Grok’s Favorite Things: 14 Gifts For Yourself (or Other Primal Types in Your Life)

Podium with gift box, 3D rendering isolated on black backgroundGrok may not have an entire cable network or billions of dollars in net worth, but I’d suggest he’s at least as good as Oprah at picking good gifts. This is his gift list for 2017. For a dude whose idea of high technology was an atlatl, it’s an impressive one.

If you’re shopping for the Primal types in your life, or maybe you want to treat yourself to something not just nice but useful, use this gift guide for ideas.

1. 70-Gallon Stock Tank

I’ve been banging the cold plunge drum for years now, but the fact remains that most people don’t have an easy way to fully immerse themselves in cold water. Showers aren’t plunges. Bathtubs don’t offer full immersion, and the warm water always beckons. $120 gets you this 70-gallon stock tank, which is large enough to accommodate most full-grown adults interested in immersing themselves in cold water.

2. All-Clad Stick Blender

The stick blender is a great idea, but most of the time people skimp on the price and end up with a substandard, underpowered piece of junk. If you want one that lasts, one that can probably blend a smartphone, it’s worth forking over a little more money.

As of the writing of this post, this blender is about $30 off its price.

3. Cast Iron Tuscan Grill

The Steven Raichlen cast iron Tuscan grill is incredibly versatile. Let’s go through the attributes.

  • It’s cast iron. Get it hot enough and you’ll see the grill marks on your steak from space.
  • It has screw on cast iron legs. This allows you to take it on hikes, to the beach, and anywhere else you might want to start an impromptu grill session.
  • It’s both a grill and a platform for other cookware. You can grill directly on the cast iron grate or use it as a cooking stand for your cast iron skillet.

Get one or two if you care at all about wood fire or charcoal cooking.

4. Evolution Board Game

This game won’t exactly replace The Origin of Species. It’s not a substitute for learning about natural selection. But it’s a great time for the family, suitable for most ages, and is at least moderately related to evolution. I’m always asking you folks to play more, and not just physically. This is a good way to do it.

5. Luna Sandals

Though it’s wintertime and most of us aren’t really thinking about donning sandals, keep these in mind for warmer times. You can do everything in Luna sandals. Hike great distances, run trails, climb mountains, walk in the rain, chill on a beach. Check out their Instagram account for a broad sample of what people get up to in their sandals. An old friend of mine, Barefoot Ted, makes these in Seattle, so you’ll be supporting an American business (if you care about that sort of thing; I do) and supporting a friend of the blog. Also, the guy is named Barefoot Ted, so he definitely understands the detailed workings and requirements of the human foot.

6. OURA Ring

I’ve always been skeptical of wearable technology. It’s not very accurate, it overstates its abilities, and it engenders over-reliance on the tech and ignorance of our own intuitive powers. But if the initial studies bear out, and it appears they will, the OURA ring looks to be an unobtrusive and accurate wearable for measuring sleep, heart rate variability, and body temperature.

7. Anova Sous Vide

If you don’t have the space for Dr. Eades’ Sous Vide Supreme Touch+, the Anova is the next best option. It’s an immersion sous vide, meaning you dunk it in the vessel of your choice and it regulates the temperature of the water.

8. Primal Kitchen® Gift Kit

For the Primal foodie in your life (or your own Primal kitchen)… I think Grok would be proud of his likeness engraved on the cutting board and chef’s knife, not to mention our Mayo, Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil, and Balsamic Dressing. I’ve gifted a number of these already this season.

And, hey, in honor of Grok, take 20% off your purchase through 12/31/17. Just use the code GIFT20 when you check out.

9. Darn Tough Merino Wool Hiking Socks

I rarely wear socks, but when I do, I enjoy the Darn Toughs. Wool keeps you warm in the cold and comfortable in the warmth. Socks usually give me “hot foot.” The Darn Toughs are some of the only ones that don’t.

10. Four Sigmatic Chaga and Lion’s Mane Mushroom Coffee

Lately, I’ve been really curious about Lion’s Mane mushrooms, which studies show have the potential to stimulate neurogenesis—the growth of new brain cells. This product is a great way to get both coffee and lion’s mane (plus chaga, another beneficial mushroom). The alternative is buying and cooking fresh lion’s mane, which is delicious but runs rather expensive for everyday use.

11. Mother Dirt Products

We carry these in the Primal Blueprint store for a very good reason: They work with your body’s natural ecosystem to keep you clean. If your giftee has hair, go for the shampoo. If they don’t, go for the cleanser. And everyone could use the AOBiome spray, which preferentially targets ammonia-producing bacteria and reduces the need to shower and use soap.

12. Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpener

There’s nothing more satisfying than using a really sharp knife to slice meat and chop veggies. There’s nothing more dangerous than using a dull knife to slice meat and chop veggies. Purists would have you invest your time and money in buying and learning to use a sharpening stone, and that’s a valid option, but most people won’t dedicate enough of themselves to really learn the craft. This knife sharpener gets top marks.

13. Red Dragon Torch

It’s designed to kill weeds, and that’s all well and good. I like it to start charcoal fires. Rather than light your coals in a chimney, pour them out, and hope for the best placement, you can set your coals up in the perfect arrangement and then light them with the torch. Other benefits include finishing off dishes with a blast of flame. Oh, and if you use this at night, it just looks awesome.

For outdoor use only.

14. Pure-Wave Power Massager

Essentially a massive vibrator, this is no replacement for visiting a skilled body worker, but it’s probably a lot better than visiting a cheap one. You can use it to hit trigger points, do self-myofascial release, or just have a nice relaxing approximation of a rub. If you hate foam rollers but need them, you might enjoy hanging out with the Pure-Wave while you read, browse the web, or watch TV.

That’s it: Grok’s gift guide for 2017. Now I’d love to hear from you…. What are you getting people? What are you lusting after? What’s been the best purchase you’ve made or received in recent memory?

Thanks for reading, everyone. Take care!


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