Grok Throws a Party

Some weeks ago after the Power of Ritual post, I had to laugh when SophieE and desert tomte shared their idea for creating our own Primal holiday. Needless to say, the musing has got the better of me. (I’ve been dipping into the egg nog one too many times, you’re wondering.) Sure, the MDA community is scattered around the globe, and our holiday schedules are likely filled. No matter. Today, I’m letting all reason and purpose fly by the wayside. Sisson’s gone nuts, you might say. Maybe so. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that. I respond to the charge with those immortal, wise words, “Why ask why?” So, I’m taking SophieE and desert tomte at their word today and devoting today’s post to a virtual Primal bash – with everything befitting a Primal fete as well as a New Year’s celebration. The staff and I are in. Are you?

Step right onto the beach. (Seriously, did you expect it to be anywhere else??) It’s sunset, and the party’s just starting. Grok will be our gracious host of course. (Did I mention he’s a party guy?) He’ll also be manning the spit where you’ll find a variety of roasted delectables. If anyone cares to share their expertise or additions to the meat offerings, do speak up. Being that I wouldn’t exactly trust Grok’s Paleolithic bartending skills, however, we’ll call it BYOB. Now this is getting interesting….

In fact, let’s go with a full out Primal potluck – a chance to show off the best of your best Primal dishes. (This definitely won’t be your grandmother’s church potluck.) Contributions, folks? Do tell – and describe. Can you envision such a grand and succulent lineup? Me? I’m bringing my big a– salad of course. But I imagine everything from soup to nuts: juicy lamb kabobs, grilled shrimp with orange mango dipping sauce, buffalo chicken. And don’t forget the stunning array of Primal desserts. Heck, this event could probably be it’s own cookbook! Hmmmm….

There’s no end to what could be included in the context of good, clean, Primal fun. Bonfire’s a given. Music – heavy on the percussion. Dancing. A game of Ultimate Frisbee. (Duh.) Jerky pinata. Beach sprints. (Hey, this is starting to sound a lot like PrimalCon.) As many Festivus fans as we have out there, how about a brief but passionate airing of grievances against the offenses of conventional wisdom this year? And who will be exhibiting their feats of Primal strength? (Grokkers tend to excel in this category.) Can a Festivus pole be rigged as a javelin? Maybe that’s sacrilege. Other ideas?

I’m thinking now about what such an event might really look like. With over a million readers a month, I suppose a special permit would be required. Noise ordinances? I’m guessing we’d get several citations. It’s all good. We Primal types tend to be an earnest but raucous bunch.

Being New Year’s and all, why not take a moment of the festivities to declare what we’re each celebrating this year. What has 2011 been for you on your road to health and vitality? On MDA, it’s been the year of ongoing success stories. It’s been the year of the 21 Day Total Body Transformation. It’s been the year of favorite posts covering everything from the Grokfeast Challenge to old school summers, intentional power outages to a Primal revolution of gym classes everywhere. Doesn’t it just make you want to bust out with a round of Auld Lang Syne? (I might need another Grok grog before that.)

Toward midnight (because how could any Primal party peter out before then?), there would be the ecstatic countdown and run into the waves. Give a final exultant farewell to all that 2011 has brought you – the good and the bad. Release it into the infinite sea surrounding you. Take in the wild power of the ocean to fortify your journey in 2012. Imagine beginning the New Year surrounded by a fully pumped, wild Primal horde whooping it up at midnight.

Who knows how long the party would last after that. In a virtual vision, anything’s possible. Time Square’s got nothin’ on this. There’s (non lip synched) music, an open sky, and plenty of good Primal food and – of course – excellent Primal company. Why not stay, sing, swim, and see the sun come up on 2012?

With that, my friends, I turn over our virtual Primal fete to you. Don’t be shy. What  are you bringing? Volleyball net? Ukulele? Stupid human tricks? Best achievements and stories of the year? Most importantly, what are you bringing to the buffet? (Ha!) Enjoy, everyone! Thanks for yet another incredible year at MDA, and Happy New Year!

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