February 04 2008

Guess the Nutrition Label! Reveal

By Aaron

Rachel is our contest winner with the correct answer of Fruity Cheerios!

Where's the fruit?

Oh, Fruity Cheerios. Let me count the ways I detest thee:

1. 92% Carbs

2. Ingredient 1 = Whole Grain Corn

3. Ingredient 2 = Sugar

4. Ingredient 4 = Corn Syrup

5. Ingredient 5 = Corn Starch

6. They perpetuate the myth that dietary cholesterol is public enemy #1.

7. They use children involved in gross, unbridled Cheerio orgies to sell their product. (As if that child is excited about the Cheerios because they are Cheerios. I have a feeling he would be as excited if the Cheerios were, say, cotton balls, shiny nickels, or Vital Omegas. 😉 )

Enjoy those Vital Omegas, Rachel. They’ll certainly treat you better than Fruity Cheerios.

To learn more about why everyone should be supplementing with pure Omega 3 Fatty Acids check out:

Wikipedia: Fish Oil Defined

Vitasearch: Fish Oil Studies

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  1. A bowl of Joe’s Os (Trader Joe’s private label version of Cheerios) (measured for 75 gms of CHO) has given me the highest ever blood glucose from a “food” since I began monitoring my BG – 265, reached in only 45 minutes. And later I had a nasty hypoglycemic low in the 60s. After that I banned all cold cereals from the house. Why would I want my son to eat predigested bowls of fast absorbing, highly processed glucose?

  2. Anna,
    I have 4 kids. They are with me 50% of the month, the other 50 with mom.
    They eat “regular foods” at mom’s house and eat primal/paleo/ef at my house. They never complain about the foods I give them and interestingly, they never show the crazy cranky behavior at my house that seems to drive mom crazy at her house.
    Maybe corn toasties/cereal and eggos’ for breakfast due effect them a little??? nah….. 🙂