chomp so LUSCIOUSLY?!?!”

  139. I’m doing relatively good, but I have use dairy and perhaps I haven’t eaten enough. My measurements have gone up in places they should and I am really hoping it’s just a fluke!

  140. This is my second time doing a Primal Challenge. I had great results after the first one and am looking to improve upon them! This time around I’m including grass fed dairy in limited quantities because it is SO TASTY and doesn’t seem to affect me negatively.

  141. This is the second time I am following the Primal Blueprint after taking a break during the summer. It’s much harder the second time because my boyfriend gave up completely. I’m really going to try to give it my all from now on because I know I will feel so much better.

    1. Good for you! My husband was not supportive at first, and it is more difficult. Hang in there, I found that the best way to get him to go primal was just seeing how much better I looked and felt.

      1. my wife wasn’t really into the entire primal thing at first…now she’s more on board. Keep it up.

  142. I’m a couple pounds lighter. I have a ton of energy. My midsection is showing better now than it has ever shown. In the last two weeks, I’ve convinced two others to buy and read Primal Blueprint. In fact, I can’t go a day without telling someone about the “tidal wave of insulin” that will result from their food choice. I have a beautiful grass fed steak waiting in my refrigerator for me tonight. Life is good!

  143. Wow, from the amount of comments I cannot believe how many people are doing the challenge. Pretty awesome. I have been doing pretty well of the food part. I am doing P90X right now, so I upped my carbs just a bit, but I am still coming in under 150g/day. I am trying to get enough sleep, but never seems to be enough hours in the day. As far as PB fitness goes, I would just like to do this one round of P90X and then I will experiement more with PB fitness. Within the first week I noticed a significant difference in my energy levels. Also, when I eat low-carb (and I have in the past) I always feel lighter and cleaner. It is a really great feeling I like to share with people, but of course they allllllll say “I couldn’t live without bread”. If they just tried it, they would see. Sorry, I got off topic. All in all, I feel great.

    1. I run into the same problem, everyone tells me they HAVE to eat bread. Then I explain that gluten causes leaky gut and worse leaky brain. Tell people to take a dose of GABA, and if they feel tired, it means their brain blood barrier is leaky. Then point out to them that a little bread every now and then is like a little brain damage every now and then. That’s how I converted biology classmates.

  144. I’ve been following paleo/primal living for 1 and 1/2 years now, but never dedicated more than about 60%, and when those vices hit, they hit hard. I understand in great detail the benefits to this lifestyle, and in fact it was a major tenet of my master’s thesis. I’ve decided to go full 80-100% because life is just too short to be sub-optimal, and the feeling of well-being in just the last week is a luxury beyond anything I’ve ever experienced.

    1. I am similar to you in that when I fall off I really fall off. I think we should really take the 80/20 thing seriously, because for those of us that fall hard, maybe if we gave ourselves more leeway, we would be less apt to crash. Am I making sense? lol

  145. The most remarkable change has been to my energy: I have so much more energy than at any time before in my life (no exaggeration). I’ve been able to incorporate LHT twice a week, and I feel stronger–I am getting definition in my arms & legs! I love the sprinting, but due to a hip injury I haven’t been able to do that for a couple of weeks. My attitude about things is greatly improved, and I find myself smiling and laughing more. I really do feel like a different person.

    A note for Nicole: I also had a hard time with the sweets. I used to bake some of the most incredible desserts (sorry, not trying to sound arrogant). I found that a spoonful of Coconut Oil is helpful to combat those sugar cravings. It’s light and sweet and satisfying–I let it melt in my mouth. Yum. You’ve got the right attitude–Don’t get down on yourself. I think that by eating primal foods mostly, we really are reversing a lifetime of bad habits.

    1. F’real – the mood and energy stabilization are perhaps even better for day to day motivation than the prospect of weight loss.

      I may try your coconut oil trick!

      Keep going, girl!!

    2. I am in the same boat with the energy thing: woke up at 5 today and worked on a project at home til 1:30 non-stop without feeling tired, mentally or physically. Maybe it was the 3 raw eggs and 5 strips of uncured bacon I ate for breakfast…

      As for sweets, I discovered something amazing the other day…mix some coconut milk with a little organic unsweetened cocoa powder, some cinnamon, and a little bit of melted butter. Whip it up til it’s smooth like a mousse…INCREDIBLE sugar free instant pudding!

    3. I’ll try that coconut oil trick as well! I love baking and find it very hard to stop eating these sweets.

  146. I began PB in earnest at the beginning of the month, with my wife & children – eating better, moving/playing together more, & seeing many positive effects in our energy levels & health.

    We’re all sleeping better, & our energy levels have both risen & evened out. Not only are we all breathing better (despite the late summer pollens & allergens in our area!), but we’ve also seen immediate & drastic improvements in my wife’s digestive difficulties, & my 4 year old daughter’s (severe) eczema!

  147. I’ve been eating Primal for quite some time since reading your book, but this past month I’ve cracked down on quality of foods switching to all organic fruits and veggies and grass fed meats and cage free eggs. I’ve been a weightlifter by sport, so I changed my training by taking daily walks and getting out in the sun as much as I can. I will note though, finding grass fed meat in Pittsburgh, PA is a job in itself.

  148. I started strong, full of gusto, resolve and promise. Had one more then 20% experience, but got right back on with a day long fast. Now I’m right and ready to finish.

  149. Since going 100% primal 2 months ago I have lost 24 lbs, noticed a lot more energy, clear skin for the first time since I was 12 and my cravings are totally gone (except the occasional craving for steak, bacon or cashews :-). I used the challenge as an opportunity to help my family (husband and 3 kids ages 3, 2 and 10 mos) switch to primal living. The kids are thriving-eating vegetables, fats and protein and enjoying it, playing hard and sleeping great and my husband is starting to come around too.

  150. Despite a slip-up at a wedding I went to last weekend and the resulting food poisoning (thank you, dim sum), I’ve been sticking to Primal eating 100%. My digestion is slowly improving, and I’ve been able to gain a few pounds that I desperately needed. So far, so good!

  151. I have been eating primal for two years now but it’s easy to fall off the wagon living in las vegas. So this has been a great way to get me back on track!

  152. Lost about 4 lb. since September 1, and have much more stable moods since going primal in June.
    Trying new things (food AND fitness) nearly every day – did spaghetti squash with a meaty marinara two nights ago. 🙂
    I know it’s working because I keep having to cinch/tighten the waist strap on my Ergo baby carrier!

    1. Kudos for bringing this into your family life – getting the rest of my family to go paleo/primal/anything! with me is a challenge…

    2. Everyone (non primal people) thinks I’m crazy when I tell them how eating healthy puts me in a great mood and keeps me in a great mood. Great job on the 4lbs. Keep it up. Isn’t spaghetti squash awesome?

  153. I’ve been doing alright. Been pretty strict with diet, except for indulging in butter and cream and I’ve pushed myself exercise-wise. I have tons of energy and just generally feel really positive and good! :

  154. I’ve been eating primally for about 7 months. During the challenge I’ve been focusing on making my workouts more primal and skipping workouts less often. I’ve noticed my stomach getting flatter and I’ve been sleeping better.

  155. Doin pretty good. I feel my diet has stayed primal but it’s tough for my to stick straight with primal workouts. I do P90X workouts a couple times a week along with playing tennis, not too bad, eh? Did chest and back earlier, lots of push-ups and pull-ups. Primal!

    1. I’ve considered giving P90X a try before. Seems like a plan for overtraining though, but I like you’re approach where you only do it a few times a week. Certainly better than the 5 or 6 that they recommend?

  156. I’ve been primal for a few months now, only cheating once every two weeks (when I get to see my girlfriend, haha). I feel great, and have been getting in great shape. The only thing I wish would improve would be my acne, but no such luck for me.

    1. Keep following the diet and some of the other tips on this site and maybe the acne is the next step. I’ve noticed quite a few minor health improvements (in addition to losing nearly 20 pounds) since I started following the diet and workouts.

    2. I’ve been having the same problem. I’m pretty certain it’s the dairy. I thought I cut out all the dairy in my diet, then I noticed that I was still using BUTTER. I swapped it out for coconut oil and my breakouts have been less frequent.

      1. Interesting. Butter is the only form of dairy that I currently consume, but I kind of had the mindset that for some reason butter wasn’t as bad as say milk or cheese. Maybe I was wrong. I will have to try cutting out my butter intake.

        I also thought that I had heard that coconut oil can cause acne for some people? Is this correct? My two major oils that I use are butter and coconut oil, so maybe they have something to do with it.

  157. I’ve stuck with and enjoyed the primal diet for 3 weeks now ( I started as soon as I read the book). I’ve lost 16 lbs, I have more energy, and my workouts at crossfit have gotten noticeably better!

  158. I’ve been using my Grok-pot a couple times a week making killer stew with grass-fed beef, doing the Grok hang strengthened the bottom of my pull-up and I was able to do 15 good ones today at the gym (12 was previous best!). Age 44, getting younger daily.

    1. Good for you beating your previous best! I’m still working on A pull-up (but then again, I’m an overweight girl) The grock-pot is awesome! have you tried a pork butt in it yet? you haven’t tasted pork till you’ve had it slow cooked!

    2. I made a chuck roast in the Grok pot, with a red wine sauce–straight from the PB Cookbook. Absolutely delicious! The meat literally was fork-tender, and the sauce was rich. I’ll have to try a stew. Congratulations on being able to do more pull-ups!

    3. Just had to say – love the phrase “Grok-pot”. Might have to nab it for home use and Crockpot Tuesdays at our house!

  159. So, the hardist thing for me had been eating at work, I started just not eating at work and eating in the morning and maybe after work, staying primal as much as I can with meals. I have fallen off the path a few times but I just collect myself and get back on the trail. lost 4 pounds so far and I feel great.

    1. Same here – lunch is the tough one. I’ve transitioned to not eating lunch as often, but keep cans of sardines for when I just need some food.

  160. In all honesty, what I’ve been calling my 20% has been more like 30%, and my dairy consumption has made my “80%” less than truly primal. Starting today, no more! 1 serving of dairy a day until I up what’s in the fridge and then NO MORE than 2 SMALL servings a week until I’ve lost 20 lbs of fat!

