Goodbye, Sugar Addiction!

It’s Friday, everyone! And that means another Primal Blueprint Real Life Story from a Mark’s Daily Apple reader. If you have your own success story and would like to share it with me and the Mark’s Daily Apple community please contact me here. I’ll continue to publish these each Friday as long as they keep coming in. Thank you for reading!

My weight gain happened when I was pregnant—I had 2 pregnancies back to back. When my first child was 4 months I was pregnant again, so I didn’t have time to lose the first amount of baby weight I put on. All in all I was 91 pounds heavier.

For years I would yo-yo diet, going on extreme calorie counting diets of
around 700 calories. I would lose loads of weight and once the event was over I would not be able to sustain the low calories and I would pile the weight on plus more.

It got so bad that I stopped taking my kids to school and my husband had to take them! I was fearful of the parents judging me and my weight that I
missed out on so much.

I was depressed, had extreme anxiety, inflammation in my joints, you name it I had it, I was starting to get blurred vision which was worrying as it’s a sign of early onset of diabetes. I was a complete mess but I was still so addicted to sugar.

I was so good at secretly eating and hiding my chocolate and cake wrappers from my husband. I would go to the shops and sneak the sugary treats in the house and then binge eat them in secret. My days revolved around my binges. It got so bad that I would often cry whilst I was bingeing but yet so addicted to the sugar I couldn’t stop!

In my early years I followed a pretty lowish carb diet and held a slim
weight. I had seen Mark’s Daily Apple and I soaked up all the information on how effective a low carb, high fat diet could stop you from craving sugar. I started the diet and I wanted to document my journey on Instagram to keep myself accountable. It’s called @healthy_girl_jen and is quite successful. I put all my time and effort into it and take pictures of my food and also post my transformation pictures.

The low carb diet stopped me from craving the sugar. Months went by and the weight was falling off me. Within 9 months I had lost 84 pounds and by the following year I had lost a total of 91 pounds.

I can’t tell you how much better I felt. I was able to take the kids to
school and go on play dates. My inflammation went, depression, anxiety, blurred vision went. I had the best Christmas ever! I wasn’t insecure, I was able to wear leggings that I had always dreamed to wear!

Thank you very much for all the information you put out there on this low
carb lifestyle! I am living proof that it works! Feel free to follow my Instagram pageI am so passionate about passing on the low carb journey to as many people as possible so they can benefit from all the wonderful things that it gives you!

I have my life back! I am truly blessed!
Jennifer xxxx


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  1. Congratulations Jennifer – Your children of course love you regardless of your size, but what FUN to have their mom play with them and have great energy!

    You’re an inspiration to anyone who has sugar just constantly gnawing at their body and brain.

    What a great Friday success story.

  2. Congratulations, Jen! Glad you have your life back. Very delicious looking food photos on your instagram.

  3. Looking at your Instagram pictures I’d have to say your husband is a lucky man. Boy are those some awesome looking meals! 😉

    Kidding aside, you look good in your after AND before pictures, but an inspirational story of kicking the sugar addiction and becoming super healthy and energetic.

  4. Jen, you look amazing and this is so inspiring! So many women I talk to are just resigned to hanging onto some extra weight after having kids, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Thank you for spreading the word! About to check out your Instagram. Love that you used it to document your progress. I’ve found Instagram to be a great way not just to reach people and spread the word about health, but also to stay accountable! Thanks for sharing your story…I look forward to these Friday success stories.

  5. Way to go Jen! You look fantastic! Great recipes too. Thank you for sharing your wonderful story.

  6. I feel the moderator should include helpline information for anyone suffering from an eating disorder to accompany this post.

    1. Rachele,this website is a fantastic resource for anyone with an eating disorder. Oftentimes eating disorders are a result of the S.A.D. diet and once you start eating real food, and including adequate fat, the eating disorder lessens or even goes away. Not to minimize your comment in any way, I’m just curious if you’ve found some other system helpful?

  7. Wow congratulations, amazing
    I think this is one of the posts with the higher content / word count relation
    Short, to the point and super inspiring

  8. Great transformation! I want to encourage you to share with your kids, even the stuff that you might be ashamed of, if you haven’t already. (and depending on their age) If they ever face similar struggles, and with today’s food culture they probably will, it will be good for them to know what’s possible to recover from and how!

  9. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story, Jennifer!I love those pretty bowls and fabulous meals on your Instagram. 🙂 I love that you are sharing your success to help others.

    I also believe the low carb/high fat route is the best way to beat a sugar addiction. I had similar results and I just want to share with everyone how freeing it is to not even think about sugar anymore. It has honestly transformed my life.

