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Some weeks ago after the Power of Ritual post, I had to laugh when SophieE and desert tomte shared their idea for creating our own Primal holiday. Needless to say, the musing has got the better of me. (I’ve been dipping into the egg nog one too many times, you’re wondering.) Sure, the MDA community is scattered around the globe, and our holiday schedules are likely filled. No matter. Today, I’m letting all reason and purpose fly by the wayside. Sisson’s gone nuts, you might say. Maybe so. It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard that. I respond to the charge with those immortal, wise words, “Why ask why?” So, I’m taking SophieE and desert tomte at their word today and devoting today’s post to a virtual Primal bash – with everything befitting a Primal fete as well as a New Year’s celebration. The staff and I are in. Are you?

Step right onto the beach. (Seriously, did you expect it to be anywhere else??) It’s sunset, and the party’s just starting. Grok will be our gracious host of course. (Did I mention he’s a party guy?) He’ll also be manning the spit where you’ll find a variety of roasted delectables. If anyone cares to share their expertise or additions to the meat offerings, do speak up. Being that I wouldn’t exactly trust Grok’s Paleolithic bartending skills, however, we’ll call it BYOB. Now this is getting interesting….

In fact, let’s go with a full out Primal potluck – a chance to show off the best of your best Primal dishes. (This definitely won’t be your grandmother’s church potluck.) Contributions, folks? Do tell – and describe. Can you envision such a grand and succulent lineup? Me? I’m bringing my big a– salad of course. But I imagine everything from soup to nuts: juicy lamb kabobs, grilled shrimp with orange mango dipping sauce, buffalo chicken. And don’t forget the stunning array of Primal desserts. Heck, this event could probably be it’s own cookbook! Hmmmm….

There’s no end to what could be included in the context of good, clean, Primal fun. Bonfire’s a given. Music – heavy on the percussion. Dancing. A game of Ultimate Frisbee. (Duh.) Jerky pinata. Beach sprints. (Hey, this is starting to sound a lot like PrimalCon.) As many Festivus fans as we have out there, how about a brief but passionate airing of grievances against the offenses of conventional wisdom this year? And who will be exhibiting their feats of Primal strength? (Grokkers tend to excel in this category.) Can a Festivus pole be rigged as a javelin? Maybe that’s sacrilege. Other ideas?

I’m thinking now about what such an event might really look like. With over a million readers a month, I suppose a special permit would be required. Noise ordinances? I’m guessing we’d get several citations. It’s all good. We Primal types tend to be an earnest but raucous bunch.

Being New Year’s and all, why not take a moment of the festivities to declare what we’re each celebrating this year. What has 2011 been for you on your road to health and vitality? On MDA, it’s been the year of ongoing success stories. It’s been the year of the 21 Day Total Body Transformation. It’s been the year of favorite posts covering everything from the Grokfeast Challenge to old school summers, intentional power outages to a Primal revolution of gym classes everywhere. Doesn’t it just make you want to bust out with a round of Auld Lang Syne? (I might need another Grok grog before that.)

Toward midnight (because how could any Primal party peter out before then?), there would be the ecstatic countdown and run into the waves. Give a final exultant farewell to all that 2011 has brought you – the good and the bad. Release it into the infinite sea surrounding you. Take in the wild power of the ocean to fortify your journey in 2012. Imagine beginning the New Year surrounded by a fully pumped, wild Primal horde whooping it up at midnight.

Who knows how long the party would last after that. In a virtual vision, anything’s possible. Time Square’s got nothin’ on this. There’s (non lip synched) music, an open sky, and plenty of good Primal food and – of course – excellent Primal company. Why not stay, sing, swim, and see the sun come up on 2012?

With that, my friends, I turn over our virtual Primal fete to you. Don’t be shy. What  are you bringing? Volleyball net? Ukulele? Stupid human tricks? Best achievements and stories of the year? Most importantly, what are you bringing to the buffet? (Ha!) Enjoy, everyone! Thanks for yet another incredible year at MDA, and Happy New Year!