    I also have been slacking on my exercise, counting walking around school and carrying things I needed to move as workouts. Starting yesterday I need to have a formal workout EVERY DAY (I can have a rest/play day if I have had good workouts for 7 consecutive days)

    new resolve, new me, onward to a smaller belt.

    1. i was doing the same thing! my 20 was easily becoming 30 or 40! this contest has really challenged me to improve the ratio and im really astounded with the result of NO grains! my (less than) 20 has mostly come from dairy now…will taking that out assist with additional weight loss?

      good luck and keep at it!

  161. I’m feeling great! So far my energy has not suffered. It has actually gone up a bit, An I’ve been sleeping significantly better!

  162. Things are going well. My only struggle has been eating a small amount of dark chocolate EVERY DAY! It’s good to read I’m not alone with hitting some bumps in the road. I wish everyone the best as they complete the challenge.

  163. The first week and a half was 100% primal life…second week was more into the 80-20 life of the usual way I’ve been living. I find it difficult to live 100% for a straight month.

  164. A kid that only wants junk, a school schedule from hell “25 credit hours this trimester”, and a student’s budget with a family have provided some emense challanges for me. I’ve stumbled a few times but I keep getting back up. I haven’t kept track of weight cause I figured that would take care of it self, but I have never felt better or had more energy.

    1. When I first started the increase in energy was my first bit of success…and it was enough to keep me trying for months! It’s still my favorite bit of success! I dno’t know how old your “kid that only wants junk” is but mine are slowly coming around. (They’re 7, 5, and 2.) A few things that may (or many not) help: try focusing on the other rules, not the food ones. Show him/her more energy and play with them more…slip in the fact that you’re playing more because you’re eating better and feeling better. Also, keep offering primal options but don’t change everything at once. I started with dinner, the meal that I make for all of us. Then I went for snacks and slowly worked in more nuts, dried and fresh fruit, kefir smoothies. Now, 8 months after starting, we’re tackling cereal and toast! This is going to be a tough sell! 🙂

      Good luck!

      1. My little darlling is 18 months old. We try to give her what we have for dinner and that usually isn’t a problem. Where we run into issues is snacks. She is just a picky kid. She doesn’t get ice cream or stuff like that, its things like grahm crackers and the likes. It makes it hard every now and then when that stuff is in the house. I feel for you with the cereal, I was one of those who would eat 3 bowls for dinner when I was a bachalor. Good luck to you as well.

  165. Been primal for a little over a month now, and Mark’s challenge has been great for keeping me motivated and excited about this new way of being. Stumbled the other day and ate a whole mess of lasagna at a family gathering – but recovered quickly and am glad to have that experience to remind me how absolutely horrible that kind of food makes me feel and to keep me on track. Incredible energy, increased strength and more defined lean muscle mass, tastier food and less hunger, what more could you want?

  166. I’ve been Primal since Aug 6th and have lost 12lbs so far. I started intermittent fasting this month and it’s amazing to me how many hours can go by without me even thinking of food. Wouldn’t go back to CW if you payed me!

    1. I love that too. When I’m really eating well, I don’t want CW foods even if I haven’t eaten all day and there’s nothing else around. I can just tell myself “I’ll be home in 4 hours and I can eat then, no big deal”.

  167. I’m feeling really great even though the first week had a lot of fits and starts especially with food, lot’s of access to free food that was mostly bad. I did a reasonable job of eating well under the circumstances, but my eating at home has been much better. I’m still working on incorporating the fitness plan into my life – I love it (in theory) but beyond moving around at slow pace I haven’t really made it a part of my life.

  168. This challenge has gotten me back into the primal lifestyle after two really tough, stressful months including a move, fruitless job search, etc. I’ve since found a job… in a office with a penchant for junk food and weekly company-wide catered bagel breakfasts. This said, I’ve been resisting the bagels and opting for the smoked salmon only, please, as well as bringing big-ass salads, associating with other low-carb/primal/paleo/Crossfit friends, and working out in my spare time.

  169. Since starting the contest I’m down about 5 lbs. People keep asking me if I’ve lost weight especially around my face. My self esteem couldn’t be higher. GROK ON! (ok that was 4 sentences)

  170. I hear you with the new resolutions mid-challenge, moonablaze; I need to step it up and refresh my outlook too!

    This last week’s been rough – clearly falling into a major unemployment depression and the associated tendancies to eat cheese, chocolate, and even a baked potato (granted, it made me feel sick all night, so I won’t fall off that particular wagon again soon)! Despite setbacks, I will not give up – even my baby steps (started tracking my nutrient intake on fitday, noticed that my dad no longer makes separate grains for himself when I cook, have lost 4 lbs.) are taking me in the right direction.

    1. Definitely a common theme with me is stress snacking. And at work that means someone’s candy.

      Sometimes I just need a headset for some music and my snack pack of hard boiled eggs.

  171. I’ve been using “Live Primally” as one of my September goals on the http://www.nerdfitness.com forums, and I have seen some impressive changes. I’m lost 3.5lbs, eaten primally on 39 of a possible 42 meals (92%!) and yesterday cranked out my first set of 50 & 50 Lift Heavy Things pushups! (plus all the other essential movements are getting up there quickly). But to be honest, the biggest change going Primal has given me is in sleep – I was an longtime insomniac and just couldn’t drift off; no more!

  172. I’ve lost about 3 pounds (which puts me at about 30 down since February). I’ve struggled with exercise due to an injured foot, so that’s a drag. Best result (and biggest surprise) thus far is the significant improvement in the seborrheic dermatitis I’ve been struggling with for years!

  173. Well I am losing my baby fat, literally. I had my second baby about five months – very primally at home with bunches of screams and cries and gratitude – and I am back down to 122 pounds. Only about ten more pounds to go!

    1. Diane,
      Congratulations on the birth of your baby and on your primal success since then!

  174. one hour. i fell off the wagon for one hour. i made it a good hour, though. i’ve dropped some body fat, i hope it continues!

  175. I have not lost anymore weight in the last few months. The only time I could not eat primal I got a big headache so I have incentive to stay primal. I have an appt. with an endicrinologist to, hopefully, help with thyroid to get my sluggish system going. Wish me luck.

  176. for those losing weight and in or near ketosis…how do you deal with the stank-breath?

    1. Is that what’s causing it? I was wondering…been brushing my teeth twice as much.

    2. I tend to sip a lot of water throughout the day. Lemon in the water helps too.

  177. What a difference a few weeks makes. I feel amazing, I am doing better in the gym, I am really enjoying being in the kitchen. What a great lifestyle. I enjoy my 20% when I get it but for the most part I am primal all the way.

    1. Way to go, Kelly! The difference in energy levels and overall feeling are so worth it. It helps to have that 20% and knowing it doesn’t have to be done perfectly really makes it easier to stay on track. Keep up the great work!

  178. I am doing awesome, feeling and performing great. I’ve identified a few areas I need to improve on which I’m excited to do for the next two weeks.

  179. With the 30 day challenge, finally stopped the Diet Cokes. That was my last sticking point for primal nutrition. Could sense the caffeine withdrawal for 2 days & then OK on day 3.

  180. I started a 100 pushup challenge in my group at work and have 14 people signed up. We are in the 3rd week. I also found out that 3 people in my group have been eating primal(2 I did not know about till last week) after my setting a good example (and a fair amount of bragging about my blood test results).

  181. I was cheating a little more than I had been right before the challenge, and I had gained a couple pounds back (I think mainly from bloating/constipation from eating badly). I’ve been strict the last two weeks, with the worst cheat being an overnight shift at work with no other food around when I ate some pizza. Other than that I’ve been 99%, and the weight I gained back is already gone, plus a couple more pounds–I’m below 180 for the first time since I was in middle school, and it feels great!

    1. Nice job; the longer you go primal, the easier it becomes. Especially when you see/feel the rewards!

  182. This is week #3 of me going primal. So far it’s been pretty easy to follow. I’ve noticed I feel much better and do not have “brain fog”, which is great! My main frustration is that I haven’t lost any weight and my clothes don’t feel any looser. Mainly it’s just around my waist. I am within 10-15 pounds of my goal weight so maybe that has something to do with it?

    1. Keep it up and make sure you are eating enough. Make sure you don’t get into that “starvation mode” which can be easy to get into because it is hard to eat a lot of calories without the bad carbs.

  183. Today is actually only day 2 for me ( I have been on and off with primalish for quite a while but decided to jump in 100%). Yesterday was great, but today I feel irritable, and lethargic and I’m not sure if that’s natural. Now I’m going to go eat some bacon.

  184. Honestly, I’m having a lot of trouble sticking to it. I can skip the bread, pasta, rice easily. But I’m so lost when it comes to baked goods/pastries…cookies, cinnamon rolls, cake, you know what I mean. It makes me really sad, because I feel I have no willpower and am weak.

    1. I’m not a big believer in trying to fake foods that we should be learning to avoid, however, there are some pretty good recipes out there for baked goods using almond and/ or coconut flour. I wouldn’t go eating almond flour baked goods every day or anything, but if you want something to eat once in a while as you transition, they can be great. I’m hoping I’ll have time to make a video of my almond flour carrot muffins for one of the contests here. If I don’t I’ll try to figure out a different way to share it.

      1. Yeah thats tough. Try this for a sweet fix – baked or grilled apples. Slice and de-core a golden delicious apple. Fire up the grill to medium heat. add coconut oil (or butter if youre not too strict on the dairy) and cinnamon. just like apple pie without the grains.

    2. You should try to replace those sweets with dark chocolate, berries with whipped cream, or any other of the sensible vices that appeal to your tastes. I’m slowly and painfully working myself off of sugar this way. Also, I chew on gum (sugarless) when I crave something sweet.

    3. You should try to replace those sweets with dark chocolate, berries with whipped cream, or any other of the sensible vices that appeal to your tastes. I’m slowly and painfully working myself off of sugar this way. Also, I chew on gum (sugarless) when I crave something sweet .

  185. It’s hard and I’m not doing well at all, but I keep re-signing up everyday and keep trying. I’m struggling with sugar and grains bigtime. All I can do is keep trying and one day it’ll stick.

