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Today’s guest post is written by Elle Russ. Many of you know her as host of the Primal Blueprint Podcast. She’s also the author of Primal Blueprint Publishing’s popular The Paleo Thyroid Solution and a brand new book – Confident As Fu*k (foreword by yours truly). She’s been a great colleague and good friend over the years, and I’m happy to share her post today. To learn more about Elle, you can visit her website,


I am excited to share my new book with the Mark’s Daily Apple audience! Confident As Fu*k is the self-help book for people looking to level up their self-esteem and confidence and manifest their dreams to live a happier, more abundant existence. This book is also for highly confident people to learn how to navigate confidence pitfalls, become more accessible, and refine their nature. In this entertaining exposé on self-esteem and confidence, I dish out funny, inspiring stories and observations to help you:

  • Identify and finally ditch bad vibes and negative people who are keeping you from being Confident As Fu*k.
  • Clean up your past through addressing shame and limiting stories (about yourself and others) that are holding you back.
  • Become inspired to speak up for yourself and take a leap into the arena of self-examination.

By the end of Confident As Fu*k, you will understand yourself and the shortcomings you need to abandon in order to kick ass and take names!

If you have heard me host Primal Blueprint Podcast episodes – you might have gathered that I am a very confident person. My entire life has followed a pattern of attracting friends, strangers, work colleagues, etc that need a helping hand with confidence, self-esteem, self-love, and speaking up. I have not merely been a cheerleader and a coach to these people, because all of them have taught me valuable lessons in return. Ultra confident people often need assistance in the following areas: Vulnerability, active listening, compromise, addiction to struggle, kindness, diplomacy, and receiving.

Whether you are debilitatingly shy and seeking to gain confidence or whether you are ultra confident like me but need to refine your confidence and self-esteem, my intention is that you will be inspired to take control of your life and step into a new, polished, perfectly Confident As Fu*k you – with a boatload of extra self-esteem. It is worth the effort to get there, because confidence applies to every area of our lives – from the boardroom to the bedroom and everywhere in between.

While there are different connotations for the terms confidence and self-esteem, my use of the term Confident As Fu*k is intended to be all-encompassing. You can be confident and have low self-esteem or have high self-esteem but lack confidence. Becoming Confident As Fu*k is about having both, not one without the other. I am not offering you a textbook riddled with statistics and studies involving confidence, but instead – a more intimate and relatable portrait of examples from my life and others – so you can resonate with analytic illustrations of real life human interactions and ways of thinking.

Here is an excerpt from the Foreword to Confident As Fu*k, written by Mark Sisson:

“As you might be able to discern from the title, this is not yet another self-help book filled with platitudes, ACRONYM’s and tidy to-do lists. This is a raw, unfiltered swing for the fences on the touchy topics of self-esteem, self-confidence, and shattering barriers that are in the way of authentically cultivating these esteemed personal attributes. I love how Elle shares her personal story with deep conviction and vulnerability to engage you, but always keeps her eye on you—the reader—to give you something valuable and actionable to implement in your own life. We have enough people on social media shining the spotlight on themselves and telling feel-good stories that provide a brief burst of entertainment and inspiration at best, and are pandering at worst. This book is different, deeper, and more powerful.” – Mark Sisson 2019


My Confident As Fu*k nature has not been attained without several blows to it over the years, and at times my confidence needed repairing, refining, and course-correction. Confidence is yours to possess no matter where you are now. I have seen confidence spring up from the deepest wells of self-sabotage, dreadfully low self-esteem, and debilitating shyness. I myself have risen up from some profound punctured holes to my confidence. If you attend to it, confidence and self-esteem continually grows and gets better and better as the years go by. Life is shorter than we want it to be, it is time to step out of the shadows of victimhood and stand in the foreground possessing immense self-esteem and confidence.

CHARACTERISTICS OF Confident As Fu*k people:

  • They approach challenging situations as something to be conquered and mastered, not hazards to be feared or avoided
  • They are comfortable with failures and mistakes
  • They speak with authority
  • They are dependable, reliable, trustworthy, and on time
  • They encourage, foster, and celebrate the success of others
  • They take initiative
  • They are leaders
  • They are decisive
  • They are goal oriented
  • They focus on their strengths, not weaknesses
  • They have healthy relationships
  • They have self-compassion
  • They are not easily offended
  • They have the ability to laugh at themselves
  • They choose reason over reaction
  • They are constantly learning
  • They are loving and compassionate towards others
  • They believe in their own abilities
  • They use effective communication skills
  • They feel loved and valued by those around them
  • They do not feel the need to prove themselves to anyone
  • They are successful
  • They are happy
  • They speak the truth as they see it – they tell it like it is
  • They don’t care much what other people think of them
  • They handle stressful situations with composure and ease
  • They focus on the solution and do not dwell on the problem
  • They face uncertainty with fortitude, not fear and intimidation

Being Confident As Fu*k is not about walking around telling everyone you are Confident As Fu*k – that would be pontificating confidence. I am not advocating a showy display or a dominating announcement to the world. The ultimate goal is to walk around throughout your days, feeling happy and proud of yourself and who you are in this world, and who you are still becoming. When you are truly Confident As Fu*k – it naturally emanates outward with ease, because it is who you truly are. No matter where you are at in life, it’s time for you to get Confident As Fu*k.

Confident As Fu*k is available on Amazon – CLICK HERE

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