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Mark Sisson is the founder of Mark’s Daily Apple, godfather to the Primal food and lifestyle movement, and the New York Times bestselling author of The Keto Reset Diet. His latest book is Keto for Life, where he discusses how he combines the keto diet with a Primal lifestyle for optimal health and longevity. Mark is the author of numerous other books as well, including The Primal Blueprint, which was credited with turbocharging the growth of the primal/paleo movement back in 2009. After spending three decades researching and educating folks on why food is the key component to achieving and maintaining optimal wellness, Mark launched Primal Kitchen, a real-food company that creates Primal/paleo, keto, and Whole30-friendly kitchen staples.

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  1. I’m bringing my kids – when they see a Primal community partying, it would be powerful incentive to Get Primal themselves!

    Oh, and some meatball/bacon kabobs as my contribution to the Primal dinner.

  2. Oh man can we call it Grokstock? I’m bringing the lamb shoulder, the prosciutto wrapped dates, my booty shaking genes and the ukulele… ooooohhh raw oysters on the half shell too!!

      1. Grokstok has got to become a real event! That IS awesome! I will bring the homemade guacomole and veggie chips for dipping! And maybe the volleyball net if I can carry it all!

  3. Now THAT is the way I want to ring in the New Year! What an incredible picture!

  4. Okay, put me down for burgers. Not just any burgers though.

    1 lb. ground beef
    1 lb. cream cheese
    2 jalapeno peppers
    1/4 cup shredded cheddar

    Dice jalapenos and mix throughly with cream cheese and cheddar.Form ground beef into 2 oz patties. Place about 1 Tbsp cream cheese mixture on top of half the patties. Place a second pattie on top and seal. Grill to taste. Serve in a lettuce wrap.

      1. Feel free to change it up. Any cheese should work. Cream cheese is just what I used.

    1. cream cheese?? I can so picture, n taste that on a burger!!
      Grokstock? great idea, I am in for next year….. where? when???

    2. Yum, jalapeno popper burgers!

      Having them this weekend for sure, thank you for the recipe!

  5. A big old Greek salad and some lamb chops!

    Oh, and my two kids, husband, and golden retriever. No one wants to miss this party!

  6. I am so grateful for this year because even though I haven’t made it far I have recently found the inspiration I needed to start a primal blog and do a challenge on the blog in the new year! I would bring a primal tiramisu made from my angle food cake and primal custard. Cut the cake in 3 layers brush with tuaco (its a party!) and coffee then layer!!! 😀 Hmm maybe I will do that for my new years party.

    1. OH and I forgot, I always bring bacon wrapped cheese stuffed dates to parties…they keep me from the bad foods because I am too stuffed from eating them!

  7. I’ll bring the bacon-wrapped chicken bites!! (wrap chunks of boneless chicken and a slice of jalapeno in 1/2 slice of bacon. Thread on skewer. Repeat until all chicken is wrapped and then grill until chicken is cooked) Hmmm…maybe some of Elana’s Pantry’s minty hot chocolate for the evening too! Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Bringing heart and liver stew!
    Besides percussion, we need didges and key-harps 😀

    Feats of 2011:
    Started walking the paleo road in aug/sep.
    IBS almost gone.
    Psoriasis minimized.
    Strength improved a lot (leg press from 109kg -> 155kg)

    Oh, and I sleep way better than I thought (using Zeo Sleep Manager to monitor it).

  9. Well if I really want to do it up for a Primal New Year’s Eve Party I would have my husband smoke a whole brisket (Texas Style) on the Big Green Egg. It is absolutely delicious!

        1. PrimalCon sounds awesome but a bit too pricey 🙁 what would be awesome is to have a set place, date, and time for people to meet, price of entry is a potluck item. Then you could pay per event for all the cool PrimalCon demonstrations! And who needs a hotel for l

        2. Haha whoops wrong button! *for lodging? Camping is way more primal!

        3. As much as I’d love to go to PrimalCon, I just can’t swing $795 US, plus lodging and a flight to the west coast from Ontario, Canada.