    1. Take it slowly. It took me a full nine months to hop completely on board. Before that I averaged about one change (like swapping out cereal for eggs at breakfast) per MONTH. Changing the way you eat requires a huge adjustment because your bad habits have had years and years of dairy reinforcement. Don’t feel like you have to do it all at once.

    2. Just keep at it and don’t give up! Do your best to eliminate them from your household so they’re not within arms reach. The less access you have to them, the easier it will be to avoid them.

      Good luck.

    1. I second the eggs and squats. Having surgery on my knee years ago, my stabilizing tendons are finally getting strong enough to do their job.

  186. Personal report – I’ve used the 30 day challenge to eliminate grains from my diet, a “testing of the primal waters” so to speak. So pleasantly surprised with the results – steady energy all day, not experiencing crazy hunger, and I’ve lost 6lbs so far, 3 each week. Thrilled with how I feel, certainly plan on continuing to cleanup my diet beyond once the challenge ends!

  187. Like many others, the 30 day challenge has re-energized me to continue to strive for a primal lifestyle. I continue to have my share of slip-ups, but overall doing well. I’m currently on the road back to my ideal weight after the birth of my 4th child in April, I have about 15lbs to go which I will attack vigorously when I am no longer breastfeeding. Good luck to all!

  188. My husband and I both have birthdays at the end of August, so I’d fallen off the bandwagon. The challenge helped me get back on. Halfway through, I’m doing well with my diet, but my activity level and amount of sleep have actually dropped as I’ve been spending too much time at the MDA forum!

  189. I’ve been eating pretty much primally for several months, so I haven’t noticed any big changes since the start of the challenge. In the past few months though, my biggest physical change has been going from being able to barely one pull-up to being able to do 6 in a row. I also fit into a pair of pants that I haven’t been able to wear for about 5-6 years, despite not having lost any weight… obviously have a little body composition change going on 😀

  190. Started before the 30 day challenge. Lost 12 lbs in first 3 weeks. Only gain +3lbs for a day or two if I break down (beer usually!).

    I do not consciously feel any different when I’m constant. However, if I eat something sugar or carb loaded, my energy immediately drops and my mood becomes cloudy. That is when I’m reminded of how good I feel on this lifestyle.


  191. Other than a few glasses of red wine, I’ve pretty much stuck to primal eating. However I have been eating tons of butter (primal, not sure?) but I feel better when I eat butter. I have actually gained 2 pounds of muscle, which is what I am aiming for, the last month or so everyone kept telling me I was too skinny!!

    1. Loving the butter here too. Although I try to compensate is a little bit with some olive oil. Butter is totally primal though.

    2. Yes, the wine tempts me too – along with beer, whisky, gin… but I’ve managed to abstain through the challenge. Good work on sticking with the primal eating and the subsequent weight gain!

      I think you should trademark your butter statement and sell it to the dairy board – “Feel Better with Butter!” Haha!

  192. I’ve fallen on and off the wagon multiple times since discovering MDA a year ago — darn those social situations! — but this time I’m making sure to get enough fat so that I don’t get hungry. (Turns out, my “low carb flu” was actually a result of not eating enough.) This time around: no low carb flu, I’ve lost 5 pounds (in addition to the 20 lost in the past year of on-and-off primal eating) and the truly unbelievable thing for me happened yesterday at a Greek restaurant, when I was not even tempted by their bread! 🙂

    1. I feel you, getting enough fat is crucial, it feels like you’re eating a ton of fat when you’re down between 50-100g of carbs a day.

  193. Today is Day 3…was going to leap at the beginning of the month, but I wasn’t fully committed. Feeling good, less tired today. Work is stressful and staying fit is what I need to stay sane.

    1. Way to wait until you knew you were committed to the challenge! I’m guessing it will be more rewarding. Hope the increased energy helps at the work site!

  194. I’ve done really well with the challenge so far, having actually started on Sept 1. My achilles heel is alcohol and I thought it would be tougher to abstain than it has been. This challenge has proven a success in helping me break below a previous weight barrier and I now feel as if I’m at my ideal weight, although my energy level has dropped noticably during the challenge.

  195. I’ve been Primal for about 6 months but vowed that I wouldn’t cheat during the Primal Challenge. I haven’t fallen off the wagon yet, but I have a brownie stuffed in my desk awaiting Oct 7th. I’m feeling better than ever and am experiencing a sensational amount of energy.

    1. I made it 58 days one time before I ate 1/2 a turkey subway sandwich… i was so sick i had to miss work as well as my work out session with my trainer.. I hope you are not sick when you eat the brownie. Seems only fair to be able eat a brownie now and then… good luck

  196. I don’t know if I have lost weight, I don’t dare weigh in as I might be discouraged, I feel better so that’s all that matters. Diet Pepsi may be the hardest thing i have given up. My only “cheat” was the baked white potato I ate on my birthday. I have not experienced lots of energy yet but I hope it happens soon. I am actually kind of tired. I have been keeping my carbs between 40-65grams per day.(except for the day I ate the white potato of course, what a shock that was 62 grams)

    1. I’m with you. I don’t weigh anymore. I have been using a tape measure though – it seems less threatening for some reason.

  197. Since starting on a low carb/quasi primal diet, i’ve lost 17 lbs and Since the Challenge began, i think it’s been about 5lbs of that. I’ve been slacking on the exercising portion, but doing decently with the diet. I’m a little more tired than normal, but otherwise feeling pretty good!!

  198. I’ve been on and off the primal wagon for the past year. The past weeks I’ve been more commited and really hammered out some of the problems I’d been having. I fixed my sleep/wake cycle and cut out much of the ‘natural’ sweetener I’d been using (lowering carbs) and I also cut out most dairy. The results have been great. I have great constipation and feel energized the entire day though. My skin and hair feel and look better and I’m starting to gain more muscle. I am extremely grateful for what the Primal Blueprint has given me.

  199. Doing great – even opted out of a fun drunk-fest my 22 year-old friends held and was designated driver instead. All my pants are loose except ones from high school, which are fitting again. Loving all of the fun articles and contests!!

  200. Awesome! Coming from a 2 year entirely raw fruit diet, I’ve gained 15lbs (I’m in the rare “need to gain weight” group of this challenge) and when I could barely curl 20s, only a few weeks later I’m already curling 30s! Reducing my carbs from 90% or more of my calories to a small fraction is a bit hard, but I’m feeling good and looking good. Instead of a 3 or 4 baskets of figs, I’m okay with 3 or 4 small figs. The low carbs is a bit hard, but I’m getting them from small amounts of fruit and some small yams. Really enjoying soups, bone broths, delicious!

  201. i’ve lost about 10 pounds so far, but i feel like shit. my memory’s shot, and i can’t remember any names. i can deal with no bread and pasta, but i crave ice cream so badly… hopefully my body will adjust soon!

    1. That’s the low-carb flu. I had that when I started PB. I’ve been at the same job for almost 15 years, and I couldn’t even remember my boss’s name! Talk about early Alzheimer’s! It only lasted for about two weeks–but it seems longer. Try frozen blueberries instead of ice cream–they’re sweet and icy cold. Keep up the good work!

  202. I can’t afford grass fed meat or free range chickens/eggs, but I’ve avoided all grains & legumes & sugars. Am working on getting my PUFAs down, and making my own mayo with light olive oil for deviled eggs. No soy oil or other industrial oils. Once I’ve rendered enough fat down, I’ll try baconnaise. No weight loss yet, but that’s because of my wretched post menopausal hormone status, which isn’t going to change anytime soon. I do feel better with taking D3 & K2 to bring up my levels. The hardest part is the movement, but i’m working on it.

    1. I also can’t afford eating grass-fed only. I try to add grass-fed I buy online, but the base is made of regular grain-fed.
      But it is still tremendous positive kick for our bodies to switch to this way of eating!

    2. Even though you can’t afford the meat/eggs, you’re doing your best with what you have and I admire you for that Gisela 🙂

      It’ll get better and better. Keep watching and keep trying!

  203. I can’t afford grass fed meat or free range chickens/eggs, but I’ve avoided all grains & legumes & sugars. Am working on getting my PUFAs down, and making my own mayo with light olive oil for deviled eggs. No soy oil or other industrial oils. Once I’ve rendered enough fat down, I’ll try baconnaise. No weight loss yet, but that’s because of my wretched post menopausal hormone status, which isn’t going to change anytime soon. I do feel better with taking D3 & K2 to bring up my levels. The hardest part is the movement, but I’m working on it. Baby steps, ya know…

    1. If you talk to your butchers/whole foods/where ever that has organic/grass fed – you can ask for scraps (usually the best parts) for a dollar or less a pound! Make some stews and freeze them for later. I could probably live off of scraps and scrap veggies for $20 a week.

  204. I have been doing really well diet-wise. I need to get moving more. My goals for the next week and a half are to get my primal fitness routines into my day!

  205. Sleeping better, more energy. Trying new foods and watching the muscle tone appear. Loving the appreciative looks from my fiancée.

  206. I have been doing the ’30 day challenge’ since the end of January ’10. All the usual PB benefits; loss of a few pounds even though I wasn’t overweight, great energy, a lot less aches and pains. But the biggest compliment was when I heard my son (college student who I hadn’t seen for over 16 months) talking to his girlfriend and telling her how good I was looking/doing. Not bad for a 60+er.

    Now to up my exercise commitment to doing more ‘lift heavy thing.’ I would really like to be a bit more muscular. Always a bit wary with my ‘iffy’ back problems.

    BTW, I have converted at three others, have another three reading PB (my copies), and three emailing me about how I manage to stay trim, active and have so much energy. I also get weekly emails from those wanting recipes and food advice.

    Now if I can only get the exercise part better.

  207. I’ve been primal for more than half a year now, I think, with only milk, whey, an occasional glass of wine or whiskey, and coffee being not-so-primal. No real cheat meals. (for me, cheat meals are those completely un-primal things like eating a pizza once a week, using sugar, or something like that)
    I wanted to use the challenge to lower my coffee and milk intake, and finally fix my totally screwed sleeping. So far… only the milk reduction has been possible. No more dairy except for heavy cream and butter. Definitely feels better, gut-wise.
    But getting the sleeping and coffee fixed just doesn’t work; I can’t go to bed earlier because I need that time to get things done. And the next morning I would be a danger for humanity if I couldn’t drink some coffee 😉

    1. Coffee’s not that bad. It even has some beneficial properties. I agree that getting sleep is one of the harder parts of Primal living. I too struggle with getting to sleep on time. I’ve been replacing some coffee with tea as well to help with the morning grogginess.

