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5 Medicinal Benefits of Green Tea


Last week the gang reviewed the basic varieties of tea [1]. Tea is a naturally therapeutic beverage and I want to quickly highlight some of its important medicinal properties. Unlike many “herbal therapies” that I tend to be pretty leary of, tea has a well-documented multitude of health benefits. Though I do have a weakness for a morning cup of mud (but that’s between you and me), a daily cup of green tea is a wise habit to incorporate into your health regimen. I’ve been alternating between a glass of red and a cup of green tea with dinner lately for a well-rounded daily antioxidant boost.

Five excellent preventive benefits of green tea:

1. Cancer [2]

2. Arthritis [3]

3. Cardiovascular health [4]

4. Immunity [5]

5. A wide variety of other health issues [6]

The pros: A handy reference [7]

The cons: Mayo Clinic [7] gives green tea a “ho-hum”

Never underestimate the lengths food companies will go to in order to tap into health trends:

This is Selva’s Flickr Photo [8]

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