  10. Happy New Year!

    Someone from my CrossFit gym brought a simple appetizer to our holiday party, which I wouldn’t mind bringing: bacon pieces dipped in dark chocolate!

    I’d also bring my shaman drum, and maybe even my Celtic harp.

    And I would give thanks for 2011 when I discovered the ancestral/paleo/primal diets and joined CrossFit!

    I live in So. California…so Mark, if you ever decide to do this, I’m in!

  11. 2011 success – Finding Daily Apple and loosing 42lbs!!

    Bringing – Grilled onions
    Quarter an onion, add a tablespoon of butter a little salt and pepper, wrap onion up in bacon and then in foil and grill for a hour or so, Nirvana!

  12. I vote we have a sand volleyball game. All my teenagers would love to play along with me! Im IN!

  13. How does a whole roast pig sound? SO tender and succulent it slides right out of its amber skin, which now looks like a giant pig-shaped lantern in the firelight. (I wonder if you put candles in it if it would go up like its own bonfire?!?)

    There will be greasy fingers and smiling faces all around! I know some terrific old songs, I’ve got a bodhran and I’m not afraid to use it, and I feel like DANCING.

    1. Whole roast pig sounds like perfect party food for me. And, my hubby can supply the Irish button accordion to go with the bodhran. Happy feet!

  14. Primal since March 2011 — 30 lbs gone, along with arthritis and hypertension!

    I’m bringing steamed cauliflower in Alfredo sauce with crumbled bacon.

    Thanks Mark!

  15. Oh, yeah, and celebrations of my own feats…

    20+ pounds lost since starting in September

    No more GERD

    Only two tiny bits of heartburn and I earned ’em fair and square

    Hernia stopped being tender

    I have a JAWLINE

    More sociable

    More energy

    I may be old, but I am ON it.

  16. Bacon wrapped scallops and grain free stuffing (sweet potatos, turnips, onions, mushrooms, celery, roast, mix, consume)!

    At the end of this year, I celebrate almost 6 months primal and a great start towards the rest of my (mentally) healthy life.

  17. I concur, this should definitely happen! What a great post, Mark. I’m just getting started but I am even more pumped now after reading this! I’ll bring some Benton’s Bacon, made in Madisonville, Tennessee – absolutely the best you’ve ever had. YUM.

  18. There needs to be a whole pig and a whole calf on spits over a roasting pit.
    I mean if you are going to be Primal, lets roast some meat !!!

    1. I’d be in to add roasted game birds (duck and wild goose)!!!

  19. Myself and my fellow Kiwis might teach everyone the most primal music/dance combo ever: Te Haka!

  20. I’ll bring Heaven on a Plate (otherwise known as Sweet Potato Gratin from

    I know the perfect beach for this party, it’s only 6 miles away from my house here on the Big Island of Hawaii.

  21. It sounds so much more exciting than the conventional New Years Eve parties that I know I’ll be attending this year! Too bad I don’t know more Paleo folk around me.

    Also, +1 for Grockstock! Awesome 🙂

  22. I’m bringing my appetite! Reading this post at 6am Sydney time made me want a roast for breakfast.

  23. Some meat candy aka sausage-stuffed, bacon-wrapped dates and some grilled asparagus with balsamic drizzle.

    Add an extra happy dance in gratitude for finally being free of a carb-induced eating compulsion and for finally getting fit and feeling great!

  24. I’ll bring steamed broccoli mixed with goats cheese and kalamata olives, drizzled with some really fruity extra virgin olive oil and topped with toasted pine nuts, lemon zest, parsley and fresh chopped garlic…YUM!!! And for the meat course, slow roasted chicken with herb butter and roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli and winter squash.

    Long live Grokstock!! And with all that drumming, gotta bring the belly dancing!