  208. the scale this morning showed the lowest reading (153#) of my adult life (I’m 52) and I have lost 10-12 lbs since late July when I came across PB and MDA. My diet was pretty clean prior, now very primal. I now can sail past work-related meals without eating if no decent food is available.

    If my 2-year old would only cooperate and let me get a decent primal night’s sleep, all would be well. Just once, for God’s sake. Is that too much to ask???

  209. I’m feeling wonderfully focused and energetic. One mishap took place when my girlfriend (who lives 2 hours away) visited this past weekend: pizza. It was surprisingly easy, though, to hop right back on the primal train to healthland!

    1. That’s great that you were able to get right back on again. So many people have a mistep and keep on going in the bad direction instead of restarting. My dieting mantra is “every meal stands alone.”

  210. I have been breezing through these last 15 days– it has probably helped that I have been sorta-kinda living the Primal lifestyle since stumbling upon your blog in February. Following it strictly has been so refreshing– my energy levels have never been so stable and my mood swings have completely vanished. Talk about exciting!
    The one principle I have not tapped into fully yet is Playing. I’m looking for ways to incorporate playfulness into my life. I hadn’t realized I’d been missing that link until I examined my lifestyle at the beginning of this challenge.
    Thanks for all the encouragement!!!

  211. My biggest difference is that I suppose that I did not notice that it was abnormal to feel ill and tired after a meal. That has been nearly eliminated with the Primal diet! The only time it comes back is when I indulge in my 20%.

  212. So great! I feel awesome! May have eaten a few dark chocolat covered almonds along the way!!

  213. Am I glad I stumbled into MDA, I have lost weight but it was on hard exercises and foods I did not enjoy. Now I spend less time working out and have the foods I really like and still continue to loose weight. I have been grain free for 2 weeks now. The PB lifestyle just suits me fine.

  214. The first week was difficult, I couldn’t resist cereal and few sandwiches. I’m on track now though and have eaten completely Primal for 8 days and feel great! I keep waking up before my alarm goes off!

    1. The first week is the most difficult, in a few days you won’t even know how could you ever crave grains!

      I also noticed I am waking up better. Keep it up!

  215. I’ve been eating primal as a way to gain muscle, but I am not trying to lose weight. I stepped on my scale on Sunday and my weight had gone up 2 pounds with no change in body fat %!!!

    As for the working out side of things, I’m still working on more playing, but the weather and work tend to get in the way. But I am loving the less cardio!

  216. I feel like my 20% was more like 30, but I’m back at it and tightening things up. Overall, I’m down 2 lbs, despite a work schedule that has challenged my training time.

  217. I recommended eating primal strictly at the start of the challenge period after becoming a bit derailed over the Australian winter. I have lost 1kg so far but am feeling a lot better within myself, less moody, less muscle aches and more energy. Getting excited for a primal summer!

  218. I’ve been doing well, although I hit a snag this past weekend during our big Break-the-Fast party on Yom Kippur. Not only did I not fast, but I pigged out on my Dad’s homemade bagels (he’s not Primal, but I’m wearing him down).
    My main hurdle has been staying active beyond workout sessions. I was very proud of myself yesterday when I walked to and from the grocery store with the makings for two Primal dishes.

    1. Parties are the worst, I always slip when I go to a good party. All you have to remember is 80/20. Don’t stress over it too much and enjoy the process, because that is what it is all about.

  219. So far I am doing pretty well in all aspects except eliminating Diet Soda. It took me two months of trying to eliminate peanut butter, I am hoping that Diet soda dose n0t take any longer than that!

    1. Diet pop is a weak point for me too-maybe just try reducing the number of cans per day by one and stick to that for a week and then back it off another until you’re completely off of it…just a thought..good job on the peanut butter

  220. After losing 10 lb. of flab last year and being roughly 80/20 primal since then, I confess that I’ve not started any new activities yet for this year’s challenge. If I win the pull-up bar, my plan will be more bodyweight exercises!

    1. Good job on the weight loss. I find it easy to bust out some pushups and squats first thing in morning.

  221. Except for the banana pudding cheat (sugar) this weekend, I have been primal. A bit of low carb flu. No weight lost. But I have a sense of wellbeing and strength from eating this way.
    Great job for everyone who is giving it a try.
    Congratulations if you lost weight. I hope to be joining you shortly. 🙂

    1. First off, a big congrats for making the choice to even start going primal! Don’t worry about the lack of weight loss at the moment… it took my wife a little while for the weight loss to kick in but once it did she can’t be stopped (lost over 20 lbs now).

      Just keep making those small wins each day (for instance, try eating mashed cauliflower with eggs in the morning instead of english muffins) and you’ll be losing weight and feeling awesome in no time 🙂

  222. The Challenge has helped me stay away from 2 of my troublesome things–wine, pizza. I have also been able to severely restrict my use of Diet Pepsi.

    Lifting heavy things continues to be problematic.

    1. mmmm pizza and wine…yep those would be two of my big challenges. Congrats to you!

  223. I’ve started following this blog about a year and a half ago. I’ve been on and off primal since, had a hard time giving up grains and sugars at first. This years challenge has been a excellent excuse to finally buckle down and go full force. Since I’ve started over a year ago I’ve lost over 40 lbs and probably 10 or so since the start of this challenge!

    Mark, I’ll I can say is thank you from the bottom of my heart. You, sir, have changed my life!

  224. I am down 12 pounds and 3% bodyfat, and no more mid afternoon crashes. The hardest things are giving up beer and ice cream completely and the multiple starch dinner at the in-laws.

    1. Not have that mid-afternoon crash is one of the best perks of the PB for me! Congrats on the 12lbs and just give the in-laws a copy of PB for christmas!!!

  225. Down another few pounds…took this as a challenge to watch the fruit intake! Eating nuts during rehearsal breaks. Show I’m in involves running a lot, crabwalking, dragging a guy 6 inches taller than me, constant kneeling/hopping up/etc….getting 6 hours of totally primal esque workout each day right now. And the best thing is I never seem to feel as low energy as most of my colleagues…and I’ve even swayed a few to “try out” primal living…hosting a cooking class for a couple of coworkers!

      1. Great Job!!! I know exactly how you feel with dropping pant sizes…my biggest triumph! Very encouraging to hear that. Thanks.

  226. I’ve been Primal for about 5 weeks now. My first cheat happened last week, I made a birthday cake for my dad and tasted it, and then couldn’t stop 🙁 It was gluten free so wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but was still a sugar overdose. I had a few more issues the next couple of days but now am back on track and praying I stay that way. Otherwise it’s going great, lost some weight, started working out, life is good!

    1. Remember the 80/20 rule! Don’t let one ‘cheat’ cause a mental block and make you think negative thoughts of failure! Life is good!

  227. I’ve been exercising paleo as a way to get stronger. I’ve been doing it now for about a month and I’ve already gained 20 lbs on my bench and I can do nearly 100 push ups in one cycle. I’ve never felt this strong before! The best part is I’m only working out for abour 35 mins/day. I love it!

  228. I lost 8 lbs but then gained 2 back. I have a ton more energy and I don’t really crave carbs anymore! Never thought I would say that!

    1. That sounds great! It looks like your body is getting into healthy balance.

      I stopped craving carbs after about a week off sugar. I didn’t even know it was possible to pass a cookie! 🙂

  229. I have been feeling more energetic. Not lost any weight since I don’t really need to. But in general my mood is better.

  230. As soon as I challenge myself it gets more difficult. I was doing just fine working the 80/20. I tried to dial it in but ended up making it worse. Time for me to start over!

  231. Have occasional “off the wagon” meals. Just pick myself up and avoid feeling guilty. This isn’t about one meal or 20 pounds. I’m more about it being a lifestyle of feeling good!

  232. You asked for honest, so here goes: My son has been sick with an undiagnosed illness since the end of August, and the stress of being with him in the hospital and worrying over him missing 3+ weeks of high school has wrecked my bowels and had my stomach in acidy knots. It’s been a lousy time for me to attempt a challenge. Sorry to be a downer.

    1. Everyone has down times that don’t lend themselves to taking on a challenge. When the time is right you’ll be able to undertake your own “Primal Challenge” (even if it doesn’t coincide with this one or another one!) and completely obliterate it! 😀

    2. I’m so sorry Annika. I hope a diagnosis and recovery come very soon for your son.

    3. Stay strong for your son. There will be other opportunities for you to jump into the primal lifestyle when the time is right.

  233. I love eating plants and animals! I love lifting heavy things and sprinting! I am alive!

  234. I started living more primal this summer and the challenge has given me more accountability. It has been challenging though because we just had a baby and our friends are loving us well by bringing us meals…they’re just not very primal! So I try to be primal with bfast and lunch.

  235. Well, I’ve gone pretty much full-on PB since late July, so cruising into this PB Challenge wasn’t difficult. Still have plenty of energy, starting (I think) to see some abdominal definition (I was already fairly fit, but in the midst of a largely vegetarian diet), and improving in all my fitness goals except freestanding handstands! I’m just amped that this is turning out to be the kind of lifestyle switch I really wanted.

  236. It’s been difficult to avoid sweets because I live in a home with a reasonable amount of them as none of my family believes in the Primal way of life, but I try my best. I’ve lost three pounds(I started late-ten days in), have more energy,have built slightly more muscle, and my skin is becoming clearer. I hope to add more excersise to my day, since it’s proven difficult to make time for it (I just started highschool in a school that is an hour’s commute from my home and am still adjusting to the work load).

    1. Wow, Alex, that’s great! If your mom is still trying to pile the rice and biscuits on your plate at the dinner table, you should tell her it’s a thing you’re doing to clear up some acne. It’s a true side effect, and I’ll bet the school nurse or health teacher would back you up on the benefits of cutting out junk food for your skin. As for exercise, maybe try doing isometrics in the car to and from school, and getting a little high-intensity stuff in during study breaks? Will be great to hear more successes!