  10. Kudos, Jennifer! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with us.

    I wonder if anyone has any advice re: sugar cravings even after going low-carb. I’ve followed a primal/paleo low-carb diet for a couple of years and mostly it goes great! But every so often I get restless and rebellious about what I “can’t” eat, especially sugar. Eating any kind of sweetener–even stevia–reinforces the craving. When I fall off track, it’s for weeks. I’m incapable of moderation. It takes me getting really sick to pull myself back on board. Do you guys ever get cravings despite following the blueprint? How do you handle them?

    1. Sylvie – this describes me 100%. I’ve been paleo/primal since 2012 but every so often – more often now that I have 2 little ones – I go “off the wagon” and eat whatever I want. This is also accompanied by less movement- less walking, less gym time, less yoga. I usually bloat up, feel tired, increased pain in my joints and even feel moodier – but it still happens, and not for a day or two- weeks! When I finally get back on track, I stay there for a while and think “Why would I ever eat that stuff again, I feel so great!” and yet, something will come along: a party, a vacation, something that introduces sugar back into my life and I’m off the track again.

      Meal planning and strict avoidance are the only things that work for me. If I have a little, I have a lot. I’m also incapable of moderation.

      1. Claire, thanks for sharing this! Sometimes I read posts and people sound like they never struggle at all … it really helps just to know I’m not the only one. I’ve been skidding off track for a couple of weeks, really want to get back on. It’s the deprivation mindset that messes me up–and yes, better meal planning is essential. Thank you!

    2. It may not help (or be perfectly primal) but I keep a stock of not bad for you sugar free sweet treats. I have sugar free jello cups, pudding cups, and halo top ice cream. The jello is “free” If I want to eat 20 of them, I can.. (never got over 6 though lol). Puddings I can have one with each meal (Usually just lunch though) and Halo top is my “vice sweet treat”. It may be a crutch for me, but it works! I have lost 49 lbs in 7 months. This leads me to saying to myself “That cookie will taste good, but so does my pudding, and if I choose right, I am another day closer to my goal!” It also has helped my wife has bought into this way of eating and make it so much easier to have her support. Good luck kicking the habit!

      1. Matthew, thanks so much for the encouragement. I needed that! :>)

    3. Hello Sylvie,

      I completely understand the sugar thing as I can be “good” for weeks at a time but a slip up can make me really crave sugary carbs. You could almost compare this to slip ups when recovering from any addiction. I have friends who have quit smoking where one cigarette on a night out will lead them to weeks of several a day.

      Mathew’s solution is such a good one – find things that act as “nicotine patches” to get you through. They might not mean you are “perfect” (and who is, anyway) but keeps you moving in the right direction. It’s human nature to want something we “can’t” have so have an alternative. A Halo Top ice cream is like someone who is trying to quit alcohol having an alcohol free beer. Sure, it isn’t a glass of water but if it stops you feeling as though you are missing out and therefore diving into the hard stuff for a month or two, then surely it is a great resource?

      Also remember that life happens. Slip ups happen. it doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you human. Recognise what made you slip up in the first place, acknowledge it, learn from it and get back to the right path. You are still doing a hell of a lot more good for yourself than someone on the SAD diet, however many slip ups! 🙂

      1. Thanks, I really appreciate the encouragement! I do think sugar for me is addictive, and that’s part of the struggle. Even other forms of sweeteners and treats like Halo Top can start me down a path I don’t want to go on. But you’re right, we’re all human! 🙂

    4. I feel the same way. It’s frustrating, so many people around me can have “just one” with sugar but every time without fail I go off track for weeks gain 5-10 pounds before I come back. The worst part is I have major withdrawal anxiety for days every time. My husband dead the come down and detox and can always tell.

  11. I’m so happy for you, Jennifer! Great job! You look healthy, and I hope you are enjoying your energy! I know how difficult it is to quit sugar. I also lost all my “sugar weight” over the past year, and I feel great.

  12. So do you ever eat sugar now? Or do you follow diet 100%? I’m curious because I’m finding even after weeks without sugar Just one taste will send me back into addiction. It’s frustrating and I feel deprived at holidays and vacations. Do you feel deprived?

  13. I also want to mention I also got super thin on low carb – 108 pounds at 5’5, lost 60 pounds which was a bit underweight. I stayed that way from 28-33 years old. I am 38 today and have gained back 20 pounds over last few years due to sugar binges. I feel and look the best at 118. I wasn’t to get back there but as I age I’m dining it’s a lot harder even low carb. Low carb did not cure the addiction for me I still have major thoughts about it and desire to eat it.