    1. Broccoli on the brain! Thats roasted brussel sprouts with the sweet potatoes and squash!

  25. +1 on almost everything up there – especially “Grokstock”!
    I can’t wait to play ultimate with everyone. of course my dog will be there, he has to be amongst all those kids & other dogs 🙂
    I would like to contribute bison anticuchos & some of my jerky for the pinata.
    What time are we starting??

  26. Good things from 2011:

    Turned 50 in October and said “This is it,time for a REAL change.”
    Going paleo (without realizing it) two months ago.
    Finding MDA last month and finally beginning to understand what my body has been telling me all these years.
    Dropping two jean sizes in 6 weeks (don’t know how many pounds because I decided to wait until after the first of the year to step back on the scale).

    I’m bringing more scallops wrapped in bacon – my favorite party food!

  27. Grokstock!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Count us in. And for the potluck, any good kids’ Paleo treats that don’t include almond flour (allergy) are also welcome! 🙂 We’ll bring, I dunno, SOMETHING made from our USWellness ground beef special purchase from last week. Woohoo!

  28. Let’s make this happen! We live in Cali (south of LA) and will be there with potluck dishes, frisbees, and some firewood. Definitely in on the countdown run into the ocean. brrr..

  29. Man, I would fly to Hawaii for this! I’m in the blue mountains, behind Sydney, and this all seems so far away. For me since august, I have lost 22 pounds, off medication for insulin resistance, no gerd, fewer allergies, and a completely changed outlook on life. Thanks mark and the whole primal community that I read each morning. I have a long way to go, and encourage newbies to keep going, and wish you all a safe and fulfilling new year,

  30. I am bringing my best quality – my smile. This has been an amazing year for me. My rheumatoid arthritis is finally under control and I have lived life to the fullest this year bike riding, hiking, working out, cleaning the house, playing with my border collie and teenagers, laughing with my husband, and basically just enjoying life as it comes. Life is good and I want to share! Happy 2012 to everyone. I hope it is just as wonderful as 2011.

  31. Delish!!!! I want in too although we are in Sydney and right now is almost time for lunch. All the items for the party made me super hungry. We will bring some Marrakesh roaster free range chicken with roasted pumpkin and beetroot. For desert some mango and berry gelato 🙂 Family favorites… Cheer on and have a Happy New Year wherever you grok!

  32. Oh, I forgot… A whole pig sounds divine. I will definitely have the tail and ears once they are roasted…

  33. I’m in! I’ll be bringing gratitude–lots and lots of it: for this wonderful website, the fabulous primal community, and the life-altering changes they have helped me make in the past 10 months. As for food–what’s a party without chocolate? I’ll put a big pile of organic dark bars on the table. Now start the music–let’s dance!

  34. Feliz Ano Tribal Groks/Grokettes…What a wonderful way to end the old, and bring in the New Year. Bacon wrapped potato bites and rib eye steaks will be accompanying me…Rock Out with your Grok Out!

  35. Since I am known as Magic Fingers, I will bring myself and offer as many massages as I could fit in!

  36. Gee, does sound like PrimalCon which I will be attending in April :). I will bring my homemade jerky for a great snack! Looking forward to the midnight ocean dip at this party!!!

  37. I would like to RSVP YES for 4 primal Pizzos. We will bring a bowl of bacon and the MDA Spicy Buffalo Wings recipe. See you then!!!


    2012 IS GONNA (g)ROCK!!!

  38. i too am picturing a free event in a deep, dark forest…maybe we can picture the gathering slipping away from the coast and into the woods. sling shots/target practice. slack lining in the last light. howling at the moon (canine companions at our sides). a serious bonfire.

  39. haahahhaa Mark, you are drunk and maybe a little high…but I like it!!! cause I am drunk myself!!! love this idea, I wish so badly that I was running straight into the ocean waves at night right now! bring on A Very Primal New Year!!!