  237. I’ve been doing really well with the Primal Challenge. So far I’ve lost 5 pounds of extra fat/water due to not really dialing in how much of each macronutrient I was really taking in. I’ve noticed quite a bit myself getting leaner, and how my workouts, sleep, and general overall outlook have improved.

    I’ve cheated a couple of times, but with Primal cheats, mainly organic dark chocolate, which I’ve surprisingly found actually has helped 30 min before a workout. A glass of red wine every couple of nights is a pleasant thing with a book, instead of computer or TV.

    So far no meals that were really bad; of course I hadn’t been really bad in the first place. I’ve found fruit to be a real treat more than anything, with some organic coconut milk in my Primal “Milk” Shake:


    My Atlatl should be showing up soon, so I’m looking forward to throwing in more throwing to my play! Of every Primal law, I need to play more and I can’t wait to get good at such an ancient weapon. After spending an hour on the phone with Atlatl Bob, I’m convinced I was made to have fun with that thing! Plus Bob is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever had the chance to chat with, I’m completely jealous of all of those who are going to be spending time with him at PrimalCon.

    I don’t know what more to say, some wild caught salmon with a large salad is on the plate for dinner, and I’m hungry like a bear!

  238. Im actually sleeping better. After trying out the zone for a month or so after putting on weight I was always hungry and especially at night and could never fall asleep. Now I sleep like a baby.

  239. Tragically, I lived more Primally during the summer than I have during this challenge month! Part of the reason has been the added stress of medical school, but also I’ve had some emotional issues arise related to my self-image and food as a result of “limiting” myself to 100% Primal food.
    So, on the outside I could be seen as having backslid, but I’m slowly working through the psychological issues which will hopefully in the long run show the greatest results! 🙂

    1. The psychological is the hardest part for me, too. I am trying to take it slowly and not exclude everything all at one time. I am determined to not keep repeating the same mistakes I have in the past with an all-or-nothing attitude. You will do great.

  240. Last week was a bad week… BUT-its in the past! I just have to remind myself the goal is to be healthier.. I notice a HUGE difference in how my body feels – aches and pains just disappear when I’m eating right. That in itself should be enough, right??!

    1. Sorry to hear about your week, Kelle. Hope everything works out. And YAY for the body improvement! I’ve noticed that, too – I don’t get heartburn at bedtime any more

  241. I started a day late, but so far it’s been pretty easy. I’ve been off the grains for a while, but I’ve cut out a lot of processed food (like sausages) and diet soda. Haven’t noticed much of a weight reduction yet, but I’m hopeful.

    The tough part is keeping away from the sweet stuff, since my wife isn’t going Primal and I couldn’t clear the pantry.

    1. Keep up the great work! I know it’s tough to stay on track when you have a non-primal family member eating familiar favorites and tasty treats, but you can do it — and if you share, maybe you can “convert” her! ;D

  242. I’ve been eating primal for 6 months, but only 60-70% of the time. This month I’ve been eating 80-90% primal and moving around slowly every day. I am starting to see abs for the first time.

  243. I’ve been doing Crossfit for a while now with their 3 days on, one day off. I decided to ease off the WODs and employ the REST law….after a week off, I went to deadlift and added 10 pounds!

  244. My progress report would show: inches lost on waist and hips, gaining strength in my exercises, having more play time in my life, 8 pounds less on the scale, arthritis gone, no more tummy trouble, blood sugar stable, ENJOYING food once again. This is after going primal for 3.5 months. There is no going back; it’s not worth it.

  245. I’ve made big strides in eliminating my sugar addiction. Coffee with cream tastes normal now. What’s even more fun is that several of my co-workers have joined in!

  246. I’m doing pretty well. It’s hard to gauge how I feel, since being in the first trimester of pregnancy, I feel sick and sleepy and miserable all the time anyway — not sure how much of it is carb flu. Having trouble with the exercise, the midwife says it’s normal to get out of breath super easily, I can barely jog for more than a couple of minutes, let alone do any sort of sprint work. That’ll all start to clear up soon though.

    Other than that, my biggest problems are: finding clean foods (all our nearby “health food” stores are SDA, so they mostly stock vegetarian stuff, and the regular grocery stores don’t do organic); finding acceptable things to eat for lunch when I can’t make it home during the day, because I really can’t/shouldn’t IF; and, biggest one…

    kicking the potato habit. I LOVE potatoes. Grains, sugary junk, processed things? No big deal, I never really ate them before either. Now, my carb count is still below 150 about 85% of the time, but if anyone can help with the potato thing, that would be super! Also, Mark, more posts for Primal mommies, say, before April or so? Thanks 🙂

    1. Congrats on staying primal during your pregnancy! When I was pregnant all I could stomach was white bread and muffins. My poor child was built on daily chocolate chip muffins. 🙁 Vegetables and chicken made me nauseous for the first 4 months.
      Try switching to sweet potatoes every few days. I’m now a sweet potato fry convert. Then try adding in fries of beets with your sweet potato fries.
      Take care 🙂

      1. Nope, it pretty much just makes me terribly more carnivorous. Fruit and meat have become the staples of my diet — getting more veggies in is a smaller issue. I just for some reason really, really crave baked potatoes. Although, as someone has pointed out, starches are really just a vehicle for getting the most delicious things to our bellies, like butter and sour cream. The majority of people won’t eat them plain.

  247. I’ve been primal for a few months now, but the Challenge has reinvigorated me. I have dropped at least 4 pounds since the start there have been a few set backs though, Darn those people who bring biscuits to meetings. After a significant slip up I usually feel quit yucky so I use that to remind myself why I work hard not to slip up in the first place.

  248. Continued success on the Primal lifestyle! I love my outdoor workouts – being chased by a bear, hopscotch on the sidewalk, getting dirty rolling on the ground. Hard to give up my one yogurt but have finally conquered cottage cheese! Now to just give up my artificial sweeteners. . .

  249. I have been making changes slowly but surely but I can already tell a bit of a difference with bloat, etc. I have always had a problem with “all-or-nothing” dieting and exercising so I decided to change the way I do things this time around. I need to take it one day at a time to ensure the new habits stick!

  250. Have been doing really well. Lost 3 pounds. I’m never hungry though. It was SO liberating to realize that I don’t have to eat “breakfast” if I don’t want to! In fact, my boyfriend and I never refer to meals as breakfast/lunch/dinner, because we have re-dialed in our internal clocks, and we eat meals when it feels right. My only difficulty (that I’m aware of, that is) is that I have a 100-calorie TJ’s dark chocolate stick each night, and I really enjoy it. I’ve learned that having that sort of balance is necessary, because to me, chocolate is part of the reason I live (bacon also qualifies). My boyfriend has been extremely supportive, and he’s gone primal too – he feels awesome, and it’s been super fun making chili together (which we freeze and bring for lunches at work). On top of this, as part of the primal nutrition plan, I quit the birth control pill, and was struggling for the first week. I figured, if I’m going to go primal, I’m going to have to go all the way… Feeling great. Also PR’d CINDY (crossfit workout) yesterday!

  251. My body does not feel changed yet, and I’ve yet to experience an increase in energy. The workouts have been fun and the food is delicious so far. Both reason enough to stick with.

    1. I have felt the same way no negative changes. But I was living a primal lifestyle before this with an occasional beer. I took this challenge as a chance to go from 80/20 to 100/0.

  252. It’s been going well for me so far, the hardest part has been not having my weekly guinness. I am going fructose free for the last half. Wish me Luck!

  253. Great job Ariana. I wish I could get my husband and daughter on board. She’s 7 and lives for mac & cheese and sugar. I’ve been doing okay so far. My main goal was to cut out grains. I was doing okay till last weekend when I went badly astray with granola and peanut butter M&M’s. No grains there, but I shudder to think what might be in them. Back on track after a couple of days of awful food. I feel thinner and my joints hurt less when I stay away from all that garbage! As for the exercise portion-still working on that one.

  254. I started late, but I’m feelin’ great. Got a great compliment from my good friend Tayte. She looked at me and said, “You’ve lost some weight!” 😀

  255. I am doing good. I am down 4 lbs. I started crossfit last night now everything hurts but I can’t wait to go again.

    1. Nice drop in weight. Good luck with Crossfit. Remember, the only easy day was yesterday. Stay strong.

      1. im a crossfitter too, and i love it! so addictive! i have been doing it 2x week since january, and almost everyone i see and talk to tells me how great i look! i havent lost weight, just gained muscle, and thats why i love crossfit. i feel so strong! being a primey helps too!good luck with crossfit and being primey

    2. I love to hear that you are doing crossfit. I learned about this site and way of eating from my box. Keep at it you will see that not only will eating primal become part of you but crossfit will suck you in as well.

  256. So good to see the success of this lifestyle and read everyones acomplishments.. the proof truely is in the pudding. I went from a 240 lbs sloth that smoked and daydreamed about being in shape to a 185 lbs guy that has his children beg “i need a break…” in abouts 6 months. this challenge has just completely renewed my belief that i wasn’t just lucky…. this really is the answer…

  257. All month I’ve been preparing for a move that is happening in a few days and I really feel that primal eating has only helped make this move less stressful. The second week was tougher than the first when I really started to miss the sugars (chocolate etc, I don’t miss the grains at all) and I injured my back for the first time in my life. My back has now healed and I’m pumped to get the workouts in and get stronger.

  258. I was home for the first week of the challenge & did fairly well then. But at the beginning of the second week I had to travel for work, and I’ll be living out of hotels for the next couple of months. Getting in the workouts is easy, but eating is difficult. I feel like I’m not eating a lot, but I’m somehow bigger. I’m guessing it’s water retention from all the sodium in my meals. Next week I should be in a hotel with a kitchenette, so that will make things a lot easier!

  259. Thus far I’ve lost five pounds and I’ve noticed improved definition in my arms. To be more mobile, I volunteered to teach a kids gym class–not for the faint of heart. Truth be told, I don’t even miss the sweets and soda anymore.

  260. i felt amazing from day 3 onward! more energy….ive lost 20 some pounds and feel stronger! Eating non primaly is not even an option for me anymore…its not worth feeling crappy! thanks so much!

  261. I haven’t lost any weight yet but my body comp has definitely changed (I was away from the weights for a while so I expected to put on muscle when I went back to lifting). Feeling better and sticking to it.

  262. I am doing well with no sugar and no grains. I am eating a lot of meat (but mostly grain-fed), fish… But I do have troubles with including variety of vegetables, I just don’t like them that much!

    1. I’ve been struggling with this too. I like salads but I don’t always take the time to prepare them. Broccoli makes my stomach upset, same with cauliflower and cabbage and zucchini. I tend to eat a lot of green beans, peas, and carrots but I know those aren’t the best.

  263. Good luck Jonathan Roe on your last 2 weeks fructose free, I’m positive you can do it! And great job on giving up the Guinness!

  264. About 4 pounds since challenge began (41 since I began Primal in May). I have really focused on Primal Fitness and have really enjoyed the essential movements and the changes I am experiencing and strength I’m building.

    @ Pepper, I know how travelling for work can wreak havoc on a primal life. Stick with it, plan ahead, take primal snacks (nuts, jerky, boiled eggs, or fruit) and in a pinch plan ahead for intermitten fasting. You can do it, even on the road. I’m proof. Travel 16 days a month for work.

  265. Newborn just arrived. Sleep and workouts have become rare. I think diet is the only thing keeping my weight steady.

    1. Sympathy! The younger Groks can definitely be a challenge! Hopefully things will improve soon.

  266. It’s been rough, I get so busy, I travel frequently and just don’t feel like doing anything but eating like crap..I was going strong for like a week and then totally derailed.

    1. that sucks. it can be really tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle with a lot of travel. when i travel i tend to put together a list of items to bring with, and top of that list is always a bunch of good stuff to snack on. i pack it in my bag and am on my way. i also usually research restaurants before i go somewhere, so i have some idea of where to go for something decent to eat when i get there. it takes a little extra time, but it’s definitely worth it. good luck!

  267. Doing this 30 day challenge with my wife has made our relationship stronger and has given us a common goal. Solidarity is always a win, even though we are looking it as more than just 30 days and are purging our pantry. I don’t have to feel bizarre and explain to my wife why I’d like to eat the way I do.

    @Dave – good luck man; it gets easier as far as newborns go. Ours is 6 years old and trust me on that 🙂

  268. If I were to give myself a mark at the halfway point of this challenge, it would be 86.66%. One bad day, the rest pretty damn good. I want my total percent to be 96.66% by the end! I am feeling great!

    1. 86.66% is amazing! A slip here and there keeps us sane and human. I’m sure you’ll hit your goal in no time.

  269. I’ve lost 10 pounds since May and my arms look more muscular and midsection thinner. My name is AnneArchy on the Forums and the support here from fellow members has been great! I want to challenge myself to step up my PB exercise routine more!

  270. I’m not doing the challenge this year, as I’ve had a couple of major life changes going on this month, but I am maintaining around a 60/40 balance on diet. I have started the PB Fitness program – I love how it has modifications of the exercises for those of us who have trouble doing a single pullup. I’m also reading the blog entries regularly and enjoy seeing what people come up with for the contests.

  271. I’m going ok on the Challenge but on stressful days I am struggling to not eat icecream or cookies or bread or potato chips.

    1. Its tough! I have the same trouble. It helps to not even have it in the house – but with non-primal hubby and kids its still there…
      I’ve bought several large “snack” containers–and fill them with chopped veggies.. I put it out for the kids before each meal…or anytime I hear, “MOM! I’M HUNGRY!” and try to aim for it myself when I feel like snacking on something.

    2. I can definitely sympathisize with that as well, reducing your total stress will really help. If worse comes to worse, chew some gum, go for a walk, or do some pushups- trust me 30 pushup will cure you of any desire to eat junk food!

  272. Honestly, I’m not doing the 30 day challenge, but I have been adopting some aspects of the primal diet. I’m liberal in the use of coconut oil and now working on the sugar.

  273. I have been doing the challenge and my biggest stumbling block in CW. CW will creep back in and make me question what I doing. But my energy is up and a few pounds down, GROK ON!

  274. I’ve lost about 8 lbs since starting the challenge, which is mostly due to not drinking as much beer. I didn’t actually have to make too many changes to my diet to do the primal thing. I changed my workout routine and dumped my gym membership, which feels awesome. I’m feeling stronger already, especially when it comes to doing pullups.

    1. I axed the gym too, good for us! All I needed was one of those doorway pullup bars to be able to do the full Primal Blueprint routine. In case anyone is curious (and I’m not a sales rep or anything like that) the one I use is the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar; it works great!

  275. One bad day Ali is not bad at all. Sounds like you are on your way.

    I had one bad day too.

    I have been primal for nearly two years and have no problem sticking to the diet but needed to up my strength training since I am really, really old and turns out, really, really weak. At least compared to most of you.

    In the basement I rigged up a bar to do chin ups between two sturdy shelves. Works great but I meant to take it down since it is forehead height and I didn’t want to crash into it. (you know what’s coming…right?) Got distracted, didn’t take it down, several days later while in a hurry, went to get something, ducked under the bar, grabbed what I was after, turned around and walked right into it. A prime example of short term memory loss I’d say.

    I think I have a mild concussion so have been taking it easy. Double stupid and a slight set back.

    1. Oof! You definitely need to win this contest 🙂 Get well soon.

  276. I haven’t been able to do the 30-day challenge as I’d hoped. I’m eating at least 80% primal and have been for about four months. What HAS been good about the challenge for me is reading all the wonderful stories and such. Even though I haven’t added in the primal movements yet, it’s inspired me to restart my tai chi practice…after three years of neglect (my daughter is three and a half–definite connection there!). So thanks to you all for doing such a good job as to make me want to get in gear too!

    1. Way to go Sue! I am a busy Mom too…the eating part I have down pretty well. I need the exercise part to come a little more effortlessly. Baby steps and we will get there 🙂

  277. Down almost 20lbs now and feeling more energetic than I ever have in my life! I have converted my wife and sister-in-law and have been preaching the lifestyle to all of my patients. PB is just what the doctor ordered, trust me I am a Doctor!!! =)

    1. Great to hear there is at least one primal doctor! My sister is doing the challenge and her doctor is very concerned.

      1. That’s probably due the doctor’s nutrition education or the lack there of! The research is there and Mark definitely has done his homework, because this IS the way our genetics were meant to not just survive but thrive on!

        GROK ON!!!

  278. I’ve been able to go primal pretty much 100% with the exception of a bite here and there of a dessert at a restaurant. I admit it has been tough, especially when my football tailgate bbq consists of sausage and carbonated water, but it has been more than worth it. I have not felt the youthfulness, confidence, and physical challenges I am experiencing since high school.

  279. The workouts have been easy to keep up with and the eating is a cinch, especially after losing seven pounds of water bloat/fat. The biggest challenge for this night owl is getting plenty of sleep.

  280. Sarah – that’s great that you gave up your gym membership! Bodyweight exercises are key so why pay all that $$ for stuff you can do at home?

  281. I have been eating gluten free for years and the primal lifestyle is not only easy for me, but I feel so great I could shout it from the rooftop!
    I have indulged in a couple of cocktails while entertaining. But overall the only improvement I could make is getting an exercise routine down a little better. I do homeschool my kids so we do PE everyday (20 min.). It’s a combination of yoga, walking, sprinting. But I haven’t really seen too much of a weight difference since starting the challenge. I am really not that hung up on my weight anyhow. But looking good naked, that is a surefire goal 🙂

    1. I just read into the gluten debate and am glad that a side effect of the Primal Blueprint diet is decreased gluten intake.

      Yea, don’t get hung up on your weight too much, but looking good naked is always a fantastic goal 😉

  282. I’ve been pretty primal (probably 75%) for over a year and lost 15 lbs. After gaining 7 lbs on a family trip to Hawaii in August, the challenge came at a perfect time to be more strict. However, the weight is not coming off–I’ve gained and lost the same pound several times since Sept. 7. 🙁

    1. Just keep at it my friend. I know the consequences of a vacation when it comes to being primal, but give it time and dedication and the rest will follow!

  283. I’ll be honest. I’m doing this really half assed. I am paying more attention to what I eat in the sense that I realize more that I have even more choices about what I put into my body and have a greater awareness of what they could be doing to me. I’ve already been gluten free for 7.5 years due to Celiac Disease and was pleased to see that being a lazy Celiac paid off for this, as it turns out I’m not eating a ton of refined carbs any way. The biggest one I need to get rid of is rice.
    I need to work more at having better snacks on hand.
    The biggest challenge I’m facing is my SO. He’s a carb loading cyclist and very vehemently disagrees with my new dietary choices. We’ll need to talk about it again. The hard part is that we cook meals together (he cooks 4 days a week, I cook 2), so it’s hard to discuss another major change to his cooking techniques (he eats predominately gluten free for me). Hopefully I can find something that works for me.

    1. Good for you! I sometimes do primal kind of half-assed as well, but I’m still a lot healthier than I ever have been. And the cheats are becoming less and less worth it, or even appealing.

      It will probably be hard to convert your SO, but I can tell you done some pretty significant miles (30-40) on my bike without any snacks whatsoever (and no carbo-loading, obviously). And on longer organized rides, I eat a lot less than I used to. Only a quarter of a half bagel with peanut butter, say, when I used to eat an entire bagel. If your SO is cycling at a race pace and/or long distances/lots of climbing, it’s true he might need more carbs during a ride (I eat dates and raisins if I think I need them, I’ve read that some paleo folks do use gels and such), but I’ve found that switching my body to a fat-burning metabolism gives me much more stamina.

      In the meantime, turn him on to the joys of cauliflower “rice”. 🙂

      1. I’ve never been a huge Carb loading fan, and since I’ve done several ironman races and multi-day bike stage races I know a bit about fueling on the bike. You just don’t need carbs on the bike for any rides under 2 hrs. Longer rides or races and anything multiday it’s a different story.