    1. Haha, I also think Mark has started the party early! But its great nonetheless! Sounds like alot of fun.

  40. instead of a new year eve party, this Lady Grok will start the new year by a morning nature hike (fasted) then big breakfast (eggs & bacon) w/ friends.


  41. “Can a Festivus pole be rigged as a javelin? Maybe that’s sacrilege. Other ideas?”

    Hmm yup, more sacrileges sounds good. One fine tradition that got passed from our ancestors onto neolithic civilizations by being adapted through to their pantheons everytime they made up a new set of gods, and survives to this day as April’s fools day, was the saturnalian pranking and setting aside of social conventions and mocking of all the seriousness that went on over the previous year. I am sure this would fit prfectly into a primal party 😉

  42. We can bring all our “before” pictures to ensure the bonfire keeps going.

  43. I’ll bring both my drum kits and anything else from my studio that fits in the truck to GrokStok 2012 (aka Grokapalooza, BaconBash, Carnivore Carnival)

  44. Since I’m probably the only one coming from Japan, I’ll bring the sake. Or even better, some Awa mori from Okinawa. The stuff is 50% alcohol but tastes surprisingly good with a big rock of ice splashed in it. Oh, and I’ll be sure to bring some fresh green tea for those who don’t want to indulge. Let’s Paaaaaaarrty! Whoo! (^o^)/

  45. Lets make Grockstock a travelling weekend campout!! A BYO food, fun weekend at local campgrounds all across North America! It’s as primal as you want it to be, and just a fun social meet-and-greet. How many people have ever camped in the Muskoka’s? Huntsville? Very primal–knee-high ferns under the forest canopy as far as the eye can see….

  46. Soo… grokstock…I think South Padre Island in South Texas would satisfy all the location requirements! But then again I live in Texas….Grokstock needs a beach…but there is no such thing as a centrally located beach hmmmmm. And should it happen in the very start of summer? Should I make a thread about this in the forum? I’ll totally try and organize this if there is enough interest. Us poor folk can’t afford primalcon 🙁 But I wanna meet you guys hardcore! Any ideas?

  47. Bringing in the new year in the ocean sounds so great….If I tried to do that in the coastal waters off Maine I might just freeze solid.
    for the virtual party, dark chocolate/walnut bark. Sounds like everything else is covered. Roasted Pig YUM

  48. Shrimp covered in Old Bay, because apparently you unfortunate west coasters are not familiar with the most amazing spice on the planet that us mid Atlantic peeps cover almost everything in.

  49. This year Primal living saved my life by providing a non-pharmaceutical cure for my anxiety and depression.

    To celebrate, I’ll bring some Chilean wine! I’ll be in Valparaìso for New Year’s, which is supposedly one of the biggest celebrations in the world. But I’ll be imagining that I’m surrounded by primal friends and dreaming of the day we do this for real. Until then, Felices Fiestas desde Valparaìso, Chile.

  50. OHHHH I am so in, how about the EAST coast Mark… come on, you know you miss the cold water 🙂

    I think some plain old fresh fruit, veggies to throw on the pit.

  51. It will be a party of 4 with out little ones and we may not make it to midnight in our timezone but there is a pile of meat waiting for some flame. We’re with you and Grok in spirit!

  52. Can somebody tell me how you stuff a date without mutilating it? My husband would go crazy for a bacon wrapped, cheese stuff date.

  53. Hi all
    Happy New Year to everybody
    It is 1:10 am of the new year, I started it the right way: with a swim in Miami Beach doing butterfly strokes and after that watching from the water the fireworks. Live Long and Prosper Everybody!

    1. Comes across this on the 4th of Jan and thinks it is awesomeness.

      Upon the closure of the aqua center due to cold weather (I still scaled the steps to see) then lifted and stretched for heavy things inside my dwelling.

      Funny how many times since I started reading this blog that I’ve looked at my family and thought oh my, they are so channeling their inner grok/grokette. 😀

      Happy New Cycle!