    2. Alissa I know it’s hard as I’m the cook in the family and the rest of the family doesn’t necessarily feel the need to avoid rice/pasta/bread/potatoes. Some meals I cook for myself and add rice/pasta to it for them. Other times I make myself a meal that will have leftovers for a couple of nights in case the consensus in the family is to have something that I won’t eat. The hardest thing has been to give up Family Pizza Night on Fridays but I make a salad or eat some other leftovers and try to ignore the smell of baking bread in my oven

  284. I got back in the primal saddle and started early (late August) and I’ve dropped 10 more pounds and am near my ideal weight–eating fat rules! I need to incorporate more bodyweight exercise into my routine, but I bike and walk a lot and have more energy for both–I think I have abs! A couple candy bars happened, and a one-day nasty carb flu brain fog made espresso seem necessary, but even with a few cheats, I haven’t gained anything back and I feel great mentally and physically.

    1. I think you have abs too! Hopefully they show up soon 🙂 Good luck!

  285. Mmmm: more cowbell! (I’m surprised no one’s mentioned this!)

    I’ve been eating primally since the beginning of August. Have lost 14 lbs, along with mood swings, food cravings, and any interest in logging food consumption or getting on the scale again (just did because I’d started a weight-loss challenge w/ some folk and we’d reached the end). I’m happy to let my ever-looser clothes tell the story.

    The weight loss is great, and what started me on this path. But what really rocks is the stable mood, food pleasure, satiety, and all-round sanity and outright happiness I’ve been feeling since changing my eating habits. I feel like I’ve been let through the curtain to a whole new way of living. Who knew life could be like this? and be so easy, too?

    I feel like I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid. I want to run about telling everyone how they too can change everything and make it all so simple. I try not to be pesty and preachy, but it’s hard to keep your mouth shut when you see people struggling. I try to walk the line between being annoying and inspiring. ;^)

    Glad the women’s line of clothing is coming out. Now to start the campaign for a crew neck! 🙂

    1. I know what you mean about the kool-aid – it feels so enlightening to know the truth about food/lifestyle. The truth really can set you free!

  286. I hit the ground running and have felt energized, emotionally stabilized and convinced that real change can happen. Then, I tried some foods from my old life and boy did I feel the difference – already they made me feel awful! Let’s go primal!

    1. I second the ‘energized’ portion. My energy’s been much more consistent – no afternoon crashes.

  287. I’ve not been following it. Or… I suppose I have, 80/20 and all that. It’s just that it’s no different to the 60 days before it started! I still feel great, still have lots of energy, and I’m still cooking for the first time in my life. It’s awesome. And I could REALLY use that pullup bar when I move in a week.

    I’m not going to support any one particular post on here – rather I extend my support and congratulations to everyone who’s improved the quality of their life through using the info on MDA!

  288. It’s going better than I expected. Some headaches the first week of withdrawal but some of that could have been a work deadline. Camped this weekend and lost weight!

  289. It’s been going well, but it’s been extremely hard!

    Scheduling this month to coincide with the start of football season was just cruel as every Saturday and Sunday usually consists of lots of beer and bar food; it’s been a challenge to stick with the challenge on the weekends.

    The fitness regimen is also difficult because I had really let myself get out of shape, but my numbers are slowly moving up and my body is getting a little more toned each passing day.

  290. Sometimes in this crazy world the only thing I do have control of is my mind and body. Being primal and dialing myself in during this challenge has raised my confidence, self esteem and of course has improved my health to surpass any point in my life. My biggest challenge has been getting over to Trader Joe’s for more bacon.

    1. “My biggest challenge has been getting over to Trader Joe’s for more bacon.”

      So awesome.

      Love the mental effects it has on you! Confidence, Self esteem, the works! 😀

  291. The best advice I can give to anyone when starting is not to beat yourself up over cheats. This is a lifestyle change and you’ll have plenty of opportunities in the future to get back on track. Don’t let one or two bad choices discourage you.

  292. Started going Primal in June. Biggest change is that getting rid of the grains improved my digestion and I no longer have to find a tree or bush half way through a run. So far down 12 lbs and feel great, more spring in my step running and the big hills on the bike all seem easier.

  293. Loving it, hard to keep up to with when surrounded by so many ppl that view it as extreme. Primal makes me feel fuller between breakfast and lunch, and I snack less.

    1. I know what you mean when it comes to people judging it as extreme. I just remember these few words of sage advice: haters gonna hate

  294. Yum bacon!
    I was following the PB mostly before the challenge…I dropped corn chips (i know!) and beer for the challenge. I work nights so I tend to eat late at night..its almost 12 am here and I just polished off a garden tomato, an avacado, a bit of cheese with olive oil dressing. Just what I needed!
    I need this challenge, Hubby and I are in marital crisis, and I picked up smoking again a month ago. Not too smart with a 6 and 8 year old. (“Mommy I thought you QUIT a long time ago! do you want CANCER?”) I am using this challenge to stay clearheaded and focused, keep my system clean and kick butts again!

  295. I’ve been Paleo/Primal(ish) for over a year, but have been slipping since the birth of our daughter 2 months ago (well, actually I was slipping several months before that). The challenge has helped me to refocus and stay on track.

  296. So yes, Seamus, sometimes all we can control is our mind/body…or what we put in our mouths, we are after all, adults!

  297. I did really well the first week but I have trouble during the weekends. I get lazy and less focused then. I’ve lost 2 lbs but I wish I could have stayed focused everyday.

  298. I just officially started today (just had some kerrigold butter), transitioning from paleo. I’m kinda nervous, but we shall see how it goes!

    1. Paleo isn’t really that far from primal, is it? Don’t be so nervous, just do what makes you feel good!

  299. I really got into the swing of Primal life and was loving it until this past weekend. I was traveling with a friend whose family cooked an(unprimal) Indian meal for me, something which I simply could not deny after they had gone through the trouble. It’s been tough getting back on the wagon ever since then, but I think I’m ready to restart this challenge and be more prepared for those kinds of situations.

    1. Don’t let one setback keep you down. That meal is just one bump in the road. If you fall, get back up. You can do it.

  300. I feel amazing, I have so much energy and am constantly in a good mood! First week was a little tougher and I was super grumpy but that was because my carbs were super low and work-outs too long. I was going to go strictly primal but have been eating some cheese, wine and dark chocolate but then that is strictly primal, I am just using my 20% and I am here for life!

  301. I love the Primal lifestyle. I feel better, look better, and now I even enjoy cooking! My fiance is doint great too – he’s lost 10 lbs since the challenge started.

    1. Cooking is the big thing for me too. It is always nice when you can enjoy something most people consider work.

  302. Its been fairly easy and delicious. The amazing thing to me was seeing better results after I cut down my gym time from a bit of a chronic approach.

    1. I know what you mean. I was surprised when I started putting on more muscle after I stopped having time to workout five or six days a week in college. Worked out less AND put on muscle. Didn’t make much sense then.

  303. As a marathon runner, diets on and off for years, always active and trying to be healthy, I was sorely dismayed to see that I still wasn’t losing weight and my body fat seemed stuck at 26%. Since studying the Primal Blueprint 101, reading the book, going primal 2 months ago and now working on this 30 day challenge, I have lost 15 pounds and dropped 7% body fat! More than that, I run fewer miles now days, gotten stronger and most importantly, made my lovely wife very happy!

  304. Have been very good, eliminating all soft drinks, sugar, etc. Have eaten like 3 quesadillas in 3 weeks. Too many tortillas, but will consider it my 20% while I try to curb it.

    1. I agree because corn tortillas (post nixtamalization, to remove mycotoxins and free up niacin) are just too stinkin’ convenient! Slather some almond butter on one cooked on the stove, add a slice of bacon = instant happy! But it’s real easy to over do it (I’m sure I’ve eaten more than my 20%).

  305. After being primal for 18 months already, the biggest thing for me was getting reacquainted with cooking. It is fun to hone skills and discover new ways of preparing old-time favorites or brand new dishes. A diet based on preprepared foods doesn’t allow for this kind of unique pursuit.

    1. I’m a teacher. Try eating primal in a school cafeteria nowadays. Left my lunch at home last Thursday and refused to eat one of the six different kinds of carbs they were offering. Thought I was gonna chew my left arm off by the time I got home. I’ve tried doing a lot of prep stuff (cleaning and slicing, bagging) to make it easier, but you’re right. You simply have to cook in this lifestyle. We’re having a camp-out this weekend, and I’m trying to figure out how to prepare something over a fire…

      1. We went to Glacier National Park this summer and ate very well. For dinner we had meat and a fresh veggie with butter – they kept great in a cooler with ice. For lunches we had pre-sliced “natural” deli meat with pre-sliced cheese and dried or fresh fruit. One hike we had bratwurst we cooked the night before and put on ice overnight. Breakfast was eggs and sausage. Nuts for snacks. Appetizer was cucumber slices and guacamole. So easy. My dad lost weight and loved not being so hungry; his first time low-carb.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. We’re still aiming for a camping experience (which should be pretty primal), but it’s funny how much typical “camping food” isn’t very.

  306. For only the second time since I was in middle school, I’ve gone longer than a day without my drug of choice: Mountain Dew. No white sugar, grains, processed foods, or cheating since Labor Day. I’ve lost 10 pounds.

    1. I’d pretty much got away from the sugar thing (though I *know* it wouldn’t be hard to start that up again!) but I transferred to diet sodas. I gave them up for the primal challenge this month and have been doing okay. Losing that weight must help with the motivation, eh? Good job.

    2. That’s fantastic! Congratulations! Was it difficult to give it up? (I gave up my diet Coke several years ago and felt like hell for at least a month. Now I don’t miss it at all…)

      1. Thanks so much for the encouragement and compliments. I fasted the day after Labor Day as a shock detox, intending to eat dinner Tuesday night and start there. By 2:00 I had a raging headache (not that uncommon for me, unfortunately), so I wound up lying down for a little while (which became several hours). Woke up the next morning with a slight headache still, but that was gone not long after my first meal. Since then, it’s been surprisingly easy. I was afraid I had no will power left, but doing this as a group has made me a part of something, and a different sort of reason to continue than just an arbitrary day I pick. I intend to indulge every once in a while after the challenge ends, but by then (by now, even), the spell is broken. And moderation should now be an option, when it really wasn’t before.

  307. It’s been an odd experience for me so far. Adjusting to the diet has been easier than I expected, however, since the 2nd day of the challenge I’ve had a pretty horrendous cold/upper respiratory infection/cough and my body has felt pretty abused. I haven’t had an opportunity to really feel the effects of the lifestyle change due to the sickness so I’m looking forward to the 2nd half of the challenge when I get better and see results!

  308. So far it has been going pretty well, feel good throughout the day and less bogged down during workouts. I don’t feel quite ready to go completely primal after the end of the challenge, but there’s definitely a large portion of my diet that won’t be coming back.

  309. Sweets don’t taste good (ate some sugary yogurt tonight at a friend’s house) and digestion is FAR better; less bran/fiber and more veggies = GOOD.

    1. I agree! I have always had such an enormous sweet tooth, but at my 4-year-old niece’s birthday party last weekend I actually had to spit out the chocolate cake!! (NEVER thought that would happen…)

  310. I’ve been primal for about six months and loving it. I like that I have a lot of physical endurance, and I’m so glad not to be hungry all the time any more, like I was on my low-fat, whole grain diet. I’m maintaining my weight and getting stronger working toward the essential primal fitness movements. I made the Skinless Gyozas for dinner tonight; they were terrific. I feel good.

  311. I had a really great start, followed by a backsliding middle. But through it all I’ve had an amazingly positive attitude and feel stronger and happier than I could have imagined possible. Let me at that second half of the challenge!

    1. Hmm… I guess I’ve been backsliding a little, too, the last couple days – maybe as low as 75%. Like you, though, I’m feeling good and now I’m aiming to hop back on the primal bandwagon and bump it back up above 80%!

  312. I been paleo for a while and went to the 80-20 method before I learned about the primal way. I really like that there is some wiggle room. Since I am doing this for my health and for performance at the gym and in life I figure that a piece of bread or some chili every now and then won’t kill me. I just have learned not to make it my staple in life and the results have been amazing. Thanks for this site I find a ton of recipes and great articles.

  313. For me this has been a period of refocusing, I started primal living in January. This month I have focused on resting and not only have I lost 9 lbs.(I had plateaued for 3 weeks prior)I have had increased strength in each of the five essential primal movements during my lift heavy things workout. The challenge has also helped me finally recruit my wife which has made her feel great and brought us closer together. Thanks to Mark and the PB lifestyle!

    1. great to hear! Sometimes it it hard to believe that doing less gives us more results huh? And that is great to hear about you and your wife!

  314. I haven’t actually been participating in the challenge but I started reading The Primal Blueprint at about the same time as the challenge began. That, following the blog, and reading TAWfunguy’s journal has been the inspiration I needed to get me over the plateau I’ve hit since going “paleo” 6 months ago. Now my 14-year-old son (who would normally eat his weight in sugared breakfast cereals in a sitting) says that he wants to go primal!

    1. Good for you for inspiring your son. I think I pushed a bit too much with my daughters (18 and 21) so they rebelled a bit – though they are not immune to the logic so they’ll probably come around eventually.

  315. What has been really hard is trying to snack primal… but after doing paleo for a while, it seems primal is simply easier to follow

  316. Have been primal for about a year and was doing well right before my deployment. Not so well when I got here, when your life revolves around smorgasboards (chow halls) that push a lot of carbs, vegetables that cause diaharea, and lack of good grass fed beef/pork/poultry…well it definitely isn’t easy! For the most part they make excellent meals but there is so much that is so geared towards CW type foods that you have to be picky. They do have great eggs but the lines for them take forever. Anyway I have lost a lot of weight, which is typical over here, but can’t wait to be back in the states and grill on the Traeger every night! Thanks Mark for keeping the “Soil/Oil/Sun” supplements rolling this way, by the way figured out doxycyclanine (Malaria pills) and probiotics don’t mix! Hope everyone else is doing well…and yes Primal works, believe it!!

  317. Went primal several weeks before the actual challenge, therefore I basically made no modifications to my lifestyle. Eating high fat/low carb, I find it sometimes difficult to actually eat enough. I am your typical, underweight hardgainer and was happy to actually keep my weight from before. I comfort myself that I must have gained some muscle in the process, and it really feels like that – I am way more flexible and becoming stronger than ever. I love Paleo/Primal/whatever you call it!

  318. The hardest part for me has been the drinking (alcohol). I just graduated from college after 4 years and got a job 2 weeks ago. I have made a lot of great friends, but since I’m pretty young our way to celebrate and say good bye is to drink. We always say one drink, and it ends up being a 3 liter boot for each one of us =).

    For me that has been the sticking point, but I feel that right now going out and drinking with friends is more important than being primal.

    p.s. I come from a strong drinking culture in latin america, and my friends are mostly germans and spaniards, and what we like to do is drink socially.

    1. What you need is to be drinking “skinny margaritas”. Sounds girly but Robb Wolf talked about it in one of his podcasts (he called it a SoCal Margarita). Pretty much tequila (NO GRAIN), soda water (club soda), and lime.

  319. I’ve been eating a lot of what is called ‘bad parts’ : kidney, heart, and so on… Never felt so great in my life. Thanks!

    1. Oh, that’s what I’ve been planning on doing but so far I’ve only had liver. I remember my mom’s beef heart pot roast and I *loved* when she cooked beef tongue. Now, I just need to find a source for it.

      1. Last week I saw beef tongue in a supermarket. Almost purchased it then, definitely will next time I see it.

  320. After losing a lot of weight through June I’d started to inch back up. In the last two weeks that trend has turned the corner. Food-wise I’m doing pretty well. I’ve only had *two* grain-based items and *no* sodas (artificially sweetened or otherwise).

    What I haven’t done, yet, is tried all the different kinds of organ meats that I’ve been planning on doing this month (a personal challenge) and I haven’t gotten my bike dusted off yet. I also haven’t connected with other paleo/primal people in my area (though I have contacted one person and plan to join them at their gathering next month).

    I am enjoying the need to push my creativity on the food and exercise fronts. All in all, participating in the 30-Day Challenge has helped me get more primal and I plan to hold myself to mini-challenges throughout the year to refine my primalness (primality?).

    Thank you, all.

  321. So far I’ve been eating about 80-85% primal. Unfortunately I haven’t started the exercise portion of PBD yet. I could blame my new job, but I really can only blame myself . . . I have lost a few pounds though!

  322. I have been doing Paleo for a few years, but have been cheating more then usual. The 30-day challenge inspired to go back to 100% primal. I am past the low carb flu and feeling great!!!

  323. I officially converted to PB September 1, and I can tell my body appreciates it! I’ve only lost about 1kg (2 lbs), which I find a bit disappointing, but I am easily sticking to the grain-free food choices and exercise (with the exception of sprinting). My 20% is primarily made up of red wine…

    I too, like Ryan above, experienced a rather intense week or so of upper respiratory nastiness which kept me in bed and immobile. I’m now feeling physically much better, though I’ve become painfully aware how much of my junk eating was emotionally based. I now realize how often I crave breads/cakes/cookies/pasta/desserts, and the fact that I’m choosing not to indulge means I’m now having to face and process all kinds of emotions that I’d rather not be facing. This has been the hardest part for me.

  324. I went on the PB wagon on 20 august, when coming back from vacation.
    I have lost only 2 kg but my muscle definition is better and I am really less hungry. I tried fasting twice but I ate like a madwoman on the morrow (good PB food, although). I maintain around 100g carbohydrate a day without problem.
    I confess : I am quite ashamed, I had a pizza (non paleo) yesterday to please my husband and I had an horrible night, I still feel sluggish : it doesn’t give me the desire to do it again. I’ll be better next time…

    1. Hey, remember, mistakes are not failures! You learned something, and that’s great! Grok on!

    2. Hey, I have been just starting to try fasting during this challenge as well! I am glad you mentioned the overeating the following day, that is something I will have to watch for!
      Otherwise, I saw a good recipe on this site for a pizza that was made with sunflower seeds as the crust. It looked delicious! A little time consuming to make but maybe it would fill you up when you wanted pizza? And maybe you could get hubby to try and you won’t feel so tempted…

  325. Well I’ve been doing the workout routine my own way (lift heavy things 4 times a week and sprinting 1-2 times a week). The nutrition I’ve been following manically (except after the gym-sections where I cheat by taking small doses of maltodextrin in my protein to get carbs, otherwise I would be under 50g a day). I feel tighter and I’ve lost a lot of the bulk and I’m getting quite lean alrady I was putting on during my bulk-period this summer (ex- deff-bulk-gym-rat).

    I’m never going back to grains, rice and pasta.

    1. Edit: I haven’t felt any symptoms of the carb flue. I guess that’s because I’m used to low-carb periods do to my deff-periods?

  326. Easing into things during the challenge is going well except for two times when I fell down. I did what Grok would have done; turned the fall into a burpee and bounced right back! How could we fail at being who we really are?

  327. I’m struggling. Sometimes when I’m stressed and/or couldn’t sleep well I end up eating bread. And I haven’t worked out in a week.

    1. I found it necessary to concentrate on one thing first, eating primal,and added the workouts 4 months later old habits die hard. Hang in there it does get easier over time.

  328. For me the first half has gone well except for one evening (sugar cookies right from the oven). It was a good wake up call for me though because I didn’t have just one & I felt so bad afterwards.
    ScottMGS, I found that doing some digging in the recipe archives before I go to the grocery store has really helped me branch out & get creative.

  329. I worked until late last night! Hope this makes the deadline!

    I actually had the hardest day yet yesterday at work. It is “that time of the month” and hormones are bossy. I caved in and ate chips. I hadn’t had any in 4 months. I feel like a failure at the Primal challenge, it was going so well.
    I wonder if any Grok Girls have any suggestions about hormone-issues? Yesterday was going to be my intermittent fast, but didn’t make it until 10am…

    1. How long have you been Primal? Many women have noticed a decrease in hormonal swings with the PB, so I hope this will also turn out to be the case for you 🙂

  330. I broke my neck over the winter and gained 32 pounds. Was vegan before, but switched 2 weeks ago to Primal diet. I’ve dropped 11 pounds in that time and feel great. Working on getting the full pull up, and my body, although still heavier than before my surgery, is actually looking leaner. Is that crazy? My clothes are loose and I know I’m going to stick to this. Love the recipes too.